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Morning Funnies: Jennifer Lawrence Has a Cat Named 'Chaz Bono' + T.Hanksgiving


We hereby present Jennifer Lawrence with the Kristen Stewart Medal For Excellence In Interview Awkwardness. Here, Lawrence tells Ellen about how she thought her female cat was male for the first week she had her because "she has such masculine energy" (and because there is absolutely no other way to determine an animal's gender) and therefore now refers to her as "Chaz Bono." You know it's bad when you get wan laughter from an Ellen audience, which is filled with moms who just want you to great, honey. [ONTD

Fidgety Lindsay Lohan tells Jay Leno why she cancelled her interview with Barbara Walters. It's all good.

tumblr_mdsincrWtC1r9ynhlo1_1280.jpgA very special T.Hanksgiving message from Hanksy.

lydia_nouveau_by_kishokahime-d5imif3.pngStrange and unusual Lydia Deeds art nouveau by Kishokahime via Flavorwire.

Insert cartoon slurp sound effect here. [Reddit]

tumblr_mdt4heBRLK1r84iplo1_500.gifThe Chaplin scrunch. [OldFilmsFlickr]

tumblr_mdlw9qdQYm1rkcgk2o1_500.pngSriracha sent from above. [Tumblr}

Basset hound taking a shower wins second place for best bathing dog ever. (Casper the bath-loving dog is still number one.) [TheClearlyDope]

tumblr_mdamkyN1y11qzznnqo1_1280.jpgWas Justin Timberlake totally t-shirt shopping from the Signals catalog circa 1999? [MattStopera]

Mick-Jagger-getting-his-hair-done1.jpgOh no, photographic evidence that Mick Jagger was once not very cool at all. [ThisIsNotPorn]

tumblr_max3o5ctPo1r4w6ufo1_500.pngTPTP. [4rtF4art]

Happy Thanksgiving from when the Brady Bunch turned into the Brady Bunch Variety Hour and Eve Plumb was replaced. Dark days. [ThisIsntHappiness]

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