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Ryan McGinley, Walker Evans Featured in New York at Night: Photography After Dark


The new photo anthology New York at Night documents just that, with images by the likes of Diane Arbus and Richard Avedon, as well as essays by New Yorker regulars Vince Aletti, Adam Gopnik and Patricia Marx. Editors Yolanda Cuomo and Norma Stevens will appear at the launch party Thursday night at the powerHouse arena. Sample some pictures below.

Berenice Abott, "The Nightview," 1932. © Berenice Abbott/Commerce Graphics.

Ryan McGinley, "Dash Bombing," Courtesy of Team Gallery, New York.

John Baeder, "Empire Diner," 1976. © John Baeder.

Damien Saatdjian, 2010. © Damien Saatdjian.

Joseph Byron, "A Scene from the New York Production of Alphonse Daudet's 'Sapho' Presented at Wallack's Theatre, Featuring Olga Nethersole as Fanny Legrand," 1905. Museum of the City of New York/Byron Co. Collection.

Stanley Kubrick, "Young Couple on Fire Escape," 1948. Stanley Kubrick, Museum of the City of New York/LOOK Collection.

All images from New York at Night: Photography after Dark edited by Norma Stevens and Yolanda Cuomo, published by powerHouse Books.

Top image: Walker Evans, "Broadway," 1930. © Walker Evans Archive, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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