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Sonia Rykiel Is Officially the Brand of Choice for Cool Women Worldwide

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.50.32 PM.pngSonia Rykiel is officially now the brand of choice for cool women worldwide. Founded in 1968, the brand has always represented an independent, modern, stylish and sexy woman with a dose of Parisian charm. They've had some ups and downs since the retirement of its founder and namesake but since current artistic director, Julie de Libran, came over from Louis Vuitton in 2014, the brand immediately got back on track and became one of the hottest tickets of Paris Fashion Week. At her resort show on Monday, which was styled by Katie Grand and held inside the back garden at Ladurée, she showed a small, colorful collection with boucleé jackets and sequined dresses that made us want to sell everything we own and move to Saint-Germain des Pres. We won't mince words: this collection is how cool women want to look now. It's sexy because a strong woman is wearing it not because it's tight or shows skin.

The crowd at the show was sprinkled with international cool women like Alexia Niedzelski, Laure Heriard Dubeuil and director Sofia Coppola. "I live in Saint Germain in Paris part of the time," Coppola told me after the show. "I think Julie is so chic. She makes clothes that women want to wear." We couldn't agree more.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.49.55 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.51.07 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.54.17 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.52.30 PM.pngScreen Shot 2015-06-08 at 10.52.14 PM.png

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Laverne Cox to be Madame Tussauds's First Transgender Wax Figure

With Andreja Pejic's MUFE campaign, Hari Nef's IMG signing and Caitlyn Jenner everywhere, it's proving to truly be a historic time of trans-visibility -- and now we can add one more to list, as the estimable Laverne Cox will be the first transgender wax figure to be featured at Madame Tussauds. 

Cox herself will unveil the wax-terpiece on June 26 at Tussauds's SF location, right before San Francisco's annual Pride Weekend celebrations. Maybe wax is actually the new black.

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Iggy Azalea Cancels Performance at Pittsburgh Pride

Photo by Harper Smith for Paper.

Iggy Azalea has been officially yanked from Pittsburgh Pride's performance line-up.

Azalea was supposed to headline the festivities this Saturday, June 13th, but has come to the "difficult decision" to no longer perform, as she feels her "participation at this point would only serve to further distract from the true purpose of the event." Which is a pretty fair estimation, as Azalea's booking led to significant backlash from the City Council President and Pittsburgh's LGBTQIA community, who called for the formation of an alternative "Roots Pride" celebration.

But why, you may ask? Well it's no secret that one of Iggy's lasting legacies has been her tendency toward for saying tone-deaf, insensitive things -- whether they be racist or homophobic. So it makes sense that the Pittsburgh LGBTQIA community wouldn't be very happy with a woman who is complicit with racial stereotypes and is a little too eager to yell "no homo." An especially cringe-worthy fact when the context and history of Pride celebrations are taken into account, as historians attribute the initiation of the Stonewall riots (which form the origins of Pride celebrations) to trans women of color.

Meanwhile, festival organizers at The Delta Foundation have been accused of failing to advocate "for anybody but affluent cis gay white men," by the anti-Azalea "Shut It DOWN (No ICKY at Pride 2015)" Facebook group that lead the charge to get her pushed off the bill -- another likely reason why the plug was pulled.

And while Azalea offered a few PR-approved words to explain herself -- a statement that basically amounted to "I was young and careless, I meant no harm" -- her joking statement to Paper back in 2012 about her managers "hating" her is starting to take on depressing new meaning.

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Just Dessert: Watch the Teaser for the Last Hunger Games

hunger games.jpgTime for the final stand of Katniss Everdeen -- the first trailer for Mockingjay Part 2, the final Hunger Games movie. (Also one of the more disconcerting instances of the last movie in a trilogy being split into two movies, but that's none of our business.) From the trailer, it looks to be the most action-packed, grim installment of the series, which is about what you would expect from a YA series that leads to full-on revolution against a dystopian society. By now, Jennifer Lawrence's Katniss is leading a giant army in full revolt against President Snow, with whom, we suspect, she has some personal beef. The most dystopian moment of the trailer, though? A brief glimpse of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who at least was not digitally recreated for his scenes as Plutarch Heavensbee. Check it out below.

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Zebra Katz has a Gorgeous New Video for the Haunting "Nina Simone"

Zebra Katz always does him (boo) -- and his brand new video for "Nina Simone" proves just as much. 

From last month's Nu Renegade EP, a collaboration with cult UK producer and Björk collaborator Leila, "Nina Simone" is probably the most subdued track -- initially, at least. A soul-penetrating creepy-crawler that worms itself deep into your consciousness thanks to Leila's careful touch, it's an off-kilter tribute to the way Nina Simone could do the very same in a much different style. Incredibly intense and slightly unsettling, the visuals complement the sonic qualities of his Simone-channeling tribute in their intimate sensuality -- the close-up and cropped shots showcasing the sheer magnetism that makes Katz so undeniable. We dare you to look away. 

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Two's a Trend: Viva Cuba at Proenza Schouler and Stella McCartney

ps-ps16-12.jpgProenza Schouler

All the yuccies have been talking about Cuba these days (to say nothing of politicians and business folks), eager to get into the country as it opens up to Americans for the first time since the embargo started almost 60 years ago and before it becomes totally overrun with McDonald's and Starbucks.

Fashion people are no different.

Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler is Cuban-American and a recent trip to Cuba with his design partner, Jack McCollough, inspired the resort collection they're showing this week. Considered by many to be the most important label in NYC, the brand is never literal and never trendy so the influence was subtle. Some palm prints, some florals, some bare midriffs. They also continued using grommets, which they used in their Fall show and also in the incredible dress they designed for Kim Kardashian for the recent CFDA awards, the most talked-about look of the entire night.

Meanwhile in Nolita, Stella McCartney showed her resort collection in the Elizabeth Street garden featuring Cuban dancers on stilts and hunky waiters serving vegetarian Cuban sandwiches and chocolate cigars. The Cuban feeling was festive but didn't really influence the clothes -- the collection was full of Stella's signature well-tailored separates, bright colored comfy dresses and must-have cruelty-free accessories. But the party did feature a vignette starring look-alikes of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

ps-ps16-17a.jpgProenza Schouler

Stella3.jpgAt the Stella McCartney presentation. Photograph by Joe Schildhorn/ BFAnyc.com

Stella2.jpgAt the Stella McCartney presentation. Photograph by Joe Schildhorn/ BFAnyc.com

Stella1.jpgAt the Stella McCartney presentation. Photograph by Joe Schildhorn/ BFAnyc.com

Proenza Schouler

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Bachelorette Episode 4: A Villain Returns


First of all, shoutout to Kaitlyn for her go-to accessory for this season, a Tammy Taylor-worthy goblet of white wine. With this in hand she sits Clint down at the fireplace to send him home, accurately calling him "one of the biggest douches in bachelor history." Clint must see the writing on the wall, because he immediately reverts back to the subplot he created, his "bromance" with JJ, which is as tiresome as it was last week.

Kaitlyn is left to justify his rude, bad behavior towards her by telling him "I really, really, really like you but I'm done. I don't trust you." The boomerang effect of the horrible premise of the show ensures that she can never really be in control here -- she'll always be playing catch-up, and it still feels like she's chasing the guys around trying to prove herself, some of whom wish she wasn't even there. Just a reminder a bad thing was done here.

Back at the ranch, JJ pulls a Benedict Arnold and calls Clint out for taking up "emotional energy" when Kaitlyn sends him home, solidifying his place as the resident jerk in the house. We have to suffer through a bit more of their breakup as they talk way too closely and call one another pieces of sh*t, and then Clint infers that JJ's tie does not match his shirt. Dramatic stuff!

Kaitlyn decides to forego the rose ceremony tonight, since she's already had to kick two dudes out pre-ceremony (Kupah, Clint) and Tony and Brady took themselves out of the running. Plus, I'm pretty sure she was fairly hammered.

With that, we're off the New York City! Don't know if you heard, but as Kaitlyn said it's the "home of hip-hop," so Doug E. Fresh comes along to offer some assistance on the group date, where the bros will rap battle. The guys get to choose who to battle and Corey wisely chooses JJ, because "he's the easiest target by far," and why wouldn't the investment banker take on the former investment banker? What can I say? They are all awful except for Justin, one of the personal trainers, who is up against Shawn, the Ryan Gosling look-alike. "Remind me how The Notebook ends? That's right, she forgot you." Shots fired! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a solid diss. Justin, this is the most notable thing you'll do all season and there is honor in that. Oh, and JJ managed to call all the women in the audience "ho's."

Who's that in the audience? Why, it's Nick Viall, the hipster villain and runner-up from Andi's season who told a live audience they had slept together in the fantasy suite, then threw it in her face when she didn't pick him. Nick is a controversial character -- I think he looks like a young John Lithgow and has a preternatural sneaky and smarmy expression that drives me up the wall, but he's clearly got some swag. Kaitlyn is gleeful over his arrival -- apparently they stuck up a conversation over social media and have "never met before" but I call BS. Not only have they met, but I think they "know" one another -- biblically of course. Methinks they met and slept together before her season aired, because they have crazy chemistry and that takes care of her "I did sleep with him" teaser and subsequent shame spiral from the season trailer.

"Are you going to stay? Is it my call?" she desperately asks him, breaking my heart all over again because of course it is. Congratulations, producers. You have broken Kaitlyn. She pretends to agonize over this decision in both a stairwell and a broom closet, and it's obvious she's going to keep him despite the other men being there for a month already, so let's get this over with.

She breaks the news at the cocktail party, which goes down like a glass of cold sick. "Are you not confident in what's here?" Shawn asks and Tanner calls Nick out for "being the one who put Andi on blast for hooking up in the fantasy suite with both guys. It was totally distasteful... you don't kiss and tell." Which is true, of course, but this show is pretty much devoted to kissing and telling and his sentiments feel downright controversial and  out of place in a season which kicked off with 25 men deciding who will make a better potential wife for them based on one night.

Nick and Kaitlyn make out pretty seamlessly on the dock for never having met before, and Kaitlyn gives Justin (he off The Notebook diss) a rose after he tells her to do what she wants, causing Tanner to deem it "the most pointless rose in Bachelor history." The guys inform the larger group that Kaitlyn is deciding whether or not to let Nick stay, and it's clear that JJ is going to have figure out a new way to get some screen time, because there's a new villain that's gotta vill.

Kaitlyn allows crazy Ashley S. from Chris's season to come near her face with a curling iron, and she sagely diagnoses Kaitlyn with "just lust" regarding Nick. "It's important to have another connection, like a friendship" says the woman who confused a pomegranate with an onion on her season, proving that we all truly contain multitudes.

Despite being potentially dickmatized by Nick V., Kaitlyn heads off to what looks like a seriously baller date inside the empty Met with Jared, who has a surprising amount of game for a man who can only grow patchy facial hair. I can't stop myself from saying that this date occurred in the nick of time for Jared, who showed some support and confidence by telling her that she should "do whatever [you] want to do, and I know it sounds corny, but we'll all get through it" regarding the Nick situation. I'm predicting his declaration of love to come in around two episodes. Jared gets a rose and enjoys the first helicopter ride of the season over the skyline.

The second group dates puts the guys through a Broadway audition to play the Aladdin to Kaitlyn's Jasmine, and Chris the dentist gets the honor to appear in the actual play as extras. They share a smooch next to the New Year's Eve ball, and he receives a rose. We end with Nick solemnly taking the elevator to where he'll be greeted by twelve angry men, and the episode ends yet again with another "cliffhanger"-- but not before we cut to Brady and Britt frolicking around in the surf wearing the same outfit! Britt has been Brady and only Brady's girlfriend for nearly a month now, making the Madonna/whore circle complete.

Until next week! 

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Sugar, Spice, and Everything Twice: Check Out the New Powerpuff Girls

PPG1.jpgThe Powerpuff Girls was an awesome show that was also, unfortunately, pretty ahead of its time -- even now, kids' TV with female protagonists is still often tested to make sure it's "widely accessible." Thankfully, Cartoon Network is bringing the series back with a 2016 launch date, a move that would inspire anxieties if the new version didn't look as good as it does. In this version, The Fosters' Amanda Leighton voices team leader Blossom, while relative newcomers Kristen Li and Natalie Palamides take on Bubbles and Buttercup, respectively. Watch the new Powerpuff Girls introducethemselveson Vine.

With the key art above, take a closer look at the design for Buttercup below, then reminisce with some of the best moments of the original series (and its iconic intro). Sugar...


And everything nice...

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Stella McCartney Is an It-Girl Magnet

I'm a well-known fan girl of Stella McCartney. I love her clothes, I love the vegetarian snacks she always serves at her presentations and I love that she's a magnet for It-Girls.

In the magazine biz, I've worked with a million big-name celebrities and cool cuties, but at Stella's shows and presentations Ialways find ourselves starstruck over some great gal. This season is no different: St. Vincent and girlfriend Cara Delevingne, Liv Tyler, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Alicia Keys, Alexa Chung, Chloe Malle, Brandee Brown, Amber Valleta, Jamie Bochert, Marilyn Minter and Dree Hemingway were all there --  with Alan Cumming, Graydon Carter and SNL producer Lorne Michaels thrown in for good measure. They join past other cool girl Stella resort show attendees including Rihanna, Amy Poehler, Chloe Sevigny, Kristen Stewart, Taryn Simon, Miranda July and Madonna. If you ever want to find the coolest girls in town during resort season, just snag a Stella McCartney incite and your work is done.

StellaItGirl.jpgSt. Vincent and Stella McCartney
Alicia Keys and Stella McCartney

StellaItGirl4.jpgCara Delevingne and Stella McCartney

StellaItGirl6.jpgAmber Valleta and Miranda Kerr

StellaItGirl8.jpgAlexia Niedzielski and Stella McCartney

StellaItGirl9.jpgAmbery Valetta, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Alicia Keys, Stella McCartney, Liv Tyler, St. Vincent, Cara Delevingne and Miranda Kerr 

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Thought Leader/Visionary Jaden Smith is Back on Twitter


Rejoice, for tweet guru/digital sage Jaden Smith has officially returned to our timelines.

Earlier today, Jaden reactivated his Twitter and Instagram after a month-long silence -- though our idol has yet to post anything new. Also, we have a feeling that Jaden was definitely following more people than just up-and-coming "gurgle-rapper" Post Malone pre-deactivation. 

Because per usual, Jaden leaves us with more questions than answers. Why is he back? Why now? Is this a marketing ploy? WHAT DOES ANYTHING MEAN? ARE WE DEAD? IS THIS JUST A COACHELLA MEMORY?

A Smith-stery for the ages.

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Watch Vic Mensa's Video for "U Mad," Featuring Kanye

vic1.jpgVic Mensa's rise to stardom has been practically meteoric -- two years after the release of his last mixtape, he's been featured on a number of songs with Kanye, including a look on the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special, and has just signed to Roc Nation. Now, Vic has put Kanye in one of his own videos, for his latest single "U Mad." The video, which features Kanye and Vic dancing around amid the song's horns and flying sparks, is fun -- but it still doesn't make up for Vic's callous reference to Janay Palmer's assault. Enjoyable song, still kind of a bummer to listen to.

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The New Pioneer: Summer Fashion Heads West

Photographer, writer and designer Jay Carroll shoots a slew of West Coast creatives in fashion inspired by California's pioneering spirit.

150328-paper-370 as Smart Object-2_flat.jpg
150328-paper-688 as Smart Object-2_flat_v2.jpg
Tess wears a Dsquared2 jacket, RTH handkerchief and Stetson hat

150328-paper-478 as Smart Object-2_flat.jpgDevin wears APC jeans, Filson gloves and lot, Stock and Barrel hat and belt

150328-paper-35 as Smart Object-2_flat_v2.jpgMaddie wears a RTH jacket and necklace and lot, Stock and Barrel scarves

150328-paper-803 as Smart Object-2_flat_v2.jpgChelsea wears a Guess top and denim & Supply Ralph Lauren shorts

150328-paper-562-Edit_flat.jpgAlison wears a Stetson hat and A What Goes Around Comes Around poncho

150328-paper-116 as Smart Object-1_flat.jpgDanica E. wears Denim & supply Ralph Lauren shirt and RTH wrap and hat

150328-paper-856 as Smart Object-3_flat.jpgDanica S. wears Levi's shirt and jeans, Lee Jacket from Lot, Stock and Barrel and necklace from Palace Costume

150326_PaperMag-131-2 as Smart Object-1_flat.jpgCalvin wears Ralph Lauren jeans, Tom Ford shirt, KTZ rings, RTH necklaces and bandanna and Stetson hat

150328-paper-268 as Smart Object-2_flat.jpgImply wears a Levi's jacket, Levi's 606 jeans, Brooks Brothers shirt and RTH hat and necklace

150326_PaperMag-257-2 as Smart Object-2_flat_v2.jpgCalvin wears Ralph Lauren jeans, and RTH necklaces;
Nana wears an Alberta Ferretti dress, Converse All Star shoes and RTH bracelet

150326_PaperMag-533 as Smart Object-1_flat.jpgMaro wears a Levi's shirt, jacket and jeans, Daniel sunglasses, AK necktie and RTH wrap

150328-paper-48 as Smart Object-2_flat.jpgIshi wears a RRL Ralph Lauren shirt, Ralph Lauren Black Label shirt, Ron Herman jeans,
RTH necklace and Larry Smith cuffs;
Cathy wears an RTH dress and KTZ hat, earrings and necklace

150326_PaperMag-80-4 as Smart Object-1_flat.jpgMatilde wears a Guess top, Alberta Ferretti vest, Alexa Chung for AG jeans, Saint Laurent belt,
What Goes Around Comes Around pin and RTH hat and jewelry

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Björk Rips Your Heart Out (Again) with a 'Vulnicura' Remix Pack

Yesterday, Björk premiered part one of a new Vulnicura remix pack -- and like the originals, they're all gut-wrenchingly stunning.

Including reworks by Tri Angle Records's Lotic, who lends some of his signature industrial-tinged samples to the mournful "Notget," and the wacky Mica Levi of Micachu and the Shapes, who turns "Lionsong" into a vocal-less orchestral number, it's a breathtaking reimagining of Björk's newest and most intimate album to date.

The second half is forthcoming, but if this initial set indicates anything, it's that Björk has an ear for up-and-coming production talent and enough confidence in the new generation to hand over some of her most personal stems. A truly mesmerizing work -- make sure you're in a contemplative mood before turning it up.

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A/S/L: Exploring Web 1.0 With Comedian Jake Fogelnest

The internet has been part of our lives for long enough that a generation of writers and artists has come of age with it, and used it as a tool to construct their creative and professional identities. But that also means that they grew up alongside an internet that today's teens would find foreign and scary, during the days when MySpace was the biggest social network, AIM buddy profiles were important social statements, and having your own GeoCities page was a big deal. Our new column, A/S/L, asks the people who are best at the internet to tell us about their personal Web 1.0.

For our next installment, we emailed with comedian, radio DJ, TV host, writer, and general multi-hyphenate Jake Fogelnest, who has been dealing with the internet in a semi-professional and funny capacity since logging on required waiting for the AOL dots to move from one end of the screen to the other. He is currently working on a show for IFC (with Ben Stiller executive producing) that tackles just these issues, as an aging writer trying to connect with an aggressively internet-savvy son. His wisdom is priceless.

What was the first internet service you made an account for? Was there a specific reason you made it?
The first e-mail account I had was with a local ISP in New York City. They were a company that provided dial-up access to the Internet and an e-mail account. This was before the world wide web. Like, websites did not exist yet. I would use it to connect to newsgroups, the occasional BBS and eventually AOL. The first person I ever remember e-mailing back and forth with was David Wain. I was a huge fan of The State and he sent me a note after seeing my public access television show. It was the coolest thing! David and I still e-mail, but we're both using different service providers. 

What was your first screen name? Email address?

My first AOL screen name was SQUiRTMTV. Here's what's notable about that: back then, AOL would not allow people to use "MTV" in a screen name unless they worked for MTV. So essentially, I was "verified" all the way back in 1995. I am verified on both Twitter and Facebook because I am incredibly successful in show business.

fogelnest 2.jpgWhat was your most profound AIM away message?
I didn't use an away message. If I wasn't online, I would just sign out. Access to me was limited. Often times, I was "invisible." If I could've installed a velvet rope in front of my AIM account, I would have. I would also appreciate it if people today didn't contact me on Twitter unless they're verified or a prominent member of the show business community. 

How many MySpace friends did you have at your peak? How many LiveJournals? (No lying.)

I don't really remember how many MySpace friends I had. A lot. Again, I'm very successful and people want to get access to me. I had Friendster before that. I thought Friendster was better than MySpace. All of those profiles are now gone. I did have a LiveJournal, but I deleted it. Anyone who hasn't deleted their LiveJournal at this point is suffering from mental illness.

Who were the first people you thought were big deals on the internet, and did you ever interact with them?

I only interact with people who are big deals on the Internet. This is also true IRL. I maintain a very close inner circle of celebrity friends. I am also very handsome. I don't like the access today that normal people have to me and my close celebrity friends. 

Chart the history of your life in websites, by listing the most important site to you each year you've been online.

1987-1993 - Various BBS' 
1994-1999 - AOL 
2000-2005 - ucbtheatre.com 
2005 - MySpace 
2006 - Facebook 
2007 - Wasn't really interested, did some inner self discovery 
2008 - YouTube 
2009 - Twitter 
2010-2012 - Twitter/Tumblr 
2013-Present - Twitter 

What's the strongest relationship you've ever formed with someone you hadn't met IRL?

If I'm going to be honest, it would be with one of my exes who is still my very good friend today! However, I don't want you people in my private life. Just know that it wasn't a creep situation of me hitting on a girl via Direct Message. I will send you screenshots of my Direct Messages right now. I am a nice, sweet boy. Also, I would like it on record that I am friends with all of my ex-girlfriends because I am a charming and lovely man. Short of giving you intimate details about my glamorous private life, I will say the most intimate connection I've formed with someone I'd never met before, is with Jon Hendren. He has a juvenile Twitter user name which I don't feel comfortable typing here.

Did you ever create alternate identities online or engage in proto-catfishing?
How do you know it's really Jake Fogelnest answering these questions? 

hits blunt2.jpgWhat's the most important thing you learned from the internet? 

Instant gratification is a lot of fun, but there are far more rewarding things to strive for creatively. Also, Sherilyn Fenn is Suzi Quatro's niece! 

Do you wish you had spent less time online when you first started using the internet? Do you wish you spent less time on it now?

I feel really comfortable with my internet usage. When it's time to work, I work. When it's time to goof around, I goof around. Am I capable of sometimes getting lost for hours late at night on a Wikipedia binge? Absolutely. Pre-internet, this would happen with books, movies and music in my home. Now I just have instant access and seemingly limitless options. But I've found it's easier than ever to simply say, "Oh, I don't want to do internet right now" and log off. It helps that I am incredibly successful and cute.

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Sarah Jessica Parker To Be The New Face of 80s Icon Jordache Jeans

Sorry Manolo, looks like Sarah Jessica Parker has a new fashion brand she's repping, as she's just been tapped to be Jordache Jeans's newest face.

SJP is lending her looks to the iconic '80s brand's vintage-inspired Jordache Look line. Primarily associated with incredibly slim fits and tight, ass-alicious styles, Jordache hopes this new "premium" line will help bring them into the new millennium, though the fact that their regular line is mostly retailed at Walmart probably isn't super helpful. But hey, at least there's probably a two-for-one bargain.

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Insane Photos From a New Jersey Dog Grooming Competition

Artists whose preferred medium is dog gathered yesterday from across the US to compete at the Garden State Exhibit and Convention Center in Somerset, NJ. The contest is called "Creative Challenge" and was the final event of a 3-day dog grooming convention called Intergroom. In addition to transforming their dogs, entrants integrate a themed background and introductory skit (in our fave intro, one contestant's adolescent daughter performed a half-hearted ribbon dance to dubstep music). Themes this year included Snow White, Beetlejuice, Scooby Doo, Butterflies, Skulls, Alaskan Nature, Vampires, and God. First place went to Cat Opson from Dana Point, California, with her Scooby Dog. Now check out the dogs, in all their kaleidoscopic glory. Photos, below.

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This Is An Alert: 1,000 Nicki Minaj Cut-Outs Have Invaded Helsinki

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 12.58.34 PM.png[image via]

Pound the alarm -- Helsinki's been invaded by 1,000 life-sized cardboard cut-outs of Nicki Minaj.

More specifically, cut-outs of Nicki's "Anaconda" artwork showing off the rapper and her pink thong-clad superbass are all over the steps leading up to one of the city's cathedrals. While we wish this was some big public art project (those crazy Finns!), unfortunately the reality is a little less interesting: it's one big promo for Nicki's upcoming show in Finland at the Summer Up Festival in July.

All good. Can't blame a girl for just #feelingherself.

[Reddit via Gawker]

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Chloë Sevigny Made a Zine Chronicling the Men in Her Life

A friend who knows Chloë Sevigny said she once told a story about a date whose walls were plastered with pictures of past US Presidents -- and I can't help but wonder if this POTUS phreak somehow made it into her new zine chronicling the men in her life.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 1.36.11 PM.pngFollowing the recent release of her self-titled photobook Chloë Sevigny, the somewhat cynically-named No Time For Love zine is filled with candid snaps of everyone from fleeting lovers to her father -- with each man's face covered by a sticker. A little voyeuristic and a lot sentimental, it's an intimate look at one cult celebrity's romantic life, which you may be surprised to see isn't so different from your own.

No Time For Love comes out June 17 via Innen Zines.

[h/t Dazed and Confused; photos via]

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Chet Resists Being Hazed by Parents

chet haze 1.jpgThe long, painful saga of America's most tumultuous family and its prodigal son has finally reached a crisis point, as national parental figures Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson step in to advise their progeny to stop using social media. On one hand, this is kind of a wash -- "be careful on the internet" sounds like something an out-of-touch mom would say, but "never tweet" is also, generally speaking, very, very good advice. The deciding factor is probably that, over the past few month or so, Chet Haze has spent a lot of time using words that no white person should ever say, defending himself at length by attempting to define "hip-hop," and finally evading British police after a tantrum in which he allegedly destroyed a hotel room. Maybe, just maybe, this is a good series of come-to-Jesus (or at least Forrest Gump) moments suggest that Chet should listen to his parents. Instead, he told TMZ that, to paraphrase [], parents just don't understand.

If it's true that the older generation "doesn't get it" (and it is -- maybe olds should stay away from Twitter), maybe Chet just belongs to a generation so new, so enlightened in its understanding of when the sons of famous actors should play at being oppressed rappers, that no one else is even a part of it yet. Welcome to Generation Haze.

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Heems Models His Unique Fashion Lewk In New "Damn Girl" Video


Kicking off his summer tour, happening now through July and August, Himanshu Suri AKA Heems, formerly of Das Racist, has released a new music video for his song "Damn Girl" off his album Eat Pray Thug. In it, you can see the rapper show off his unique style, modeling various outfits that include a special cowl neck shirt he helped design and a Pashtun hat (read more about his eclectic fashion taste, which he dubs "Taliban goth," in our recent interview HERE) while he dances around the Aicon Gallery in New York City where he curated the Eat Pray Thug art show this past winter.

You can catch him this Friday performing at Brooklyn's McCarren Park as part of the Northside Festival.

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