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We Walked Around New York City With Two Shitheads

Hungry Castle11 copy.jpgHungry Castle's Dave Glass (left) and Killian Cooper (right)

"You guys look like shit!" a construction worker yells from across the street. Dave Glass, giving a thumbs up, yells "thank you!" in an Australian accent muffled by the giant paper mâché mask covering his head. Even in New York, this is not a normal response to street insults, and especially not at 10am on the Upper East Side. But it's hard to know what to expect when you're hanging out with two guys dressed like giant, smiling poo emojis.

Glass, and his business partner Killian Cooper, the tall Irishman with the turquoise poop head bobbling around, are the self proclaimed "shit heads" behind the Barcelona-based creative agency Hungry Castle. An internet meme dream come true, Hungry Castle takes the viral characters from our browser history and recreates them as three dimensional public art. Shown at music festivals and art events around the world, the work is weird, interactive and large scale. "Our ideas are big and crazy and we are trying to make noise all the time," says Cooper, the vacant oval eyes of the mask starring joyfully and blankly ahead. "We want people to notice and be part of the action." And it's hard to resist interacting with installations like a giant blow up head of Lionel Richie, which you can crawl inside of or a 12-foot "Laser Cat" that projects public artwork from its eyes. The agency's hilariously cheeky clothing line, Cool Shit, is both an extension of Hungry Castle's free public art projects and an easy way to fund them. With hats and t-shirts featuring Internet icons like Bill Murray, Game of Throne's Hodor, Lionel Richie's head and most recently, the infamous poop emoji, the clothes beg to be Instagrammed, hashtagged and reblogged.

"We want to create art for the world," says Glass, who started Hungry Castle in 2011 after working in advertising for twelve years and feeling he had hit a creative wall. It was originally a graphic design studio that threw parties on the side, but when Cooper joined after answering Glass's ad for an artist, the two connected on their pop aesthetic, scatological humor and desire to make art fun. Their first theme was, naturally, sausage. BudiClub, a recurring party that celebrated the Spanish delicacy of butifarra sausage with meat-themed art and activities, was held in an old deli in Barcelona, and brought together artists, models, musicians, food lovers and butchers alike. "We started to see that making art outside of the four walls, making it accessible, was more interesting," explains Cooper. "We fired all our clients and we started doing public art."

Hungry Castle5 copy.jpgDave Glass (left) and Killian Cooper (right)

"We work very seriously but we don't take ourselves too seriously" says Glass, and although many of the themes might be thought of as slightly immature, the production value of each project is nothing but professional. Now, four years later, the duo has expanded from the sausage scene with a refreshing juxtaposition between low-brow humor and a high-brow work ethic. Hungry Castle is making a name for itself in both the art world, with funding and support by establishments like the Art Directors Club, as well as recognition in the international party scene. "Our work can be quite polarizing, this love/hate, art/not art thing," says Cooper. "It asks the question: is it cool or is it shit?"

With installations at the UK's Bestival music festival, Barcelona's OFFF design fair, Art Basel Miami Beach, and many more to come including a very special project to be released at this summer's Bonnaroo, Glass and Cooper aren't looking to define themselves as just one thing. They are always open to taking their work outside of the gallery setting, and even prefer the festival scene. "It's an instant audience," says Glass. "If you have your work in the Guggenheim maybe you have about 20 people looking at it at a time, but at a music festival, it's 70,000 people! It's not passive, they want to play with it and get inside it."

With only a couple hours in the city before bringing Laser Cat to Washington DC for a special party featuring DJ collective Thievery Corporation, Glass and Cooper are hoping to introduce the emoji poo as not only a new theme for their public art projects, but as a permanent mascot for the Cool Shit brand. "Normally there is a lot of thought that goes into our ideas," says Glass, "but with the poo emoji, it's just a poo emoji. It's one character, not even a word, and it says so much and so little at the same time."

Hungry Castle_1 copy.jpg Standing in front of the Guggenheim Museum in their signature yellow jumpsuits donning the Cool Shit logo, the colorful swirls of the recognizable poo heads almost mimic the soft white spiraling of the museum. Although Frank Lloyd Wright may be turning in his grave, the passing tourists, construction workers, private school kids and street vendors seem to get a kick out of it. Some confused Southerners snap photos from the museum line and whisper about a potential flash mob. A man wants them to take a picture with his "famous" dog. A group of young boys in uniforms ask what flavor ice cream they are (strawberry and pistachio, of course). The only person not entertained is the museum security guard, who conceals a smile when she asks the grinning poops to move it along.

"It's funny and it creates affection," says Cooper of the costumes. "We want to make art that creates affection, no matter how weird it is." Maybe it's the refreshing burst of color in the cold white city, our inherent affinity for poop jokes, or just the engaging energy that Cooper and Glass emote through their brand and their masks but it seems that the emoji poo brings out a happiness in New Yorkers that has been frozen for a long time. People want to engage with the ridiculous smiling turds, even when they're taking up room on the subway with their too big heads or crashing into tables at a crowded Starbucks. "It's two things that don't belong together: a poo and a smiley face," Cooper says. "But it works and it's us. We are shit heads, just trying to make art."

Jordin Sparks Is the Voice of Our Generation


Forget about Lena Dunham. What has she done for us lately? She certainly didn't make the Instagram selfie music video for our generation, like Jordin Sparks did. Not only did Sparks write a song about the highly relatable act of Instagram stalking ("You can take it as when you're looking and you're at 23 weeks ago on their page and you accidentally double-tap it and you're scared like, 'Crap. Now they know that I was looking through all of their pictures."), but she also provided the perfect visuals. In the music video for "Double Tap" featuring 2 Chainz, Jordin Sparks seflies in bed, then in the mirror and then with her girls while wearing a shirt that says "Whole Lotta Woman." This is reason enough for me to like this video because this video is literally me. I don't want to make any assumptions, but it's probably you as well. I would go so far as to say that it is all of us. If you're still not sold, just wait until Sparks turns the tapping motion that you'd use to like a photo on Instagram into the hottest dance move of 2015. You're going to want to integrate that into your repertoire ASAP. Watch the video for "Double Tap," above.

[via Yahoo]

Watch This Mesmerizing Video of Brooklyn Club Kids Dancing In a Gray Cube


Inspired by Dutch video artist Rineke Dijkstra's 1997 project in which she took Dutch and British party kids out of the club and and shot them in front of a plain white cube, photographer and director Erik Madigan Heck has similarly taken Brooklyn club kids out of their element for a mesmerizing new video. Set to Mike Dehnert's pulsing techno track, "Detroit Switch Back to City," kids dressed in gender-bending, '90s cyberspace-inspired, Tumblr-fied party clothes writhe, vogue and pop, drop and lock in front of a blank wall. The results are hypnotic. Getting the chance to appreciate these kids' impressive looks and equally impressive dance moves completely unfettered shows that, for all the freedom that comes with the darkness/crowds/sensory overload that's associated with the clubbing experience, we might be losing something when the lights go down.

[via Nowness]

Watch Broad City's Abbi and Ilana Freak Out On The Daily Show


Between John Stewart, Abbi, Ilana and probably the entire crew on set, no one can handle being in each other's presence on The Daily Show in this clip. The mutual respect and excitement is overwhelming. Feel the love, above.

The New Premise of the Bachelorette Will Horrify You

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 12.53.18 PM.png

Hello, fellow humans who watch The Bachelor(ette) very much despite themselves. My name is Emily, and I'll be recapping the forthcoming season of The Bachelorette, which premieres May 18th on ABC. A few thoughts about the premise of this season before everything is described as "amazing," helicopter pilots enter their busy season, and double personal pronoun mistakes overwhelm you: The concept of two bachelorettes is offensive, misogynistic, and wrong.

On the After the Final Rose post-show following Monday night's Bachelor finale, Bachelor sensei Chris Harrison, riding high after the ratings success of Chris Soules's season, gleefully informed a confused live audience that there would be two bachelorettes on the upcoming season: Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson, who both recently competed on The Bachelor.  As it stands, on the opening night 25 men will meet both women and decide, to quote Harrison, "who will make the better wife." That's correct: In 2015 25 men will meet two women who already competed against one another and decide based on one evening who is better wife material (i.e. who is hotter).

Apparently, the beleaguered Bachelor producers just couldn't decide who would make a better wife, and Bachelor Nation was split down the middle. Except here's the thing: They weren't. On After the Final Rose, Britt's name was met with polite applause and boos, and Kaitlyn's name elicited full-on cheers. I've done an embarrassing deep dive into twitter replies, and the clear favorite is Kaitlyn. She's even got Anna Kendrick on her side. My take? The producers wanted Britt and the viewers wanted Kaitlyn. To the thunderdome we go!

I just can't get over the fact that 25 men will decide who is going to be the next Bachelorette. The Bachelorette is the antidote to the Bachelor: A woman gets the autonomy to wade through a bunch of weirdos and choose someone she will Instagram as her #MCM before they break up in three months and both go on to endorse weight loss supplements for more money than I make. It's a strange choice, but a choice nonetheless. To completely take all agency out of the process is wrong and tone deaf, and I'm offended. It's downright vile, a word I typically reserve for describing frisee. I know, I know: I'm talking about The Bachelor, a show devoted to bizarre Madonna/whore complexes and the idea of falling in love with someone in six weeks who is dating multiple people that you live with and form friendships with. And if I can be offended being fully cognizant of all that, it's bad.

I'm wondering how this will actually play out, because the reaction from viewers and former Bachelor/ettes was not great, Bob! Here's golden boy Sean Lowe, a born-again virgin (not a thing) who married the winner of his season, Catherine Guidice, on-air last year:

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 1.12.43 PM.png

His wife was equally displeased:

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 1.08.37 PM.png 
And these are people who quite honestly owe everything they own to this franchise. It also doesn't make sense to immediately alienate a good portion of the audience who preferred one woman over the other on night one. What's more, they've already cast the men for this season. Filming begins in around a week. The producers have obviously stacked the deck for one woman, and that's downright cruel. The idea of being rejected on-air by more than even five men at once is chilling. If that goes into double digits? Good thing there's a full-time psychologist for the show. For a series that is supposedly devoted to finding love (again: I know), this is also not fair to the men, many of whom will be stuck on a reality dating show with one woman they didn't choose. What a time to be alive!

I personally think they'll end up going with two women for the entire season (what if two men get roses! the group date possibilities!) to escape the feminist roar that followed this announcement, but who knows. I'm disgusted and I'm in, ABC.

Listen to Diplo's Remix of QT's Bubblegum Hit

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 1.51.31 PM.pngApparently on a roll after his joint Jack Ü debut with Skrillex, Diplo seems to have felt emboldened enough to tackle a remix of our favorite kawaii-chipmunk single, "Hey QT." Luckily he didn't butcher it, instead adding one of those catchy drops we've come to expect from him. While the song may have already been a fully formed thing of beauty, Diplo does it justice -- check it out below.

[via Fact]

Watch This Trailer for the Kurt Cobain Documentary, Then Go Cry in the Bathroom


By the time the voice of a toddler pipes, "I'm Kurt Cobain!" at the beginning of Montage of Heck (and this just-released trailer), you know you're fucked. Directed by Brett Morgen, with the cooperation of Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain, the documentary proceeds to pummel your ears and emotions for over two hours. It's the most visceral music film I've ever seen, and Morgan's unprecedented access to Cobain's personal archives -- in which he found 100+ cassette tapes, tons of artwork and an audio autobiography that Cobain recorded in the late '80s -- gives us a more intimate sense of the man than any interview could. 

Montage of Heck will premiere on HBO May 4th and play in select theaters this spring.

What's Up With Drake's "Homecoming" Documentary?


Earlier today it was announced that Rihanna is going to be the focus of a new Peter Berg documentary. Additionally, noted Rihanna ex-boyfriend Drake is also getting a documentary of his own, out March 19th for one night only. Called Drake's Homecoming: The Lost Footage, the concert doc is on the horizon -- but the circumstances around it are still mysterious at best. It really doesn't seem like anyone is even talking about this documentary, which is weird considering that everything Drake does usually devastates the internet (and this writer/avid Drake enthusiast, personally). So far, the internet has remained eerily quiet on this one.

The upcoming film is being produced by Drake associates J. Prince and Jas Prince and it features supposedly "lost" concert footage. "This live sold out concert filmed at Toronto's Sound Academy in 2009 just prior to Drake signing with Lil Wayne's Young Money was believed lost and destroyed," a description of the trailer on YouTube announces. In addition to the concert, it also features talking-head interviews from various industry people. Drake, however, doesn't appear outside of the concert footage nor has he been promoting this documentary at all. The trailer first premiered back in February and Drake has never mentioned on social media or otherwise.

It would seem as if this is all happening without Drake's #blessing, but seeing Drake perform his first sold-out show back when he was "the old Drake" will be entertaining nonetheless. At one point in the trailer Jas Prince, who introduced Drake to Lil Wayne, explains that Wayne wasn't even feeling Drake when he first heard him. According to Prince, Wayne's exact words were, "Jas, don't play me that shit no more. It's no good." So, if that's any indication, the documentary should be fun for diehard Drizzy fans. Watch the trailer, above, and get tickets here, if you feel so inclined. Or just watch Jungle on a loop for 2-hours. Basically the same thing, right?


Azealia Banks Just Released an Interactive New Music Video

Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 2.18.16 PM.pngAzealia Banks just released a new music video for her song "Wallace" off her recent album, Broke With Expensive Taste, and it's insane. Staring you down in the middle of the screen is Banks, with close-up shots in the background, and a trippy wave-effect overlay. The interactive part comes into play when you, the viewer, start moving your face -- the video begins to descend into an amazingly glitchy bit of net art. Her lyrics form a waterfall dropping from the top of the frame, and suddenly your face appears in the background, right in the middle of things.

Now you can brag to all your friends that you starred in an Azealia Banks music video: check it out with Google Chrome here.

Sufjan Stevens Got Abandoned at a Video Store at Age 3; Here's a Song About That


Sufjan Stevens follows up "No Shade in the Shadow of the Cross" with another heart-wrenching track off his upcoming album about his late mother, Carrie & Lowell. Stevens' mother suffered from schizophrenia and left his family when he was a boy, which he discusses in this recent Pitchfork interview, and "Should Have Known Better" recalls an incident when his mother left him at a video store when he was three. In other words, have some tissues nearby. As devastating as the first half of the song is, there's real hopefulness in its second, as Stevens describes the past as "the bridge to nowhere" and turns to the beauty and possibility of the present. Turns out it's not his mom who should have known better, but Stevens himself.

IHOP Quotes Rap Lyrics On Twitter, Nicki Minaj Says "Nah"

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.41.11 AM.pngWe'll admit it: occasionally we get amused whenever some 22-year-old social media coordinator takes over some big corporation's Twitter feed and starts "engaging" with "Millennials." But, there's a fine line between charming silliness and thirsty goober-ness, as IHOP found out the hard way yesterday. The pancake chain parodied a line from Rae Sremmurd's "No Type," replacing the song's original lines "I ain't got no type. Bad bitches is the only thing that I like." with "I ain't got no type. Pancakes are the only thing that I like." It might otherwise have gone unnoticed had an eagle-eyed Nicki Minaj not spotted the tweet and called them out on it in a very delightful shut this shit down kind of way. See the exchange, below.
Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.38.17 AM.pngGuess IHOP won't be sponsoring her upcoming Pinkprint tour.

[h/t Defamer]

Watch Bjork's Stunning, Creepy "lionsong" Video, Directed by Inez & Vinoodh


Directed by PAPER faves Inez & Vinoodh and premiered this morning by Noisey, "lionsong" triggers the typically Bjorkian cascade of obscure associations and creepy feelings. The a cappella intro evokes a satanic army of Imogen Heaps; the clenching heart and wavy black borders induce memories (admittedly vague ones) of being an embryo; the mask of gold facepaint could belong to the deity of a forgotten sect, or to Klytus from Flash Gordon. At the center of this dense cloud is Bjork herself, wearing a black latex suit and the pelt of a giant sea anemone, lamenting a lost love. Even more affecting than the stunning visuals is the moment when she looks directly at the camera, holding out her hands, and says, "Somehow, I'm not too bothered / I'd just like to know."

Watch the video, above. Full story at Noisey.

Life Lessons From Broad City: Stick to The "Opposites Attract" Rule


Notorious doppelgangers Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development) and Ilana Glazer finally merged worlds on last night's Broad City. During the episode's premiere, Abbi Jacobson tweeted, "Fun fact: When I first met almost 8 years ago... I thought she was for at least 3 hours." But when the in-joke was carried out to it's logical conclusion on the show, it was less of a dream come true scenario and more of a nightmare. You'd think that being with someone who looks exactly like you would be comforting, no? Well, no. Hooking up with yourself = not as great as you'd think! At least Ilana got to figure that out the fun way, above.

[via Vulture]

The 10 Best Ways to Cure Your SXSW Hangover

SXSW, America's premiere day drinking event (and, oh yeah, music/tech/film festival), begins tomorrow, which means that thousands of visitors will be flocking to Austin in need of a hangover cure. Lucky for them, the "music capital of the world" is also home to some of the best remedies around and we've rounded up our ten favorites, including world-renown BBQ, the best tacos you'll ever have, and the ever-necessary 5 o'clock (and 4 o'clock and 3 o'clock...) margarita.

BouldinCreekCafe.jpg1. Brunch at Bouldin Creek Café
Bouldin Creek Café offers one of the best brunch menus around -- not just in Austin, but anywhere. Located in a secluded suburban neighborhood accessible by public bus (or a ~10 minute cab ride), it features a distinctly southwestern take on breakfast staples, from incredible sweet potato tamales and veggie omelets topped with chipotle-pecan pesto to a signature milk-free twist on a London Fog (made with earl grey tea, the milk of your choice and vanilla) that's served in a steamy beer glass. The tented outdoor patio offers a great, breezy way to relax in the Texas sun while enjoying a lively atmosphere surrounded by cacti and agave.
Bouldin Creek Café, 1900 S. 1st St., Austin
1886CafeBakery.jpg2. Chocolate Cake and Coffee at the 1886 Cafe

The 1886 café's legendary chocolate cake has a recipe that reportedly dates back to, yes, 1886 and it involves something about mayonnaise that secretly makes it extra moist.  We may go so far as to say that this is the best chocolate cake you'll ever have in your life, and the cafe is conveniently located in the middle of all the SXSW chaos at the Driskill Hotel on Brazos Street (but unlike everything else at the Driskill Hotel, it's actually affordable). 1886 sells the cake in little cupcake sizes -- a perfect pairing with an afternoon cup of coffee between shows.
1886 Café and Bakery (at the Driskill Hotel), 604 Brazos Street, Austin

KerbeyLaneCafe.jpg3. Queso at Kerbey Lane
Kerbey Lane has a few locations in Austin, and it's a really big student hangout -- as anyone who's visited the University of Texas location can attest. While the menu offers typical pub fare, Kerbey also makes what many locals agree is the "Best Queso in Austin," and there's an obvious reason for that: there's guacamole on the bottom. As a restaurant, it feels very dive-y, which is part of the charm: Kerbey Lane is not "fancy" by any means, but the queso is worth the trip.  
Multiple locations, including: 2606 Guadalupe Street, Austin
Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.31.52 PM.png4. Bison Burger at Magnolia Café
SoCo (short for "South Congress") is one of Austin's best neighborhoods for food, and further south down on the main drag (past Allen's Boots and Guero's) is the Magnolia Cafe, a 24-hour breakfast joint that feels like a typical Austin diner (they have a sign that says, "Sorry, We're Open"). Magnolia makes an incredible Bison Burger (no meat-eater's trip to Austin is complete without a taste of bison) in an environment that's equal parts Breaking Bad and Haight-Ashbury. Sit and read about cool bands in the The Austin Chronicle while digging into a juicy burger -- chipotle mayo optional.
Magnolia Café South, 1920 S. Congress Ave, Austin
Gueros.jpg5. El Presidente at Güero's
Güero's is hands down the most talked-about taco/Mexican joint in Austin, and it's with good reason: the food is excellent and the people watching during SXSW might be even better (where else will you catch everyone from Ryan Gosling to Quentin Tarentino tucking into a bowl of guac?). Getting the "El Presidente" (which is famously what Bill Clinton orders when he's there) is also a right of passage. The meal includes one chicken taco, one beef taco, one tamale, and all the fixings.
Guero's Taco Bar, 1412 S. Congress Ave, Austin

TorchysTacos.jpg6. "Trailer Trashy Tacos" at Torchy's Tacos (And Basically EVERY Taco at Torchy's)
Torchy's and Güero's tend to drum up local allegiances but here at PAPER, we don't like to play favorites. Torchy's does a fried avocado taco that's good enough to make a grown woman cry (and upon eating it, this one did), and they have amazing jazzy menu titles like "The Dirty Sanchez" (scrambled eggs with fried poblano chile, guac, and escabeche carrots), "The Democrat" (beef barbacoa, avocado, and queso fresco), and "The Republican" (grilled jalapeno sausage and pico de gallo). They also offer the endearing option to make your taco "trashy" by removing the lettuce and adding more queso. 
Multiple Locations, including: 1311 South 1st St., Austin

VeracruzAllNatural.jpg7. Migas Tacos and Aguas Frescas at Veracruz All Natural Food Truck
Migas is a super important southwest vegetable-egg-cheese-tortilla chip omelet-y concoction that's a very particular dish you can only find in distinct border states near Mexico. Veracruz has not only the best migas in Austin, but also the best migas anywhere. Period. They also offer aguas frescas ranging from mango and pineapple to the less expected strawberry and cantaloupe, which we highly recommend trying as a counterpart to the spicy migas. 
Veracruz All Natural Food Truck at 1704 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin
Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.20.47 PM.png8. Margaritas at Fonda San Miguel
Fonda San Miguel makes what is likely the best margarita in Austin, and they do it in style: the Art Deco-esque villa looks like a palatial pueblo of yore, serving Mexican staples like ceviches, sopecitos, and torre de botanas alongside the expected mix of tacos, quesadillas, and chile relleno -- but back to the margaritas: they make theirs with watermelon that's infused with Patron Silver, Cointreau, and fresh lime juice that can't be beat. Fonda San Miguel's was also named one of America's 50 Best Mexican Restaurants -- the perfect place for a leisurely happy hour fix before launching into a night of concerts.
Fonda San Miguel's, 2330 W. North Loop Blvd, Austin

Franklins.jpg9. BBQ at Franklin (Or The Salt Lick, If You Have A Car)
Any list would be incomplete without mention of BBQ, and Franklin's is THE BBQ hot spot in East Austin -- the part of the city that feels like a cross between LA and New Orleans. Franklin's is famous not only because it's super good -- from the brisket, ribs, and fatty tips to the pickles and coleslaw, they "do it right" -- but also because their wares are hard to come by: it's only open until they run out of food, making it something of a mythical treat (sort of like a cronut in New York City, only the wait feels less gimmicky).

For people who have cars or friends with cars, it's also worth the 15-minute trip outside the city to The Salt Lick, which is one of those huge in-the-ground BBQ joints out in Texas Hill Country. The only downside to the Driftwood hotspot (which is beautiful in the spring) is that it's cash only. Nevertheless, Salt Lick is a great place to go with friends if you feel like lounging and drinking sweet tea in a smoky open-air tent. (And if you can't make it out, they also have a location in the Austin-Bergstrom Airport...just sayin'.)
Franklin Barbecue, 900 E. 11th St. Austin
The Salt Lick, 18300 FM 1826, Driftwood

Juiceland.jpg10. Fruit Smoothies at Juiceland
It's very easy to mock "juice culture" in the year of #healthgoth, but Juiceland makes some of the best, cooling smoothies this side of the Mississippi. They take advantage of the local produce scene and use unexpected ingredients like Spanish parsley (try the "Tiger Lily") and rosewater (which is mixed with watermelon in the "Rosie Cheek") to make what they call "next-level juices." You can expect to find lost of Southwestern flavors, like in the "Mango Habanero" -- the only smoothie that fetches truckers and cowboys alongside vegan moms and paleo-athletes that pack the storefront on Burnet Road (they also have a foodtruck in SoCo). When it comes to recovering from the chaos, hangovers, BBQ- and taco-overload that necessarily comes with SXSW, this place can't be beat.  
Multiple locations, including: 2601 E. Cesar Chavez, Austin

Watch Kanye West Workshop "All Day" in the Studio with Diddy


When talking about his new album, Kanye West has said that So Help Me God will sound like "joyful noise unto the lord." In this clip of Kanye in the studio with Diddy, the two workshop "All Day," which has a notably aggressive and, er, non-joyful vibe. Of the track, 'Ye says to Diddy: "When I see my daughter run through the sprinklers for the first time in her life, I feel like that's not gonna be playing." Probably not! Watch Kanye talk about "All Day" and his album, above.

[via Revolt TV]

Watch the Delightful New Trailer For Iris Apfel Doc, Iris


In a 2011 interview Paper did with director Albert Maysles, who passed away last week at the age of 88, the documentary filmmaker behind seminal cinema verite works including Grey Gardens and Gimme Shelter told us of his work, "it's [showing] the humanizing stuff, that I think is so worthwhile and so satisfying as a filmmaker ... People are people. We all share common ground, and I don't know of anything more important than that." Perhaps this outlook was why Maysles was such a master at turning his lens on eccentrics and radicals through out his career, and why it's so fitting that one of his final films is the upcoming documentary on "fashion iconoclast" Iris Apfel. Out in theaters April 29th, Iris chronicles the life of 93-year-old Apfel and her rise to becoming one of the fashion and design world's most irreverent and beloved icons. In this just-released trailer, we see her at home gently bickering with her 100-year-old husband and business partner, showing off her knee-weakening couture costume jewelry collection (there's Bakelite for days) and exhibiting a general fierceness that may we all be so blessed to boldly embody one day, let alone in our 90s.

Here's the (Shark-free) Trailer for the New Katy Perry Concert Film


Pop demigod, critical pariah and legendary lover Katy Perry stars in Katy Perry: The Prismatic World Tour, which will premiere March 28 via EPIX. Miraculously, there is no left or right shark in the trailer, despite Bryan Gaw being the most important thing to happen to our culture since #thedress, Pharrell's hat or the election of Barack Obama. It's also worth noting that the trailer locks its gaze entirely on the stage, leaving the personal trials and sad-piano to the reviled 2012 Perry vehicle, Part of Me. Considering all the shit she's taken for that movie and her halftime show, we hope this new offering just doubles down on the artifice and the insanity. If only it were called Montage of Shark.

America Has Spoken: Poll Results Show Tina Fey Should Host The Daily Show


We can all agree that we need more Tina Fey in our lives. Sure, she's executive producing the excellent Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and starring in an upcoming movie with Amy Poehler, but her on-screen presence has been noticeably missing as of late. The good news is that our fair lady of comedy might be coming back to TV, if we -- as humble, poll-participating Americans -- have our way. Time reports that according to a new Quinnipiac University National Poll, 19% of people asked want Tina Fey to take over the Daily Show. Those polled favored Fey over Dennis Miller, #freethenipple advocate Chelsea Handler, John Oliver and Craig Ferguson. For some reason, non-comedian Brian Williams was also in the mix, only pulling in 7% of votes.

Unfortunately, the Daily Show is not a democracy, so this poll of 1,300 registered voters doesn't mean much. (Also of note: the largest majority of people from this same poll chose FOX News as their most reliable news source, so...) But maybe we could all start a Kickstarter or a Change.org petition that would be equally as useless? I don't know, just brainstorming here. If Tina Fey does ascend to Jon Stewart's Daily Show thrown, she'd be the first female late night host and isn't it about time we've had one of those? Comedy Central: give the American people what they want!

[h/t Time

The 25 Juiciest Vicious Film Reviews In History

There's nothing more fun to read that a lusciously nasty, bitter film review -- unless you happened to be in the film, that is. I wasn't in any of the following films, so I'm perfectly fine with relating the utterly rancid and hilarious critical response they got from certain unrepentant critics. Lick your lips and enjoy:


"Even if you leave your brain at home, your spinal column will still object. A godawful, lame-brained mess of a movie." -- 3AW

"Even the title card is garish." -- Film School Rejects

"Mary Shelley's words come to mind: 'Oh, why did you create me!' " -- Screenwize


"Perhaps the only Christmas movie I can think of, especially of the religious-themed variety, that seems to flat out endorse materialism, greed, and outright gluttony." -- RogerEbert.com

"How do you prove a horse is an animal? Because I like Sweden. That's the style of absurd logic that happens in Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas." -- Arizona Republic


GROWN UPS (2010)

"The day the amusement died." -- Times-Picayune

"Groan ups is more like it." -- The Independent

the-marriage-go-round-movie-poster-1961-1020678005.jpgTHE MARRIAGE GO ROUND (1961)

"It offers James Mason, an actor who couldn't crack a joke if it was a lichee nut, and Susan Hayward, a bargain basement Bette Davis, whose lightest touch as a comedienne would stun a horse." -- Time magazine

ishtar1987poster.jpgISHTAR (1987)

"One can't help wonder whether the camel was the only blind creature who had something to do with this picture." -- Daily Variety


"The original lovable monster is lost amid all the hydraulic manipulations in what now emerges as the story of a dumb blonde who falls for a huge plastic finger." -- Judith Crist

4406.JPGHEARTBURN (1986)

"A movie of colossal inconsequence. Heartburn? No, just a bad attack of wind." -- Time Out

22095-04.jpgA KISS BEFORE DYING (1991)

"As exciting as watching someone go bald."-- The Independent

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 3.16.48 PM.pngHULK (2003)

"In the future, Lee can best serve his versatility by never doing anything like this again." -- New Republic

"Ang Lee fails to turn a comic strip into a cosmic trip." -- Observer

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 3.19.06 PM.pngACE VENTURA, PET DETECTIVE (1994)

"Featuring a relentlessly mugging comedian who makes Jerry Lewis seem as restrained as Buster Keaton, this is an extraordinarily inept comedy, with feeble jokes parodying other movies, feebler slapstick, and much homophobia and misogyny. It also provides Sean Young with the most demeaning role of her career." -- David Gritten, Halliwell's Film Guide

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 3.21.02 PM.pngHUSTLE (1975)

"A doleful crime melodrama with both eyes in the gutter." -- Halliwell's Film Guide

freddygotfingered.jpgFREDDY GOT FINGERED (2001)

"Flaunting a script so infantile it could have been written by a fetus, Tom Green displays an unlovable persona behaving badly, and expects to be applauded for it."--David Gritten, Halliwell's Film Guide

"Jaw-dropping, head-pounding, tumor-inducing, apocalypse-summoning bad." -- Hollywood Reporter

"A vomitorium...of Tom Green doing things that a geek in a carnival side show would turn down." -- Roger Ebert

dc1f4269a5135d646c6280f1dc344b56.jpgMAME (1974)

"So terrible, it isn't boring. You can get fixated staring at it and wondering what Lucille Ball thought she was doing." -- New Yorker

large_qRXHy4qffDvSuioLipzoGM4Qp1C.jpgPORTNOY'S COMPLAINT (1972)

"The spectator is forced into the doubly uncomfortable position of a voyeur who can't actually see anything." -- Jan Dawson

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 3.34.40 PM.png
21 GRAMS (2003)

"It's forceful, to be sure, but in a lurid way that suggests a telenovela that's been baking in the sun too long." -- New York magazine

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 3.36.23 PM.png

"The whole thing creaks along like an anemic snail." -- Evening Standard


A STAR IS BORN (1976; with Barbra Streisand)

"Interminable remake set in the pop world amid screaming crowds and songs at high decibel level. Also an insufferable piece of showing off by the star."--Halliwell's Film Guide

"A bore is starred." -- Critic


And here's a bonus one:

NUTS (1987; with Barbra Streisand as a prostitute)

"Mentl" -- Michael Musto 

10 Things That Make Mike Tyson Happy

It turns out that the "Baddest Man on the Planet" finds simple pleasure in raspberry sorbet. With a career that has brought him multiple undisputed heavyweight champion titles, as well as some grave challenges and controversies, Mike Tyson has shown in recent years that it's possible to begin again -- writing a best-selling memoir, starring in a Broadway show and lending his voice to an Adult Swim series. A devoted Muslim and father, Iron Mike has a lot of good things going these days. Here's his happy 10-count.

Lott 4.jpg1. Sitting in my backyard, watching my roller pigeons fly and roll in the sky.

2. Watching my six-year-old daughter Milan channel her inner Serena Williams at her tennis lessons.

3. Reading and researching about ancient civilizations on my Samsung Galaxy.

4. Doing my one-man show, Undisputed Truth. I don't like to do anything unless there is a chance I could humiliate myself.

5. Seeing coconut or raspberry sorbet on the menu.

6. Being blessed with really good children.

7. Doing voice-overs for my Adult Swim show, Mike Tyson Mysteries. Never in a million years did I ever think I would =have my own cartoon.

8. Days when I can zone out and shoot shit on Black Ops.

9. Watching old fight clips of legendary fighters.

10. Waking up today, because there are a lot of people who didn't.