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Digital Artist Molly Soda Leaks Her Own Nudes for a New Art Project


For most of us, the thought of our nude photos getting disseminated on the web fills us with dread. Digital artistMolly Soda, however, saw it an opportunity for a new art project. With her latest collection of photos titled "should i send this" (embedded in the slide-show above), the 26-year-old is finally "leaking" all the NSFW photos she ever debated sending. Soda published the project as a zine on NewHive, a media-sharing platform where she frequently posts her work. With vulnerable texts like "i touched myself and thought about how last night at the party you told me there was a light behind my eyes," she comfortably acknowledges her longing for intimacy, the feminist power of self-portraiture and the inhibitions that can come with sharing online. We chatted with Soda below about her new work..

How did you come up with the idea for this project?

I had been keeping all of these notes on my phone of thoughts and things I wanted to say to people, etcetera. I felt sort of apprehensive about sharing them -- which seemed weird for me since I am known to overshare online. It was a way for me to purge all of those thoughts in order to move on, and a way for me to achieve a new level of open-ness online.

I haven't had sex in 9 months -- I started to think about what would happen if I never was able to feel connected to someone intimately ever again. There's sort of this looming feeling of "dying alone" that starts to happen. I wanted to address that.

Was your intention when you took these photos to send them to a specific person?

I don't send nudes. I haven't sent a nude or a sext since 2012. I take them often -- sometimes when I'm sad, sometimes when I genuinely think I look good and they just sort of sit on my phone and live there until I run out of space and delete them. When I take a nude it is never my intention to send it -- I  photograph myself constantly but I'd say I only publish 10% of those photos (nude or not).

The phrase "leaked" suggests these photos are online against your will. How have you leaked your own nudes?

I do think there is a bit of a stigma around using the term "leaked." I think that sensationalizes them. Perhaps the proper term would be "published," but, on the other hand, I had no intention of sharing or sending them to anyone when I took them.

What do you want people to feel when they see these texts and photos?

I published this because I thought people could feel connected to it -- not connected to photos of my naked body but connected to the text and the thoughts expressed through the zine. I think we all have unsent thoughts/images that are just sort of overflowing because of our fear of being too "forward" or "sincere" or "intense." That fear keeps us from sharing.

 Do you still identify with the text messages that you have written?

A little bit for sure. I don't always feel so lonely... it comes in waves.

How does this work align with your other pieces and your feminist mission as an artist.

I think any photograph a woman takes of herself is inherently feminist -- she's in control of the way her body is depicted. Selfies are so feminist to me. Any woman "feeling herself" is feminist.

Also as feminists I think we are told to be independent and not to desire romantic love... and that's a lot of societal conditioning to undo. I wanted to sort of address that need for romantic love/intimacy instead of trying to suppress that and feel shameful about it.

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Miley Cyrus Launches a Gender Awareness Instagram Campaign

photo by Paola Kudacki

To coincide with Pride, our out-and-proud cover star Miley Cyrus has set up a new Instagram campaign "to share the stories of transgender and gender expansive people from around the country."

Already known for her vehement support of gender equality (#FreeTheNipple, y'all!) and her Happy Hippie Foundation for disadvantaged LGBT youth, Miley's been fighting the good fight as of late for gay and trans rights -- a powerful statement, considering the kind of following she has. And this Instagram campaign is no exception, as it will provide the sort of visibility that's essential for educate the public on gender-variant people.

I'm launching #InstaPride today, in partnership with Instagram, to share stories of transgender and gender expansive...

Posted by Miley Cyrus on Monday, 15 June 2015

So keep your eyes peeled for new stories every day over the next two weeks. And mad props to Miley -- who told us in our new issue that she's had romantic relationships with women and that she "doesn't relate to being boy or girl" -- for no longer covering up who she is. And for encouraging others to do the same. 

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Listen to Kim Kardashian be Extremely Endearing on NPR


There are lots of cultural spaces one might not expect to find Kim Kardashian, but that just makes it more fun when she finds her way in. Case in point: NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! The quiz show is beloved among a certain set for the wit of host Peter Sagal and, until last year, the dryness of judge Carl Kassel. Somehow, Kim was a guest on the last episode, where she was asked several questions about the life of the other famous Kim -- the North Korean dictator.

You might expect this to be on the awkward side -- especially with Sagal's put-on, dad-like doofiness and references to the "basketball friends" Kim and Kanye had at the latter's birthday party. But Kim was charming throughout, stepping in to remind Sagal that The Sparks, a WNBA team, also play at the Staples Center -- and making an excellent public radio case for why NPR listeners should check out Selfish. Listen to the whole segment and read the transcript here, then wait for Kim to get her own radio show.

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Winona Ryder Is Coming To Netflix

winonaWinona Ryder has briefly dabbled in television over the years, guest starring on unlikely shows like Strangers with Candy, Friends, and Drunk History. But in 2016, Ryder will make her Netflix debut in an unnamed supernatural mystery series.

Originally titled "Montauk", the show is set in the 80's and Wino plays the mother of a young boy who goes missing. Though the details are scarce, it will also involve government conspiracies and creepy children. The creators of Wayward Pines are writing and directing, so you can definitely expect some Lynchian, X-Files vibes.

The project will also mark Ryder's first-ever series regular role.

Via Variety.

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In News That Should Surprise No One, KStew's Dating a Woman


In news that should surprise no one: Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargile are dating.

In news that did, in fact, surprise everyone: Kristen Stewart and Alicia Cargile are dating.

Mom Jules Stewart set the Internet abuzz today -- and simultaneously raised and dashed the hopes of a thousand lovelorn, KStew-besotted girls -- by confirming that the two are together. But there's the thing: It's actually been apparent for a pretty long time that the nature of the relationship between Stewart and Cargile is romantic. Pictures taken over the last few months show the two running errands together, holding hands, walking arm-over-shoulder, cuddling at the beach -- basically doing everything that couples do -- and yet it's managed to fly under pretty much everyone's radar that the two are just that: a couple.

In fact, despite the staggering amount of photographic evidence, up until this point the media, normally so eager to pick up on even a whisper of a relationship, has referred to the pair resolutely as "close pals,""best friends,""BFFs," and even "gal pals."

Indeed, we make out on the beach with all of our "friends." Don't you? Thanks, heteronormativity. Knew we could count on you.

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Model Crush Monday: Jacob Burton

Welcome to our new column, Model Crush Monday, in which we highlight some of the most smoldering dudes in front of the camera. Today we are featuring Wilhelmina heartthrob Jacob Burton. With his masculine farmhand appeal and boy-next-door smile, Jacob looks as if he has stepped straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Check out our MCM shoot with Jacob (who you can find on instagram here) below and read on for his  responses to our TMI questionnaire at the bottom. 

Jacob wears a Marc Jacobs Jacket, and a Dsquared2 Button Down

untitled shoot-0001005-Edit.jpg
Marc Jacobs Jacket, Dsquared2 Button Down, 7 For All Mankind Jeans, Cole Haan Shoes 

Calvin Klein Underwear

untitled shoot-0001058-Edit.jpg
Sandro Jacket, Rag & Bone Shirt, Dsquared2 Jeans, Calvin Klein Shoes, and Watch by Swatch

Photography by Rodolfo Martinez
Styling by Kevin Breen
Grooming by Stefan Keh

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M.I.A. Documents Astounding Chinese Child Fighters in New Video

Globe-trotting badass M.I.A. has just dropped a new video for her addictive, boom clap-inducing track with GENER8ION, titled "The New International Sound Pt. II."

A sweeping new video that highlights the incredible students at Shaolin Tagou aka China's largest fighting school for kids, it's a mind-boggling mini-doc that fits well with M.I.A.'s soaring vocals and GENER8ION's cinematic production. 

Directed by Inigo Westmeier, the documentarian behind Dragon Girls, "The New International Sound Pt. II"shots of 36,000 students showing off their synchronized choreography in unison are particularly astounding. Watch the video below.

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New Smoke X Mirrors Campaign Stars Four Ecclectic New York Personalities

SXM-Hari-WEB.jpgHari Nef

NYC-based eyewear brand Smoke x Mirrors, whose '60s and '70s rock-inspired unisex sunglasses are favorites among celebrities like Ethan Hawke and Lake Bell, just launched a new campaign starring trans model, actress and PAPER Beautiful Person Hari Nef, sex columnist Karley Sciortino (AKA Slutever), TV on the Radio drummer Roofeeo, and hair stylist Gerald Decock.

"The concept for the street campaign was really simple, to highlight four beautiful and talented New Yorkers. Real members of this community from different creative backgrounds with diverse and authentic personal style," Smoke x Mirrors founder David Shabtai told us.

The celebrities were photographed in different Smoke x Mirrors glasses by Ben Rayner and styled by Danielle Nachmani, who previously styled our Amy Poehler cover and Kathleen Hanna feature, among others. True to Smoke x Mirrors's New York roots and low-key advertising style, the campaign will be wheatpasted in select NYC neighborhoods this month. In the meantime, check out the images, which we're psyched to exclusively premiere, above and below.

harinef.jpgHari Nef

Karley Sciortino


SXM-Gerald-WEB.jpgGerald Decock

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DSquared2 Celebrates 20 Years in Business with a Cavalcade of Glamour Pusses

Bryan Adams with DSquared2's Dean and Dan Caten

Dean and Dan Caten, the most stylist twins in show business and the designers/founders of DSquared2, threw a major shindig Sunday night at Canada House, the Canadian embassy on London's Trafalgar Square, to celebrate London Collection Mens. The Catens are celebrating 20 years in business and generally whooping it up around the world opening new stores in New York City and Los Angeles. They presented their Spring 2016 collection and hobknobbed with revelers like Bryan Adams, Ellie Goulding, Samuel L. Jackson, David Gandy and a parade of fashion editors from around the world.

Ellen Von Unwerth and friends

Samuel L. Jackson

DSquared5.JPGLady Victoria Hervey

DSquared6.JPGModel David Gandy

Dsquared7.JPGEllie Goulding

DSquared9.JPGDJ Princess Julia

DSquared10.JPGThe new DSquared2 collection

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Watch Astrid Andersen + A$AP Ferg Showcase Their Kung Fu Flick-Inspired Collection

Yesterday, Danish sportswear star Astrid Andersen and A$AP Ferg showed off their Spring/Summer 2016 collaboration at London Collections. With a Big Trouble in Little China-inspired theme by way of a '90s cartoon, it was all accompanied by a runway soundtrack and fashion film starring the Harlem Hood Pope himself.

While Ferg modeled for Andersen's Topman collection in 2014, this time around he has a larger creative stake in the entire process with an accompanying "fashion film" and runway soundtrack that's all his own. Absolutely gorgeous and impeccably styled (duh), watch said film below to see Ferg (and Rocky) go all Dragon Ball-Z on Men's Fashion Week. Your move, Cara Delevingne.


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Watch Lil B Play "Cursed or Not Cursed" on ESPN Wearing a Swag Blouse and Dangly Earrings


That Lil B has managed to permeate American cultural consciousness without changing much about how weird he is (and without many people actually listening to his music) is nothing short of a based miracle, particularly when his presence in national discourse seems to revolve around his capacity to curse people. Particularly NBA players. If you need a refresher, or have gone this long without encountering the curse, it started with poor Kevin Durant, and has gone on to eclipse James Harden and now, possibly, Lebron.

As the NBA finals have gone on, Lil B has been an increased media presence, perhaps because of sports writing's love of attributing victories and defeats to totally intangible, implausible factors. While that sometimes makes for bizarre writing, it also leads to things like this gem, where Lil B appeared on ESPN's SportsNation last night to discuss which players are cursed and which are not. He is wearing a great blouse, chandelier earrings, and a periwinkle sun hat. On ESPN. Swag.

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Style Fiends: The Mix-and-Match Rock Couple

Actress and fashion illustrator Amy Davis dreams up her favorite mix-and-match looks this month.

stylefiends7 copy.jpg
TIMOTHY (left) is wearing:

Catsuit by Christian Dior Haute Couture SS 2015
Metallic leather horned caplet by Jake Chernobyl
Limited edition Street Clutch by Chanel  "Je Ne Suis Pas En Solde" or I'm Not For Sale bag from the "New" Math collection SS 2015
Fringed booties by Burberry Prorsum FW 2015/16

MIXTY (right) is wearing

Dress by Shiaparelli Haute Couture SS 2015
Multi-colored studded Sneakers by Golden Goose
Brass Knuckles Cherry Bag by UNDERCOVER (Vintage 2014)
Rainbow sunglasses by Marco De Vincenzo FW 2015
Cherry earrings and Mussel earring all by Ineke Otte
Polymer Clay Necklaces by FordForlano

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Beck Gets Funky With His New Song "Dreams"

Beck Dreams Cover Art.pngHere's a Beck song you can use for your summer rooftop party. The erstwhile Paper cover star fueled rumors of a forthcoming album with the release of a new single, "Dreams," yesterday. Though the dancey songs sounds like a total 180 from his Grammy-winning album Morning Phase, "Dreams" isn't totally new musical territory for Beck, hearkening back to 2005's Guero with its funky guitar lines and brash vocals. Hear the electronica-tinged track below.

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This New Worriers Song is Two Minutes of Pure Pop-punk Catharsis


You know a song is good when you don't want it to end. In under two minutes, "Plans," off the first full-length by NYC band Worriers, builds to a thrilling refrain, evoking a basement crammed with red, upturned, ecstatic faces, and then it's over. Listen a few more times, as I did immediately after hearing it the first time, and the title takes on layers of meaning: at first, the plans are a symptom of a toxic relationship: "Can't stop now 'cause we've got plans." By the final shoutalong, the relationship's ending and the road is wide open: "I've got plans for me." This is why I am deleting my meditation app to make room for Imaginary Life.

The album was produced by Laura Jane Grace, with the Against Me! swagger dialed back a bit to preserve the band's basement-show scruff -- an aesthetic that singer Lauren Denitzio knows well: she "came of age going to and playing New Brunswick basement shows" and was part of the New Brunswick punk band The Measure [sa]. Other Imaginary Life songs take on the death-dance of corruption and complacency ("Yes All Cops") and reductive gender distinctions ("They / Them / Theirs"), and somehow Denitzio draws a thread through it all. "For me, the songs are connected by the thought of 'This is how life could be' and 'This is how life could've been,'" they say. (Denitzio prefers this pronoun to "he" or "she.") "But I say both of those things with hope and general optimism rather than regret."

Listen to "Plans," above. Imaginary Life is out August 7 on Don Giovanni Records. Details here.

Photo: Mars Ganito

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Inside GAYLETTER Magazine's Eye-Popping Issue 2

Since Abi Benitez and Tom Jackson founded GAYLETTER, the go-to events guide for the NYC LGBTQ community in 2008, the weekly newsletter has given birth to off-shoots like monthly party series INTERRACIAL, a straight guide called GUYLETTER and a print magazine that started in 2014. The magazine’s second issue features a travelogue about one writer's trip spent surfing (and cruising) in Oahu, a conversation between Casey Spooner and Cody Critcheloe, Paris Is Burning-esque portraits of LGBT rappers Cake Da Killa and Donchristian, and much more. Grab a copy of Gayletter’s bold second issue here.

The work of Jack Early, which has been featured in Tate Modern, Palazzo Grassi, and Miami's Art Basel, is also included in this must-have issue.

Up-and-coming LGBT rappers Cakes Da Killa and Donchristian also pop up in Paris Is Burning-esque portraits.

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UPDATED: Miguel Goes to Hedonist's Hell and Back with Three New, Steamy Tracks


[UPDATE 06/16/15, 2:00 p.m.: Miguel has further blessed us today with a music video for "Coffee" and an official summer tour announcement. Hold onto your knickers.]

Panty-dropping crooner Miguel has just streamed three new tracks from his upcoming album Wildheart and while they're not "Coffee," they're sure a steamy way to start off your Tuesday morning. 

The Robert Rodriguez-esque "...goingtohell" is an ominous, sin-drenched precursor to "Flesh," which skews more mercurial, drenched in undeniable hedonistic indulgence with its deep bass and muffled drums. And the cherry on top is a guest appearance by Lenny Kravitz on the anthemic "face the sun," a sweet ode about "the only one" that's filled with all the weird, tingly fuzzies inherent to a solid Miguel track. Me-OW.

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Mac DeMarco Wears a Scary Mask and Plays the Keyboard on the Beach In VHS-Style "Another One" Video


Feel nostalgic beach vibes with Mac DeMarco's new music video for "Another One," the title-track from his latest mini LP, expected to be out August 7. Following the release of the album's first single, "The Way You'd Love Her," this new, '90s VHS-style video features Mac playing a slew of instruments on a bright beach while occasionally sporting an intensely-smiling mask and crazy black wig. In addition to the video, Mac is holding a special "Another One" contest where fans can cover his song and the person with the "hottest version" will receive 69 cents right from the gap-toothed king himself. Watch his piano tutorial and explanation of the contest here.

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Truth x Faust Team Up to Fight Smoking

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 3.23.54 PM.png
Does art have the power to end cigarette smoking in teens? The anti-smoking campaign, truth, and New York graffiti artist, Faust, are about to find out. Today and tomorrow from 1-5pm EST, the two forces are collaborating to use graffiti and social media to spread awareness of smoking's adverse health effects. Although most of Faust's work is done on the walls of New York buildings, or on the snow-covered surfaces of cars, this is not his first time collaborating with another party -- he previously has done work for Nike, Def Jam Records, Comedy Central, Absolut and more. However, for this project, Faust will bring his work into another dimension: the Internet. Using the live-video streaming platform, Periscope, he, along with two other LA-based artists, Kidwiseman and Miser will stream themselves turning Twitter handles into graffiti. To have your Twitter handle turned into art, follow truth's twitter account and use the hastags #RollCall and #PickMe.

You can see the live stream here

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Etsy's Banned the Sale of Spells and Witches Are Mad

Online purveyor of crocheted beards and orange peel hair clips Etsy has cracked down on the virtual witch community by banning the sale of spells and hexes.

Previously, they were allowed to sell said services granted they didn't guarantee results and produced something tangible that would be sent to the buyer along with the hex (i.e. photos of the spell being cast). However, according to new reports, earlier this month they changed their policy to completely ban "any metaphysical service that promises or suggests it will effect a physical change (e.g. weight loss) or other outcome (e.g., love, revenge)...even if it delivers a tangible item." 

Granted the Etsy team clarified that this isn't a ban on all metaphysical items, as tarot readings, astrological charts et al. will still be allowed, so long as there's no promise of it actually, you know, resulting in a physical outcome. 

Either way, there's a petition floating around. Wonder if this will lead to some regrets(y). 

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Killer Mike Can't Run for Office and Donald Trump Can. The World Is Unfair.

Sorry, everyone. Rapper, activist, and CNN personality Killer Mike can't run for office to be a state representative from Georgia. After posting on Instagram at the last minute yesterday (the special election is today) that he wanted to people to write him in as a candidate, he found out he'd have to officially enter the race as a write-in, rather than, um, just being written in. (Read his full explanation and renewed commitment to eventually running for office over at Noisey.)

I can't run 😞 BUT 😀 For the folks that were willing to Write in #MichaelRender Thank U so Much. I am gonna run one day and WE WILL WIN. However in Ga I wud have to officially enter as a "write in" vs being an Actual Write in (those are the breaks) but, I really felt it important to draw attention to this race. We have BIG Problems in education, schools and prison reform in Ga and I I wanna see change. I wanna see Yall active in Local politics. The fact that ya'll are willing to support me shows change is possible and while I run around rapping with @thereallyrealelp doing #RunTheJewels for the next few yrs I want ya'll to get & stay active and Run for office! We need more New and fresh ideas & people! Now Tomorrow yall choose between two sisters, a Junior & a white indie (really republican and I'm cool with that too if he does the job so give him a look) I suggest yall Google them read up tonight and GO VOTE tomorrow! I will Run In the Future and We Will Win! Love and Respect Michael Render #Vote #District55 #TomorrowInGeorgia #DontWriteMeInYet #IwannaKeepRapping #MyWifeStillLikesStripClubs #MyOGwantMeToRunDoe #GetAvtive #ChangePolitics #ISeeICanRunAndIWillOneDay #ThankYall make sure yall watch me on #TheNightlyShow with Larry Wilmore at 11:30 est. 🇺🇸 #GoVote

A video posted by Killer Mike (@killermikegto) on

As seemingly spur of the moment as this appeared, it's a good idea, with a lot of history -- Mike has been a community organizer and an activist for a long time, and it's not as if entertainers don't have a long history of successfully becomingpoliticians (and some of them are actually pretty good). (Mike has something to say about that in the video below.)

On another, grosser hand, human windbag and possibly extremely fragile human being Donald Trump has finally decided to run for president after years of threatening the country with his presence.

Why is this happening? Does he need to sell more items of clothing from his Macy's collection? Did Celebrity Apprentice finally get canceled, leaving him with no way to explain his  fill his hours and thereby confronting him with the meaninglessness of his own existence, and the fact that when he dies he will be universally mocked? As far as distractions from mortality and the shitstain of your own legacy go, running for president in a pretty good one, I guess.

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