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Watch Bill Murray Train for a Marathon in a Tuxedo


Bill Murray gets a quick run in during his interview on Letterman, wins. 

Jimmy Fallon, Brad Pitt, and Brad Pitt's mustache settle a few pressing matters in a breakdance conversation.


Kanye getting some Froyo

View on Instagram

Just Kanye West enjoying a nice frozen treat.


An unrequited love. [via TheClearlyDope] 

Why hello, our new favorite show.

Ezra Miller to be the First Out LGBTQ Superhero in a Major Film

Ezra Miller is set to go from a quiet wallflower to a blockbuster superhero. Our former cover star will play The Flash in Warner Bros.' film adaptation of the DC comic in 2018. His feature role in The Flash will make Miller the first out, queer actor to portray a major superhero in a studio film. The actor first identified himself as "queer" in a 2012 Out interview.

While it might be hard for the 22-year-old LGBTcutie to save the world in sculptural Comme Des Garcons pants, we like to think that we imagined Ezra Miller as an avant hero of some kind, first.

[via Buzzfeed]

Artist Roopa Vasudevan Is Turning Your Favorite Rap Lyrics Into Wearable 3D Printed Grills

The history of hip-hop's relationship with conspicuous consumption is nuanced, unlike some of the resulting lyrics. On Rick Ross' "Sanctified" Kanye West raps, "All I want's a 100 million dollars and a bad bitch." Which is blunt, yet effective at getting his point across.

But since The College Dropout, Kanye West has always tried to critique his penchant for "Rollies and Pashas" with some level of self-awareness. On "All Falls Down," the rapper does some quick theorizing on why, as Lorde puts it, "everybody's like Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece." Mr. West surmises that rags-to-riches rappers and disenfranchised black men chasing a similar lifestyle, "shine because they hate us / floss 'cause they degrade us" and, metaphorically, are "trying to buy back our 40 acres."

Now, artist Roopa Vasudevan's "Grillz," which debuted at the Dumbo Arts Festival last month, attempts to add to add to the ongoing conversation about rap's fixation on the come up.

"I've listened to rap music with a critical ear for a while now and one of the most fascinating things is the consistent trope that you aren't 'real' unless you come from a certain type of background," Vasudevan told Dazed in an interview. "It's interesting to compare that with lyrical bragging about how you now are able to throw money in the air... Rags to riches stories are certainly prevalent in hip-hop and are something to be celebrated, but I wanted to go further into exploring songs that had a tendency to exaggerate on both sides."

-2grillz.jpgThe artist constructed her grills by analyzing the lyrics from iconic rap songs like "Juicy" by Biggie and "Been Around The World" by Puff Daddy. Vasudevan paid particular attention to any mention of either extreme wealth or extreme poverty.

"Mentions in each category are scored according to relative distance from words of the opposite polarity, and the resulting landscape formed is extruded into a 3D shape and printed as wearable grills: jewelry designed to fit over one's teeth, and which have become inextricably linked to hip-hop culture over the years as a symbol of over-the-top, ostentatious wealth," Vasudevan explains on the project's website.

But while grills are obviously way more dope than say, a gilded 3D-printed investment banker's accessory, we can definitely think of a lot more outrageously flagrant displays of money that need critiquing before fake gold teeth.

ICYMI: Afroman Released a New Version of "Because I Got High"

Afroman released a new version of his classic "Because I Got High" and he's given the Grammy-nominated track a positive spin -- not that it wasn't pretty positive already. Now he's highlighting the medical, economic and social reasons to love weed and supporting NORML. In this new video he enjoys a blissful, couch-potato trip down Main Street USA, before heading over the water and into outer space. We're also planning to show our support for legalization tonight by heading over to the big 40th anniversary celebration for High Times Magazine here in NYC. As the invite says: "Munchies will be provided."

Party Alert: Halloween by Hood by Air

hood-by-air-fall-winter-2013-11.jpgNot sure if you could call this going back to his roots, but Shayne Oliver is having a big party. His Hood by Air menswear label has been getting lots of attention lately, but most New Yorkers haven't forgotten his early days as a club promoter and host of GHE20GOTH1K. So it wasn't a total surprise to see that HBA is hosting a big "performance masquerading as a party" at the Museum of Modern Art (11 West 53rd Street) on the night before Halloween, Thursday, October 30th.

The event is called "Id" and it's the first time that Shayne and his collective have produced a big event outside of a fashion-show setting. They're promising "a theater, a live stream and a humannequin installation." Tickets are $25 and are available HERE.

Listen to South Park's Lorde Parody Song Sung by Sia


On a recent episode of South Park, a theory was put forth that Lorde is just a middle-aged man masquerading as an influential teen. Later, it turned into a whole thing when the actual Lorde, who was totally cool with it because she's always totally cool, parodied the parody.

Now South Park has released their Lorde send-up, "Push (Feeling Good On A Wednesday)" in full. The rebooted song is pretty amazing and it's sung by Sia, probably with Lorde's cool teen blessing.

[via Pitchfork]

Why Are 'Basic Bitches' Taking Over the Zeitgeist Right Now?

BasicLatte4new.jpgIllustration by Avinash Hirdaramani

Like many other twentysomethings -- especially twentysomething women -- this fall weather and the aromatic smells wafting out of Starbucks have got me thinking a lot lately about the 'basic bitch.' That 'extra regular' female we all love to shit on seems to be reaching its nadir after a long and circuitous route through pop culture that began when it was still a term used within the LGBT and drag communities (often in the context of "reading" -- or dissing -- competitors or rivals at vogue balls or otherwise); moved on to its adoption (co-option?) by segments of the hip-hop community; exploded on certain corners of the Internet -- including PAPER -- in 2012 when a then-eighth grade boy named Lohanthony wore some amazing green spandex and shot a video of himself twirling his leg and calling these girls out (later, he was kind enough to define the expression for us); and now, after two years of Thought Catalog articles, College Humor videos and countless hashtags, seems to be reaching its peak in 2014 just as we enter Uggs-and-pumpkin spice latte season (two accessories that have become as associated with basic bitches as granny glasses and skinny jeans were to mid-to-late-aughts hipsters). It's a term that -- beyond being associated with those two previously mentioned items -- denotes a certain type of woman who follows the herd, who gives in to 'girly trends' (whether Lululemon yoga pants, bandage dresses, Soul Cycle) and who exists in many different regions and micro-iterations.

A couple of days ago, Noreen Malone penned a well-written piece for The Cut that asked "What Do You Really Mean When You Say 'Basic Bitch'?" and in it, she argues that what we're really getting at when we use that phrase is a dig on someone's mainstream consumption habits at best and misogyny -- whether committed by a man or a woman -- at worst. 

This doesn't tell the whole story.

While there's no question of the fact that the term has whiffs of sexism and that the very way we catalogue a 'basic bitch' is by her consumption habits, what we're really saying when we say 'basic bitch' is a 'fuck you' to the perceived popular girls, the privileged girls, the shallow girls. The "bb" is the "sorority girl" 2.0 but whereas the term "sorority girl" is not necessarily a pejorative, the "basic bitch" is an unambiguous slur and one that can encompass a wider swath of women than just the ones wearing ∆∆∆ sweatshirts.

Explained in the simplest of terms, it's a way for a picked-on art kid to lob an insult back to the captain of the cheerleading squad. And it has bite. For a generation raised by our parents/teachers/coaches to think that we're all 'special little snowflakes' and to come of age when a lot of us believe we're important enough and unique enough that people should want to like our selfies goddammit!, one of the most stinging things you can tell someone is that she's not special. She's ordinary, regular -- basic.

And what's equally important to this idea of the 'basic bitch' having social privilege is that they're perceived to have class privilege, too. It seems okay to pick on someone from the dominant 'in group,' particularly if what you're making fun of is a person's mutable choices and not their immutable characteristics. And, at least where consumption habits are concerned, perception more or less equals reality. Uggs are still pricey ($155.00 at Bloomingdales, if you were wondering) and a tall pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks is $4.15. Privilege, in this particular sense, can be colorblind as Jezebel illustrates in their "United States of Basic Bitches." While it's most often stock photos of white women that are used to depict bbs in blog posts, a 'basic bitch' can be found in all sorts of contexts when groupthink collides with social and class privilege, no matter the race. 

Another reason the term has caught on so well is that, like the wealthy, popular girl who  peaked in high school and turns up to your ten-year reunion with a dead-end boyfriend and talks your ear off about how much fun it was that night senior year when everyone got drunk on Mike's Hard before hitting up a Dave Matthews Band concert, there's something weirdly anachronistic and dated about the basic bitch. As Malone writes, she's "mid-aughts." At a time when the indie/DIY/artisanal -- okay, hipster -- lifestyle has become mainstream, there's something fascinating about those who stubbornly cling to mass market consumer items and trends -- especially when those items are expensive. Hipsters used to be the group snarky bloggers would diss but now the pendulum has swung and it's the 'mainstream' that gets our disdain. Why spend $4.15 on a PSL when you can get a latte from Blue Bottle coffee for $4

And, finally, the phrase draws power from the fact that as much as we may use it to 'other' someone, most of us can't help but occasionally -- if embarrassingly -- identify with it. Whether it's the editor of a white-hot streetwear bible going to Soul Cycle five times a week to the warehouse party promoter who lets herself loll around on Sundays in yoga pants, we all have a little of the 'Basic Bitch' in us. Being cool all the time can get exhausting. After waking up this morning to crummy, rainy weather, and barely surviving a subway full of damp strangers and wet dog smells, I made a beeline to the Starbucks on 33rd and Park for the one thing I knew would cheer me up: a pumpkin spice latte.

Iggy Azalea Thinks Nick Jonas' Hotness is Getting Out of Hand


We here at Paper have been diligently following Nick Jonas' evolution from "Nick Jonas" to "Nick Jonas ;)" and we're totally on board for his new look. But Iggy Izalea has rightfully reminded us that Jonas fever can be extremely dangerous, like, Ebola-level dangerous. So if you're going to look at shirtless pictures of Nick Jonas grabbing his dick -- as a precaution -- DO NOT look directly into his eyes. It's for your own good.


Megan Amram's "Let's Get Physical" Parody Ft. Nick Offerman Is a Damn Treat


Former PAPER Beautiful Person, Parks & Rec writer and one of the funniest people on Twitter, Megan Amram, has a new book coming out called Science... For Her! and to celebrate its release, she's made an awesome parody video of Olivia Newton-John's "Let's Get Physical," called -- wait for it -- "Let's Get Physics Y'all." Rocking some amazing early-80s workout gear, Amram pumps iron alongside Nick Offerman and comedians Rich Fulcher and Steve Agee. It's a delight and we're sorry Zander didn't text you back, Megan. His phone probably just died.

[via Funny Or Die]

"Drunk J. Crew" Is the Only Fashion Catalog We Care About


drunk-jcrew5.jpegtumblr_ndk3atOyZW1u1vp1qo1_500.jpgYou know how just about every clothing retailer features models in their catalogs who look like they're about to fall over? Some beautiful genius has created the Tumblr "Drunk J. Crew," a collection of such photos, and it's perfect. [via Uproxx]

Sting sings all the ringtones burned into your subconscious on the Tonight Show and records an audience member's outgoing voicemail.

Sweets the biker English bulldog waves hi to a passerby/is the coolest. [TastefullyOffensive]

funny1017.pngGotcha, gotcha. [LaughterKey]

tumblr_nb905xhTCn1qjnhqgo1_500.jpegEverywhere. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

Winter boyfriends > summer boyfriends. [CollegeHumor]
 11279.jpgTGIF. [Mlkshk]

Chance the Rapper Dropped A New Track With His Band The Social Experiment


A list of things that Chance the Rapper hates, in brief: most vegetables, everything.

On his new track "No Better Blues" he patiently rattles off his wryly melancholy list of dislikes with an assist from his band, The Social Experiment. The song is pretty depressing lyrically, but musically it sounds like a tempered gospel track. Perhaps not liking anything is the new liking everything, to borrow Kanye West's logic.

Even though Chance the Rapper says otherwise, maybe it does get better -- hopefully soon, in the form of a proper follow-up to his 2013 mixtape, Acid Rap.

Watch Chris Rock Play A Washed Up Comedian in the Top Five Trailer


Top Five, which was picked up by Paramount Pictures for $12.5M after its fantastic showing at the Toronto Film Festival, is taking on the nature of celebrity and reality TV. In the film, Chris Rock plays a version of himself named "Andre Allen," a comedian who has apparently lost his ability to be funny.

Starting with Jay Z and Kanye West as Co-Producers -- and Questlove as the Executive Music Producer -- Top Five is a star-studded event, which we get a glimpse of in the trailer, above.

[via Deadline]

Björk Really, Really Wants You to "Declare Independence"


There's a good reason to love today's oldie video, besides the fact that it stars Björk and was directed by Michel Gondry. "Declare Independence" was co-written and produced by Mark Bell, who passed away last week. Mark was a founder of the influential UK band LFO and a mainstay of Warp Records. He produced several of the seminal 90s acid and techno tracks, and remixed and produced tunes for everybody from Depeche Mode to Radiohead. He originally recorded and performed an instrumental version of this song in 2006, and Bjork later added the vocals and released it on her Volta album. Gondry shot the video here in NYC in October 2007 and Mark has a cameo -- he's the guy suspended from the ceiling, plucking the strings of a giant, fantasy instrument.

Meow The Jewels Is Real, Funded, and Totally Happening


While Taylor Swift might be getting all of the cat-related hype lately, hip-hop duo Run The Jewels -- a collaboration between El-P and Killer Mike -- is definitely getting in on the feline tip. After a fake pre-order package promised a cat sounds version of their upcoming album, RTJ2, an enterprising fan turned it into a very real Kickstarter. And now with the Kickstarter fully funded and the support of El-P himself, Zola Jesus, Just Blaze and even Beyoncé contributor Boots, a meow-filled version of Run The Jewels' new album is imminent. And with all the proceeds going to charity, there's no real loser here -- except maybe our ears.

13 of Rick Ross' Most Surprisingly Motivational Tweets


Our favorite dinner guest, Rick Ross has recently taken to rampantly abusing the hashtag function of Twitter (and the little flame emoji) to promote his upcoming album #HoodBillionare. The album doesn't come out until November 24th but ever-hustling rapper isn't wasting any time.

In addition to his enthusiastic approach to hashtaging, songs like "Stay Schemin'" and "Hustlin'" have always lead us to believe that Rick Ross would make an excellent -- albeit twisted and murder-y -- motivational speaker. And when we looked further the boss' tweets, are suspicions were confirmed. Surprisingly, Rick Ross' Twitter feed is like the darker version of Lil B's. Or -- more accurately -- a lifeless, life coach bot. We're actually kind of concerned about it.

But without further ado, here's your daily dose of inspiration, courtesy of Rick Ross, below.

Questlove is Nervous About DJing for Rich White Tweens


Jimmy Fallon's nightly bandleader, Questlove is known for being very particular when it comes to DJing. The Roots frontman definitely will not hesitate to judge your set segues if the bpm's don't line up. He's spun for almost everyone in Hollywood and now he's taking on something much more challenging -- tweens.

Questlove is set to DJ his first bar mitzvah on Saturday, and he's nervous. While "nervous" isn't really the word we'd use if we had to play "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore all night (try: embarrassed, ashamed, regretful), we totally feel you, Questlove. We see that play on "Fancy" and we recognize your talent and remarkable knowledge of all music.


Prepping For My First Bar Mitzvah. Prolly the most nervous ice ever been bout a DJ gig.

View on Instagram

Maroon 5, turn up! At least Questlove gets to play the edited versions of Drake songs at this 13-year-old's right of passage, as is tradition.

[via PageSix]

Happy Friday! Here's a Video of Kanye Turning Up to the 80s Jam "Take On Me"

The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

wise-7-w724.jpgMost Fashionable Bagel of the Week: This Chanel bag that turned out to be a knockoff. Obviously, Chanel doesn't do carbs. -- Gabby Bess

Finest Line Between Reality and Parody of the Week:
Today Vice tweeted "Are Zit-Squeezing Videos the New Porn?" and the line between @Vice and @Vice_Is_Hip got a little bit smaller and more confusing. -- Kyla Bills

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 1.28.42 PM.png

Most Exciting New Collaboration of the Week:
Pharrell x Ladurée x Colette. In honor of his upcoming concerts in Paris, Pharrell has teamed up with Colette and Ladurée to create limited-edition macaroons. Available for just one week, these treats will come in two different flavors consisting of Peanut Butter and Cola. In celebration Colette has deemed this week "Pharrell Week," and beyond being able to buy delicious treats, other goodies will also be on display such as T-shirts, jewelry, as well as Comme des Garçons' perfume. -- Emily McEnroe

734023_10151563834775820_640018684_n.jpgBest Nostalgia of the Week:
Time for a new marionette? -- Gary Pini

Grossest TMI of the Week:
Apparently, Jason Biggs peed on Chelsea Handler's face. This is something we don't think anyone wanted to know -- but now that it's out there we can only ask a resounding "Why did this need to be shared on national television?" -- KB

Paul-McCarthy-sculpture-2.jpgLeast Believable Halloween Costume of the Week:
This butt plug's. I'm not buying this Christmas tree costume for a minute. -- GB 

php7RS4uVAM.jpgMost Intriguing Mansion of the Week:
This Miami-esque pad in Mill Basin, Brooklyn of all places. -- Abby Schreiber

Most Heroic Cat of the Week:
This cat gets that ukulele covers need to stop. We support this cat. We understand this cat. -- KB

Best Presidential Gossip of the Week:
Obama's credit card was recently declined. (But before you go around thinking he was overdrawn, it was supposedly due to the fact that he "doesn't use it enough," so the bank was alerted to possible fraud.) -- AS

Angriest Clowns of the Week: The Clowns of America International. The group is very mad about the portrayal of clowns as horrible, terrifying murderers on the new season of American Horror Story. Because a group of angry clowns hanging out is a really convincing argument about how nonthreatening clowns are! -- KB

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 6.05.50 PM.pngPerson You Should Be Following On Twitter of the Week: Sandy Rogen, Seth Rogen's mom. -- AS

Most Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh of the Week:
This preview of Sleater Kinney's new single (their first in nine years). It's only 10 seconds, but we'll take it. --Elizabeth Thompson

Grossest Dessert Recipe From a World-Renowned Pastry Chef of the Week:
This one. Skip to about 2:20 if you like watching Italian men create mounds of Jell-O, dough and what appears to be cat food and then feed some to Ian Svenonius. Or just watch the whole thing, because it's the Eric Wareheim-directed trailer for a new cookbook by Brooks Headley, Del Posto's executive pastry chef and a former drummer in the immortal hardcore band Born Against. My faith in humankind is restored. -- James Rickman

Elijah Wood Took the Best-Ever Photo with a Fan

mQKRKOs.jpgElijah Wood took a magical, magical photo with a fan. Gaze upon it in wonder. [Reddit]
This old man singing "Great Balls of Fire" is our new karaoke hero. [Uproxx]

tumblr_ndikfoDlSi1s00kwno1_500.jpgPretty much us all through high school. [TastefullyOffensive]
 113GM.jpgBathing beauty. [Mlkshk]

tumblr_inline_mtjeauC1nh1royb4m.jpgBut it will be fun and festive, promise. [LaughterKey]

unnamed.gifWhen you're deciding if you can love someone. [Paper'sTumblr]

Just a cockatoo jamming the F out to "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC. Very cool guy. [FYeahDementia]
The horror, the horrrrrorrrrr. [Mlkshk]

Listen to the Leaked Drake Track "How About Now"

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 10.35.23 AM.pngLast night, a teenager from Marietta, Georgia uploaded a mysterious Drake track to SoundCloud. The original upload has since been taken down but the song still lives in various corners of the Internet and in our hearts. It's unclear if "How About Now" is a new track off of Views From The Six or an old, unreleased cut from Nothing Was The Same. But what is clear is that "How About Now" is a legit Drake track, because who else would rap about driving an unappreciative ex-girlfriend to her bar exam in the snow.

[via Stereogum]