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Twitter Highlights From the Billy on the Street Premiere

Last night the second season premiere of Billy on the Street, comedian Billy Eichner's man-on-the-street quiz show, was held at the Beacon Theater. The night brought together the show's crew, celebrity friends and faithful fans to watch a sneak peek of the new season. One of the bigger highlights of the evening, however, happened before the show even began, when audience members could see their #billyonthestreet tweets broadcast on the theater's massive screen. What commenced was a rapid-fire tweeting frenzy where audience members could make cracks, interact with some of the celebrity audience members, or just bask in a few moments of fame. Apparently, Eichner has fans and friends who are as equally genius as he is on Twitter. Here are some of our favorites that we saw broadcast pre-show:

 Expectations were high.

Someone spotted Numb3rs actor David Krumholtz in the audience! (Krumholtz currently stars on the show Partners, though we enjoyed his Adams Family Values years most.)

 And he wanted in on the Tweet-screen action, too.

 The normal person/hipster equilibrium was nearly destroyed.

Someone pointed out that they had better seats than comedians Max Silvestri and Gabe Liedman, who is a writer for Billy on the Street.

 Unheard of.  

 But hold on, Brooke Shields was there! 

 Some hard hitting-questions in a long series of Shields-inspired tweets.

At this point Shields stood up, waved to the crowd and got a huge round of applause. 

Just looking for a little compassion this holiday season.

Everyone learned something new about 30 Rock character Gaylord Felcher.

How Was Your Week host and Billy on the Street producer Julie Klausner cries bias! 

People started wondering when the show would start. Where was Billy?

Just then, out came Bravo's Andy Cohen to introduce the man of the hour, who lead the  audience in screaming "Meryl Fucking Streep" so loudly that it would "continue echoing in Liza Minnelli's broken head" at the Tony Awards six months from now. Catch more of Eichner's  shenanigans when the new season premieres on Fuse this Friday! Cannot wait.

Thumbnail photo via FunnyorDie.

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