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King Khan & The Shrines' "Bite My Tongue" Is Our Music Video of the Day


King Khan and the Shrines' new video for single "Bite My Tongue" features Superhero KK (the garage rockers' frontman, King Khan) fighting crime, eating hot dogs, and teaming up with superhero Jesus, whose super-power is to shoot wine out of his eyes because of course. Check it out above.  [Via Stereogum]

Aubrey Plaza on New Film Safety Not Guaranteed and What's In Store for April on Parks and Recreation

Screen shot 2012-06-20 at 4.00.58 PM.pngGiven that she's known for playing sarcastic, dry-humored April Ludgate on Parks & Recreation as well as other deadpan rolls in Judd Apatow's Funny People and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, viewers might be surprised to watch Aubrey Plaza shed a few tears in her latest film, Safety Not Guaranteed. The flick, which opened last Friday, sees the actress as a magazine intern who assists a reporter (PAPER's 2012 Beautiful Person Jake Johnson) with tracking down -- or stalking -- an eccentric man in Seattle (Mark Duplass) who's posted a classified ad looking for a companion with whom to time-travel.  Here, we chat with Plaza about the film, her character's future on Parks and Rec and some great advice Amy Poehler once gave her.

So you just got back from Romania where you were shooting a movie?
Yeah, I just got back a couple of days ago.

How was it?
It was great but it was a really short trip. I was there for almost a week. Even though I'm a small part in that movie [The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman], it was a really cool experience. I shot with Shia LaBeouf. I think he's an amazing actor.

Have you seen the new music video from Sigur Rós where Shia goes full-frontal?
Only in my dreams have I seen that. No, I haven't seen it yet but he told me about it. 

Would you ever do an artsy music video? Or, for that matter, would you do nudity on-camera?  You haven't had to do that yet, if I'm not mistaken?
No, no. I've been in my underwear and I've done one scene where my bathing suit top supposedly flies off and I'm topless but you only see me from behind so no, I haven't been blessed with a naked part yet. It's hard to say though. I don't have any rules about anything so it's more like, "if it happens, it happens."  I'm definitely the first one to say that I have no idea what will happen or what I will do next. So...maybe.

Let's talk about Safety Not Guaranteed, which came out last week.  How did the role come about?
The writer, Derek Connolly, actually wrote the script with me in mind, hoping that I would like it.  He told me that he saw Funny People and he was inspired specifically by that performance.  When I got the script, I really liked it so I immediately told them I wanted to do it, which is not how it always happens because scripts are not usually good...a lot of them are not good.

And it's not everyday that a writer writes a part specifically for an actor.
Totally. I was so flattered. That said, I did have an immense feeling of pressure about living up to his expectations of what he thought I was going to do because I basically went up to Seattle to shoot the movie and no one had seen me read it or do anything. I did a lot of work [beforehand] because I felt like I had to prove myself.

One of the central storylines in the movie is about how you and your colleagues stalk Mark Duplass' character. Have you ever stalked anybody?
I have to be honest and say that I think in high school, my two friends and I stalked the principal a couple of times.  We followed her home and sat in the car outside of her house.  Really unexciting.  It was the most boring stakeout in the world.  Nothing happened at all.  I think we ate McDonald's in the car.

Have you ever stalked a romantic interest?
No. Boring answer. 

A lot of people have been talking about the fact that Safety Not Guaranteed shows a character with a broader emotional spectrum than some of the other parts you're known for playing -- these droll, sarcastic, dry-humored roles.  How similar or different do you think you are to your deadpan counterparts?
I can be very sarcastic and dry. Actually, when I was in Romania, one of my scene partners was this British actor and he couldn't believe how dry I was. He was like [does British accent], "You're so dry!" And that was just me, not in character. But I think when I'm up against a floppy-haired, quirky, happy British person, I must seem dryer than normal. I am sarcastic and whatever but that's one part of me and some people don't even see that side of me at all. Other than that, my sense of humor is the same.  I've only done one character up until now where her sense of humor was totally different from mine.

Safety Not Guaranteed trailer

Which one was that?
The character I play in The To-Do List, which was called The Handjob at first. It's a movie that hasn't come out yet but will come out next year.   

What can you tell us about it?
I play this character who basically is obsessed with homework and achievements and she takes the summer before college and makes a list of all the sexual things she needs to learn how to do with guys so she's prepared for college because she's been told that she will be unprepared if she doesn't figure all that stuff out first.  She treats it like a homework assignment but accidentally becomes a raging slut because she's really...good at homework.  That character's not like me at all.  She takes everything literally and is very earnest.  That was actually really fun to play because I'm not like that.

What were you like in high school?
In high school I was actually President of Student Council, president of a lot of things and always wanting to be in a leadership position. So I do have similarities with the character there, which is what I used in the movie. I was definitely involved in high school.  I was popular but not in any cool way.  

You were the "involved girl."
I was friends with all the teachers.  The teachers loved me.

Are you in touch with any of these teachers?
Yeah. I have one, my drama teacher, Mrs. Lynch, who I see every Christmas during the holidays.  She's very proud.  She's awesome.  I did a lot of theater outside of school at the community theater so there are people there that I still keep in touch with. My dad is actually organizing a screening of Safety Not Guaranteed in July and we're gonna throw a screening party fundraiser for the community theater that I used to perform at.  So there you go.  I'm still involved.  I'm still trying to organize activities for everyone.

Switching gears a little, let's talk about Parks & Recreation.  What would you like to see happen to your character, April, next season?
I have no idea what's going to happen. They haven't told me anything. I know that Leslie Knope is going to be taking over City Council because she won the election. So that leaves a gaping hole in the Parks Department, and I have a feeling that April's going to have to assume a lot of new responsibilities. I'm hoping so because I think it would be pretty hilarious if she ended up taking over the Parks Department after starting five years ago as a lowly intern who hated everyone.  I think that might be the direction we're heading but I have no idea for sure.

Have you been at all surprised by the reception the show has gotten over the years?  It has such a rabid, cult following.  Did you anticipate that?
No, I really didn't.  We've all felt like at any moment, the rug is gonna get pulled out from underneath us because our ratings aren't spectacular like some shows. You always feel like you're struggling but then recently in the past couple of years, out of nowhere, we realized that "Wait a minute, people are actually into this even though the numbers aren't reflecting that."  That was a huge surprise to me.  It's really hard to have perspective on things that you do on-camera or whatever. But at the same time, I'm not surprised because I think our cast is really special and Amy [Poehler] especially sets the bar high and she's so good and she's such a good person.  Everyone on the show loves each other and I think that's palpable.  People can actually tell when they watch it.  It's a good vibe.

Has Amy given you any notable advice, from one comedienne to another?
One time she told me to "smoke 'em if you've got 'em."  I say that to myself every morning when I wake up.

Photo courtesy of Safety Not Guaranteed

Yves Saint Laurent Gets a New Name + Louis Vuitton Teaches You How To Pack in Today's Style Scraps

New Yves Saint Laurent creative director Hedi Slimane is re-naming the iconic fashion house as Saint Laurent Paris. Sorry, but 'SLP' just doesn't have the same ring as YSL.

o-NATALIA-VODIANOVA-GQ-RUSSIA-570.jpgOh dear, the photoshopping on this GQ Russia cover featuring the model Natalia Vodianova is so, so bad. As HuffPo points out, her head is freakishly small in comparison to her giant feet and spindly alien calves. Update: This wonky cover is possibly just the result of a wide-angled lens. Per Paper photographer Rebecca Smeyne, "That GQ Russia cover weirdness is likely not due to photoshopping at all -- it's due to the use of a wide lens. The wider the lens, the more distortion of lines and depth of the scene, especially areas not in center-frame." Fascinating!

Karl Lagerfeld designed a collar necklace for e-tailer Net-A-Porter featuring 40 carats of black diamonds and a single, 22.3 carat emerald. It costs $37,500, which makes us want to barf. [Styleite]

Mary Kate-Olsen smoking on a walk with her boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy and his tween daughter earlier this month. Also, the Post says the couple 'couldn't keep their hands off each other' at MoMA gala Tuesday night. Just in case you were wondering. [TheCut]

Here is Rihanna wearing House of Ladosha's awesome "C*nt Life" Tupac tribute t-shirt. [HighSnobette]

Screen shot 2012-06-21 at 1.24.39 PM.pngAttention Essie-aholics! The nail polish brand is opening their first nail salon on the Upper East Side. [Racked]

adidas-skateboarding-cliche-skate-decks-1.jpegCliche X Adidas skateboards. [SlamXHype]

Louis Vuitton teaches you the art of packing a suitcase. [Hypebeast]

Trailer Trash: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the TV Show


Welcome to Trailer Trash, highlighting the best, worst and so-so in new movie and TV trailers. 

It was recently announced that Michael Bay's big-budget Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film was being pushed back to 2014 due to script issues -- and it's unclear whether the film, now simply titled Ninja Turtles, will ever see the light of day. So to sate your appetite for all things turtle-related, in the meantime, here is a trailer for Nickelodeon's new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV series, which is set to air this fall. (Who knew?!) The CGI animation makes the guys look kind of... flat... and it all looks a little low budg, and also, what's with all the booyakasha, but there's pizza and there are turtles, so we're cool with it.

Heart Has a New Box Set + a New Album and Memoir Coming Out

Get excited, Heart are releasing a new memoir and album! The memoir, Kicking and Dreaming: A Story of Heart, Soul and Rock and Roll, is out September 18th via Harper Collins and, per the press release, is "a first-hand chronicle of tumultuous inter-band relationships, thirty years of roller-coaster fame and continual reinvention, and, of course, the kind of excess that can comes from the surreal, and hyper-real demands of life on the road..." If the band's riveting episode of Behind the Music is any indication of what we can expect, we know we're going to burn through this memoir in like two hours. (Heart's BTM rivals only Fleetwood Mac's in terms of inner-band rifts and doomed romances.) Their new album, Fanatic, is out October 5th and, earlier this month, the band released the retrospective box set box set Strange Euphoria, curated by the Wilson sisters.

We've never understood why more people don't talk about what an amazing and important band Heart is -- Nancy Wilson is an insanely talented, skilled guitar player and Ann Wilson has such a hugely powerful wallop of a voice. (Why has she never done a blues album?) Case in point: this 1978 live clip of Heart playing "Crazy On You." Fast-forward to the 2:05 mark for maximum goose bumps.

Coming Out in Hollywood Is Very In Right Now.

Entertainment Weekly recently revealed its new cover on "The New Art of Coming Out," featuring a piece penned by one of our favorite pop culture writers, Mark Harris. Celebrity-coming-out is something that's obviously swirling around in the ether right now, because the story (not yet posted online) will most likely read a bit like Patrick Healy's recent New York Times opinion piece, "How Celebrities Come Out Now."  And probably also like Daniel D'Addario's New York Observer cover story from yesterday, "Outward Bound: Celebs Struggle To Keep Sexuality Secret(ish), But Media Make Mischief." While it's great that more and more stars are coming out, and doing so without a lot of bells and whistles like it ain't no thang, there's still something kind of weirdly staged about how casually they're going about it. It's like when a Blake Lively type walks the red carpet at a movie premiere with a messy bun -- you know that bun was meticulously created by a hair-stylist, and each carefree tendril flying in her face was sprayed with 7 different kinds of hair product. Furthermore, as Healy and D'Addario both note, the celebrities who have come out of late -- many of whom are featured on the EW cover -- are really not A-list celebs, and have very little to lose by doing so. In fact, when folks like Andy Cohen, Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch come out, it can often strengthen their "core base" -- those who watch Bravo reality shows and Glee, and who are excited to see their idols embrace their sexuality. And those who would be turned off most likely wouldn't be tuning into those channels/shows anyway.  Until one of those eight people on the cover of EW is a A++ star (a Clooney, a Cruise, etc. -- just saying), we won't be convinced that very much in Hollywood has changed.

Artist Ai Weiwei Still Can't Travel Outside of China.

weiwei_wide.jpgThe Chinese government continues to show no mercy in its campaign to silence Ai Weiwei. Even after lifting his bail conditions, and a year after he was released from prison, they continue to prevent him from traveling outside of China and exercising his basic human rights to speak out. I don't think it's going to work. He's written an impassioned editorial for The Guardian where he lays out the timeline leading up to the news of his continued persecution, and boldly states: "To live your life in fear is worse than losing your freedom: A year after my release, I am more convinced than ever of the need to stand up to China's monstrous machine."

Alison Klayman, director of the forthcoming documentary, Ai Weiwei Never Sorry (whom we profiled back in March), released the following statement: "This week, the whole Never Sorry team has been glued to Twitter as we waited to find out whether the 'bail conditions' imposed on Weiwei this year would be lifted. This is not the news we had hoped for. Ai Weiwei's extended travel ban and the continued threat of various unsubstantiated charges against him are simply prolonging the state of limbo that he has been in since his detention. It shows the authorities are not ready to let Ai Weiwei live as he did during the years that Never Sorry was filmed. Yet he is clearly not deterred. He continues to inspire all of us to use creativity and courage to express ourselves and bring about the change we want to see in the world."

Ai Weiwei also made news yesterday, when he was banned on Tuesday afternoon from attending a court hearing on his lawsuit against the Beijing Tax Authority. Authorities have charged that his design company owes $2.4 million in back taxes and fines. On Tuesday night, Liu Xiaoyuan, Ai's legal consultant, disappeared. Xiaoyuan was kept under watch during the trial and forced to board a plane to Jiangxi yesterday morning. Supporters of Ai Weiwei as well as foreign reporters were not allowed to go near the courthouse on Tuesday, and local bus routes were even re-routed to avoid the courthouse.

Now a global celebrity, his message, creativity and determination will prevail over time. We continue to wish him the best in his campaign to hold his country's leadership accountable for their misdeeds. As China continues its quest for legitimacy on the world stage, Ai Weiwei will be there to remind us that all isn't as it appears to be.

Guide to Dating Rich Girls + New Anna Karenina Trailer = Eight Items Or Less

lego stairs.jpg1. Check out this staircase in an NYC loft made entirely out of Legos. [via Laughing Squid]

2. Watch the opulent new trailer for Anna Karenina starring Keira Knightley and a very middle aged-looking Jude Law as Anna and her husband, Karenin, respectively as well as Aaron Johnson (who played John Lennon in Nowhere Boy) as Count Vronsky. [via The Daily What]

Screen shot 2012-06-21 at 4.57.12 PM.png3. Bret Michaels has one-upped all of those celebrity fashion designers -- he's cornered the market on celebrity petwear with his new line, Pets Rock! [via Death + Taxes]

4. Awww.  This young boy hates the Heat so much, he burst into tears after one of their recent wins. [Hypervocal via World Star Hip Hop]

Screen shot 2012-06-21 at 5.39.31 PM.png5. Throw on some Dr. Martens and some vintage Esprit and head down to Santos Party House tonight for the return of Vashtie and Oscar's legendary 1992 party.  The shindig will also coincide with the official NYC release party of Smoke DZA and Harry Fraud's collab, Rugby Thompson.  Just Blaze will provide the tunes along with Jasmine Solana and Kasey Berry.  Cover is $5 and party starts at 10pm.

Screen shot 2012-06-21 at 5.52.00 PM.png6. Check out VICE's insightful Guide to Dating Rich Girls.  To wit, "Rich girls are hot because their moms are hot. But they're also insane because their dads are inbred sociopaths with Nazi fetishes." [via VICE]

Screen shot 2012-06-21 at 5.59.42 PM.png7. Well isn't that the darn cutest little tape dispenser you ever did see? [via Miss Moss]

Screen shot 2012-06-21 at 6.03.07 PM.png8. Watch the super-personable Karlie Kloss talk about her 5-foot prom date, doing ballet for Carine Roitfeld and commuting between St. Louis and New York while still in high school in this new video as part of W Editor-at-Large Lynn Hirschberg's latest "Screen Test." [via Fashionista]

Tips for Today: John Waters in NYC + Rock Bottom Remainders in L.A. + Aerosmith in Chicago + Jack White in London

2012-02-27T101421Z_01_OSC2002_RTRIDSP_3_OSCARS.jpgNew York

Legendary filmmaker and noted wackadoo John Waters will be spinning tales -- we imagine he'll include stories from his recent hitchhiking adventures -- for two nights only at City Winery. [via Time Out]

Today marks the opening of Photoville, a free event spanning two weekends, taking place in  Brooklyn Bridge Park. Over 30 freight containers will be transformed into mini-photo exhibits, featuring works from the New York Times, Parsons MFA students, the experimental Viennese photo collective Lomography, among many others. There'll also be lectures, workshops, a "photo dog run" and food trucks.  [Brooklyn Based]

Swedish quintet The Hives, who rose to prominence in the early-aughts alongside other "The" bands like The Strokes and The White Stripes.... are back. The band (who we just featured in our summer music issue) play their fast, brash and loud tunes off their new record Lex Hives tonight Terminal 5. [Flavorpill]

It's your absolute last chance to snatch up some dapper hats at the Eugenia Kim semi-annual sample sale which boasts chapeaus ranging from $5 to $145. The sale ends today. [NY Mag]

Los Angeles

Screen shot 2012-06-21 at 12.57.55 PM.pngTonight marks the 20th anniversary of the Rock Bottom Remainders, a band comprised of famous non-professional-musicians -- including Stephen King, Amy Tan, Scott Turow, Roy Blount Jr., Greg Iles, Ridley Pearson, James McBride, Matt Groening, Mitch Albom and Dave Barry, among others. They'll be playing one of their last public performances tonight at the El Rey, a decision spurred by the death last month of the group's founder, Kathi Goldmark. Roger McGuinn of The Byrds will help out and all proceeds will benefit First Book, the Los Angeles Downtown Women's Center. [Flavorpill]

Liars have come a long way from being that band with the lead guy who dated Karen O in the early-aughts. Their latest album, WIXIW (incidentally, it's pronounced "wish you"), released earlier this month, sees the New York trio going in a haunting, more Radiohead-y direction. Rolling Stone described the record as "an album that creeps you out even as it sucks you in."  They play at The Fonda Theatre. [LA Weekly]

Zac Monday presents a unique performance art show tonight at Hammer Museum. Performers will be wearing the artist's intricate hand-crocheted costumes and enacting different scenarios throughout the space. There are no set times, but performances will be taking place throughout the day today, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. [zing]


Screen shot 2012-06-21 at 2.13.44 PM.pngAlthough you can see Steven Tyler in all his glory on American Idol, it's not everyday you can see him performing with Aerosmith. As part of their first tour in two years, which they're calling "The Global Warming Tour," they'll will be playing tonight at the The United Center with Cheap Trick. [Chicago Reader]

Iris Dupont, the off-beat prep-school heroine of Jennifer Miller's novel, The Year of the Gadfly,  only has one friend -- the ghost of legendary broadcast journalist, Edward R. Murrow. Sounds weird and fun! Miller reads tonight at The Book Cellar. [Flavorpill]


2012JackWhiteEmbargoedPR300112.jpgThere's really no one quite like Jack White. His new album, which also happens to be his first solo LP, Blunderbuss, is a sad and wonderful collection of lovelorn pop tunes. White plays at the Hammersmith Apollo with up and coming folk sister act First Aid Kit. [TimeOut London]

At tonight's edition of Buttoned Down Disco, dance the night away to DJ Christian Laing and Pete Wheeler's mix of indie-pop and electro aboard The Battersea Barge, docked along the Thames. [via Time Out

"The Weird, the Wacky and the Wonderful" exhibition at the Architecture Space at the Royal Academy of Arts, brings together images of, well, weird, wacky and wonderful buildings, which fall under the "quirkitecture" moniker. [zing]

Morning Funnies: Justin Bieber Thinks the Sistine Chapel Is Called "the Sixteenth Chapel" + Beeeeeeeer In Brooklyn


Justin Bieber gets lectured by David Letterman about his tattoos, refers to the Sistine Chapel as "the Sixteenth Chapel" on the Late Show last night. [Vulture]
Spotted in Carroll Gardens: Finally, one-stop shopping for all of your coffee, beeeeeeeer and  cigar needs. (Photo by Josh Stern. HT to Alexis)

An amazing, amazing parody trailer for a Woody Allen movie called "My Wife Doesn't Understand as Much About Jazz as This Beautiful Italian Prostitute."  [Funny or Die]

enhanced-buzz-22853-1340312920-17.jpgFrom Dina Goldstein's photo series "In the Dollhouse," showing Barbie and Ken living in a sham marriage in suburbia. [Buzzfeed]

Night night! [BunnyFood]

skateboard-sandwich.jpgSkateboard sandwich by artist Arthur King. [ThatsNerdalicious]

I am da best mustard in da wuhrrld! [ImWithKanye via omnomnominator]

DPA6I.jpgHomer Simpson on a snake. [Reddit]

tumblr_m3qmsiubQN1qfem4mo1_500.jpgA remembrance of things scratch and sniff. [ColoringBook]

tumblr_m5w9pr8JE01qzpsuoo1_1280.jpgLooks like @Poopman10 and @Sexhave have company. [PleatedJeans]

tumblr_m4phgp7jt81r4yddqo1_1280.jpgWes Anderson characters alphabet. [HeleveticaFace]

tumblr_m5ziivhhYR1qz4mo5o1_500.gifIn honor of Pride this weekend: Teenage Mutant Make-Out Turtles! [Laughter Key via Amandalyn Ferri]

Music Video of the Day: Chihuahua Del Rey and Lady Daga Make Appearances in Larry Tee's New Clip For "Charlie!"


The legendary electronic DJ/promoter Larry Tee, who rose to prominence by coining the term "electroclash," has returned with a new single on Ultra, "Charlie!" which features 15 dogs styled by wigmaker-to-Lady-Gaga, Charle Le Mindu, and dressed up like pupstars such as Chihuahua Del Rey and Lady Daga. The song also features Jean-Claude Madhero on vocals. Tee told us in an email: "I discovered him singing in the subway in London. He's 62 years old and amazing!!!" Check out the video above, stills of our favorite pups, and a personalized doggie Paper cover courtesy of LT.

Screen shot 2012-06-22 at 10.44.48 AM.pngScreen shot 2012-06-22 at 10.45.03 AM.pngScreen shot 2012-06-22 at 11.10.48 AM.png
Screen shot 2012-06-22 at 10.45.54 AM.png
Screen shot 2012-06-22 at 10.46.05 AM.png
Screen shot 2012-06-22 at 10.46.20 AM.png
Screen shot 2012-06-22 at 10.46.39 AM.png
Screen shot 2012-06-22 at 10.50.20 AM.png

GIFs Of the Week, From Betty White to Rainbow-Spewing Whales:

Welcome to our new Friday GIF roundup, featuring a curated list of this week's most important GIFs and GIF sets by Mike Hayes of BuzzFeed and news GIF Tumblr GIF HOUND.


1. Music video GIF of the week: Azealia Banks' "Liquorice Dance" [MTV Hive]


2. Important Betty White GIF. [mdmiii]



3. Most appropriate use of YOLO on the Internet ever. [RuinedChildhood]


tumblr_m5mlvr511a1rus6b0o2_250.gif tumblr_m5mlvr511a1rus6b0o3_250.gif


4. Important turtle GIF set. [KittenHugs]


5. Celebrity GIF of the week: Emma Stone FTW. [TheClearlyDope]


6. Important X-ray GIF. [heyimnic]


7. Everything you need to know about hot chocolate in one GIF. [Dorithegiant]


8. Bieber meets overly attached girlfriend. [Reddit]


9. Slow motion GIF of the week. [collegehumor]


10. Finally, the inspirational GIF of the week: A whale spewing a rainbow. [TheDorseyShawExperience]

Mike Hayes is the social media editor at BuzzFeed and the editor of news GIF Tumblr GIF HOUND.

Agyness Deyn Eloped With Giovanni Ribisi + Blake Lively's the New Face of Gucci in Today's Style Scraps

agynessgionavni.jpgWhat in the what? Model Agyness Deyn and actor Giovanni Ribisi have eloped! Don't become a Scientologist, Aggy! P.S. Apparently he only split from Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, two months ago! Ahhhhhh! [via NYDN, Daily Mail]

Someone misses 2002... Here's Paris Hilton, photographed in Beverly Hills yesterday, wearing a green velour tracksuit. In related news: Celebrities in Pink Tracksuits: A Photographic History. [via Daily Mail]

saint-laurent.jpgOh. To those who were freaking out (including us) re: Yves Saint Laurent dropping the "Yves" from its name, the line was originally called Saint Laurent. [via Refinery29]

Oak is moving its Brooklyn location from Williamsburg to the Williamsburg/Greenpoint border -- 55 Nassau Avenue. [via Racked]

doo-ri-mommy.jpgSad, puzzling news: Doo-Ri Chung (pictured above in a recent issue of PAPER) has decided to leave her clothing line Doo.Ri. [WWD]

f9a3c6bc51541bfb_blake_lively.xxxlarge_1.jpgBlake Lively is the new face of Gucci. [via The Cut]

Seth Meyers was on Conan last night, and revealed that he wore two pairs of underpants while dressed up as Marc Jacobs hosting the CFDA Awards. [via Fashionista]

eye-comme-des-garcons-junya-watanabe-man-x-pendleton-logger-shirt-3-620x413.jpgeYe COMME des GARCONS JUNYA WATANABE MAN X Pendleton: We likey. [via Hype Beast]

Watch Prada's behind-the-scenes video for the making of their Fall/Winter 2012 men's campaign, featuring legendary actors Willem Dafoe and Gary Oldman, alongside buzzy young actors Garrett Hedlund and Jamie Bell.

timhamilton_MG_4548M.jpgCheck this cool photo from designer Tim Hamilton's and artist Seth Price's collaboration for dOCUMENTA(13), in which the two re-conceptualized a traditional runway show.

Five Reasons to Hit Up New Williamsburg Cocktail/Seafood Joint, Extra Fancy

Despite the name, the handsome boys behind new Williamsburg seafood and cocktails spot Extra Fancy aren't wearing bow ties or suspenders or shiny shoes. They're just kicking ass making good drinks, pouring rad beers and endearing themselves to the neighborhood. It's a quiet spot now, but once people figure out it's there, it's sure to be overrun with pretty hipsters, cocktail fiends, and late night degenerates looking for something fried (fancily, of course).

1. Oysters and Champagne. A lovely little list of pours, including a Cremant de Jura Rose and a stellar Domaine Tissot, goes well with the super fresh selection of mollusks. And the oysters come over ice inside another GIANT oyster. 

2. Summer cider. It's really not just for fall, especially when paired with beach grub like fried clams and a plate of fish funnel cake. That's right, fancy-ass fair food. Go for the Newtown Pippin from Original Sin if you want a fresh, crisp bite of beach breeze, and the Dooryard Cider from Farnum Hill if you're looking for funky lumberjacky flannel. 

3. A barrage of beers. A list of ten cans, fifteen bottles, and nine drafts round out the yeast and malt section quite nicely. From cheap-ass to fancy pants, Narragansett to Allagash Black, the beers will satisfy grumpy punk and Manhattanite palates alike,. 

4. The new drink of summer, the Ray Ray. A twist on the Pimm's Cup, this tall glass of Plymouth Gin, Pimm's #1, Cei-ray Soda, lemon and herbs is like a one-two punch of summertime smelling salts. 

5. Late-night food. Show up before 11:30 right now and find an array of rolls (including crabs, clams, shrimp), salt cod pickled pepper poppers, and a whole Cape Cod clam bake on their late-night menu. Soon the menu will be extended until 3 AM, and Extra Fancy will be like a midnight clam shack for housed Williamsburgers

Extra Fancy
302 Metropolitan Ave.
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
(347) 422-0939

Photo by Brian Quinn via GrubStreet

Morning Funnies: Hey Girl Affordable Health Care + Fart Pads


tumblr_m6cdcr9XRR1rzjindo1_500.jpgHey Girl Affordable Health Care Act.

tumblr_m6c81p441w1qa5z1ro1_500.gifYes, yes, yes and yes. [PreciousLittleMoleskin]

tumblr_m6ck6ibmQ21qanm80o1_500.jpgAll this photo needs are deal with it sunglasses on Nancy Pelosi. [ImWithKanye]

fartpadoriginal.pngCharcoal activated pads that stick to your underwear and absorb flatulence. Also known as Fart Be Gone! Flatulence Deodorizer Pads. Street name: Flat-D Pads. [Laughing Squid Via Gizmodo]

tumblr_m6b6trWqft1rrfamro1_500.pngRobert Downey Jr. Downy. [BadTVBlog]

tumblr_m6d3fcyvST1qa6z3eo1_500.jpgPuttin on the ritz. [Bunnyfood]

DzZgs-1.jpgProblem solved. [Reddit]

In which Julie Klausner and Ted Leo report from a basset hound festival called the "Howlabaloo" on Long Island. "The male dog I've been watching all day needed to be wearing underpants." [Vulture]

enhanced-buzz-22627-1340838677-1.jpgAnother take on wood paneling. [Buzzfeed]

tumblr_m6bzch28sz1qzih6bo1_500.png Dear lord. [BadTVBlog]

tumblr_m4untnfnmk1r1c3jbo1_500.gifDolly's got rude Friday 'tude! [1800ILoveGIFS]

The "Son of a b*tch" supercut, Vol 2. [TheDailyWhat]

tumblr_lk0ikbJu2k1qbdwboo1_500.gifMiss you, Bubble Tape. [OperationNeptune]
tumblr_m6aip0BzLr1qf5n5wo1_500.gifAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AAAH! AAAAAH! AHHHHHH! [LeosBar]

Ginuwine's "Pony" Is Our Music Video of the Day


We went to a midnight showing of Magic Mike last night and all we can say is that you should see this movie in a theater full of drunk, screaming people ASAP. So fun! The film itself is super enjoyable and mostly about male friendship and one man's dreams of building really ugly custom furniture for a living, though we wish the whole thing had only consisted of Channing Tatum, Joe Manganiello, Matthew Bomer, the other guy and the other guy doing their insane dance routines. (Also, would it have killed them to dedicate this movie to the chiseled prince of all shirtless gyrating and seductive mirror dancing, Patrick Swayze? Trailblazer.) Ginuwine's "Pony" is featured in one of CT's routines and, in honor of MM, and Oldie But Goodie Friday, we're making it our music video of the day. 

Watch the Eyepopping New Trailer for RZA's The Man With the Iron Fists


If you're not a fan of blood, giant swords and seeing eye balls pop out of people's heads, you should probably skip this trailer for RZA's new Quentin Tarantino-produced kung fu movie, The Man With the Iron Fists. But, if you ARE a fan of blood, giant swords and seeing eye balls pop out of people's heads, then Merry Christmas. The movie stars Lucy Liu (whose weapon of choice is apparently an awesome fan that shoots blades out of it) Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, Pam Grier and martial arts film legend Gordon Liu and comes out in October 26th.

In an interview last year, RZA told PAPER that making this movie (and, we're guessing, working with Russell Crowe) was harder than dealing with all of the 'strong personalities' in Wu Tang combined:
I feel like after doing this I can run a small country. I would say I played it very democratically except for when I had to use the iron fist. There were times that it had to be my way or no way. I think everything I've done in my past prepared me for this moment. I've never met any stronger personalities in my life than Wu Tang Clan, for real. I had a lyric that said: "MC-ing to me is easier than breathing, making beats to me is easier than peeing, but fucking with the Wu Tang Clan is harder than skiing on a thousand-foot hill with broke skis and blocked by Billy goats, rocks and steal-needle pine trees." That's how hard it is. But that experience has led me to deal with top Hollywood actors like Russell Crowe, studios, costume directors, production assistants and if it wasn't the experiences I've had in my life in the past, I wouldn't be able to do this.

Dining for Democracy -- at Sarah Sophie Flicker's House!

If you like eating, snooping in fabulous New Yorkers' homes and supporting democracy, then do we have an event for you. Downtown for Democracy, the organization founded in 2003 in order to rally together creative New Yorkers in support of democratic candidates, have put together the wonderful-sounding Dining for Democracy series -- six dinner parties throughout the summer, held at various well-appointed brownstones/apartments/lofts throughout the city, with meals prepared by chefs like Andrew Carmellini, Mario Batali and Dave Gould, and proceeds benefiting D4D. Spearheaded by Audrey Gelman (Scott Stringer's press secretary) and Christine Muhlke (the executive editor of Bon Appetit, and Paper's former managing editor), the whole thing is quite impressive -- a three-course meal cooked by Mario Batali at Sarah Sophie Flicker and Jesse Peretz's insane loft in Tribeca? Yes please. (Also, we hear he'll be serving grilled guinea fowl as his main dish!) Meals range from $125 to $2000, and each dinner can accommodate anywhere from around 20 to several hundred people. We are particularly intrigued by the all-dessert dinner at Stephanie La Cava and Brian Weiss's apartment... RSVP for the dinners here.

Also, as November 6th draws ever near, stay tuned for more D4D-related festivities.... Apparently, VICE is teaming up with them for an event in the fall.


Downtown for Democracy + OHWOW Celebrate "The Pocket Guide to Politics" at The Boom Boom Room

Weeds' Hunter Parrish On the Series' Final Season and Trying to Break Into the Recording Industry

hunterparrishpic.jpgHunter Parrish -- an actor known to many as the dreamboat prodigal son on Weeds, Silas Botwin -- may be taking one of the biggest risks of his young, but promising, career. You have to tread lightly when talking about risk in relation to an actor who made his name by playing a character that's frequently semi-clad, romping around with a dance card's worth of women or, at various times and seasons, stealing and dealing the series' titular drug. Or, for that matter, when talking about an actor who's also carried two musicals on Broadway (playing the lead in Spring Awakening and, most recently, taking a turn as Jesus Christ in Godspell).  With all this in mind, Parrish's latest move may still be the ballsiest one yet: attempting to break into the recording industry. On the verge of the eighth (and final) season of Weeds, which premieres this Sunday, July 1st, Parrish released his debut EP, Guessing Games, earlier in the weekWe caught up with the actor-singer to talk about the upcoming season (including whether Season 7's cliffhanger will be resolved), his new singing career, and what it was like to come of age on Showtime.   

So let's talk about this upcoming season on Weeds.  Season 7 ended on a major cliffhanger -- will we find out who got shot and who the shooter was during the premiere?

Usually with these, we pick up from where we left off. You figure out [who got shot] quickly and that sort of puts everything in place for the rest of the season. And I can tell you that [the shooter is] a character that people who have watched the show from the beginning will know and will recognize and be like, "Oh it's that guy." So that's kind of exciting for people.

We did a "Best and Worst TV Mothers" post in honor of Mother's Day and we put Nancy Botwin on our Worst Mothers list. Would you agree with that? Or do you think as her TV son, she's actually a good mom?

I think initially on our show she made the choices she had to make, but it's a dynamic where she probably started out as a better mom than she's become, and I think in her liberation from the traditional suburban world and into the drug world, she became selfish. You could say she started out with all the right intentions and then she lost herself along the way. But I can say that in Season 8, we all will return back to where we started and she [does that] in a great way. She definitely discovers that she hasn't been the best mom and so she starts trying to be a better one.

What was it like to have your teenage years played out on camera, especially all of the risqué moments you've had on Weeds?

It's kind of funny because I lost perspective on that.  When I read the pilot for Weeds, we were all like, "Whoa, what is this?" but it's so normal now and it's been eight years. At the very beginning, doing a show where I would be naked the entire time and having sex with girls and doing drugs was pretty crazy because I grew up in Texas with a pretty sheltered life. I talked to my parents about it and I was like, "Are you guys okay with this?" And they were like, "Hunter, you know who you are, you know what you believe in, where you stand, you go on this path and see where it takes you, and we'll be here to remind you of who you are."  

You have an EP coming out.  What can you tell us about it?

I started working on music three years ago and the record is sort of like folk-pop. I gravitate towards pop music and music that is easy to listen to but pop doesn't necessarily mean it has to be Justin Bieber. I've always been a Bob Dylan fan and I listen to a lot of Ryan Adams.

Are you nervous at all about the difficulty that crossover artists have had?  You've been on Broadway and have clearly established yourself as a performer and a singer but with the EP it sounds like it's really new territory. 

That's the hardest part of this entire thing. I've been making music on my own since I was fifteen but shortly after that, I got Weeds so my life and my career became more about TV.  Also, I was told early on to break into music first but that didn't happen for me. So does that mean that you abandon your passion for music? For me, the answer is "no."  Am I scared? Sure. You watch these actors try and make albums and if it doesn't hit, they sort of die off.   I've always had the desire for music so my intention is to make music whether people really respond to it or not. Hopefully other people will appreciate it but the truth is, I will always be making music regardless.  And that gives me a lot of comfort in going forward.

Do you have any people that you look to as a role model -- performers who have been successful at going back-and-forth between music and acting?

To be honest, I don't look at anyone. I hope that I don't do it like any of them. J.Lo comes to mind when you think of actors turned singers. She is a great example of someone who has hits on the radio and people don't hate her in movies. Frank Sinatra, he did movies back in the day but people don't talk about Frank Sinatra and his movies necessarily -- he's such an iconic music guy. He did acting but he only did them because he was Frank Sinatra the singer. And it's important to remember that. As far as other people, Johnny Depp has a band but you don't hear it on the radio. People can ridicule him all they want, but the truth is, he's making music that he wants to make. It's that simple.  

And what if people ridiculed you? Would you be content even if the public doesn't respond the way that you might have originally hoped?

I'd like to say that I would. You know, you don't really know what you're going to do until that happens. But I would. Some people know me from the show but it's not like that many people know me so I'm hoping I can surprise people. I think some of the most terrible creativity comes from trying to write what you think people will like and that's kind of why I'm frustrated with our music industry today. Music is written with the idea that it will be put on the radio and it will become a hit. And that's so boring to me. Death Cab for Cutie is one of my favorite bands and they write music that they want to write and it's freaking good. And they have one song that made it on the radio out of all of their records, "I Will Follow You Into the Dark."  They write music that they care about because they're real musicians. So I'm trying to go down that path.

And you have other irons in the fire, so you're in a fortunate position.

Exactly! I already have an acting career so music doesn't have to be a compromise at all.

The 10 Best GIFS This Week, From 'Deal With It' Barack to Wednesday Addams Getting Down

Welcome to our new Friday GIF roundup, featuring a curated list of this week's most important GIFs and GIF sets by Mike Hayes of BuzzFeed and news GIF Tumblr GIF HOUND.
tumblr_m6c65jIobb1rtxen9o1_500.gif1. Mitt Romney's "I will repeal Obamacare" face. [Gifhound]


2. Barack Obama gives the presidential nod in GIFs. [Buzzfeed]


3. Obama may have said that yesterday's SCOTUS ruling was not a political victory. Didn't stop this GIF from being resurrected. [GifsForum]

tumblr_m6ainyHkTm1qgnycuo1_250.gif tumblr_m6ainyHkTm1qgnycuo2_250.gif

tumblr_m6ainyHkTm1qgnycuo3_250.gif tumblr_m6ainyHkTm1qgnycuo4_250.gif

4. Samuel L. Jackson's best internet moment this month has been GIF'd. [WhatsUpBreakfast]


5. While EURO 2012 is going on, Mario Balotelli is the most GIFable man in sports. [Gif.mocksession]


6. Also, this. [Gif.mocksession]


7. Important Lana Del Rey GIF. [Harinef]


8. Mr. Gif hung out with Anthony Bourdain, and made an awesome GIF for posterity. [AnthonyBourdain]


9. Important dancing GIF. [GetOnTheCarousel]


10. Finally, the dog GIF that's everything. [IRaffIRuse]