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Silicon Valley Hoaxster Used a Photo from a PAPER Party As Part of Her Ruse!

shirley-samberg-2.jpgTech Crunch has a big "takedown piece" about Shirley Hornstein, a Silicon Valley venture capitalist who is in deep trouble for claiming to be affiliated with companies she's not, engaging in credit card theft and participating in a whole bunch of other shady dealings. Apparently, in order to come across as super-connected, she used her Photoshop skills to make it seem like she was besties with celebs like Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg, posting these doctored pics on her Facebook page. We had a bit of a chuckle, though, when we realized that she plopped her head onto none other than PAPER contributing photographer Cass Bird, snuggling up with Andy Samberg. We had an even louder chuckle when we realized that this photo was actually taken at a PAPER party, back in 2007, celebrating our October cover with Mr. Samberg, who was shot by Ms. Bird. Moral of the story: You mess with the Bird, you get the horns!

P.S. Here's Andy Samberg making out with Cass Bird on the set of that cover shoot.

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