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Brooklyn, Who? This Season It's All About Those Country Western Vibes

christopherowens.jpgChristopher Owens. (Photo by Annie Thornton)

The wild frontier is back -- but this time there's a lot more to it than boots and boleros. Take indie darling Christopher Owens, who embraces his teen years spent in Amarillo, Texas, on his sensational country- and gospel-infused second album, A New Testament (out September 30 on Turnstile). "I've always liked the Western and country sound and the mythology of the pioneer and cowboy," he explains. "But after living in California (home of his beloved retro-rock band Girls), I realized I had a special experience in Amarillo." Just over the Texas border, NOLA rocker Benjamin Booker is working up a rootsy ferocity that could start a mosh pit at the local barn dance. And in the fashion world, Levi's celebrated the 80th anniversary of their women's jean with an editor event at an Arizona dude ranch; Chanel hosted a pop-up store in Aspen that showcased the brand's "Paris-Dallas" collection; and Coach's newly appointed executive creative director, Stuart Vevers, is tapping into the brand's all-American DNA with a debut fall collection of fringed handbags, blanket coats and riding boots. Clearly, down home is the new downtown.

chanel_west_onpoint.jpgChanel Pop-Up Shop, Aspen. (Photo courtesy of Chanel)

Benjamin Booker. (Photo by Max Norton)

Rap Duo Rich White Ladies Wanna Kidnap Dolly Parton's Boobs In Their New Video, "Ransom"


Our favorite Bronx-bred rap duo Rich White Ladies have a star-studded hit list in their bloodthirsty, money hungry video, "Ransom," directed by Frederic Esnault. No A-lister's safe from their "lipstick stick up" -- not Oprah Winfrey, not Kate Moss, not even "Dolly's titties." The irresistibly menacing pair Scotty Rebel and Tokyo Diiva threaten to pluck Marc Zuckerburg "just like a bird," and "tie Donald Trump to a stump" to take a bump and a drag with him. We like your style, ladies -- mind if we join?

Marc Cohn's "Walking In Memphis" Needs a Hot Dance Remix


An open letter to Rob Schulz:

Dear Robin:

Since you're the hottest, new remixer around ("Prayer in C" by Lily Wood & The Prick, "Waves" by Mr Probz) we'd like to ask a favor. Would you mind doing a remix of today's oldie-but-goodie, "Walking In Memphis"? You must have been really young when the track became a hit for Marc Cohn in 1991, but you still might remember it (or Cher's cover version).  And don't you think it kinda sounds like a song you could easily update?  What do you think?  We might even be able to pay you $100 from petty cash. Let us know. 

The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 2.21.05 PM.pngBest (Worst?) New Fashion Design That's Also Probably Just Trolling Us: The "Suitsy," a suit-onesie hybrid. -- Abby Schreiber

22-fall-preview-birds-bubbles.w529.h352.2x.jpgBest New Hi-Lo Restaurant: Newly-opened Birds + Bubbles on the Lower East Side where you can get a bucket of fancy fried chicken and a bottle of champagne for $55. A.K.A. the meal of our dreams. -- Maggie Dolan

Best Performance of "Rude" by a Fiddler on the Roof Cast: The cast of a Connecticut production of Fiddler, who nailed a lip sync routine to the song and implicitly challenged Magic!, the Canadian hotshots who originated the track, to respond with a dancehall rendition of "If I Were a Rich Man." Oh wait... -- James Rickman

Best Voice That Always Makes Us Want to Slide Down a Wall Crying: Karen O's. Ms. O is back with a solo album, Crush Songs, and has been playing little shows all over the city. Here's a clip from a recent performance she gave in an apartment. -- Elizabeth Thompson

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.24.37 PM.pngWorst 'Conscious Uncoupling' News of the Week: Mama June and Sugar Bear who are supposedly splitting up after she caught him cheating on her with online dating sites. LOVE IS DEAD, PEOPLE. -- AS & ET

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.26.11 PM.pngBest 'Conscious Uncoupling' News of the Week: The probable break-up of the Canadian Monster energy drink pink cherckerboard wrist cuffs fever dream couple that is Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne. Let's just pretend this never happened. -- ET

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 2.38.51 PM.pngCan't Stop, Won't Stop Beauty Trend of the Week: FKA Twigs-esque slicked down baby hairs, which popped up at DKNY, The Blonds, Clover Canyon and now at Prada. -- AS

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.05.11 PM.pngArtsiest Belfies (Well, Or Just Butt Photos):
Taschen's soon-to-be-released 3D version of its Big Butt Book, which comes complete with glasses and a handful of new butts. That last part came out weird. -- JR

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 2.46.55 PM.pngInstagram Account You Should Be Following of the Week:
Aside from these ten art 'grams, it's a tie between a feed of attractive Icelandic policemen and women doing cute stuff and DILFs of Disneyland. -- AS

kimgsuperlatives.jpgBest Photo of the Week: Eric McNatt's outtake of Kim Gordon in our September issue. She's rocking a Rodarte jersey with no pants. If I look like this when I'm 61, I will consider my life a success. -- ET

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 2.53.14 PM.pngOn Point Revelation of the Week: Smart phones are basic and flip phones are for cool people. -- AS [Image via Medium]

007_AG18990.jpgMost Important Pop Culture Reference to Barbie Since Aqua's "Barbie Girl": Jeremy Scott's second collection for Moschino, which was inspired by the plastic princess of pink and it was fantastic. ALL PINK EVERYTHING. -- MD

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.10.01 PM.pngBest Mail Order Book Splurge: Julia Wertz's personalized copies of Museum of Mistakes, a new anthology of her beloved comic strip, which is being sold on her Etsy story. This is your chance to own an original piece of Fart Party magic. -- JR

multitask-3-immediate-use-2.jpgBrunch Party You'll Actually Want To Go To: Multitask, a new Sunday bash at Tandem Bark in Bushwick where you can eat, day drink, listen to DJs and shop at a fashion market curated by Whatever 21 and Moves and featuring clothes by local designers BCALL, RHLS and more. It's like Bagatelle but for art punks. -- AS

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.34.45 PM.pngAnd, Speaking of Brunch, the Biggest Brunch Hater of the Week: Julian Casablancas. The hybrid meal/all day event forced the Strokes singer to flee NYC and move upstate. "I don't know how many, like, white people having brunch I can deal with on a Saturday afternoon," he recently told GQ. -- Gabby Bess

Trippiest Music Video of the Week: Queer electro-hop duo Double Duchess' new video, "Good Girl Freak Out," starring Kelly Osbourne. -- A.S.

10 Celebrity Stoners That Should Be Waka Flaka's Official Blunt Roller

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 6.48.00 PM.pngWhen Waka Flocka Flame announced via Instagram that he was in the market for a blunt roller hundreds of hopefuls applied for the job by tweeting the hashtag #ICanRoll. While many tried, only one was victorious: Seth Rogen. Obviously, the Pineapple Express actor can roll but we'd like to politely make some suggestions to Mr. Flame about who would be best for the position. Scope our top candidates for the job, below.

1. Lana Del Rey

We all know that Lana Del Rey "gets high on hydroponic weed" and nothing less. The self-proclaimed "gansta" supposedly spent some time with a motorcycle gang, so rolling with Waka Flocka's crew should be a breeze. But even though Del Rey's pointy nails are our manicure inspo, they're wildly impracticable for blunt rolling. Trust us, we would know. Besides, based on the sad songstress' lyrical history, she would just grow bored of rolling joints for the rapper and motorcycle off to the next man.

2. Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is crazy and we love her. And if ever the two should meet, Waka Flocka would love her too. The Academy Award winning actress has admitted to going to almost every award show stoned and she's even rode a Segway at Burning Man. She even made a Twitter account for her dog, which is clearly an indicator of her blunt-rolling abilities.

Photo via PatrickMcMullan.com

Maureen Dowd

The Times columnist has had a torrid history with weed edibles that has now been immortalized in the form of a giant billboard. Perhaps the billboard is a not-so-subtle sign that it's time for a career change. Instead of eating a ton of pot and complaining about it, we think that she should just stick to rolling.

4. Martha Stewart

Since Gweneth Paltrow and her Goop-army dethrowned the lifestyle queen, Martha Stewart could use a new gig. She's publicly shamed sloppy joint rollers and we're completely confident that she could crank out perfect joints on-demand. Besides, isn't it about time that Martha Stewart came out with a line of boutique rolling papers?

634885684229778750442575_2__BOOK_20121114_AMH_005.jpgPhoto via PatrickMcMullan.com

5. Stephen King

In 1981, Stephen King did an extremely involved interview with High Times that covered everything from conspiracy theories to weed legalization. In the interview the author said that he sometimes enjoys to smoke weed while driving to the movie theaters so he can eat "all that good munchie food" when he arrives. It's an unlikely pairing, but we can totally see Stephen King and Waka Flocka bro-ing out and eating all of the things from the concession stand.

SDogg001_071106.JPGPhoto via PatrickMcMullan.com

6. Snoop Dogg

Obviously. The only downside is that Snoop would probably smoke all the weed before even thinking about rolling a joint for Waka Flocka.

BFA_6281_728528.jpg7. Morgan Freeman

Everyone can admit that having Morgan Freeman -- AKA God -- as a personal blunt roller would be the best thing ever. Not only is he a long-time marijuana advocate but he has actually said that weed is his energy source. And how awesome would it be to have Morgan Freeman narrating the blunt rolling process, documentary-style.  

8. Barbra Streisand

The multi-talented songstress has smoked weed with Seth Rogen so we're sure she can roll like a champ. And apparently when stoned her first thought is "steak flavored ice cream," which is obviously a great quality for Waka Flocka's blunt rolling candidate.

abbyweed.jpg9. Broad City's Abbi and Ilana

Like we always say, two blunt rollers are better than one! It's no secret that Ilana knows all the best weed hiding places (like her vagina, or "natures pocket") and Waka Flocka would be a wonderful addition to the Broad City cast.

barack_obama_smoking_weed_picture.0.0.0x0.611x404_i9mo.jpg10. President Barack Obama

After his term is up, we think that the President deserves to just chill. Going from President of the United States to "President of Big Fat Blunts" isn't a bad career move, in our opinion.

Watch Ariel Pink's Strange Ode to Catcalling, "Put Your Number in My Phone"


Among many other other things, the video for Ariel Pink's "Put Your Number in My Phone" is a very serious fashion moment. The singer attempts to pickup women in a suburban shopping mall wearing a turquoise cowboy hat, a matching fur coat, BDSM chains, and HBA jeans. The look is accented by an aging, mask-wearing mall-goth in wheelchair. Together, the duo attempt to play pickup artist as Pink longingly croons, "Talk to me... Put your number in my phone."

"It's a story about friendship and the pursuit of happiness," said Grant Singer, the video's director. But while the act of lurking for women has always brought men closer to each other, we're granting Pink a little more self-awareness than that, knowing that his performance persona has always been somewhat of a haphazardly cultivated mystery.

"Put Your Number in My Phone" is the first track the artist has shared from his forthcoming album, pom pom, out November 8.

ICYMI: Watch Home Movies of Beyoncé and Jay Z's Wedding From HBO's "On the Run Tour"


In case you weren't glued to your TV on Saturday night eating a dinner of Cheetos and red wine (just us?) while watching Beyoncé and Jay Z's HBO concert special, "On the Run Tour: Beyoncé and Jay Z," the couple has now released a clip of one of the better moments: footage of them performing "Young Forever" and "Halo" while home movies of things like their wedding, Beyoncé's pregnancy, Blue Ivy's birth and lots of amazing-looking vacations play in the background. It's celebrity voyeurism at its finest and actually pretty touching.

The Wonderful World of Catherine Baba

Australian-born, Paris-based Catherine Baba is not only one of the most incredible stylists around; she also speaks her own irresistible language that's equal parts Diana Vreeland and Dr. Seuss. We asked her to style herself as she fashionably flitted about Paris with photographer Stephane Feugere in tow to catch every glamorous second.
 BABA4_mm.jpgBalmain top, skirt and belt, Christian Louboutin pumps, Chloe sunglasses, Studdmuffin NYC at Patricia Field turban, Elsa Peretii for Tiffany & Co. cuff, Boucheron ring, Yves Saint Laurent lipstick.

babalook10.jpgDiane Von Furstenberg sweater, Vivienne Westwood Gold Label cape, Leonard Paris leggings, Catherine Baba pour Nouvelle Affair earrings, Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co. cuff and bangle, Lanving bangle, Boucheron ring, Yves Saint Laurent vintage cuff, Christian Louboutin heels.

BABA9_mm.jpgJason Wu dress, Chanel vintage necklace.

BABA7_mm.jpgLanvin hat, jewels and faux fur coat.

BABA16_mm.jpgChloe jacket, dress and bracelets.

BABA12_mm.jpgMoschino gown, Thierry Lasry sunglasses, Lanvin necklace, Yves Saint Laurent  vintage cuff Louis Vuitton bracelet and Baccrat crystal rings.

BABA13_mm.jpgPrada dress, coat and scarf, Yves Saint Laurent  vintage hat and bag LouLou de la Falaise earrings, Christian Louboutin boots.

BABA15_mm.jpgGucci coat and sunglasses, Isabel Benenato bodysuit, Zana Bayne harness and belt, Lanvin gloves, Blumarine boots. On scooter with Renaud Verly.

baba30.jpgDress, fur, belt and sunglasses by Tsumori Chisato, vintage cuff by Yves Saint Laurent, bracelet by Louis Vuitton, rings by Baccarat, Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co. cuff, Boucheron rings, Lanvin bangle and boots by Christian Louboutin. 

baba20.jpgCoat and turban by Undercover, earrings by Catherine Baba pour Nouvelle Affaire, suglasses by Cast Eyewear. Left hand: vintage cuff by Yves Saint Laurent, rings by Baccarat. Right hand: Cuff by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co., ring by Boucheron. Boots by Christian Louboutin. 

BABA1_mm.jpgGivenchy coat, dress, scarf bra and rings. Yves Saint Laurent vintage hat and belt. Chloe sunglasses, Gerbe tights. 
For more with Catherine Baba, head over to The Coveteur.

Stylist assistant:
Melina Brossard

Special thanks to Hotel Prince Des Galles, Franck Malliot from La Belle Epoque and Renaud Verly from Le Bebe Cafe.

Singer-Songwriter Lail Arad Wrote a Beautiful Love Letter to Leonard Cohen

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 4.00.22 PM.pngUK singer-songwriter Lail Arad recently paid a visit to the PAPER kitchen to perform a few songs off her forthcoming, untitled sophomore album (out next year), and tell us a bit more about her music background and the inspirations behind tracks like "Pickled Love" and "Milo." Not long after her visit, Arad recorded her album's single -- "1934 (A Song For Leonard Cohen)" -- a particularly appropriate love letter to the iconic musician who turned 80 yesterday and will be fêted at a special birthday celebration in London tonight, which, fittingly, is also the launch party for Arad's track. Watch Arad's kitchen concerts and scope the video "1934 (A Song For Leonard Cohen)," below. You can download the single HERE.

"1934 (A Song For Leonard Cohen)"

When did you first start writing music?

I think it was more or less when I finished high school. I took a year off before going to college and I started playing around with songs. And then when I started university, I knew that I'd do music as soon as I finished and so when I graduated, I started doing it seriously.

Can you tell us about the inspirations behind your songs?

"Pickled Love" is a slightly older song that's been hanging around for a while. I guess it was the post-rationalization of a breakup -- but quite a while after the fact. "Milo" is a French number. It's such a crazy song that started as a joke to myself, really. I was at the gym, which is the only time I have contact with [Top 40] music. I just realized one day that most of the songs I heard that morning were saying, "say my name, say my name." I realized that with me, that wouldn't work because no one can pronounce my name. So that's how the chorus came about -- how you can't say my name. But ultimately I think the good thing about songs is that they can mean different things to different people and once they're out in the world, they're not really yours anymore. So we'll see what people make of them.

Aside from finishing up your second album, are you working on any other projects at the moment?

I'm writing a novel. It's on a third draft right now -- probably the third of 30. It's so much longer than writing a song. I could have probably written a hundred songs in the time it took to write one chapter. But it's really exciting. A lot of it is fiction but it's also very much about music. It's in the early stages. I didn't even intend to write a novel necessarily but very quickly this thing took form. That's probably all I should say.

"Pickled Love"


Ellen Added Herself Into Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Commercial

Ellen added herself into Matthew McConaughey's cuckoo Lincoln commercial and it's a real treat. [via Ellen]

Jimmy Kimmel went around asking people on the street who was smarter -- people from LA or people from New York. Their answers are...frankly not that surprising. [via Jimmy Kimmel]

Leonardo DiCaprio rapped A Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario" at 1Oak. [via Uproxx]

tumblr_nc08v3fkj31qe0wclo1_500.jpgBarf explosions. [via The Clearly Dope]

tumblr_nc7bigBctV1rn7bzro1_500.jpgWhat Millennial grandparents will say to their grandkids. [via Knusprig Titten Hitler]

tumblr_nc009ol5PL1qckp4qo1_500.pngSame. [via Rats Off]

tumblr_nc11vqEFf61qhwlspo1_1280.jpgHappy Tuesday from Mr. Good Vibes Cool Dog. [via F Yeah Dementia]

Kendrick Lamar's Back With Uplifting New Single, "i"


Kendrick Lamar dropped released his first new music since 2012 this morning. "i," the much-anticipated new single off his upcoming new album (which doesn't have a release date), is uncharacteristically positive and upbeat, sampling The Isley Brothers' "Who's That Lady" and featuring the refrain "I love myself." Twitter is not having much of it, some naysayers calling this the "Andre 3000" phase of his career, others pointing out that "Who's That Lady" was once the Salon Selectives jingle. Those snarks aside, we're into this poppy and uplifting side of Lamar. Give it a listen above.

Print Publishing Isn't Dying

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.18.04 AM.pngSurviving 30 years in the media space as an indie publication is a remarkable achievement under any circumstance, and it's even more noteworthy given the disruption that has taken place with the arrival of the Internet and the ensuing print crisis that we have all heard too much about. The good news is that the reports of print's death have been greatly exaggerated, as you can tell by our glamorous new look and the iconic brands that have come on board for the celebration. Here we are, still kicking it hard; our hippie, punk and DIY roots firmly in place and oddly in keeping with the shifting zeitgeist and its hodgepodge of aesthetics and sensibilities that match up so well with the Paper perspective year after year.

While it is tempting to look back with pride at the 308 issues, the groundbreaking covers, the amazing people I've met, the fantastic parties... I won't linger on the past.

Paper has always been about celebrating the future while paying homage to legendary talents. Before the words "influencer" or "emerging" had gained currency, we were writing about tomorrow today, preferring the up-and-comers with cultural cred -- what we called "the cutting edge" before the phrase was turned into marketing speak -- to the mass market successes. Bursting out of New York City's downtown community of the '80s, now heralded as a golden age of creative ferment, we used our instincts to nudge the culture in the direction we thought it should go. And given our track record, I am proud to say we got it right most of the time.

We watched and participated in many of the cool indie movements we loved, and we enjoyed the success of people we championed, many of them the OGs featured in this issue -- the ones who broke the mold, the pioneers who blazed idiosyncratic paths that others gladly followed. We can proudly point and say we were there at the birth of hip-hop, skate culture and indie films. We watched fashion go pop and the rarefied art world explode into mainstream entertainment. So when today Jay-Z dances with Marina Abramovic while downtown's peculiar mix of fashion, art and entertainment luminaries look on, it all somehow makes sense. The multitiered, cross-referential, mixed-media mise en scène is part of our DNA, which we have been living and documenting since 1984.

Now, represented by our two cover stars -- the scream queen rocker Courtney Love and freaky rap-pop princess Brooke Candy -- we salute the Original Gangsters while looking ahead to what we are calling the NGs (New Gangsters), who are knocking at the door. We welcome them all into the world of Paper.

Working and Serving at the 24th Annual Latex Ball

Sure, some mark the arrival of fall with Labor Day barbeques or  unpacking their sweaters from storage, but we officially welcome this time of year with the Latex Ball. The annual late-August affair from the Gay Men's Heath Crisis raises awareness about HIV and AIDS and always turns out legendary looks and moves for a good cause, and, this year, filmmaker Nicolas Jenkins was on the scene to capture it all. Check out his videos below and start working on your Butch Queen Up in Pumps face for next year.

Kirsten Dunst Stars in Aspirational, A Hilarious Short That Slams Selfie-Culture


In the age of Instagram, it's not what you know or even who you know. What's really important is who you stop for in the middle of the road and force to take a selfie. In the case of Aspirational -- a satirical short written and directed by Matthew Frost for Vs Magazine -- Kirsten Dunst is on the awkward end of this exchange.

The selfie-obsessed fangirls who swarm the Jumanji actress are more interested in their potential likes and followers than they are in Dunst. And when given the opportunity to pick the star's brain, the only thing they want to know is, "Can you tag me?"

Before you take that selfie (or fine, after), watch Aspirational, above.

Ryan Hemsworth Goes Back To His Emo Roots For "Snow In Newark"


From the looks of it, the anti-DJ Ryan Hemsworth is over the EDM scene's party music focus. "Snow in Newark," featuring Mad Decent's Dawn Golden, is a sweet and quiet love song that laments the tour life. "It's about trying to get back to my first love, emo music, actually," Hemsworth told Vogue.

We're totally getting the Myspace-era sadcore vibes from the DJ's newest track -- but in this case, that's definitely not a bad thing.

Stream "Snow in Newark," the first track from Hemsworth's upcoming sophomore album, above.

Azealia Banks' New House Track Is the Start of Her Comeback


The past three years have been a long, strange trip for Azealia Banks. The former PAPER cover girl went from being one of rap's rising stars to one of Twitter's most prolific shit-starters whose debut album's countless delays made it easy for competitors like Angel Haze or Iggy Azalea to lap her. But amidst all the noise, Banks' talent remains. Now, free from her record label, the artist's released a new house track, "Chasing Time," and already critics are saying it's her "best in years." We've always thought Banks was as talented a singer as she was an MC and here we get Yung Rapunxel blending braggodocio-laden rhymes with soulful lyrics, all accompanied by a pulsating, club-ready house beat.

If this is a taste of what's to come when Banks finally releases her debut, Broke With Expensive Taste, then she may yet have a chance to conquer Billboard charts and best-of year-end lists.

Shia LaBeouf is Wearing Neon Spandex as Perfomance Art

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 1.15.08 PM.png
We're honestly not sure if Shia LaBeouf is okay. Since he's stopped tweeting "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE," the former celebrity has been tweeting the definition of "flame" ("to burst forth with strong EMOTION"), doing the ice bucket challenge, and training hard AKA running less than half a mile day.

But as it turns out, Shia LaBeouf's short-winded exercise routines and cryptic tweets were merely a smoke screen for his latest performance art piece. After seeing his Disney cohort Miley Cyrus and her 5-foot bong become art world darlings, LaBeouf knew that it was time to get back in the game.

A spandexed Lebeouf will embark upon a #metamarathon around the perimeter of Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. And if you can make it out to Berlin by Thursday, visitors are encouraged to join the artist as he runs away from his past/himself/the shadow of James Franco.
Stedelijk Museum
Stedelijk Museum

9 Fall Fantasy Must-Haves

BootyImageONE.jpgCéline necklace, $1,200. 890 Madison Avenue
Loewe knot keychain, $345. loewe.com

BootyImageTHREE.jpgIngo Maurer Toto Lamp, $950. 89 Grand Street.

BootyImageFOUR.jpgHoorsenbuhs x Damien Hirst Pill Rosary, $72,500. othercriteria.com

BootyImageA1.jpgBuilding Block Stencil Bag, $465. building--block.com

BootyImageA2.jpgUnited Nude Float Shoe, $99. float@unitednude.com

BootyImageFIVE.jpgBootyImageA3.jpgPaul Smith x Hans Wegner Shell chair, $4,750. suiteny.com

BootyImageSEVEN.jpgWaka Waka File Folder Chair, $500. ikoikospace.com 


Versace Quilted Helmet, Price Upon Request. versace.com

Photography by Isabel Alcantara
Style Assisting by Kevin Breen

Say Lou Lou and Lindstrom Run Around Punking LA In New Video


The L.A. video collective known as Welcome To Cult (Flight Facilities, The Grates etc.) shot this clever clip for the latest track from Say Lou Lou. The girls are the twin daughters of Steve Kilbey, lead singer of Australian band The Church, and the song, "Games For Girls," is from their debut album due out early next year. The "girls" and friends run around L.A. pulling several pranks including disrupting their own billboard and hanging a 3-D self portrait in an art museum. Not sure how much, if any, of this is real, but it's fun to watch and the track -- by Norwegian producer Lindstrøm -- is nice and bubbly in a sorta disco-lite way.

#AskLena: Lena Dunham Wants You To Stop Sleeping With Garbage Trash Men

In a move that surprisingly didn't break the Internet, Lena Dunham unleashed a 12-part advice series to promote her new book, Not That Kind of Girl. With a bottle of champagne and an adorable paper backdrop looking out at the hand-drawn city, the Girls star answers all your burning questions using her "limited knowledge from her terrible escapades."

Let your new best friend/unaccredited therapist help you get your life in order, below. Spoiler alert: Yes, you can wear pasties and a "fuck me, I'm famous" shirt and still be a feminist. Also, dump him! Or stay with him. We'll just leave the advice to Lena: