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A Preview of Megan Whitmarsh's New Show, "Here Comes Purple," at New Image Art Gallery

One of our favorite artists, L.A.-based Megan Whitmarsh, whose delightful, everyday-object-inspired paintings and cloth Sharpies have earned her a cult following, has a solo show opening on Saturday at New Image Art Gallery in L.A., "Here Comes Purple," which promises a "bolder, conceptual side of her lage wall works and soft sculpture collage."  We are so happy to be able to show you a sneak peek of some of the pieces. And if you're in L.A., be sure to stop by.

Whitmarsh-BananaFlipFlop.jpg"Banana/Flip Flop," 2012

Whitmarsh-ApocalypseDream3_TheDayAfter.jpg"Apocalypse Dream 3 (The Day After)," 2012

Whitmarsh-BananaPeel.jpg"Banana Peel," 2012

Whitmarsh-GoneBananas.jpg"Gone Bananas," 2012

Whitmarsh-BluePinkDripPainting.jpg"Blue/Pink Drip Painting," 2012

Whitmarsh-Dropcloth2.jpg"Dropcloth 2," 2012

Whitmarsh-GreenYellowDripPainting.jpg"Green/Yellow Drip Painting," 2012

Whitmarsh-OrangeBelt.jpg"Orange Belt," 2012

Whitmarsh-PurpleJumble.jpg"Purple Jumble," 2012

Whitmarsh-Untitled1.jpg"Untitled," 2012

Whitmarsh-Untitled2.jpg"Untitled," 2012

Whitmarsh-Animation2jpg.jpgWhitmarsh-Animation1.jpgAnimation stills from "Liberate Your Love," 2012. Animation by Matthew Salata, still image from Worldword!, a cartoon series created by Peter Glantz and Becky Stark, airing on MTV's LIquid Television this fall. Image courtesy of MTV and Imaginary Entertainment.

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