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Tom Ford Pens a Love Letter to Rihanna's Nipples

Photo by John Salangsang/BFAnyc.com

The day after Rihanna attended the amfAR Inspiration Gala in L.A, no one could stop talking about the bad gal's bold, Tom Ford look. As The Cut pointed out, whoever tells you that glitter pasties aren't formalwear is WRONG. And this isn't Rihanna's first time at the pasties rodeo. We know that Rihanna loves freeing and accenting her nipples, and now, thanks to Tom Ford's unprecedented newsletter, we know that the designer loves it too.

On pasties and freed nipples, the designer writes:

The reference to "pasties" was deliberate and while this reference can be related back directly to Mollino, it was also meant to be a reference to a contemporary fashion that seems to be gaining a bit of ground with very young women who have the bodies to pull it off and that is actual pasties as in the case of Miley Cyrus or even a dress that leaves nothing at all to the imagination as worn by Rihanna to the CFDA awards in New York this past summer. I was at the CFDA awards as I was receiving a "Lifetime Achievement Award" [which I prefer to think of as a "Mid Life Achievement Award"], and I have to say that Rihanna was for me, that night, one of the most beautiful women that I have ever beheld. I had designed several things for her specifically for that evening which she did not wear, but when I saw her it did not matter. I whispered into her ear that she was right not to have worn one of my dresses that night because she looked more beautiful than I have ever seen her look. She was stunning. As Richard said plainly after the evening, "If you are as beautiful as Rihanna, you almost owe it to the world to appear in public almost nude" and I have to say that I wholeheartedly concur.

While certainly no one owes the world anything, let alone their body, we're also glad that Rihanna has #blessed us with that iconic fashion moment.

[h/t Fashionista]

Our Mega Guide to Art Basel Miami Beach 2014: Part 3

img_1.jpg Photo via Wynwood Walls

Over at Wynwood Walls, they're planning several new mural collabs featuring teams like Shepard Fairey X Cleon Peterson, Pose X Revok, Haas X Hahn and Faith 47 X Alexis Diaz.  Also, Swoon and Case will each contribute solo works and Kenny Scharf is updating his existing mural. 

Detroit gallery Library Street Collective will have a pop-up space nearby and they're programming artist talks and a book/print signing fair. The blocks around NW 2nd Avenue and 26th Street have become a gigantic arty-party during the area's monthly "Second Saturday" art walks, but the congestion has some Wynwood veterans seeking space elsewhere. Fredric Snitzer, owner of one of the only two local galleries showing in the convention center and who plans to move from Wynwood to downtown Miami, recently told Miami New Times: "Wynwood has become too hectic and lost its vibe." Jessica Goldman Srebnick, Wynwood Walls' chief curator and daughter of Tony Goldman, hopes their "Art of Collaboration" exhibition can "encourage and inspire greatness" and claims, "The growth of Wynwood as a mecca for the arts is the result of great collaborations."

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 3.32.55 PM.pngAs we mentioned two weeks ago, the SELECT art fair is moving to a tent on the beach at 72nd Street and they've enlisted Solange to curate a bunch of performances -- including one by herself -- nightly from Wednesday thru Saturday, starting at 7 p.m. She's expected to book several acts from her label, Saint Heron Records, that will appear in the on-site, deco amphitheater.  The shows are open to the public and admission is FREE.  When we hear who's playing (and when), we'll fill you in.

AB/MB and Performa are hosting an immersive performance by artist Ryan McNamara called "MEEM 4 Miami: A Story Ballet About the Internet" on December 3rd and 4th at 8 and 10:30 p.m. at the Miami Grand Theater at Castle Beach Resort (5445 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach). RoseLee Goldberg, Performa's founder and director, describes the work by the Brooklyn-based artist: "This piece is far more complex than it first appears, because it unfolds as one surprise after another. The viewer is both totally in the moment and yet spends hours thinking about it afterward."
$30, tickets are available HERE. Note to VIPs: There's also an "invitation only" preview on Tuesday.

NADAxPAOM_Logo.pngThe NADA art fair at the Deauville Beach Resort (6701 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach) will host their "invite only" opening preview on Thursday, December 4, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. After that, admission is free and it's open to the public daily through December 7th from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.  You can also preview the fair on Artsy. This year, they've partnered with Contemporary Art Daily, Print All Over Me and the 15th Artadia Award. Print All Over Me will be doing special "artist editions" of clothing using images created by Jose Lerma, Amy Yao and Sarah Braman.

01_iwc_portofino_photo_shoot_actors_2014.jpgSwiss watch manufacturer, IWC will be celebrating their new "Portofino" collection with an exhibition of photos by Peter Lindbergh on December 3rd at the W South Beach (2201 Collins Avenue, South Beach). Several of the celebs featured in the campaign including Emily Blunt, Karolina Kurkova and Adriana Lima are expected; and hosts for the night are DuJour magazine founder Jason Binn and IWC CEO Georges Kern.
1959513_800160363360543_7668972189172110849_n.jpgOn December 3rd, Miami's Institute of Contemporary Art (4040 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami) -- the new spin-off from MoCA North Miami -- is opening an installation/performance piece called "Sanatorium" by the Mexico-based artist Pedro Reyes. The pop-up "clinic" includes receptionists and therapists that will "help visitors with their individual needs" via everything from hypnosis to psychodrama to trust building games. The museum will also present new and recent works by the New York artist Andra Ursuta. Both will be up until March 15, 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 4.12.09 PM.pngThe PULSE fair is moving to Indian Beach Park (4601 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach) up by the Eden Roc Hotel for their 10th year in Miami. Their private preview brunch is on Thursday, December 4, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and then it's open daily through the 7th. As part of their PULSE Projects, they are featuring a work by the Ontario-based artist Shayne Dark called "Tangle Wood" and also an audio installation by Jenna Spevack called "Birds of Brooklyn." Their new media and video art section, PULSE Play, will be presented by Tumblr and curated by Lindsay Howard. Tickets are available HERE.

58.jpgNew works from PAPER faves Studio Job will be on view at Design Miami/2014 in the Carpenters Workshop Gallery. The Dutch/Belgian collective have re-imagined several global landmarks like the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower, and transformed them into incredible "functional" sculptures.

LAD_basel_poster_FULL.jpgThe Life and Death record label is hooking-up with PLOT and Miami promoters Poplife and Aquabooty for a big showcase/party on December 4th at Grand Central (697 N Miami Avenue, Miami) nightclub. The line-up for the night includes Dixon (Innervisions), Bob Moses (Domino Records), Recondite, Mind Against, Thugfucker (Life and Death) and DJ Tennis; plus the Miami debut of Vaal. Tickets are available HERE.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 4.24.51 PM.pngThe third annual Miami Street Photography Festival will take place from December 4th to the 7th at Kike San Martin Studios (2045 NW 1st Avenue, Miami) in the Wynwood Arts District.  This year's featured guests include Magnum photographers Alex Webb, Susan Meiselas and Constantine Manos; poet/photographer Rebecca Norris Webb and National Geographic's Maggie Stebber.  The festival is a partnership with Leica Camera

carousel-shen-wei.jpgSeveral works by the Chinese-born artist Shen Wei -- he was the lead choreographer of the opening ceremony at the Beijing Olympics -- will be on view at downtown Miami's Freedom Tower. The exhibition, "In Black, White and Gray," includes paintings and site-specific performances and is the artist's first U.S. museum show. The performances are on December 5, 6 and 7 and they are FREE, but you need to reserve a spot HERE.
Part 1 of Our Mega Guide is HERE and Part 2 is HERE.

Watch Ariel Pink's Creepy "Picture Me Gone"


Ariel Pink shared a dreamy, verging on nightmarish, video for "Picture Me Gone" from his upcoming album pom pom. Directed by Grant Singer, "Picture Me Gone" is pastel and beautiful -- minus the blatantly creepy latex masks -- but ultimately, the video is hauntingly sad. Watch for yourself, above.

SHUT IT DOWN: Benedict Cumberbatch Is Engaged

cumberbatch.jpegBenedict Cumberbatch, the internet's boyfriend and sufferer of a rare, adorable disorder that makes him incapable of saying the word "penguin", and which only makes us feel SO MUCH CLOSER to him because he is ONLY HUMAN, is engaged. There, buried in the Times of London's recent marriage announcements section, is this austere little block of stupid, stupid text/shotgun blast to our hearts. Does "S.I" stand for "Some Idiot?" Single tear. [Uproxx]

Noah "Apparently Kid" Ritter went to the Texas State Fair with his grandpa Jack for Ellen and it's a delight. [TastefullyOffensive]

Jon Hamm went on @Midnight and shared his deep appreciation of Internet Cats. [@Midnight]
 tumblr_nefxcapUUg1qe7dlao1_500.jpgCan't wait for the Extended Dance Version of this to drop. [FYouNoFMe]

Artist Carla Gannis remade Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights" masterpiece with emojis.  [FYeahDementia]


Goes well with BURN SAUCE. [TheClearlyDope]

tumblr_nefzd2vMMh1qcffyto1_1280.pngHave a great Wednesday! [FYouNoFMe]

Listen to Kendrick Lamar Cover Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off"

Taylor Swift shook off (ha, get it?) all the hate and is having a great week. She sold more than a million copies of 1989 in record time -- becoming the only solo artist to go platinum this year -- she's the highest earning woman in music after Beyoncé, and she dumped her unworthy bf Spotify, who is now, like, totally obsessed with her. To round off her banner week, Taylor Swift also received this adorable tribute, below, from unlikely Swift-mega-fan, Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick, just so you know, there's a cure for that.

[via The Fader]

Taylor Swift then took to Instagram, celebrating all her victories by rapping a Kendrick Lamar song:

Industry experts predicted 1989 would sell 650k first week. You went and bought 1.287 million albums. AND IT'S GOT ME LIKE:

Video zveřejněné uživatelem Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) dne

Ten Sexiest Showbiz Men Over 50

As various male stars approach AARP age (or in some cases, go way beyond it), they tend to become even more alluring, full of worldly wisdom and survivor's appeal. Here are my picks for the hottest stars over 50 -- though I've left off 53-year-old George Clooney, only because he's so obvious.

bruce_musto.JPG(Photo by Jimi Celeste/PatrickMcMullan.com)

Bruce Springsteen, 65
Bruce's weatherbeaten features and working stiff demeanor (along with his untold millions) make the Boss a true macho icon to me, one who reeks of sex appeal and sweaty, burly charisma. If "This Gun's For Hire," then I know a lot of people who'd like to sit on the trigger.

kennylogginsmusto.JPG(Photo by Owen Hoffmann/PatrickMcMullan.com)

Kenny Loggins, 66
The "Footloose" rocker was always so wiry and cute, with those precious features and wavy locks of two-toned hair. Well, he still looks sort of like Kenny Loggins, and that's good enough for me. Woof. Please, Louise, pull me off of my knees.

StanleyTucci_musto.jpg(Photo by Adriel Reboh/PatrickMcMullan.com)

Stanley Tucci, 53
Stanley's talent, his handsomeness, and his shiny head make him an irresistible hunk of Italian bread that I'd be anxious to bite into. Lord knows Edie Falco liked it for a while, and if it's good enough for Edie, it's good enough for me.

denzelmusto.JPG(Photo by Jimi Celeste/PatrickMcMullan.com)

Denzel Washington, 59
I've not only seen Denzel live in various plays -- always searing dramas, where he works up a sweat -- but I also met him up close once and shook his hand and I haven't washed since. Denzel is one hunk and a half of a man, and -- as witnessed by his convincing performance in A Raisin in the Sun last year as a person many years his junior -- he still radiates an age-defying glow and a true-blue hotness. "Denzel Musto" has a really nice ring to it.

alextrebekmusto.JPG(Photo by Harel Rintzler/PatrickMcMullan.com)

Alex Trebek, 74
Should I phrase this in the form of a question? OK, "Who is Alex Trebek?" Of course that comes in answer to the clue: "A Canadian-born talk show host who's a silver fox, a sly puss, and a really hot daddy type." I realize I'm almost getting into gerontophile territory now, even for me, but sorry, these men are on fire -- especially Alex, who doesn't look like someone who's been hosting, or even watching, Jeopardy! for literally 30 years. 

ianmckellenmusto.jpg(Photo by Sylvain Gaboury/PatrickMcMullan.com)

Sir Ian McKellen, 75
Remember when Sir Ian had that striking, young boyfriend that he paraded around on the 2002 Oscars telecast? I didn't think there was much disparity between them at all, looks-wise, because Sir Ian happens to be extremely attractive, in an erudite, lived-in, and quite sophisticated way. I could easily find myself singing "To Sir With Love" as he regaled me with tales of being in two or more film franchises, while I peeled him grapes and massaged his toes. Of course I'd have to get his permission first.

patrickstewartmusto.jpg(Photo by Sylvain Gaboury/PatrickMcMullan.com)

Patrick Stewart, 74
As with Stanley Tucci, the shiny head thing totally works for me. In Stewart's case, his old Star Trek outfit would also be a plus. And I am extra titillated by someone who veers between classics and sci-fi, who has a gay best friend (Sir Ian McKellen, above), and who also has a bit of an attitude. Are you sickos picturing a threeway like I am, between Sir Ian, Patrick, and...someone else? Well, dream on.

stingmusto.JPG(Photo by Nicholas Hunt/PatrickMcMullan.com)

Sting, 63
Just like Kenny Loggins still looks like himself, so does Sting look like Sting -- a lean, appealingly featured cutie with wisps of hair and twinkly eyes. Lucky Trudie gets to revel in his adorableness, while the rest of us deal with his seriousness and charitableness. But there's an upside to Sting's voluminous causes: just nuzzling with him would surely help the rain forest. All right, I'll do it -- for the good of our planet.

AntonioBanderasmusto.JPG(Photo by Andreas Branch/PatrickMcMullan.com)

Antonio Banderas, 54
His tousled hair might be a tiny bit thinner than before, but would anyone seriously consider this an impediment to the Spanish actor's smoldering sex appeal? The Almodovar actor turned Hollywood blockbuster star is so sizzling, I got aroused just hearing his voice in Puss in Boots. And when he lights up the screen in person -- even in sequels and schlock -- all the better. Now that he's finally split from Melanie, Antonio's a free man again, able to sow his Spanish oats wherever he pleases. Ay, dios mio!

LeonardNimoymusto.JPG(Photo by Andreas Branch/PatrickMcMullan.com)

Leonard Nimoy, 83
OK, I guess the Star Trek thing really gets to me (though I draw the line at William Shatner). I never even watched the show, but the image of Nimoy as Dr. Spock has a distinctly hormonal glow to it, partly thanks to the clinging costumes and the weird earnestness. And the Ukrainian-American Nimoy always had wonderfully expressive, exotic features, and they've aged better than fine wines. At 83, he's my oldest hottie on the list, but watch out, Professor Irwin Corey (the 100-year-old comic) -- you could be next!

For Some Reason, Miley Cyrus Curated a Collection of Billy-Bob Teeth

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 2.18.51 PM.png

What's a girl to do after they've become the new face of MAC's Viva Glam? Apparently, a girl straps on a pair of chicken wings and her favorite style of "redneck Billy-Bob teeth."

Based on the photo above and her every waking move, Miley Cyrus has made it pretty clear that she's just bein' Miley. From crafting with bongs and twerking, to her gloriously bizarre Instagram, Miley Cyrus has fully become the problematic poster child for "IDGAF." Now, for reasons unknown and, frankly, irrelevant, she's curated a collection of Miley-Bob teeth, which she lovingly refers to as "bubz."

According to the fine retailer billybobproducts.com, "each set of officially licenced Miley-Bob Teeth is pulled from an assortment of Miley's favorite designs and come with a special Miley-Bob insert card," whatever that means. Somewhat prophetically, Mama Cyrus modeled a pair of Billy-Bob teeth on the pop star's Instagram two months ago with the caption, "I got it from my mama." 

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait to get the look. The in-demand Miley-Bobs, which sell for $11.99, are already out of stock.

Metronomy Takes Treehugging to the Next Level with "The Upsetter"


Take a step beyond your everyday tree hugging with the new Metronomy video, "The Upsetter."  When a dude finds himself a little lonely out there in the wild, he builds himself a BFF out of leaves and twigs. Soon enough, it's alive -- and our happy couple can kiss, relax and float downstream. I haven't seen "Interstellar" yet, but this might be nature's way of slipping through a wormhole. The track is from the UK band's fourth album, Love Letters, out now.

12 Must-See Art Shows Opening This Week


"Tropic Glows," a solo exhibition (with a cool, plastic DayGlo invite and sticker) by the Australian artist, designer and filmmaker Nick Thomm opens on Thursday, November 6th, 7 p.m. at 98 Orchard Street. Thomm is the co-founder of The DROP studio with his brother Josh;  and he also launched a quarterly, alt-fashion magazine called SRC783, a collab with Christina Dietze, in 2012. The pop-up show is open daily, noon to 7 p.m., through November 18th.

667df2357b88173f4e52af6b27bda3c9.jpgYou've still got a chance to pick up a ticket ($50) to The Bruce High Quality Foundation's "NOT FOR PROFIT" fundraising party on Thursday, November 6, 9 p.m., out at their Industry City studio (33 34th Street, Brooklyn). Dev Hynes is playing and there's DJ sets from Edan, Blazer Sound System and Max Ferren; plus performances by comedians Ana Fabrega, Fake Injury Party and more. Did we mention the open vodka bar sponsored by Belvedere?

gildedholiday_banner0.jpgPaul Kasmin's PK SHOP (297 10th Avenue) opens a "Gilded Holiday" collection on November 6th and running through December 23rd.  The space, an extension of Paul Kasmin Gallery, will feature exclusive art editions and multiples by FriendsWithYou, Jen Stark, Erik Parker, Mark Ryden, Mattia Bonetti, Polly Borland, Taner Ceylan, John Gordon Gould, Will Ryman and many more.  The shop will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.  Just in time for you-know-what.

Pier54-1.jpgFriends of the High Line is hosting a new exhibition, "Pier 54," featuring a series of photographs by Liz Lignon documenting last summer's installations and performances on a pier on the Hudson.  The events were conceived as a tribute to a similar project by Willoughby Sharp in 1971, but this year edition featured 27 female artists. The opening is Thursday, November 6, 6 to 8 p.m., 120 11th Avenue at West 20th Street, and it's up until December 13th.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 4.24.07 PM.pngOver 40 dealers will be on hand for the Independent Projects art fair opening this week, November 6, noon to 8 p.m. in the old DIA foundation space at 548 West 22nd Street. IP wants to change the typical "fair" format by moving away from the typical booth layout and asking galleries to focus on one artist; they're open as a fair through November 8th and then morph into an art exhibition from November 10 to 15. Galleries participating include Gavin Brown, Elizabeth Dee, Gagosian, Gladstone, The Journal, Peres Projects, White Columns, David Zwirner and more.

Installation-view-Richard-Serra-Vertical-and-Horizontal-Reversals-David-Zwirner-New-York-2014_7-600x373.jpgDavid Zwirner has a busy week with three openings on Thursday, November 6, 6 to 8 p.m.: New Rauch "At the Wall" at 533 West 19th Street, Christopher Williams at 525 West 19th Street and Franz West at 537 West 20th Street. He's also got Richard Serra's "Vertical and Horizontal Reversals" at 537 West 20th Street up from November 7th to December 20th.

Claire at btonx.jpgOut at Pioneer Works (159 Pioneer Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn) they're opening an exhibition featuring a site-specific work by Bosco Sodi called "The Last Day" on Friday, November 7, 6 to 9 p.m.  The 57-foot long "monumental silver polyptych" will be on view until December 12, along with a group of the artist's "large glazed volcanic rocks." German publishers, Art Identity, plan to release Sodi's first artist monograph in December. This Sunday, November 9, 5 to 10 p.m., is also the Pioneer Works and Clocktower Radio monthly open house with open studios, exhibitions and music by Weyes Blood, Chop & Quench (a Fela Kuti "celebration" band), and DJ sets from Chances With Wolves and a "special set" by Mike Sheffield's solo project Isn't Ours.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 4.40.24 PM.pngDavid Hockney's first exhibition of new paintings since 2009 opens on November 8th at Pace Gallery (508 West 25th Street) and runs through January 10, 2015. "Some New Paintings (and Photography" features works completed since Hockney returned to Los Angeles from England.

hw_lnyc_freezerburn_invitation_layouts-70Ws6b.jpgA group show "organized" by Rita Ackermann opens on Saturday, November 8, 6 to 8 p.m. at Hauser & Wirth (32 East 69th Street) and runs through December 20th.  The show's title, "Freezer Burn," is drawn from the "antithesis inherent to the making and the experience of art."  The artists include Mark Gonzales, Mike Kelley, Paul McCarthy, Bernadette Corporation, Lizzi Bougatsos and others.  There will also be a performance by Emily Sundblad and Matt Sweeney.

bonhams.jpgBonhams New York auction house has partnered with War Child, the international non-profit organization aiding children affected by war, for a big benefit auction on November 9, 7 p.m., here in New York City.  On offer will be a group Carparelli guitars designed and transformed by musicians and artists including Iggy Pop, Gus Van Sant, Michael Stipe, Shepard Fairey, Sterling Ruby, ZEVS, Aiko and more.  

3010f2c34352b37cf68d60e63249910f.jpgGagosian Gallery (555 West 24th Street) opens a show by Takashi Murakami called "In the Land of the Dead, Stepping on the Tail of a Rainbow" on Monday, November 10, 6 to 8 p.m.
The works, including paintings and sculpture, reflect the Japanese artist's attempts "to make sense of natural catastrophes, earthquakes...things caused by nature."

On Tuesday, November 11, 6 to 10 p.m., Lightbox (339 West 38th Street) hosts the preview of a group show called "Wild Thing" curated by Michael Hosaluk and featuring works by 30 artists from the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.  The same evening, Gavin Brown is expected to open a second space at 291 Grand Street with a show of works by Steven Pippin. Brown's original space at 620 Greenwich Street has a Urs Fischer show up until December 20.

This Super-cut of Amy Poehler Freestyle Rapping is the Best Thing You'll Hear All Day


An upstanding citizen made this super-cut of all of Amy Poehler's freestyle raps from Comedy Bang! Bang! appearances and it's the only thing we care about right now. Here's an example of Amy Poehler's MC skills: "Hey, ho, jump off the roof! Hey, ho, jump off the roof into the pool and get paralyzed." Word. [Uproxx

Dear all bars, please get adorable hamster bartenders instead of artisanal ice cubes. Thanks. [Jezebel

"I don't got time for that." 

Watch Bette Midler and Jimmy Fallon flip lips, which is just as terrifying and hilarious as the screenshot suggests. 

Here's how your favorite love scenes would be improved by the addition of a Chipotle burrito. [Buzzfeed

Praying that Beyoncé made it out alive.

10 Recent Music Releases To Listen To That Aren't Taylor Swift

It's getting hard to escape Taylor Swift since the release of 1989 -- in addition to conquering radio, she's also taken over the entirety of New York City. But even though it seems like whole world is swept up in Swift-mania, the music world has been quietly pumping out some amazing, non-Taylor Swift releases; from EPs to LPs to singles, we rounded up the ten releases in the post-1989 world that you should be listening to.

grouper.jpg1. Grouper's Ruins

If you're in need of an album that will, uh, ruin you emotionally, this release by Liz Harris' solo ambient, dream pop project Grouper is probably your best bet. It's atmospheric and depressing, but in a way that's hauntingly beautiful. While it teeters the edge between experimental and pop -- as seen in tracks like "Holding" -- it will definitely stick in your mind after you listen to it.

Ghostface-Killah-Sour-Soul-608x608.jpg 2. BADBADNOTGOOD and Ghostface Killah's "Gun Showers (ft. Elhzi)"

The jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD and Wu-Tang royalty Ghostface Killah might seem like an unlikely combination, but they've managed to create a song that's both atmospheric and aggressive. BADBADNOTGOOD sets the mood as both Ghostface and guest rapper Elhzi spit over the simplistic, jazz-inspired instrumental. The result is beautifully weird, but not entirely unexpected from the combination of so many great musicians.

ad31ff04.jpg3. Les Sins' Michael

The sounds of Les Sins are more dance-oriented than Chad Bundick's normal Toro y Moi release, but the side project retains the warm and likable heart that makes TyM so appealing. Containing almost no vocals but heavier and more experimental beats, the album sounds like a cool summer dance party, which is a great way to brace ourselves for the oncoming cold of winter.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 1.28.13 PM.png4. Shamir's "On The Regular"

Shamir Bailey is only 19 but he's already explored his serious side on his Northtown EP. With his new release "On The Regular," he ends up with a song that is real charming and  perfect for those late fall blues you're trying to shake.

ba499333.jpg5. Ryan Hemsworth's Alone For The First Time

One of the most impressive things about Ryan Hemsworth -- other than his ability to consistently collaborate with amazing artists -- is his constant evolution as a producer. Alone For The First Time doesn't sound like his previous LP, Guilt Trips but it does manage to keep up his "sad bedroom producer who just needs a hug" aesthetic. While there's a definite sad vibe to most of his tracks, he keeps the light-hearted electronic touch we've all come to expect from him. 

4dcc3cc2.jpg6. Arca's Xen

As a producer, Arca has already made his mark by working with artists like FKA twigs and Kanye -- not to mention Bjork, whose upcoming album he's working on -- and now we get to hear a new side to the producer with his own release. The music is moody in a way that somehow manages to be inviting -- rather than off-putting -- and feels like nothing else that's out there right now, while still reminding us of the producer's megastar pedigree.
The-Hunger-Games_-Mockingjay-Pt.-1-Original-Motion-Picture-Soundtrack-608x608.jpg7. CHVRCHES' "Dead Air"

The new CHVRCHES track comes straight off the Lorde-curated Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I soundtrack. It sounds very typically CHVRCHES -- soaring vocals over a bed of synths, aggressive lyrics, super technical musically -- so if you like this track or not really just depends on your emotions towards the band themselves.

tumblr_inline_nc22b9Gtj31sv2bui.jpg 8. Korallreven's Second Comin'

This Swedish duo's aptly named sophomore album is synthpop in its purest form: upbeat melodies with simplistic hooks and sugary beats.

Wild-soundtrack-608x608.jpg 9. First Aid Kit's cover of R.E.M.'s "Walk Unafraid"

First Aid Kit manages to put their own spin on the college rock classic "Walk Unafraid" for the soundtrack of Wild. As usual, the sisters spin a folksy masterpiece of chamber pop cellos and lilting guitars and maybe -- although it's rarely said -- make a song better than the original.
CST108cover_1378pxRGB.jpg10. Ought's Once More With Feeling EP

Is this title a Buffy reference? We hope it's a Buffy reference. While perhaps not as universally endearing as Buffy, the Montreal rock collective Ought manages to be pretty damn endearing on their new EP. Between some soft sad crooning and aggressive yelling singer Tim Beeler speaks directly to his audience -- both literally and figuratively -- to really capture the beauty/confusion/anger everyone feels about being alive sometimes.

Watch Lorde's Lynchian Video for "Yellow Flicker Beat"


On the eve of her birthday, Lorde shared the haunting video for her Hunger Games track "Yellow Flicker Beat." At almost 18, she's still got a few more years to revel as the world's coolest teen but, obviously, it's not just her age that's impressive. She's deftly crafted The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 soundtrack, which features Kanye West, and she has one of the top selling albums of this year. The visuals for "Yellow Flicker Beat" are mix of everything we've come to love from Lorde, including Lynchian vibes, awkward/amazing dancing, and her killer style. Watch the video, above.

Lindsay Lohan Reveals Method Acting during Mean Girls

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 1.01.02 PM.pngvia Instagram

In a delightfully nostalgic interview with EW, the cast of Mean Girls reunite to dish about October 3rd and wearing pink on Wednesdays. Writer and star, Tina Fey recalls the time that a "17-year-old Lindsay was on a mission to find pink Uggs" (What 17-year-old in the early 2000s wasn't?) in the midst of an incoherent beef with Hilary Duff.

Lindsay Lohan further explains her dire Ugg plight, adding, "I had been online trying to get pink Uggs because I had a pink pleated skirt in the scene where I fall into the garbage can. I was like, "I need pink Uggs!" I mean, I was rhinestoning my phone at the time with Swarovski crystals. [Laughs] So it was somewhat Method."

Even though she was obviously joking, it's probably in every young actor's best interest (ahem, Shia LaBeouf) to stay far away from method acting. That shit will lead you down a dark, Swarovski crystal paved path and then straight into an Ugg shame-spiral.

As for a Mean Girls reunion? We're hoping that Mean Girls 2 follows Karen as she "manages or owns a store that sells really cool dog attire, like Swarovski dog collars and Halloween costumes for animals."

[via EW]

Watch Drake and P. Reign Chill Out on the Beach in "DnF"


In the video for "DnF," Drake and his OVO associate P. Reign take some time off, perhaps on a Tuesday, to relax. P. Reign and Drake, who can be seen wearing the traditional Canadian beach attire (socks, shoes, white bucket hat), soon get bored of their bro time and scheme to party with some tings. Watch the two rappers enjoy their time off in the Drake-directed video, above.

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Comic Arts Brooklyn Kicks Off This Weekend With Talks by Raymond Pettibon, Adrian Tomine + More

It's Comic Arts weekend in Brooklyn and, even better, it's all FREE. The annual festival of comics and cartoon art happens this Saturday and Sunday, November 8th and 9th, with over 100 exhibitors and lots of cool talks and interviews with people like Charles Burns, Roz Chast, Art Spiegelman, Raymond Pettibon and others. Saturday's book fair is at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church (275 N. 8th Street, Williamsburg) and the talks, Q&As etc. are on Sunday at the Wythe Hotel (80 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg). Many of the talks are already fully booked, but a limited number of walk-ups will also be admitted.

There's also a cool exhibition of fold-in art by Al Jaffee from MAD Magazine, curated by Gabe Fowler at Scott Eder Gallery (18 Bridge Street #2i, Brooklyn), with an opening reception on Friday from 6 to 9 p.m. And tonight, Julie Doucet's exhibit of collages at Desert Island Comics (540 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn) kicks off with a reception from 7 to 9 p.m.

Head here for all the rest of the Comic Arts deets.

Azealia Banks' Debut Album "Broke With Expensive Taste" is Finally Here

azealia4.jpgIt's been a long road for Azealia Banks' debut album. She graced our cover in June of 2012 and Broke With Expensive Taste was, supposedly, soon to follow. After leaving her label earlier this year, the fate of that album was left hanging in the balance. But now Azealia Banks has pulled a much less polished Beyoncé, dropping her album today with almost no notice, and we couldn't be more excited to hear the album now that it's finally out in the world. Banks has lamented the music industry before, so it only makes sense that she's releasing this album on her own, unconventional terms.

"The music industry is like a machine," she told us back in June. "It's always going, and this new generation of artists -- me, A$AP Rocky, RitaOra -- we're the fuel that's keeping it going. And once you get in that machine you've gotta run with it. There's a crazy inertia that's been going for years and years and years, and it's not gonna stop for you, so you've gotta keep fucking working. The minute you stop working, that's when you get stuck in the gears. And that's when it grinds you up and spits you out." 

Broke With Expensive Taste is listed on Spotify, although you can't stream it just yet, and it's also up on iTunes, with the release date listed for tomorrow. Her excellent dance track "Chasing Time," which was released on Banks' Soundcloud back in September, appears on the album and with track names like "Nude Beach A-Go-Go" and "Ice Princess" we can only guess, and hope, that this album is going to be everything we love about Azealia Banks.  

4892d8be.jpgHere's the tracklist for Broke With Expensive Taste:

1. Idle Delilah
2. Gimme a Chance
3. Desperado
4. JFK [ft. Theophilus London]
5. 212 [ft. Lazy Jay]
6. Wallace
7. Heavy Metal and Reflective
8. BBD
9. Ice Princess
10. Yung Rapunxel
11. Soda
12. Chasing Time
13. Luxury
14. Nude Beach A-Go-Go
15. Miss Amor
16. Miss Camaraderie

Watch This Trippy Young Ruffian Remix of Lana Del Rey's "Once Upon a Dream"


We'll take pretty much any remix of a Lana song because there can never be enough Lana Del Rey -- that's a proven fact. In addition to the Young Ruffian remix treatment, "Once Upon a Dream" also received a chopped and screwed video with clips from Maleficent. The visuals are dark and eerie to perfectly suit Lana Del Rey's haunting voice. Watch the revamped "Once Upon a Dream," above. 

Kanye West Plays a Passionate Coach in Big Sean's "IDFWU" Video


Big Sean's "IDFWU," featuring e-40 and jointly produced by Kanye West and DJ Mustard, was given a football-themed music video. Both producers make cameos, with Kanye as a passionate coach, and Teyana Taylor, Big Boy, and E-40 also make appearances. When Big Sean has flashbacks to his girl cheating, Kanye is there to get his head back in the game (*whispers* "Focus."), inspiring Quarterback Sean to launch into the chorus: "I don't fuck with you." If it was up to us, Kanye West would win an Oscar for this performance.

This Is The Most Hellish Sitcom Nightmare You Will Ever See


Initially, "Too Many Cooks" -- which Adult Swim has been quietly airing at 4 a.m., listing the segment as an infomercial --  seems like a spot-on skewering of the opening credits from an '80s or early-'90s family sitcom. And then it doesn't end. For 12 insane minutes, the credits descend further into an absurd hellscape nightmare, morphing into various genres and  becoming increasingly violent and dark. And it just goes on on and on and on and oh my god, it's incredible. It's tempting to jump ship, but you need to watch to the end. [Uproxx]
Someone set Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" to a 1989 aerobics video and it's pretty awesome. So. Many. Perms. [RatsOff]

HEART EXPLOSION ALERT: Watch a 5-week-old orphaned baby otter adopted by Chicago's Shedd Aquarium learn how to swim. So many squeaks. [TastefullyOffensive]

tumblr_n67oemWhFj1sykpjyo8_1280.jpgShakespearean insults with cats. [Buzzfeed]
  Cleo the pitbull puppy does not want to wake up. The morning struggle is very real. [Uproxx]

FRIDAY. It's Friday. Friday. [Mlkshk]

Watch Nick Jonas Teach You How to Grab Your Crotch Like a Pro


Nick Jonas has ascended the ranks of Disney boy-band fame to become one of the foremost dick-grabbers of a generation. In the tutorial, above, Nick Jonas teaches you his fool-proof method for executing the perfect crotch grab, every time. Anyone can do it -- not just ripped-as-hell, reinvented pop stars. All you need is "a hand, a crotch, and a willingness to do anything." Here's the gist of it: simply "turn to the side, profile is better, make sure your hand is ready and just go for it. That's it, that's all you need." SO easy. Now try it out for yourself! Just watch out for all the ladies that will INSTANTLY flock to you. 

And if your dick is less than grab-able, you might want to check out this gripping and really sad account of what it's like to live with a micro-penis. It makes Nick Jonas' glib crotch grabbing seem gauche and, frankly, insensitive. #teamlittledick    

But hey, choose your own penis adventure -- or both!