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Morning Funnies: Naked Prince Harry + Avril Lavigne and the Guy From Nickelback Are Engaged


Prince Harry went to Las Vegas with some friends, which lead to them picking up some girls, which, according to TMZ, lead to a classic game of "strip billiards" and these photos. Says the Queen. [DListed]

avril-lavigne-600.jpgOh jeez oh no no no: Nickelback's Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne are engaged. [People]

1345295582-0.jpgOur new favorite single-purpose Tumblr: Dogshaming. [FYeahDementia]

tumblr_m950ndJfg71resz14o1_1280.jpgBehold, the horrifying allure of Little Face Mitt, a site dedicated to "Unsettling photos of Mitt Romney with a very tiny face." He'll eat your children.

Oregon-Trail-call-me-maybe.jpg Oregon Trail X "Call Me Maybe" = Perfect. [Slackatory]

feministobama3.jpgHey girl, it's feminist Barack Obama. [Nerve]

tumblr_m7wy34o36A1r89nyfo1_500.jpgEasy livin'. [RatsOff]

Here's a sort of sweet video of a super-excited Tracy Morgan seeing the unveiling of a massive shark tank he had installed in his basement. We're gonna need a bigger tank! Watch to the end: 2:17 is the best part. [Vulture]

40licksgifts14.gifNeed a light? [40 Licks via MyModernMet]

558476_461967703826294_1002318323_n.jpgD.I.Y. Lacoste. [Reddit]

tumblr_m8tt6d5H5j1r5ad69o1_400.pngTyped in the key of butts. [CoinFarts]

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