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Jenna Lyons, Retta, Derek Blasberg + More Share Their Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes

Ahead of Thanksgiving tomorrow, we asked some of our friends to share their favorite dish on the gut-busting Thanksgiving menu. You might be surprised to hear that even fashionistas and downtown kids like those deliciously gross green bean casserole onion straws, too... 

jennalyons_thanksgiving.jpgJenna Lyons, President and Creative Director at J. Crew

 I am [also] a cranberry sauce devotee! Always have proportionally more [of it] than anything else and the best part is putting it on Thanksgiving leftovers and just about everything else I can find in my refrigerator.


derekblasberg_thanksgiving.jpgDerek Blasberg, Writer
"Green bean casserole. When I was little, I thought I was being healthy by eating green beans. Nevermind they were covered in cheese, butter and topped with fried onions."

jdsamson_thanksgiving.jpgJD Samson, Musician
"My favorite Thanksgiving food is probably mashed potatoes. My grandma's are the best you've ever had."

mikeq_thanksgiving.pngMike Q, DJ
"I love everything! It's my favorite holiday of the year and I could eat that food all year round!" [Photo by
Benjamin Lozovsky/Billy Farrell Agency] 

alexandra_richards_thanksgiving.jpgAlexandra Richards, Model/DJ
"The desserts.  All the women in my family bring their own specialty, as tradition, and my favorite is the custard. And side of vanilla ice cream -- definitely the last thing you can squeeze in before you pass right out!"

maxsilvestri_thanksgiving.jpgMax Silvestri, Comedian
"My favorite Thanksgiving food is mopping up the leftover gravy and mashed potatoes with a buttered Parker House roll. It settles the stomach to have 3 or 4 buttered rolls at the end of a huge meal, before moving on to three desserts."

Screen shot 2012-11-21 at 10.51.20 AM.pngLadyfag, Nightlife Personality
"I love being a Canadian on Thanksgiving. It means everyone wrongly feels bad that you have nowhere to go you and you end up being invited everywhere! Pumpkin pie is to me as cherry pie is to Twin Peaks. I'm going to enjoy [Thanksgiving] even more this year since my whole life I thought I hated brussels sprouts because of Rudy on The Cosby Show. I just found out I love them, now if only the Huxtables would invite me..."

retta_thanksgiving.jpgRetta, Actress/Comedian
"My favorite thing is my mom's mashed potatoes. They're obscene. There's butter, evaporated milk, cream cheese, something called whipping cream... Ob. Scene. We usually have between 20-30 peeps for Thanksgiving so mom makes A LOT to satisfy all tastes: turkey, baked chicken, ham, crab-stuffed red snapper (Dad only eats fish on the big holidays -- I have no explanation for it).  One year a cousin brought some random dude. They were sooo late we were starving by the time we finally sat down to eat. The random dude insisted on saying grace. He prayed for about 7 minutes and then proceeded to eat the entire tray of Red Snapper. Ever since then, my mom prepares two red snappers so my dad isn't forced to choke someone out at Thanksgiving."

AndrewAndrew_thanksgiving.jpgAndrewAndrew, DJs
"Champagne. We are completely inept in the kitchen so people always ask us to bring the wine. They seem to think you need red and white but everything goes better with champagne. Andrew likes to sabre it at the table. Sabreing champagne is a Napoleonic method of opening champagne with a sword and it tastes better and gives us an excuse to bring a weapon to a family function."

julieklausner_thanksgiving.pngJulie Klausner, Comedian
"Stuffing, obviously. Chestnuts, celery, bread crumbs, DO IT!"

bevysmith_thanksgiving_joeschildhorn.jpgBevy Smith, Gal About Town
"I guess it would be my famous mac & cheese, baked with a golden brown crust!" [Photo by Joe Schildhorn/Billy Farrell Agency]

peterdavisthanksgiving_carlyotnessbfa.jpgPeter Davis, Writer/Editor
"The whipped cream that comes with the pies. I scoop it into a bowl like ice cream and dig in. Needless to say, I have been a serious sugar junkie since I was a toddler. I still am. Someone should call Candy Finnigan of Intervention and intervene and make sure I never touch a gummy bear again." [Photo by Carly Otness/Billy Farrell Agency]

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