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Tommy Hilfiger: "I Came From Nothing and Now I'm Living a Dream

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 8.11.55 PM.pngTommy Hilfiger at his F/W '15 show. Photo by Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com

Yesterday Tommy Hilfiger celebrated his thirtieth anniversary in business with a football-themed extravaganza of a show (complete with Jumbotron). In the evening he welcomed a small group of fashion press and style stars into his glamorous, art-packed New York apartment. We asked Tommy if he ever imagined when he started that this is where he would end up. "I just wanted to stay in business," he laughed. "I just wanted money to survive.  You get a little luck and then when the momentum starts you can't believe it. This is all a dream. I came from nothing and now I'm living a dream."  We couldn't help but admire Hilfiger's sizable collection of Warhols that were hanging nearby. " We have Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minnelli, " Tommy told me with a grin. "We have all the American icons."  Takes one to know one, Tommy.

Supreme's Neil Young Tee is Here! Our Neil Young Tee-Tee is On Its Way



Supreme's freshly launched Neil Young Tee, which features a print of new spring campaign star Neil Young, well, wearing a Supreme Tee, is the latest iteration of a growing movement of brands celebrating the timeless beauty and general bad-assedness of yesteryear's California icons (see: Joan Didion x Celine, Joni Mitchell x Saint Laurent). It's also a great excuse for us to try out something we learned after our Break the Internet issue, when our cover image started popping up on everything from knit caps to socks. Hence this mock-up below, and our near-future entry into shameless knockoff swag. Cha-ching.


Ty Dolla $ign, Tinashe and Charli XCX's "Drop That Kitty" Is Your New Jam


Do you suffer from lack of rhythm? Tired of standing against the wall at every party, staring at your feet? Just listen to Ty Dolla $ign, Tinashe, and Charli XCX's infectious new track, "Drop That Kitty," which is a dance lesson of sorts, with lots of directives from $ign on how to shake it. It's an odd trio to collaborate on a track together, but, produced by Stargate and Cashmere Cat, ​"Drop That Kitty"​ it's an undeniable jam. From Charli XCX's opening cheer chant to Tinashe's soulful crooning, this song can do no wrong. "Drop That Kitty" is available now on ​iTunes​

Cathy Comics With Louis CK Quotes = Magic

tumblr_njf856ItKc1u8lj26o1_1280.jpgSure, Cathy perpetuated the myth that women are all self-hating, neurotic food addicts who only think about chocolate, bathing suit-shopping and getting married. But the comic strip -- which, if you grew up in the '80s, is burned into your subconscious since most of the waiting rooms, kitchens and class rooms you experienced as a child likely had Cathy merch in them -- also spoke to bigger themes about the general shittiness of everything. And that's funny. Another funny person whose work is devoted to "the four basic guilt groups of life" (i.e. food, love, family and work for those unfamiliar with the doctrine of Cathy)? Louis CK. Artist Eric Simmons highlights their delightful similarities in his Tumblr, "Cathy CK", which combines Cathy comics with lines from CK's standup. The result is alarmingly organic. Check out some highlights below


Listen to Missy Elliott's Perfect Remix of Diplo and Skrillex's "Take Ü There"


Like a majestic, rapping phoenix, Missy Elliott rose from the ashes of Katy Perry's Super Bowl performance and is, most certainly, baaaaack. Her excellent remix of Diplo and Skrillex's (Jack Ü) "Take Ü There" is proof of this. After listening to the remix, in which Missy raps and sings with an attitude that somehow gives off both fierce and nonchalant/"I woke up like this" vibes, we're ready for Missy Elliot to casually take over the the world again. Give it a listen, above.

Catching Up With Estelle About Her New Album and a Cameo On Empire

ESTELLE-for web-creditSophyHolland copy.jpg(Photo by Sophy Holland)

On the heels of Estelle's fourth studio album, True Romance (out now via BMG), we catch up with the British singer about her new music and an upcoming cameo on Fox's mega-hit, Empire.

Tell us about True Romance.

I think my world is always about love so I'm always willing to write about it but I'm never sure how -- or what -- it will materialize as. But it's always gonna be about love. I want to make relevant music that means something to you and that's not just a look or a moment but a feeling and a lifestyle.

You're going to be on Empire on March 4th. Can you tell us more about your role?

I play a character that goes out one night and ends up seeing one of the main characters. I go to congratulate him and say, "come cut this record with me." And he's looking at me like, "Do what? Huh? Sure! Alright, I'm here. Let's do it!" I've been in that situation many times. I also get to act in a scene with Terrence Howard.

Do you think Empire is an accurate representation in any way of the music industry today?

Oh, it's so accurate. It's definitely overblown but definitely pretty accurate. Personalities on there, I'm like, "Yeah, I know 'em."

Will you be performing any of your new songs on the show?

We did "Conqueror." That was amazing to perform. God knows for the future.

You can snag a copy of True Romance HERE.

A$AP Ferg Shows Us Why We Should All Be Partying With a Lemur In "Doe-Active" Video


Watch your back, Don Johnson: A$AP Ferg is copping your Miami Vice steez. In his newest video for "Doe-Active," off of last year's mixtape Ferg Forever, the rapper can be seen getting turned up in Miami (several shots appear to be from Art Basel, including clips of him hanging out with Drake at the PPP Muzik Mansion and chilling with A-Trak) before heading north and partying back in Harlem. And, lest you think this is just another boring party video, let's be clear: when you're A$AP Ferg, raging means hanging out in bathrobes, keeping a lemur on your shoulder while talking on an '80s-era cellphone and yelling "Adam Levine, I got a hundred" in a bodega. Apparently even Ferg has seen his Proactiv commercial.

Ferg Forever is out now.

[via MTV]

ICYMI: Watching Justin Bieber Get Egged Is so Satisfying


As it turns out, Justin Bieber's penis isn't the karmic retribution we were all hoping for -- it's rumored to be a perfectly effective instrument of terror, unfortunately for Selena Gomez. But haters can still rejoice, and hate, thanks to this very satisfying promo clip of Justin Bieber getting egged before he gets the formal Comedy Central roast treatment courtesy of Kevin Hart and co. on March 30th. Since there's no use in denying your natural instincts, watch the Biebs get egged while ominously tenting your fingers and laughing manically, above.

Non-Flawless Photos of Beyoncé Surface

ojr97colnwimvkoywwfw.jpgREPORT: Two completely shocking things happened this morning. 1) We learned that there's a realm of reality called TheBeyonceWorld.com in which Beyoncé is, in fact, their supreme ruler and 2) said website posted photos of Queen Bey looking less than flawless. Almost human, in fact. Almost. 

fhfriajdmt6axjrwfewo.jpgThe unretouched images from Beyoncé's 2013 L'Oreal campaign that originally surfaced on thebeyonceworld.com have been circulating online and people on the internet are freaking out accordingly. The photos have since been taken down from the site and replaced with an ominous message:

"Due to the disdain of the BeyHive, we have removed the photos. We don't want to cause any drama, nor do we wish to start fan wars. Some of the things we have seen posted were just horrible, and we don't want any parts of it. We were just posting the photos to share the fact that our queen is naturally beautiful, at the same time she is just a regular woman."
Wait, so, you're telling us that Beyoncé is...  just a regular woman? Okay, yeah right, whatever, good one, ha. Anyway, if this talk about Beyoncé being a flawed human turns out to be true, we can't say that we weren't warned:

[h/t Complex]

Watch Jack White's Trippy Interactive Video for "That Black Bat Licorice"


Let's all forget about Jack White's food-based troubles and watch his fun, interactive video for "That Black Bat Licorice." Shall we? You can just sit back, relax, make yourself some guacamole (suggested recipe) and let the animated video play uninterrupted, or you can press and hold down 3 or B for different visuals. Pressing 3 lets you watch people dance around on a roof and pressing B lets you watch the non-animated Jack White do his thing. All the options are pretty solid and the good news is you don't have to choose just one. Check it out, above.

Pussy Riot Debut "I Can't Breathe," a New Song and Video Inspired By Eric Garner


Russian punk provocateurs Pussy Riot have reemerged with a powerful new anthem, "I Can't Breathe," that features its best-known group members, Nadya Tolokonnikova and Masha Alyokhina, teaming up with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Nick Zinner, Miike Snow's Andrew Wyatt, and Richard Hell. With a haunting, minimalist arrangement and powerful lyricism, the song is as much a renewed call to action as it is a eulogy for Eric Garner, the 43 year-old choked to death by police late last year. In the song's video, the two women, wearing Russian police uniforms, are buried alive to memorialize those who have fallen victim to police brutality this past year. "We've known, on our own skin, what police brutality feels like and we can't be silent on this issue," the group explained to Buzzfeed.

Although the song maintains a level of anger and depression throughout, concluding with Richard Hell's poignant recitation of Garner's last words, it also at times expresses a cautious hope for change. "Some fairness might be found/From ashes of his death," Tolokonnikova and Alyokhina sing after the refrain of "It's getting dark in New York City." The song, written directly after the New York protests for Eric Garner, call for a world free of police oppression, and free of murder. They have also made a second video, all from footage of this past year's protests. Give both a watch above and below.

8 Forgotten Hangouts That Made NYC Special

Before Duane Reade, Chipotle, and TD banks took over this town like an alien armada, there was way more room for mom and pop stores, divey restaurants, and delectable sleaze dives. Well, I not only went to all those joints, but I happen to remember every squalid second, even as I dodged the wrecking balls. Here are the 8 edgiest that shall never be recaptured.

The Gaiety Theatre (201 W. 46)

This was a glorious smarm palace in the heart of Times Square that survived for decades, even after Madonna  immortalized it in her saucy Sex book. (It finally shut down in 2005, the year the gaiety died.) The first time I went, I sat witness to the grinding of various "male dancers" on a rinky dink stage, only to find that the audience weirdly cleared out the second the show was over as if a bomb had dropped. I later found out that all the old men had run backstage to negotiate "dates" with the "stars" right there on the spot! Ah, the old Times Square -- how magical it was.

Howard Johnson's (46th and Broadway)
Bottoming right under the Gaiety was this glitzy glorified chain-diner, where the food wasn't very good -- even their famous fried clams tasted like burnt rubber -- but the Damon Runyonesque ambience was exquisite, full of pimps, tourists, and old ladies with way too much makeup. Built in 1955, it was steamrolled in 2005, basically becoming a giant fried clam.

The Adonis (839-8th Avenue)

This gay porn venue offered a multi-media 3D treat in that not only were there extremely dirty things happening on the screen, but if you looked around, you saw the very same types of activities going on right before your very eyes! Inevitably, the place closed in 1989 and was demolished in 1995, but I'd still pull out the Purell (and the memories) if you happen to walk by that site as you saunter through the new NYC.

Before Rite Aides and Duane Reades popped up three to a block, these were the prevailing household item/novelty shops around town -- aka Five and Dime stores -- where I'd regularly go to pick up kitschy art works and/or suppositories. My entire apartment was decorated with an array of shlockily splashy works d'art courtesy of this fine emporium. Alas, hurt by competition and expansion, Woolworth's was basically nickel and dimed to death.

Crisco Disco (15th Street and 10th Avenue)
At a blurry time in the '1970s, leading headlong into the weighty '80s, this was a de rigueur gay thumping palace, along with keeping-it-real boites like the Anvil, Flamingo, Paradise Garage, 12 West, and Cock Ring. The DJ was perched atop a gigantic Crisco can -- you heard me -- and everyone else was too lubed up or drugged up to even notice, as they partied into the wee, wee (or maybe the wee-wee) hours. The spot eventually became an upscale restaurant named Monarch (with the Gilded Lily in the basement), but beware of the cream sauce.

photo via Flickr.

Hawaii Kai  (1638 Broadway)

A wildly kitschy tourist attraction, this Polynesian restaurant right out of an Elvis movie had sarong-wearing wait-ladies serving you suckling pig and poi, not to mention fruity cocktails that inevitably were accessorized by multi-colored parasols. The place closed in 1988 and today it's a theater gift shop, but nothing could be more theatrical than the twisted grandeur that was Hawaii Kai.

Brothers and Sisters (46th between 8th and 9th)
I love a good piano bar, and this one had real Broadway ambience because chorus people would regularly drop by, along with the occasional star, and the whole place felt like a really friendly house party full of wonderful drunks. A flaming singing waiter named Stanley was a special treat when he took the stage to do Kander and Ebb songs and such.


G.G.'s Barnum Room  (128 W. 45th Street)

Old-school Times Square transsexuals--the type whose lips entered the room before they did--filled this extraordinarily ambient circus of a 1970s disco, complete with a gigantic cobweb on the ceiling, from which acrobats dangled and taunted as you tried to reach up and grab. In a time when the underground was truly subversive, the unselfconscious celebration of society's "freaks" touched me in a very profound way.

Jay Z Wins NYFW Street Style, Cam'ron


Heeeyy 👋 lol nh

A photo posted by @mr_camron on

Noted fashion blogger Jay Z just snapped the NYFW street style pose to win them all. In effortless neutrals and Timbs, this pose is the definition of thrity, flirty and thriving. Can Jay Z just live, Cam'ron?

This Two-Year-Old DJ Should Headline Coachella


Meet baby-DJ Arch Junior. At a mere two years old, Arch is Africa's youngest DJ and, we're going to go out on a limb here and say he's Africa's most completely adorable DJ too. Arch's parents have been posting videos of him throwing it down on the decks to a totally captivating YouTube channel, where you can watch him mix deep house, trance and drop the beat for the ladies. As Consequence of Sound notes, Arch is still in diapers but way better than most EDM DJs with twenty years on him. Check out some video highlights below and follow him on his frequently-updated Instagram, where you can catch him feeling the beat and learning his numbers. Get Arch a Coachella residency at the Ace Hotel, stat.

H/T Jessica Suarez!

A$AP Ferg on His NYFW Face Tattoos: "All the Girls Thought It Was Cute"

BFA_11367_1389448.jpgA$ap Ferg working the tribal face paint at the Pyer Moss show at Milk Studios. Photo by Max Lakner/BFAnyc.com

NYFW is a magnet for artists of all types who see clothing as a way to express their creativity. Artists, social stars, singers, actors all rub elbows with editors and buyers as they check out the latest get-ups from our favorite designers. This week I made friends with  rapper A$ap Ferg, who caught my attention with face-paint tattoos and warmth. I chatted with Ferg about his impressions of fashion week.

Did you go to a lot of shows this week?

I went to a lot of shows and I went to a lot of events because it was also NBA all-star week at the same time. I think they should never do that again. I'm kinda dead.

What did you think of Jeremy's show?

It was a beautiful show. So many people came to show love. Jeremy actually hangs out with the A$AP mob. We really have a strong relationship

How do you decide which shows to go to?

It's usually people I admire or people I'm curious about. I want to see their art. I always wanted to go to a Moncler show -- they bring the theatrics. This year, the stage was a huge heart-shaped box of candy and the models were the candy. I thought that was pretty cool. What they bring to the table is really dope. The Kanye show, I just wanted to see what he was doing with Adidas. He played some dope music from his new album. It was well worth it. It was worth losing sleep over.

How do you choose what to wear to the shows?

I wound up keeping it simple today. I began to bust my brain over an outfit and that's never good. Sometimes simple is better. At heart I'm a designer and artist. I just want to see my art on people. As an artist coming out you still got to get dressed. The other day, I decided to do some innovative stuff with the face paint. Fashion is more of a fad that passes along. When you have style, you can wear art. You can come through with tribal face paint. It was so fun -- I got a chance to see how people with tattoos on their face feel. I took the train that day and I got all the looks. Some people loved it. It put me into a different character for a day. All the girls thought it was cute.

What other show did you go to besides Jeremy and Kanye?
I missed the Alexander Wang show and Opening Ceremony. I saw Astrid Andersen. I went to her showroom and I wanted to leave with all the coats.

How are you going to recover from the excitement of Fashion Week?

I'm still overwhelmed and souped up. I say I wanna go to sleep and I can't sleep because I think of the people I've been meeting. Jeremy was telling me about a twitter conversation he had with Cara Delevingne about me. I have a lyric in one of my songs, "my walk is meaner than Cara Delevingne." Cara tweeted "I love the song but there's no way your walk is better than mine." I thought that was cool that everyone was tuned in. It's a small world between all different mediums of art, like music and fashion. But we all come from the same world. We all live in the same world. It's better when we meet up and get to do everything together.

Listen to CHVRCHES Cover Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River"


After gushing about Justin Timberlake with the host of BBC's Live Lounge (middle school diary confirmed: he's a "lovely man"), CHVRCHES performed a rather lovely cover of Timberlake's "Cry Me a River." The Scottish trio is certainly no stranger to the cover game, having previously put their electro-pop spin on everything from a Whitney Houston song to the Game of Thrones theme song which is, to say the least, impressive. Listen to CHVRCHES' "Cry Me a River," above.

Watch the New Sleater-Kinney / Bob's Burgers Video


The juxtaposition of the ever-ass-kicking Sleater-Kinney with the sweet kids of the FOX series Bob's Burgers is really working for us, especially coming as it does a few weeks after SK's searing performance of the same song, "A New Wave," on Letterman. (Carrie's much-discussed high kicks on on the show are echoed here at the 2:30 mark.) If you ever cranked up your favorite song and pogoed on your bed, the glazed eyes of your stuffed animals magically turning into the adoring gazes of a million swooning fans, this is for you.

Kanye West and Big Sean Team Up Again for "All Your Fault"


Big Sean and his mentor Kanye West linked up again for "All Your Fault." Just based off the song's teaser, we could tell this track was going to be a monster jam -- and it is. "All Your Fault" boasts a dark, thumping beat, but Kanye is back to being irreverent (and fun!) on his verse, comparing himself to Michael Jackson and referencing Tom Cruise, as he does. Auto-tuned lullabies are nice, but we missed this Kanye. Big Sean also shines on the track and his latest effort, Dark Sky Paradise -- featuring more Kanye and John Legend on the heartfelt "One Man Can Change the World" and Drake on "Blessings" -- is shaping up to be a serious album. Listen to "All Your Fault," above. Dark Sky Paradise is out February, 24.

Designer Tom Ford Announces His Second Feature Film

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 4.01.49 PM.pngTom Ford is a busy man. When the designer's not dressing or writing love letters to Rihanna, you might remember that he also writes and directs films with equal excellence. Now Ford is finally following up his 2009, Oscar-nominated debut, A Single Man, which, he revealed to Women's Wear Daily, was shot in only 21 days and paid for out-of-pocket. WWD also gleaned a few details about Ford's latest project, another novel adaption:

"Though Ford won't discuss title or plot lest he divulge secrets too early and bore himself along the way, he provides snippets of insight. He wrote the screenplay himself, finishing it in September. It's an adaptation of a novel for which he bought the rights, not a well-known book and all the better for that. At this point at least, he has little interest in taking on material pre-loaded with audience expectations. He has changed the title and made considerable revisions to the story. As planned, the film is in two parts, the first faithful to the original material, and the second, completely new."
The film's details seem mysterious at best, but at least we know that a Tom Ford 50 Shades of Grey adaptation is out of the running. Although now that we're thinking about it, 50 Shades styled as Tom Ford lipstick commercial with a 125-minute run-time, would have probably been pretty hot. His Lips & Boys collection is missing a "Christian," after all. 

ICYMI: This Clip of a Babyfaced Jay Z Rapping In 1990 Is Very Necessary


Here's a #TBT to end all #TBTs: a lo-fi 25-year-old clip of a 20-year-old Jay Z rapping for the first time on television. Sitting like a humble little third wheel between Big Daddy Kane and Prime on a 1990 episode of Rap City, the young, megastar-in-training doesn't even say a word until spitting out a 16-second freestyle in which he drops his own name twice -- no one else says it, though. Enjoy.

[via Egotripland]