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Terrifying Television! Seven Halloween Episodes from the '80s and '90s

We were going to do a guide to Halloween parties still happening despite Sandy, and in the end, there were like two parties we could confirm were still going on and they were invite-only. Therefore, we're re-posting this gem from last year. Everyone should just stay in tonight and watch Halloween-themed episodes from sitcoms of yesteryear. Case closed! 

As a kid, I often got sick on Halloween, so I rarely got to go trick-or-treating. But don't feel sorry for me, because staying home meant I got to watch Halloween-themed episodes of my favorite TV shows! Here, for your perusal, is a round-up of the best eerie October episodes from the 1980s and 1990s. So set your Netflix instant queue to "spooky" and get ready for some gimmicky and gory television!


The Cosby Show, "Halloween" (1985)

Dr. Cliff Huxtable gets roped into taking Rudy and her friends trick-or-treating, and he is NOT happy about it. What a grouch! Meanwhile, Vanessa hosts a Halloween party and invites Robert, the cutest dude at school, who she's majorly crushing on. Vanessa gets so nervous around Robert that she spills a tray of drinks on him. Whoops! Robert doesn't seem to mind and asks Vanessa to go steady, despite her klutzy ways. Then everyone eats some JELL-O pudding with Dr. Huxtable while carving jack-o'-lanterns. (Just kidding about that last detail.)

Cheers, "Diane's Nightmare" (1985)

In this mid-eighties fright night feature, Diane dreams that one of her ex-beaus "Andy Andy" (the inspiration behind our theater critics, Andrew Andrew?) has escaped from a mental institution. She wakes up to find that Andy Andy has in fact been set loose from the nut house, and has come to confront her. Ted Danson does not appear without his hairpiece in this episode. That would be truly frightening.

Beverly Hills. 90210, "Halloween" (1991)

In this second season gem, the 90210 gang attends a costume party in a big ol' mansion and serious high-jinks ensue. Donna, being the blond dumb-dumb of the Beverly Hills High bunch, wears a mermaid costume that limits her movement. Oof. Kelly wears a revealing costume which leads to some unwanted advances from some bozo at the soiree. Dylan and Brenda go as Bonnie and Clyde, and Steve, the show's lovable goober, dresses as Zorro. In the episode's subplot, Brandon wants to be a good boyfriend, so he takes Emily's niece and nephew trick-or-treating. He turns out to be a terrible boyfriend when he loses them.

"Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down" (1991)

Yes, that is an Almodovar reference in the title of this Halloween episode. The Roseanne writers just wanted to let everyone know that they were hipper than other sitcom scribes. Also, George Clooney guest stars as a moose at a costume party. Do you need to know anything else? This has "Halloween classic" written all over it.


Beavis and Butt-head, "Bungholio: Lord of the Harvest aka Butt-o-Ween" (1995)
Beavis and Butt-head are back on MTV starting this week (hooray!) but this classic episode from the series' original run is worth revisiting before Halloween. In this Devil's Night doozie, Beavis eats too much candy and turns into his alter ego, Bungholio, and goes in search of more candy. And, of course, t.p. for his bunghole. 


Family Matters, "Stevil" (1996)
Steve Urkel, everybody's favorite suspender-sporting nerd, gets a ventriloquist dummy named Stevil that gets struck by lightning and comes to life. Basically, it's a straight-up sitcom rip-off of Child's Play. At some point, Steve Urkel says, "Did I do that?" Guaranteed.

Walker, Texas Ranger,
"The Children of Halloween" (1998)
On this spooky episode, Walker finds a satanic symbol at a crime scene, and it leads him to believe that a group of children will be kidnapped and sacrificed on Halloween. Believe it or not, but his crazy hunch turns out to be true! Not to spoil the ending, but Walker stops the children from being sacrificed to Satan; this is Walker, Texas Ranger, after all, not a Tom Six gorefest. And in case you were wondering, the German title for this episode is "Der Satanskult."

The Most Comprehensive Post-Sandy New York City Subway Map We've Seen Thus Far

Incredible (and Really F*cking Scary) Carved Pumpkins by Artist Ray Villafane

halloween-pumpkin-carvings-villafane-studios-9.jpgWhen we were growing up, one of our favorite things about Halloween -- other than dressing up and attempting to eat every last bit of our 22 lb (no joke!) candy haul -- was carving pumpkins. We were always proud of the intricate ghouls and witches our dad would help us construct but, full disclosure, we used those store-bought kits with stencils and little orange scoopers. Sculptor Ray Villafane and his team clearly do not. As you can see from these nightmare-inducing images above and below, it doesn't appear that Villafane goes the traditional "carve out the top, scoop out the insides, and slice out wedges to create a face" route but instead creates his super-detailed carvings by making little craters in the pumpkin flesh as if it were clay or marble (if that sounds too confusing, watch this cool time-lapse video of his colleague, Andy Bergholtz, making The Joker to get a better idea). This year, Villafane -- who's carved pumpkins on the Food Network, The Martha Stewart Show and at the White House -- dreamed up some alien monsters, vomiting freaks and, for his tour de force, a massive zombie chiseled out of an 1,872 lb gourd at NYC's Botanical Garden. Check out more photos below and if you have nightmares tonight, don't say we didn't warn you. Mwahahaha!  

halloween-pumpkin-carvings-villafane-studios-27.jpg[Images via Bored Panda]

Brooklyn, There Is 1 Halloween Party That Is Still Happening Tonight

We've been calling around for most of the day, and pretty much every Halloween party that isn't invite-only or sold out has been cancelled. Should you be in Bushwick and/or hopeful that you have a good shot at getting a taxi or car service, and/or not have to work tomorrow, and/or just not give an F and want to party no matter what,  his insane-sounding to-do might have your name on it. "The Trinity Halloween" is hosted by weblebrity Mykki Blanco, DJ Brenmar, and a bunch of other party kids about town and is being thrown in a historic 15-room mansion in Bushwick. Blanco and former Paper Beautiful Person No Bra will be performing among others. The image above is from the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, but it will probably look just like that, Here's the full run-down via Facebook:



Contessa Stuto & Tigga Calore Present

TREATS (Bible Study)

Hosted by:

Dance peformance:
(Team Azealia Banks)

TIGGA CALORE/cuntmafia

$10 GIRLS B4 12
$15 BOYS B4 12

NO BYOB - full bar

Bring your own everything else though.

Trip House - 15 bedroom 10,000 square foot mansion decorated Into a glorified HAUNTED HOUSE. Location in Bushwick, Brooklyn built in the 1800s.



Merida Anderson
Amelia Burrus-Granger
Sandra Sanchez
Andy Steinbrink
Jesse Vasquez
Harrison Johnson

Author R.L. Stine Tweeted a New Spooky Story + Angelina Jolie's Wedding Dress = Eight Items Or Less


Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 5.06.50 PM.png1. Goosebumps author R.L. Stine composed a Halloween-appropriate short story for his fans on Twitter today. [via THR/Twitter]

Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 4.44.55 PM.png2. Data analysts said that ten Hurricane Sandy-related photos were being posted every second on Instagram over the last few days of the storm. #NoFilter [via Huffington Post/Photo via Guest of a Guest]

3. Here's Louis C.K. and Bill Heder in a promo for C.K.'s upcoming stint hosting SNL this Saturday.  [Pop Culture Brain via Flavorwire]

Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 5.26.28 PM.png4. Word on the street is that Angelina Jolie has chosen L'Wren Scott to design her wedding dress, in case you're curious. No word on whether her right leg will make an appearance.  [Grazia via HuffPo]

Screen shot 2012-10-31 at 5.33.02 PM.png5. Hurricane Sandy has devastated much of NYC's Chelsea neighborhood -- several galleries have reported flooding in their storage spaces that house many pieces of precious art work. [via Gallerist]

6. Ahead of Skyfall, here's a supercut of all six James Bond actors fighting...each other! [via Animal]

tumblr_mcrog7FHll1rphd0so1_250.gif7. And, oh yeah! Happy Halloween, you little hellraisers!

The Morning Funnies: Pug-o-Ween + Madonna Subtly Disses Lady Gaga


In case you missed it, Madonna appeared on Ellen earlier this week and revealed her thoughts on fellow pop-stars Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Elton John... [via After Elton]

enhanced-buzz-wide-30289-1351751259-8.jpgNeil Patrick Harris and his family clearly won Halloween. [via BuzzFeed]

enhanced-buzz-28706-1351742599-0.jpgChris Brown, on the other hand, clearly did not. [via BuzzFeed]

Pug-a-ween. [via Queerpong]

Screen Shot 2012-10-31 at 10.26.32 PM.pngAzealia Banks: taking things one step at a time. [via Twitter]

tumblr_m2y6vuA4Q11r2bueto1_500.jpgGive me this truck. [via Coke Flow]

tumblr_m2cma10eeS1qa1dc4o1_500.jpgAt least she wasn't clipping her fingernails... [via Ratghost]

Baby, when I'm grindin', I get so excited. [via I Fly A Starship]

tumblr_mcpl8qsxgl1r5ikujo1_500.jpgBeaucoup de Trolls. [via Kitten Sweater]

We leave you with Snoop Lion's new Major Lazer-produced, Eli Roth-directed new video for "La La La," which we think just gave us a contact high. [via Vulture]

Free Energy's "Electric Fever" Is Our Music Video of the Day


You know shit's gonna get real when you see Free Energy wearing goggles in their new video for their cowbell-inflected, "All Right Now"-esque single, "Electric Fever." Like a scene out of Nickelodeon's Double Dare, the band plays in front of a tarp while getting pummeled by paint, water and some kind of dust or powder -- they're some pretty hearty dudes.

The track appears on their forthcoming sophomore album, Love Sign, out January 15, 2013.

[via Stereogum]

Ellen Dressed Up As Sofia Vergara for Halloween + Toms 'Movember' Shoes in Today's Style Scraps

marriotthotel.pngFashionista has a fun round-up of all the downtown fashion folk who headed to hotels uptown to wait out Hurricane Sandy. Our favorite example has to be Chris Benz who tweeted, "Not that it isn't always, but the Marriott Marquis Times Square is really the look in times of crisis."

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 11.50.41 AM.pngEvan Rachel Wood married Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) on Tuesday and reportedly wore a custom mermaid-style Carolina Herrera gown with lots of Chantilly lace. [US Weekly via Refinery 29]

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 12.02.53 PM.pngGeorgia May Jagger looks like a royal back from a wild night on the town (looking at you, Prince Harry) in the new campaign for Vivienne Westwood's 'Gainsborough palladium' jewelry line. It also appears that she's wearing Westwood's "Climate Revolution" t-shirt from her S/S '13 Red Label collection of the same name, shown this fall.  [via High Snobette]

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 12.18.22 PM.pngKate Upton is giving off some major "Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita" vibes on the latest cover of Vogue Italia, photographed by Steven Meisel. [via Fashion Gone Rogue]

Ahh! Ellen dressed up as her friend Sofia Vergara for Halloween and even wore exposed butt pads with a white thong in an homage to the actress' wardrobe malfunction at the Emmys. Brilliant. [via Styleite]

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 12.30.42 PM.pngToms launched their latest 'Movember' shoes, having teamed up with the men's health charity of the same name for the third year now.  Check 'em out! [via Telegraph]

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 12.40.01 PM.pngOh no. Someone is already slinging Hurricane Sandy t-shirts. [via Style Beast]

Post-Entourage, Adrian Grenier Transitions to Budding Brooklyn Music Impresario

AdrianGuitar.jpg "Obviously the majority of people that know me, know me because of Entourage...Maybe music lovers may not appreciate [my] music because they see me as that 'actor guy' on that show," Adrian Grenier says when asked about his recent attempts to re-make himself as a musician and, most recently, the proprietor of a recording studio. "[But I'm] not looking to dissuade or persuade, I'm just looking to do good work."

By "work," Grenier means focusing on his latest project, Wreckroom, the aforementioned recording studio located in the basement of his Brooklyn home, and his off-kilter folk rock band, The Honey Brothers, which formed over a decade ago. And, though he hasn't gotten out of the acting game (he recently finished shooting Goodbye World, a movie whose description reads, "A group of estranged friends reunite as civilization collapses. And shit gets real. Real real."), it's fair to assume life now for the actor-musician might be a little more settled  -- or maybe a little more "real real" -- than when he was playing Vince Chase, gallivanting around Entourage's glossy (and manic) version of Hollywood.

For starters, if Manhattan is decidedly less enthralled with the film and television industry than California it's fair to say Brooklyn is altogether apathetic about that whole scene. And perhaps there's no better example of this than Grenier's current crew of musician (and music industry) friends, many of whom are also based in the BK. "Musician friends pound you into the ground," he says. "They annihilate you. They keep you not just humble, they make you grovel." Two such friends -- and Wreckroom partners -- Brian Koerber and Mike Frankel accompany the actor during our interview and, while there's no doubt of the trio's bond, Turtle, E. and Drama, these guys are not. "Sometimes I turn into an actor and they all make fun of me," Grenier even admits. "Actors can tend to get a little self-involved and inflated."

The three work on the day-to-day operations at Wreckroom, which involves conducting recording and video sessions with visiting bands. "We encourage [bands] to come explore and experiment and play with different people," Grenier says. "We're looking to put people together who have never played together." During a CMJ showcase recently, Wreckroom released its first compilation CD featuring tracks by many of these bands but the actor insists they're "not looking to be a label -- we just want to provide a space." Whether this space becomes an incubator for the next "Big Brooklyn Indie Band," as Grenier and his crew hope, remains to be seen. And at least, for Grenier, there's always acting to fall back on. (And, we hear, a flat-top beer company.)

Brooklyn Vintage Crawl Returns Next Sunday

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 2.41.13 PM.pngThe second annual Brooklyn Vintage Crawl is going down next Sunday, November 11th from noon-8pm when thrift lovers can sift through merch in Williamsburg and Greenpoint and take advantage of tons of discounts and promotions. The folks behind the crawl have even designed a map (which you can download on your smartphones via Domino Street), making it easy to venture out on your own in search of that perfect 50% off 1940s-era faux crocodile skin handbag. According to the official press release, participating stores this year include Fox & Fawn, Seven Wonders Vintage, Ash, Sanford and Sven, Brooklyn Reclamation, Tiger Blanket, Awoke Vintage, Lavai Maria, Antoinette and more. And, since no self-respecting "crawl" should omit alcohol consumption, there are also a handful of participating bars (and one movie theater) like Manhattan Inn, Commodore, The Richardson, Sage, The Gibson, Nitehawk, High Horse Saloon and Soft Spot offering specials when you're in need of a shopping break.

For more information head over to their website.

Talking Drowned Rats and Wrecked Restaurants With Business Owners in the South Street Seaport

DSC_3806-001.jpgHurricane Sandy devastated the historic South Street Seaport, an area that hasn't been getting much media attention. We found Ridgely Trufant, the general manager of Red, a Southwestern restaurant on Fulton Street, surveying soaked planked floors, upturned tables and smashed liquor bottles. "We're done," she said.

The East River roared up the cobblestone street like a tidal wave on Monday night. A water line six feet high was evident on bedraggled buildings. Nelson Blue, Suteishi, Jeremy's Ale House, Acqua, Barbarini Alimentari Mercato, the Paris Café and Pansanella & Sons Vintners looked like toast, at least for now.

Kevin Barry limped by, a partner and manager of the three-month-old restaurant Grandma's House on Peck Slip. He unlocked the door to show us the destroyed dining room. "This is the only thing I rescued," he said, holding up his orange Mario Batali crocs autographed by Guy Fieri.

Barry had a harrowing tale. He didn't evacuate Monday night and watched the storm come in. Suddenly he was running from a tidal wave and fell on the street (hence the limp). His car was parked on higher ground near the Seaport and he slept in it until dawn. When he woke he returned to Peck Slip where he saw "hundreds" of drowned rats littering the street. "Another guy and I shoveled them into garbage bags and dumped them in a construction site hole," he told me. Hundreds? I said, dumbfounded. "Yes," he said, "hundreds."

Rounding a corner we found Ridgely Trufant again, photographing her outdoor bar and beer cabinets, which had floated two blocks away and around the corner from her restaurant. The beer, of course, was gone.

"It's a war zone," Barry said. "But nobody's been here to see how bad it is and the cops are busy in other places. Everyone's trying to clean up by themselves."


Photo credit: Jim Knapp
The interior of Grandma's House; Ridgely Trufant in the red jacket surveying the damage at Red; Red's empty beer cabinets that floated away; Kevin Barry holding his crocs, the one thing he was able to rescue from his restaurant.

Displaced Manhattanites Discover Brooklyn Ain't That Bad

Welcome-to-Brooklyn-Highway-Sign.jpgFor a certain type of New Yorker who lives in downtown Manhattan circa 2012, not living in Brooklyn has become a point of pride. As everyone under the age of 35 has migrated across the pond in the past several years, there's a certain stubbornness among these who've remained that's grown more pronounced with time, and which manifests itself in a refusal to come to Brooklyn for brunch on a Sunday (you know who are) and maintaining a willful ignorance about the borough ("now, Cobble Hill, is that the one next to Greenpoint?").

This, however, changed a bit during the storm, when downtown lost power, and hundreds of Manhattanites sought shelter with friends in Brooklyn... and lo and behold, liked it.

Fashion creative director and consultant Stefan Campbell, who lives on 6th Street between Avenues B and C, had just returned from Washington, D.C. on Sunday evening, when he learned he would need to evacuate. He hurried to his apartment, closed the windows, grabbed his Rick Owens sweatshirt and a bag of booze and batteries, and took a taxi to friend Joey Arbagey's place in Williamsburg. That night, Arbagey cooked him vegan banana bread and vegetarian lasagna, and the next night, the two went to get chicken sausage at Radegast Beer Garden. "I used to consider Williamsburg just the other East Village," he says, "but now I have a newfound respect for the place after having spent four straight days there."

Yuli Ziv, the founder and CEO of Style Coalition, had a similar brush with Brooklyn. The East Village resident stayed with relatives in Brooklyn Heights. "I didn't realize how charming it would be, especially just a day after the disaster," she says. Ziv had "a lovely home-cooked Italian dinner" at Noodle Pudding on Henry Street. "I definitely saw a different side to Brooklyn," she says. "But I've never missed the East Village more. Seeing it dark and deserted broke my heart."

Brooklyn, specifically, Boerum Hill, says Meghan McCormick, "has been a nice change of pace." The Lower East Side resident and the Senior Digital Manager at Weber Shandwick, took a taxi to a co-worker's house on Tuesday morning. "It's a really nice neighborhood that I previously didn't really spend any time in. We went to a few great bars--61 Local and Rucola--and had dinner at Apartment 138."

Devoted Lower East Sider and Pernot-Ricard public relations director Sarah Bessette, has been staying with PAPER market director Luigi Tadini and his boyfriend Steven Cardwell in Williamsburg since yesterday. Armed with her Repetto ballet flats, and Akris pea coat, she took the opportunity to explore the neighborhood. "We went to this gorgeous Brazilian restaurant called Beco. We got coffee at El Beit. There are so many amazing furniture shops here too--check out Organic Modern." Today, she's booked a business lunch at the Wythe Hotel. "Moving sucks," she says, "but if it becomes an option, Brooklyn is a definite possibility."

For May Kwok, a DJ and a event manager at PAPER's sister company Extra Extra, staying in Brooklyn has been "interesting." She lived in South Williamsburg about six years ago, but after moving to the Lower East Side, hadn't been back to Brooklyn in any meaningful way since. If her Brooklyn friends want to hang out with her, they... come to her. Since Kwok lost power, she's been staying with her boyfriend's friends "somewhere near Union Pool." Yesterday, she didn't leave Wythe Avenue. "I had a drink at the Wythe Hotel, dinner at Mogador and then ended up at three different house parties." Despite her aversion to the borough, she admits "I had fun. I definitely had a Brooklyn day."

Casey Neistat's Amazing Hurricane Sandy Video + Mayor Bloomberg Endorses Obama = Eight Items Or Less


1. The other day we mentioned Casey Neistat was on his bike storm chasing with Sean Avery and now you can watch the result: an amazing video of the hurricane, including flooded streets and zombie city downtown. [via YouTube]

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 6.47.50 PM.png2. Here's a great -- and not bullshit -- infographic that matches peoples' TV viewing preferences with which candidate they're more likely to support. Frankly, we are so not surprised that 30 Rock watchers lean Obama and Deadliest Catch peeps vote for Romney. Just one of those instinctual things. [Buzzfeed via Flavorwire]

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 6.28.36 PM.png3. Holy hell, Michelle Duggar got a makeover. She looks ready for primetime, no? [via Buzzfeed]

4. Forgive us if you've already seen this -- we don't even know what day it is much less what meme we're on as a result of subsisting on flaming hot cheetos and mint milanos while cooped up in our apartment during the storm -- but we're strangely transfixed by this 1997 footage from a rave. SO MANY WHITE DUDES! [via The Daily What]

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 6.43.53 PM.png5. Reason #345 we like Newark Mayor Cory Booker: he let Hurricane Sandy victims straight up chill out at his house and and charge their devices after they tweeted him that their power had gone out. What a dreamboat. [via Politicker]

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 6.38.45 PM.png6. Just a little obsessed with this Burton-Bonham Carter family portrait at Disney World. [via Vulture]

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 6.26.26 PM.png7. Despite what this photo might suggest, Michael Bloomberg endorsed Obama today. [via Gothamist]

Morning Funnies: I Am Legend Sh*t Up In Here

tumblr_mcteo31TN81qzn2wgo1_1280.jpgSpot on. [Achilles Stamatelaky]

A6qCzFLCUAEyw14.jpg_large.jpeg Envision the rustic charms of no hot water, or any water, no electricity, no gas, closed parks, closed shops and no transit with the modern luxury of eating cold Chef Boyardee from a can in a quaint Chase bank lobby. No test scores because no schools. [Keerthik Sasidharan]

darknessclock.pngIt's true. Everyone is going to bed at 6:30. [VisitorDesign via AndrewAndrew]

tumblr_mctdf0eL5N1qa9siqo1_1280.jpgSo there you have it. (Also, Gumelection.com has more photos/videos.) [BobbyFinger]

tumblr_mcubxv9bdG1qiavcao1_r1_400.gifEverything's coming up Barry. [DailyDot

Mr. Burns endorses Mitt Romney. [Fox]

Just a Russian cat watching cartoons on a laptop. [Buzzfeed]
IGLJe.jpg Netflix just laughs. [Reddit]

tumblr_mcs9isj5Dm1ql9avno1_500.jpgThree grumpy cat moon. [LaugherKey]

tumblr_m0jjbggdJM1qzsdhco1_r1_1280.jpgIt's cake, but s'not cake. [PizzzaTime]

tumblr_mcsbfgPvOW1qzqoygo1_500.jpgOne tall skinny quad shot braaains latte with whip, coming right up. [Flavorpill]
billmurraywesanderson.pngFrom artist Casey Weldon's Murray Time series, which envisions Bill Murray as every Wes Anderson character. [LaughingSquid]

A supercut of of misheard song lyrics. Our favorite is 'Hit me with your pet shark.' [Gawker]

 N.W.A. X Faulkner. [TheLibraryJournal]

tumblr_m67ne5N1y01rsjysto1_500.jpgHey weekend, let's do this. [Bunnyfood]

Male Model Mayhem + Scott Schuman Feels So-So About Bill Cunningham in Today's Style Scraps

duncan1-1.jpgModel Duncan Pyke poses as David Bowie for the new cover of Arena Homme+. [via The Fashionisto]

137770010-300x453.jpgScott Schuman gave WWD a whole bunch of awkwardly lukewarm opinions about Bill Cunningham. On Cunningham's photos: "I don't think they're bad, really just a different style." [via Fashionista]

Vans x Iron Maiden_Sk8-Hi_Holiday 2012  Classics.jpgCheck out the new Vans collaboration with Iron Maiden. Please tell us the shoes cost $66.66! [via Press Release]

david-gandy-10-men-winter-spring-12-13-01.jpgOh my, we're having heart palpitations over David Gandy covering 10 Men. [via Male Model Scene]

miuccia.jpgMiucca Prada said that when she was young "to want to be a fashion designer was really the worst thing that could happen to me." Thank goodness she changed her mind! [via Guardian UK]

Screen-Shot-2012-11-02-at-7.57.42-AM-e1351861537801-640x720.pngThe fashion community is drawing lines over the Tory Birch-Chris Burch feud. Anna Wintour and Diane von Furstenburg are definitely in Tory's camp, with Wintour saying "we've never had anything to do with Chris." [via Fashionista]

meester.jpgAnd in other male model news -- we promise this is the last of the day! -- here's Leighton Meester being very nonchalant about the naked male models crawling around her in the new issue of FLAUNT.  [via High Snobette]

Winnie-the-Pooh-Wallet-Newsletter_003.jpgIf you need a gift for the fashionable Winnie the Pooh enthusiast, look no further than these Pocketo x Disney wallets! Very cute. [via Press Release]

DVF love evian Bottle.jpg...And in more DVF news, Diane designed the newest Evian bottle! [via press release]

Rapper Kendrick Lamar Takes On the City, the City of Compton.

kendricklamarPPV.jpgIt's only been nine months since Kendrick Lamar and his insanely talented Black Hippy compatriots (Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock) signed a joint venture deal with Interscope Records and Aftermath Entertainment. But there's little doubt the deal signals a sea change for the tight collective. 

After spending the past eight years together, recording some of the most heralded hip-hop in recent memory (Lamar's Section.80, Schoolboy Q's Habits & Contradictions, Ab-Soul's Control System) in the same suburban house in Carson, CA, the risk of stumbling during the transition from reigning underground kings to major-label artists is ever present. But Lamar, the clear-eyed, socially conscious, teetotaling breakout star of Black Hippy, knows their deal with Interscope won't stifle the group's talent and palpable chemistry. It's simply the next chapter. "We came into the game together eight years ago, and the plan we had all along is manifesting now," he says. "The only difference is more people are listening."

Following his successful 2011 debut Section.80, Lamar found himself working closely with California legend Dr. Dre on his sophomore release good kid, m.A.A.d city. It's an album that Interscope, and in turn Dre, hope will lead the next wave of West Coast hip-hop.

"I definitely embrace that [responsibility]" says Lamar. "I know I'm at the forefront of a new generation, and I'm going to deliver. I'm not going to look down on it." And if the first two singles from good kid -- "Swimming Pool (Drank)" and "Recipe" -- are any indication, Lamar's at the top of his game. On both tracks he deploys vivid, tightly coiled verses with a lucid, effortless flow, picking apart dark memories and images mined from his complicated relationship with his hometown of Compton.

"I realized I can't run from where I come from, I can't run from the streets," says Lamar. "No matter how much positive light I turn on it, I can't run from my past."

good kid, m.A.A.d city is out now. ★

Eat for a Good Cause at Momofuku's Sandy Relief Fundraisers Tonight

6101228636_1f18bb3e83.jpegMomofuku is hosting three events today for the American Red Cross to aid Hurricane Sandy victims in the tri-state area.  All proceeds from the following dinners tonight will benefit the Red Cross.

You can head to Má Pêche in Midtown for lunch and dinner from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Bartenders Tristan Willey and Dave Arnold of Booker and Dax will be serving cocktails in the balcony bar.

Momofuku and Café Boulud NY at the Surrey Hotel are teaming up to serve an undoubtedly delicious six-course dinner for $495 per person (including food, wine, tax, etc.). The dinner, which you can buy tickets for here, will be served by chefs Gavin Kaysen of Café Boulud, Sean Gray of Momofuku Ko, and Matt Rodofker of Momofuku Ssam Bar.

And in Williamsburg, Noodle Bar and Milk Bar are coming together to set up a pop-up bun shop at 382 Metropolitan Avenue where you can grab two buns for $10 from noon-10pm! To-go orders only.

Start eatin' for a good cause, folks.

The Show Must Go On: Lucien Smith to Open at Half Gallery Despite Blackout

Mayor Bloomberg just announced that power will return to most of Manhattan by midnight tonight, but the folks at Half Gallery on Forsyth Street apparently didn't want to wait that long. Owner Bill Powers confirmed that the opening of Lucien Smith's "Good Vibrations" will occur tonight as scheduled, "with flashlights and maybe a generator." It's unclear whether the pieces in the show will resemble the unprimed canvases Smith has speckled with black acrylic spots for previous exhibitions: the flyer (above) evinces a rock 'n' roll aesthetic to fit the show's title. It's hard to imagine guests getting much of a sense of artworks illuminated only by flashlights -- the sun should have set just before six, when the opening starts. Still, it might be a nice way for the Lower East Side to celebrate the imminent return to normalcy.

Half Gallery, 208 Forsyth Street. 

Gary Richards of HARD Events On the Future of EDM and Coachella's Copycat Cruise

gary-richards.jpgHearing the phrase "rise of electronic music" makes Gary Richards chuckle. For Richards, 41, the mastermind behind the wildly successful electronic dance music production company Hard Events, dance music is an old school art. In the early '90s, he tried to make a career out of spinning warehouse raves in downtown LA and everyone, including friend and Def Jam executive Rick Rubin, said he was crazy. But he was just 20 years too early.

"Rick used to call me Techno Boy," Richards said by phone from Hard's headquarters in Beverly Hills. After dropping out of Cal State Northridge, Richards had stunts with various record labels in the LA area. "They were always like, why do you sign this electronic crap that doesn't sell?"

Two decades later, Richards felt the genre was finally gaining steam. He founded Hard Events in 2007. Today, it's one of dance music's leading brands, responsible for events like Hardfest, Holy Ship!!, and Day of the Dead Haunted Mansion on Nov. 3 in Los Angeles. In July, Hard was acquired by concert behemoth Live Nation, a move that some diehard EDM fans feared marked the genre's final days of underground life.

That, too, makes Richards chuckle. He felt the same way in 1993 when he sold out an event at an amusement park in Orange County called Rave America.

"I thought, 'Alright man, there goes electronic music, off into the mainstream where it'll die a horrible, overplayed death.'" he said. "But it's never just over, that's not how music works."

Today, Richards is married with two children, Steven, 4, and Riley, 6, and lives in Beverly Hills. We spoke to him by phone about how the rave scene has changed and where he plans to steer it.

The beginnings: I was born in Washington, D.C. and lived in New Orleans for a little but my family settled in LA by the time I was in high school. My dad, Barry, has had a great career as a radio DJ. He's still in the business and still thinks he's hip. He sent me a picture of him and Justin Bieber the other day and it's like, Dad, come on man. I started school at Cal State North Ridge but wasn't loving it. And as social chairman of my fraternity, I just spent all their money on huge parties. The school's president didn't like that and wanted me out, so I moved in with a friend who lived in Santa Monica. The second night I was there, he came back from this late-night electronic party called Nectar, and he was just on fire. He was like, 'Man, wait until you hear this stuff.' We started going all the time.

Church with Mr. Kool-Aide: In California, you're allowed to start serving booze again at 6 a.m. which was when these raves let out. Of course, nobody wanted to stop partying so we started renting out a club on Sunday mornings and threw a party called The Sermon. We'd go out to the big Saturday night rave dressed like priests and tell everyone to come to The Sermon. It evolved into this huge thing called Midnight Mass, and then we moved it to a water park nearby and called it The Holy Water. My partner at the time was this guy Mr. Kool-Aide, or Steven Hauptsuhr, who is like the Syd Barrett of America's rave scene. And one day he said, 'I've got an idea. Let's throw a party on a farm with a ferris wheel and a fire-breathing lady and a skyride and let's pair it with electronic music. We'll call it Electric Daisy Carnival.' That was in 1991. Pasquale [Pasquale Rotella] was a fan at the time and helped us promote. In 1997, he called and asked me if he could use the name EDC, and I said sure, why not?

The first farewell to the underground: By 1993, it felt like the music wasn't underground anymore so I threw a party called Rave America at Nots Berry Farm, which is an amusement park in Orange County. It sold out with like 20,000 people. Rick Rubin came with Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and a couple guys from ZZ Top and he asked me if I wanted to work in the record business and help them sign some EDM artists. I said sure, the Prodigy were super hot and it seemed like it was blowing up. But we started signing all these techno artists thinking they'd catch on, too, but nobody was buying it. Nobody.

Richards on losing his brother, Steven, and taking a break from EDM:
In the late 1990s, my brother Steven worked at Epic and managed hardcore bands like Slipknot and Mudvayne.  He ended up getting a brain tumor in 2000. I just knew the chances weren't good and I wanted to spend every minute with him that I could. And because he was a total  music-obsessed workaholic, I knew the way to really get to hang with him was to quit everything I was doing and move in with him. So I worked with him everyday on these crazy metal projects like Ozzfest that are completely not my scene but it was really special for us. He was 33 when he passed away in 2004, and I was devastated. I'm still devastated. And at the time, I was totally lost. I named my son after him and retreated for a little while from everything.

Bouncing back: I figured I could only really go forward if I was doing what I knew, which was electronic music. I threw my first Hard Event on New Years Eve, my birthday, in 2007. And everything lined up. For whatever reason, people suddenly gave a shit.

About Holy Ship!! and Coachella's upcoming copycat cruise, S.S. Coachella: To be honest, I'm flattered. I love Coachella. So when they called me to tell me they were going to do a cruise like Holy Ship!!, I thought it was classy of them to let me know.  I'm still in awe at all this stuff. Totally, completely in awe.

Live Nation and HARD's next chapter: The great thing about the acquisition is that Live Nation deals with all the city stuff -- the codes, the operations, the red tape. That allows me more flexibility to come up with ideas for tours and festivals. I think I made the best decision possible. They're totally committed to electronic music, which is why they brought me and the guy from Creamfields in here. The fans are in good hands.

On whether pop stars are ruining EDM:  When I first started in 1991, we were selfish. Electronic music was underground, it was our thing and we didn't want the masses to know about it. You could only hear it at 4 a.m. in a warehouse in downtown LA if you knew a guy and fuck you. But now, it's all good. The sound has been discovered and people are relishing it. It's a movement. So I just feel like my job is to try to steer people toward the best, most innovative, credible stuff. It's about more than "Gangnam Style," because that shit will disappear. This is about the sound evolving into the best it can be.

On the future of EDM: Erol Alkan once told me that dance music is like the flu. It goes away and it comes back stronger, it goes away and it comes back stronger. But frankly, I don't know how it could get any bigger than this, so I just hope it gets more and more credible. I hope I'm still doing this in 10 years and am still proud of what I'm doing.

Above: Gary Richards. Photo by Erik Voake

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