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Brad Troemel Does a Grimes Portrait In Sriracha...


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1. Instagram will no longer allow its photos to show up on Twitter. As a work-around, Nick Bilton suggests applying filters on Instagram, saving the new filtered photos, and re-uploading them to twitter. [Bits]

tumblr_mej3ou7NuT1qzcdbeo1_500.jpg2. Digging this Grimes portrait done in Sriracha on an iPad. Read our interview with the artist, Brad Troemel, here. [JOGGING]

3. PAPER cover star M.I.A. e-mailed a fan a new track, which quickly spread across the 'net. Interesting choice for a background photo, YouTube-user Digiterati Chutzpah...[Rolling Stone]

4. R.I.P. Dave Brubeck. We're going to listen to "Rondo à la Turk" all the way home tonight. [NY Times]

queen052way-bd5de6750c661f621d363ede15be44b35de5e840-s51.jpg5. Some ballsy Australian radio DJs were able to speak with Kate Middleton's hospital nurse after doing "terrible" impersonations of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. For those who don't obsess about celebrity babies, Middleton has been in the hospital suffering from acute morning sickness as a result of her newly-announced pregnancy.  You can listen to the prank call HERE. [Telegraph; Image: PA Photos /Landov via NPR]

6998837.JPG6. Taavo Somer (Freemans, Isa, Peels) is opening a new spot on the LES at 8 Rivington St. Reportedly, the restauranteur is seeking to open a "bar-boutique" that "will split threads upstairs with normal retail hours, and nighttime activities in the basement." [Bowery Boogie]
7. Mr. Burns explains the Fiscal Cliff in this new Simpsons PSA. [PopCultureBrain]

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