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Jim Morrison's House Burned in the L.A. Arson Fires: Photos of the Damage

When we heard that Jim Morrison's Hollywood Hills home was burned in the L.A. arson fires last week, we reached out to photographer and Paper pal Jeff Forney, whose friend, Matt King, lives in the house. Jeff photographed one of the home's original showers for us in 2010, which King preserved during a renovation and still has old graffiti and lyrics scrawled on it that fans left after Morrison's death. Forney hasn't been able to get a hold of King this past week (understandably, he's likely pretty busy at the moment) but sent over these photos he took as well as a description of the damage.

The side of the house was damaged extensively where the outdoor patio is.....and being that the deck extends out onto the street, the flaming Mazda Miata set that stuff well ablaze. The side of the house that was damaged also has another problem. The flames went into the vent above the living room (right off the patio) and scorched all sorts of stuff up in the crawl space up there. If you look at the front of the house you don't see so much damage. It's really on the side of the house where the most damage was done and that includes the railroad ties that supported the outdoor patio.

The fate of the patio doesn't sound promising and, unfortunately, it's also where Morrison supposedly wrote the lyrics to the Doors song "Love Street." We hope the house is repairable and send King our well wishes.

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