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Watch Julian Casablancas + The Voidz' New Video, "Where No Eagles Fly"


Before you head out for the day, scope Julian Casablancas + The Voidz (anyone else thinking of Richard Hell and the Voidoids?!) newest video "Where No Eagles Fly" off their upcoming LP Tyranny, due out September 23rd. Although Casablancas seems to be broadening his musical horizons, it's hard to deny that visually this video has some serious Strokes vibez...  

Kimye's New York Fashion Week Style Evolution

Since Kim and Kanye are noticeably missing from the NYFW action this year while on the Yeezus tour, we've travelled back in the fashion-time continuum to see the couple's NYFW style evolution. From Kanye's pink polos and Kim's Heatherette modeling stint, here's the magical history of Kimye in fashion week pics.

Kanye: The Conspicuous Label Phase 

It's hard to believe that in 2007 Kanye had an even bigger chip on his shoulder than he does now. Before he was publicly feuding with the fashion house, he was out to prove how much he loved fashion by wearing as many LV's as possible

JJamesonKKardahian_091107_01.JPGKim Kardashian and Jenna Jameson in Heatherette via Patrick McMullan

1KKardashianAODay_101507_1.JPGKim Kardashian and Aubrey O'Day backstage at Heatherette via Patrick McMullan

Kim: The Heatherette Modeling Phase

Holy mid-2000s, batman! Heatherette, sneakers as heels, and a Danity Kane member makes for a dizzying nostalgia that we were definitely not prepared for.


1KWestMJacobsJayZ_090808_1137.JPGKanye West, Marc Jacobs and Jay Z via Patrick McMullan

Kanye: The Backpacker Phase

With the throwback electro-pop of 808's and Heartbreak in full effect, Kanye West's fashion week style was fittingly retro. At Proenza Schouler's S/S 2009 show West was unabashedly sporting head-to-toe tweed, fake glasses, suspender's and a literal backpack. Jay Z, on the other hand, was notably ahead of the trends in a #normcore look before that was even a thing.


344728KWestMJovovich_021509.JPGKanye: The MJ Glove Phase

While 'Ye has definitely looked Micheal Jackson-ier, we appreciate this subtle glove tribute.

Kim: The Fame Monster Phase

In 2009, Kimmy K was on the cusp of "international success" -- according to her Wikipedia page. With her reality show and endorsements for things like Va-Va-Va-Nilla cupcakes, it was time to go "high fashion." Based on the ensemble that Kim wore to the Y-3 show, we're guessing that Kim found style inspo in Lady Gaga -- whose over-the-top looks, unsurprisingly, don't really work without back-up dancers in matching outfits.

31696FiascoWestJovovichBushKardashian_021509_2.JPGKanye West and Kim Kardashian at Y-3 F/W 2009. So close, yet so far... via Patrick McMullan


Kanye: The Upgraded Pink Polo

In typical Yeezus fashion, Kanye referenced himself by wearing the more sophisticated version of his iconic pink, Ralph Lauren polo at 3.1 Phillip Lim and Jeremy Scott. We also can't help but notice Kanye not-so-subtly noticing Kelly Osbourne's cleavage.

Kim_Kardashian_Fashion_Week_BeBe5.jpgKim: The MJ Glove Phase

Noticing Kanye's glove moment from two seats away, Kim decided to try it out for herself at Style 360 for Bebe. Adding her own spin to the look, she went with a matching leather corset and hood. While they may have not been "officially" dating at this point, Kanye was definitely giving her style tips. The evidence is RIGHT HERE, people.


6343314344833325002836045_28_KWest_021211_009.jpgKanye West at Band of Outsiders in 2011 via Patrick McMullan

Kanye: The Leather Jogging Pants Phase

In the words of Mr. West himself, "We brought the leather jogging pants six years ago to Fendi, and they said, 'No.' How many motherfuckers you done seen with a jogging pant?" Iconic.

Kim: The Over-accessorized Phase

Kim's outfit is doing a lot here but her hair and makeup are on point. We can tell that she's about to blossom into a chic butterfly.


634830822958018750441951_35_GOLDIN_20120912_SMM_005.JPGKanye and Kim: The Minimalism Phase

AKA "The Kanyefication of Kim's Wardrobe Phase." Kanye clearly did not let Kim choose her own outfit at the Louise Goldin spring show. And while they both look fashionably sleek, they totally missed the opportunity to have a classic all-denim power couple moment.


6351447063148437505145012_31_DIESEL_091013_SM_052.JPGKanye: The Depressed Phase

Just kidding. In a white tee, two understated gold chains and possibly a "what would jesus do" bracelet at the Diesel Black Gold show, it looks like Kanye is still heavy into minimalism. Maybe he was just sad because he was away from Nori and Kim, who didn't attend fashion week that year.

All the Deets on the Apple's New iPhone 6 and iWatch

For the large-handed, near-sighted or those that subscribe to the "bigger is better" school of thought, Apple just unveiled the perfect phone: the iPhone 6 *Plus.*

Starting at $199 for 16GB, the iPhone 6 will have a 4.7 inch display and the iPhone 6 ~Plus~ (starting at $299) will have a 5.5 inch display. For comparison, the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S are only 4 inches long. Features include Wi-Fi calling and a supremely badass camera lens for taking selfies.

And if -- for some reason -- you love to exercise, both versions of the phone have a built in barometer that measures relative elevation from air pressure. Thanks to this handy improvement, the Nike+ running app will now measure distance and elevation. Pair this with Nicki Minaj's Anaconda on repeat to maximize your workout.

But if you're more into using your iPhone to play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, the new iPhone will have 50% better performance over a sustained period of time. That means you can complete more photo shoots and buy useless things with K stars without completely draining your battery.

When it comes to spending actual money, Apple's got a new app for that. With the iPhone 6 comes Apple Pay. You can use it anywhere that allows contactless payments and at select retailers including Macy's, Sephora, and Whole Foods. In light of celebrity-nude-gate, privacy is always a big concern here but, theoretically, Apple doesn't track how much you spend or where you spend it.

iaw3nu9tpkywanuednqk.jpgObviously, the perfect companion to a big phone is a tiny phone on a wristband. But the Apple watch is more than just a smaller iPhone. The user interface can be navigated by a side dial in addition to touch and pressure navigating. The Apple Watch (notably not called iWatch) focuses on fitness because apparently a lot of people are into that. It has a sleek design and, fashionably enough, you can also change out the wristband to a variety of options.

And although we're not entirely sure why, the Apple Watch also has this cute, 3D emoji.

cpdsklrrbc3dbcil05hl.jpgOkay. We're sold. We'll take all of it.

[h/t Gizmodo]

Meet the Original Gangsters

Squeezing all 37 of these artists, visionaries, icons and iconoclasts into our September 30th anniversary issue was about the best birthday present we can imagine. (Shooting everywhere from Wyoming to Tokyo was a sweet party favor.) But as Patti Smith suggests in this feature, this is no exhaustive list. OGs are everywhere: some have already changed the world, some are building toward their moment and some are reading this magazine right now. So to the OGs featured here, and to all fierce, fabulous trailblazers out there, this one's for you.


The DuckTales Intro Starring Real Ducks Is Just What We Need


Behold: The Ducktales intro re-created with real ducks. Because the internet loves you. [LaughterKey]
  Britney Spears went on the Tonight Show last night to discuss the pros and cons of dating Britney Spears. 10ID0.jpg
Hot sun, cool vibes. [Mlkshk]

Bruce the Boston Terrier makes dolphin noises whenever he sees another dog.
Bill Hader was on Jimmy Kimmel last night talking about working on a sexy Playboy call-in show called Nightcall, that was equal parts hilarious and depressing.

Marnie the dog goes shopping at Duane Reade. Good job on getting deals on Q-tips, detergent, you name it, Marnie!

Our Favorite Looks from NYFW: Day 5

Just like clockwork, fashion week is back and each morning we'll be rounding up a selection of Spring 2015 looks that wowed us on the runway the day before. See below for today's top picks.

NarcisoR.jpgWe loved the contrasting elements of this slinky Narciso Rodriguez dress. It's strict in tailoring and cut but the soft, feminine color makes for a super sexy number. Paired with sleek oxfords, it becomes effortlessly elegant.

LUX_3508.jpgMore gingham (yesss) at Oscar de la Renta -- do we spot a trend? Naturally his take is playfully regal, like an actual set of 'play' clothes for a princess.

J_Crew_Woman_24_1366.jpgThis J.Crew look says a lot about the whole collection -- easy, elegant and rugged.

MAR_0521.jpgGirly British cool has officially taken over Marc by Marc Jacobs. Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier brought their modern punk princess to life with flouncy skirts paired, moody polka dots and combat boots.

KIM_3145.jpgWe couldn't help but fall for this Audrey Hepburn cowboy vibe at Diesel Black and Gold.

_UMB8357.jpgThis Timo Weiland look isn't anything particularly new, but the colors and proportions are so right that we want TK -- and those fuzz ball earrings are too cute!

ROD_0583.jpgWe loved the crafty sparkles of Rodarte's mermaid-net dresses. Now...which of their fan girls -- Kirsten Dunst, Natalie Portman or Dakota/Elle Fanning -- can you seen in this one come awards season?

_AG17999.jpgThe MM6 Maison Martin Margiela collection was an amazing blend of cowboy influences and Japanese-style silhouettes. This look had a particularly appealing sense of rugged zen. 

Cynthia_Rowley_019_1366.jpgCynthia Rowley's always been a sporty style babe and now that fashion fitness is having a moment she's taking her look to a new level with sportswear that could easily go from your morning surf to the captain's cocktail hour.

All photos courtesy of Style.com

Insta Fashion Week Day 7: Who Partied Where


Jeremy Scott stayed up late with Miley Cyrus to finalize the dirty hippie's details for his show tonight.

  Brooke Candy donned a blonde wig (which turned out to be one of several) to perform at our 30th anniversary extravaganza.

Joe Jonas started his DJ career at Galore's party...
and Alexa Chung was on jamz duty at The Cut's NYFW party on The High Line.
Rita Ora showed off her grill with the ATL Twins.
  Our own EIC also snagged an ATL Twins selfie at Space Ibiza.
  Phantogram performed at Interview Magazine's fashion week bash.
 Nicki Minaj was carried by two shirtless men for her Fashion Rocks performance...

and Jordan Dunn worked it on stage while Usher performed.

Meanwhile, Cara Delevingne staged an intervention for Siri, whom she taught to call her Big Papa. 

"Everybody Was Turning Up": Tyga Shares His NYFW Diary

Rap star Tyga came out to NYC this past weekend to attend Alexander Wang's Spring 2015 show and perform at his super secret rave. Here, the artist shares photos from his crazy day.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 1.14.09 PM.png
(Photo by Lam Nguyen)

On Saturday before the shows, I had breakfast at the Trump Hotel where I was staying and then around 3 or 4 o'clock I went with my team to Alexander Wang's show. This was my first time at Wang's show and it was also the first time I got to walk around and engage with designer and what was going on.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 1.14.17 PM.png
(Photo by Lam Nguyen)

There was a good crowd inside -- it's a great opportunity to meet magazine editors and a lot of people that run the fashion world. I always run into Miguel because he lives in L.A. too and when we saw each other at the show we talked about wanting to work together. I think we'll get into the studio soon.

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 1.14.00 PM.png
(Photo by Lam Nguyen)

I got to go backstage after the show and talk to Alex and tell him how good the collection was. Even though they were all women's clothes, I really liked it. It felt young and summery.

After the show was over, I went to dinner with friends at Nobu and then I met up with Alex and his crew at Blue Ribbon and we went on a party bus to this crazy rave in Brooklyn. I didn't know what to expect -- I had thought we were going to a club but instead it was a warehouse. It was also my first time going to Brooklyn.

The bus ride to the party was pretty wild -- I don't know what I'm allowed to say about that. When we got on, Alex was handing out animal masks to everybody. It was kind of weird at first but once I got a few drinks in my system, it was okay.
Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 7.46.35 PM.png
(Photo by Lam Nguyen)

I performed at the party, which was really cool. Of course Miley Cyrus was at the party and going crazy. I had never been to a rave before but I was with my friends so I just thought, "Well, if anything crazy happens, I'm not by myself."

(Photo by Rebecca Smeyne)

When the DJ started playing hip-hop joints, everybody was turning up. I'm not sure exactly what time I left but I think it was around 3 or 4am.

Last Night at NYFW, White Girls Discovered Bantu Knots

Models at the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 Show. Photo by Leandro Justen/BFANYC.com

Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and plenty of other pop stars have been busy keeping cultural appropriation on the tip of everyone's tongue. Thanks to the proliferation of street wear and Tumblr trends like "ghetto gothic," pop has gone hip-hop -- at least in terms of style. Recently, everyone's been buzzing about FKA Twig's gelled down baby hair (á la "Chola style" chic) and Katy Perry was quick to cop those slicked down bangs and braids in her video for "This Is How We Do" -- to predictable backlash. Most recently, the look even appeared on the DKNY Spring/Summer '15 runway.

BFA_10118_1220215.jpgBFA_10118_1223218.jpgPhoto by Leandro Justen/BFANYC.com

Now the latest hair appropriation trend appears to be bantu knots or "hair nubbins," as Buzzfeed regrettably called them when Rihanna owned the look at the iHeartRadio Music Awards back in May. And last night, in fashionably late form, bantu knots hit the runway. Marc Jacobs chose the knotted hairstyle to complement his parade of retro pastels at the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 show. 

63545905387616750010447884_7_Fash_dc_20140909_160.JPGPhoto by David Crotty/PatrickMcMullan.com

Meanwhile, at Fashion Rocks, British singer (and former PAPER cover girl) Rita Ora also tried out the look, pairing it with a velvet and lace french maid/figure skating costume. While bantu knots are nothing new -- Bjork, Gwen Stefani, and Coolio have all rocked the look before -- they seem poised to be NYFW's look of the moment.

Born to Fly: Director Catherine Gund On Her New Documentary About the Life and Work of Elizabeth Streb

BORNTOFLY8.jpgCatherine Gund. Photo courtesy of Aubin Pictures.

Director Catherine Gund and choreographer/performer Elizabeth Streb were destined to work together. Gund was still a student when they first met while Streb was a visiting professor and the filmmaker never forgot her encounter, eventually becoming a frequent visitor to Streb's dance studio in Williamsburg, taking her children there for classes. It's hard not to get sucked into Streb's world of extreme acrobatics and movement, a dangerous terrain where an ill-timed move can lead to serious injury. And if you're a filmmaker and a feminist, the visual audacity and muscularity of Streb's approach is doubly appealing. The result of Gund and Streb's collaboration is Born to Fly: Elizabeth Streb vs. Gravity, a fascinating and thoughtful exploration of life and art at the edge. Here, we talk to Gund about the film.

What made you want to do a film about Elizabeth Streb?

The turning point was at one of her gala events when Elizabeth asked me to drop a bowling ball down 35 feet into the waiting hands of her emcee Zaire Baptiste. His catch -- even his willingness to attempt a catch of this kind -- evoked such profound feelings of fear and trust in me. It was a deceptively simple maneuver that left me speechless in the aftermath. I wanted to see if I could elicit those feelings -- of thrill, terror and trust -- in viewers of a film. I challenged myself to use my particular time-based, artistic medium not merely to document Elizabeth's time-based work but to expand it. In fact, I wanted to collide our two artistic forms to invent a third kind of breathless, sweaty, heart-pounding experience.

Did you take any of her classes or get inspired to try out any of the activities?

Other than dropping the bowling ball, I haven't tried many of the feats, even though sometimes I felt compelled. But the closer I got to the equipment -- and the dancers' expertise in using it -- the more self-conscious and scared I became. In fact, Elizabeth once dared me to "play" on Artificial Gravity (the spinning floor). At that moment, dancers were flying off into the wall, through the open air and onto one another and I was reluctant to offer myself up for the crash. I did run up the "Hill," which is probably the most taxing piece in the repertoire. But I could only go up a few times. The lactic acid in your legs builds immediately, leading to immobility, "hitting the wall" (which is usually a metaphor!) and yet the dancers power through, leaping over bodies rolling down, throwing each other from the precipice, and flying through the air at the end to slam on the mats below. It's another emblematic piece... a complex yet pure, archetypal piece. Hopefully the film, and Streb's work, inspires people to push themselves to their own limits, wherever those may be. I cannot see myself hanging off the spokes of the London Eye although I think I'd be willing to get rigged up and walk down a building. In the film, Elizabeth says she was "scared out of her wits" before she walked down the City Hall. I hope the film helps viewers get past their fears. On the path to fearlessness, you have to acknowledge how terrifying life can be. Elizabeth and her dancers are pros at this.

BORNTOFLY6.jpgSTREB dancers Daniel McIntosh, Elizabeth Streb, Jane Setteducato, and Nancy Alfaro performing "Ringside" in 1985, as seen in Catherine Gund's documentary BORN TO FLY: Elizabeth Streb vs. Gravity. Photo by Lois Greenfield.

What did you discover in the course of making the film that surprised or shocked you?

I've never focused my lens (or frankly much of my time) on dance before making this film so Elizabeth's foresight in documenting her work was a welcome surprise. We had history in our hands. Without the archival footage, I would have had to rely (for myself AND for the film) on people's descriptions, memories and fantasies of what STREB dance looked like, how it evolved, how it made viewers feel, and what its historical context was. Elizabeth gave us access to over 300 hours of footage, in every format possible, including film, VHS, Beta Cam, Hi-8 and more. The quality of the images runs a gorgeous historical gamut giving vital texture and visual depth to our movie. Now I'm searching for another forgotten box of dusty old tapes to spark my next movie!

Why do you make documentaries?

I make docs (as opposed to narrative films) because truth is stranger than fiction. The more real, specific and detailed way you tell a story, the more universal and impactful it will be. I listen to my characters and I learn from them. I want to mine the form of documentary to motivate, mobilize and build understanding, to draw viewers into the now, into the most sacred space of feeling themselves alive and confident that life is worth fighting for. Beyond that, my favorite films may not clarify anything in particular. Rather, they may make things more ambiguous and confusing, but that ambiguity can be intensely inspiring.

What films have most inspired your career?

One of my cinematographers is also my mentor. Al Maysles, who famously made many inspiring films including Gimme Shelter, Salesman and all his films about Christo and Jeanne Claude, pioneered "direct cinema." His patience reveals a purity akin to Elizabeth's effort to isolate "the move." Hers, you see it then you feel it. His, you feel it and then you start putting it together. That's how a great film works on you, comes back to you days later, doesn't explain what it's doing. Al doesn't need all the acting, all the forced reflection we get in "reality TV." He doesn't want the preparation or the transition, just the moment that moves you. But you have to wait for it. You have to film for hours... for months, without ever knowing what you're waiting for. Al doesn't sensationalize; he listens and watches.

A subversive film that really worked on me was Julie Dash's film Illusions so I wrote my college thesis about it. That was one of my first experiences of watching film critique itself as a medium, of seeing the medium employed to question its own historic mores, tendencies, traditions, propaganda and... illusions. Then Julie made the epic and stunning Daughters of the Dust and although neither of these films is a documentary, they both made me feel the infinite possibilities of creativity and they prove the importance of lushness, beauty, complexity -- the magic that can be cinema.

Finally, the late Marlon Riggs' film Tongues Untied signaled a huge breakthrough for documentary filmmakers because Riggs demonstrated confidence, creativity and commitment to his own unique and vital voice: black, queer and brilliant. And although I was young, I had started on this path and Marlon's film definitely inspired me to continue being a documentary filmmaker.

Watch Ty Segall's Interactive New Video, "Manipulator"


Prolific rocker Ty Segall has been a longtime PAPERMAG favorite, so not only were we stoked to shred to his new double album, Manipulator, but we were equally psyched by his trippy interactive video for the LP's title track. "Manipulator" is directed by Matt Yoka, a former classmate of Segall's at the University of San Francisco, and finds Segall chilling in a bedroom that morphs into a psychedelic wonderland. You can watch the video above, or you can go to Segall's site and manipulate (get it?!) the background images on the interactive version yourself. Be careful if you watch this at work -- your coworkers might think you're shrooming. Ty Segall's Manipulator is available from Drag City now, and he's playing Webster Hall in New York City on September 17.

8 Must-See NYC Art Shows Opening This Fall

Christian Louboutin. 1. Kick off the fall art season with Brooklyn Museum as it continues its true romance with couture. Following the success of last year's homage to Jean Paul Gaultier, the Museum sets its sights on the allure and architecture of the high heel.  Killer Heels: The Art of the High Heeled Shoe, opening tonight and running through mid-February, will feature an A to Z celebration of the mystique and power of the elevated shoe, looking at footwear as art objects and examining its connections to fantasy and feminine identity. Hit heights of shoe ecstasy with the come-hither pumps by Manolo Blahnik, Louboutin and Alexander McQueen, who are among the more than 60 participating designers.
Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn. Through February 15, 2015.

ted-lawson-self-portrait-robotic-blood-machine-designboom-01.jpg2. For the occasion of his first solo show at Joseph Gross Gallery (located in the former ArtNowNY space), artist Ted Lawson blurs the line between man and machine -- literally.  In The Map is Not the Territory, opening tomorrow, Lawson will debut a new series of work consisting of wall-mounted and freestanding sculptures, brass plate etchings, and most poignantly, three large scale drawings rendered in the artist's own blood. Yep. Swear. Using computer technology akin to a 3D printer, Lawson uses his own blood as ink (fed intravenously to a computer numerical control machine) to "draw" nude portraits of himself. Yr selfies just got trumped.
Joseph Gross Gallery, 548 W 28th Street, 2nd Floor, New York. Through October 4.

Future Feminism.jpg3. Looking for artwork that affirms, enlightens and expands? For 13 nights, beginning tomorrow, The Hole gallery will be home to art collective Future Feminism's latest work. The exhibition, The 13 Tenets of Future Feminism, is the culmination of three years' worth of intense retreats by performer Antony, Kembra Pfahler, Johanna Constantine and sisters Bianca and Sierra Casady of CocoRosie. Expect performances, an exhibition of sculptural work and lectures that will include the great minds of Lydia Lunch and Laurie Anderson, among many others.  We. Are. Feminists. Too.
The Hole, 312 Bowery, New York. Through September 24.

WOP_AlexanderRichter-5546.jpg(Photo courtesy of Alexander Richter)

4. If spray cans and a daytrip upstate are more your thing, be sure to hit-up The Burning of Kingston at The Trolley Museum in Kingston, NY. On Saturday, September 13th, Mass Appeal Magazine, in association with Red Bull, will throw the first-ever live graffiti exhibition and battle on a subway car since folks did it way back when. Eight graffiti artists (two teams of four on each side) will battle it out just like they did during writing's heyday. Watch as artists like REVOLT, T-KID and CES bring art to life.  
Trolley Museum of New York, 89 East Strand, Kingston, NY. September 13th.

salgado_genesis.jpg5. You definitely won't want to miss the simple beauty of acclaimed documentary photographer Sebastião Salgado's epic project, Genesis, this fall. Making its US premiere at International Center of Photography on Friday, September 19th, Genesis pays exquisite homage to those "still-pristine" parts of the planet. It is a gathering of more than 200 stunning black-and-white photographs that capture landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and indigenous peoples in their original state, unmarred by the hand of modernity. No iPhones. No Wifi. No Soy Lattes. Just the land and its people as they were in the beginning. 
International Center of Photography, 1133 Avenue of the Americas at 43rd Street, New York. Through January 11, 2015.

DAF14 CREDIT DUMBO Arts Festival 2[2].jpg6. Later this month brings the DUMBO Arts Festival, NYC's single largest free art event. Spanning three days (September 26th - 28th), the celebration on the Brooklyn waterfront will unfold on six city blocks with more than 100 artists throwing open the doors to their studios.  Festivalgoers will be able to stroll through indoor and outdoor installations and exhibitions ranging from "big headed" critics to hydroponic tomato plant sculptures to a traveling dance party. Visit artists in studio, snap pics of street murals and catch live performances throughout the neighborhood. So go ahead, grab a morning coffee, walk the BK Bridge and spend a day soaking up DUMBO's art scene. 
DUMBO waterfront, Brooklyn. September 26-28.

Matisse Memory of Oceania.jpg7. On The Museum of Modern Art's dance card this fall is the blockbuster exhibition, Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs, which opens on October 12. (October 12th - Feb. 8th). Spotlighting Matisse's paper cut-outs, the show will be the largest and most extensive gathering of such works ever assembled with nearly 100 pieces on view.
Museum of Modern Art, 11 West 53rd St., New York. Through February 8, 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 4.54.49 PM.png8. Beyond a doubt, you'll want to keep the last weekend of October wide open. All eyes will be on the Bushwick-wide art explosion knows as Exchange Rates: The Bushwick Expo, which opens on October 23rd and runs through the 26th. It'll be the premiere collaboration between veteran and emerging galleries in the Brooklyn neighborhood and Sluice¬¬_, the London-based art initiative obsessed with artist-run projects. The expo, the brainchild of Stephanie Theodore (of Theodore:Art), Paul D'Agostino (of Centotto) and Karl England (of Sluice_) will be a true international affair with more than 50 global galleries participating. The focus? Shared spaces and cultural currencies. Locals like Storefront Ten Eyck will open their doors and host kindred galleries on visit from elsewhere. Peep the aesthetic adventures of what's occurring in places ranging from Zürich to Los Angeles, Tacoma to Paris.
Locations will vary, Bushwick, Brooklyn. Through October 26th.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 4.52.38 PM.pngBonus: Have you ever heard of tickets being scalped for a museum show? The David Bowie Is exhibition has. Even though this show's in Chicago, it made the cut because of the fact that it's likely going to be the biggest art opening of the fall, given that it's already whipped up frenzies during its previous travels around the globe. It has clocked in more than a half a million visitors with its previous stops in London, Berlin, Toronto and Sao Paulo. The interactive retrospective will arrive on US shores, landing in the Windy City's Museum of Contemporary Art on September 23rd. The comprehensive delve into the Thin White Duke's five-decade spanning career boasts full 3-D visual immersion and more than 400 objects including handwritten lyrics, original costumes and rare performance material. 
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, 220 East Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL. Open through January 4, 2015.

Nick Offerman Gives Unqualified -- Yet Excellent -- Advice


Nick Offerman offers unqualified -- yet nevertheless excellent -- advice on topics ranging from what you should wear while running a marathon to how you should tell your boyfriend you love him. [via Tonight Show]

tumblr_nbkgc3NZr81qahewbo1_400.jpgLarry David's high school yearbook photo is the best. [via Trill Adam Clark]

tumblr_nbkth1Ff7e1rn7bzro1_500.jpgPooh gets REAL. [via Knusprig Titten Hitler]

tumblr_m17hvek1I51qbfr32o1_500.jpgSharp words. [via Afternoon Snooze Button]

Screen shot 2014-09-11 at 8.54.32 AM.pngIt might be late in the game but we finally found our new fashion week look. [via Instagram]

In the latest edition of Jimmy Kimmel and Snoop Dogg's educational nature series Plizzanet Earth, Snoop enlightens us about walruses and their "long-ass teeth." [via Jimmy Kimmel]

Our Favorite Looks from NYFW: Day 6

Just like clockwork, fashion week is back and each morning we'll be rounding up a selection of Spring 2015 looks that wowed us on the runway the day before. See below for today's top picks.

The Proenza Schouler boys always keep their cool and this collection was no different. We went crazy for the woven dresses that crawled down models' bodies and exploded into waterfalls of fringe.

Trademark_010_1366.jpgWe love the awkward chicness of Trademark's cool-kid normcore meets old money aesthetic and the color combination in this look is so on point. They have a strong hold on the style zeitgeist. 

KOR_0537.jpgIt was such a flirty fem collection from Michael Kors. We loved all the strappy sundresses and full skirts. A nice change of pace from the boyish elegance ruling the streets.

LUX_4801-1.jpgDelpozo is fantastically dreamy. This embroidered sheer look its fairytale looks to new levels of amazing. Pretty, just so pretty.

Boss.jpegTotally gaga for this glittery pastel shift at Boss. Jason Wu's given the stalled labeled a real kick of relevance. Also, shout out to Abby Lee Kershaw back on the runway. We want to see more of her!

JeremyScott.jpegJeremy Scott's collection was like watching Saturday morning cartoons on the streets of Haight-Ashbury and we were so down with that. Not to mention Miley Cyrus debuted her chunky plastic jewelry line - Dirty Hippie. We're pretty sure we had the above look as middle schoolers in the '90s and we'd still wear it.

Anna Sui.jpegWe loved this sparkle denim suit at Anna Sui. It's the perfect combination of a 1940s masculine-feminine and 1970s downtown club kid.

Assembly_018_1366.jpgLabor Day, Schmabor Day. White all day everyday we say! This Assembly look's long and languid vibe would make us feel so calm and cool.

The Blonds.pngThe Blondes got totally Bewitched for spring with mega high top pony-braids and genie pants. Wowowowow!

Insta Fashion Week Day 8: Who Partied Where


Madonna made a pit stop at Jeremy Scott's after party.

A-Trak, Skrillex, and Diplo also partied with the designer, hopping into the DJ booth for a surprise set.

Brandee Brown and Kilo Kish hung out at the launch of Armani Beauty's new fragrance.

Dapper dudes Peter Davis, Nick Wooster and Sean MacPherson partied with Guest of a Guest at MacPherson's new hotel The Ludlow for the site's "You Should Know" series.

Meanwhile, 2 Chainz decided to take a little "me time" after attending the Jeremy Scott show earlier in the day and went to the MoMA to scope the big Jeff Koons exhibit...

and also hang out at the U.S. Open with Gigi Hadid.

Olivia Munn looks unsure if she wants to eat that roll at a dinner party at the Gramercy Hotel thrown by The Hollywood Reporter.

Karlie Kloss skips out of NYFW to shoot some "special project" with W's Edward Enninful.

"It Turned Into a House Party That Went Until 7am": Natalia Kills Shares Her NYFW Party Diary

Pop singer and fashion plate Natalia Kills takes us through her busy NYFW schedule, which included balancing recording sessions with glamorous parties at the Plaza Hotel, trips to Subway with late-night after-parties.


"On Thursday I went to a Style.com dinner in a garden somewhere. They had a fountain with Earl Grey-flavored vodka and a singer in the middle performing. My friends Mia Moretti and Margot from The Dolls were there along with the Brant brothers. I wore an Agent Provacteur dress and slippers and I had a crystal headpiece that I had made actually for my wedding.

The party reminded me of Madonna's birthday, which was a couple of weeks ago. She had rented a castle in Cannes and redecorated the ballroom and the outside in a 1920s theme with hanging lanterns and cascading drapes and had a band that was suited in '20s/'30s Deco-style outfits playing Josephine Baker tributes.

Mia and I spent the night chatting about things like those unmentionable boys to avoid, drugs to indulge in, the fashion faux pas from the seasons before. It was a vegan menu from Fat Radish but there was a lot more alcohol than there was food. It's never a fantastic idea to drink lots of things out of champagne glasses and not eat enough food -- it leads you to make awful decisions later on."

"After the dinner, I texted my husband, Willy Moon, 'let's go out!' and we went to The Standard and our friend Alex [Catarinella] joined us. Then I went home and passed out on my sofa."


photo 4.jpg
"I was in the recording studio all day long but then I realized I had to go to Harper's Bazaar's 'Icons' party and it was the most lavish, decadent party of the year so I showed up in one of those dreadful cars -- those big Escalades with way too much air conditioning and they have 112 iPhone chargers and everything I wish never existed in modern chauffeuring. When I got to the Plaza where the party was being held, there were screaming fans behind the barriers. There were so many 'names' that fans expected that they could get an autograph from someone like Lady Gaga or Donatella Versace. Some fans were even running down the street singing my song 'Wonderland' at me. I got a little freaked out because I couldn't run away because I was wearing this really heavy Jenny Packham gown that practically weighed 60lbs. So I ended up just standing there."

photo 7.jpg
"The party was really beautiful. I'm not much of a vodka drinker and I think Belvedere covered the night. I spent a lot of time in Russia on tour so I should've learned how to drink vodka by now.

I wore these Agent Provacteur white fluffy slippers that are not supposed to leave the bedroom but I've thrown out all my other shoes and am only wearing those now. They're the type of shoes you have to walk in very, very slowly. I saw a lot of my friends there and I had to walk in slow motion to go and hug them, which made it seem like I was unenthusiastic but I wasn't.

I suppose I missed out on [Gaga's] performance. If I knew it was going on, I would've gone back into the other room to see it. After the party I went home as quickly as possible to change into something more comfortable because I felt like I was doing a workout all night."


"On Saturday morning before the Prabal Gurung show, I was moping on the corner of my street in the West Village because the Uber hadn't arrived. Eventually I gave up and took a taxi about one minute before the show was supposed to have started. But Prabal's shows are always politely late because I think they know people make an effort and take their time doing their hair and makeup because it's such a fabulous show."

"I wore a dress from the '60s that was customized by a dressmaker named Ann Hamilton who's absolutely fantastic. She does vintage and bridal. I don't know what my obsession is -- maybe because I recently got married -- but I feel most comfortable and beautiful in lounge-y or decadent beaded, bridal-looking dresses. So my dressmaker had this gorgeous dress from the '60s and re-tailored the whole thing and added new details. It's raw silk with fringed bead on top. I also had a lucite coffin purse with artificial flowers in it."

"After the show, I was headed to lunch at the Standard Grill but as I was walking, I saw Mia in a Subway right near Penn Station. I was like, 'What are you doing here?' She said, 'It's a hundred million degrees outside and I came in to get some ice and they said I had to buy a soda if I wanted ice.' So the two of us sat in Subway dressed to the nines and looked completely out of our minds."

DSCF0301.jpg"I live in the West Village and so I went back there to get ready for Prabal's after-party."

"I ended up putting on an Oscar de la Rente champagned nightgown with black lace and a turban."

"Here's my husband looking unimpressed in the car because I took a picture of him without his permission."

"Later at the party I grabbed his crotch and he was equally unimpressed."

"Prabal asked me what I thought of the show and I told him I really liked it and loved the choreography especially."

photo 3.JPG
"After the party, my friends, husband and I all got pizza from this cute place near my house on Bleecker. I forget what it's called. Some friends and neighbors decided to call in and it turned into a house party with beer and pizza that went until 7am."


DSCF0441.jpg"On Sunday I was really upset because I missed the Opening Ceremony show. I was in the studio all day and missed it by a few minutes. But my husband and I went to the after-party, which was great. I wore this bondage/dominatrix/Cinderella princess outfit: a plastic/PVC baby pink skirt and satin baby pink bralette. There were all these pink LED lights reflecting in a mirror so it looked like an infinity of pink."

"DJ Mustard was DJing the party and playing a lot of hip-hop. My friends and me and my husband were getting really nasty on the dancefloor. We wound up staying at the party all night -- by the time I got home and started brushing my hair out and taking out all the pins, the sun was rising."

Scandinavian Singer Tove Lo Doesn't Want to Be a Good Girl

WJAD9wuK-VQxQ-axM9BBeroBar5D-fk5iB1C1ePgkaU,RN6qqZS71f9oxvinKhmmz5YAhT30_QLAIYTp4i0HzQQ,czR3XNCIJOLWEwXzuACT_cB4Q43MP749C-aLwgPffFM.jpgTove Lo. Photo by Johannes Helje.

26-year-old Tove Lo is cashing in on all her mistakes and not wasting any time on regrets. The Swedish singer first got everyone talking when she released her debut EP Truth Serum earlier this year. The EP's single, "Habits," was an introspective, post-breakup unraveling disguised as a club hit. Lyrics from the sad girl anthem include references to the munchies, picking up random men and women, sex clubs, and doing anything to prevent herself from drunk texting her ex. While listening to the song, you might find yourself saying, "Girl, I've been there and I feel you."

In typical 20-something-girl fashion, Tove Lo's music revolves around mistakes, love, sex, and failed relationships. But rather than being boring and predictable, her candid lyrics are emotionally charged and empowering. "I feel like there's something good about being there to say, 'sometimes girls mess up and you don't have to try to be the good, perfect girl,' Tove Lo says during our interview. In a world that is often completely insane, she laments, "there's always that pressure to be kind of sane but you don't always have to be a good girl or act perfectly. You can always correct your mistakes, so don't be afraid to speak your mind."

With love and loneliness as the prevailing theme and lyrics like, "Pick up daddies at the playground/ How I spend my daytime/ Loosen up the frown,/ Make them feel alive," it's easy to think of Tove Lo in comparison to Lana Del Rey, minus the reverence for Americana. "I connect to [Lana Del Rey] for sure," Tove Lo said. "I've tried to write about things other than love and sex and everything around it but I keep ending up there anyway. Everything in the end is about love."

iKFVEnN4ZJN_TdSLbps75WrGrrhABuUSmoU-ypliUiY.jpgQueen of the Clouds album art.

There will be more confessional pop on the singer's first full-length album, Queen of the Clouds, out September 30th via Island Records. The LP is divided into three chapters: The Sex, The Love, and The Pain. "You kind of have the usual patterns of my relationships, pretty much," Tove Lo said with a self-aware laugh. "It's going to be a mix of songs with the darker, "Habits" kind of vibe but there's going to be songs about the good kind of love as well."

Sex and love are always a rich source for waxing dramatic, but "pain" is a strong word for the usual break-up that involves crying while eating cookie dough and watching rom-com's on Netflix. Although for Tove Lo, relationships were always an exercise in destruction, which explains the third chapter of her album. Growing up in a "posh neighborhood in Stolkholm," the singer "always went looking for trouble."

"It was caused only by me -- all the pain was caused by me," she says, laughing. "I think I was just always fascinated with the self-destructive, decadent, Kurt and Courtney kind of love, which was obviously very dark but I just always found that fascinating."

And not only do Kurt and Courtney influence her relationships, they also influence her music. Though she doesn't hesitate to call her music pop, she says she grew up on grunge. "I was very into Nirvana and Hole but then in high school I started getting into more pop stuff. I was listening to Robyn and Lykke Li and all these Swedish electro girls and I was really inspired by that. I think the fact that they wrote their own stuff [was inspiring] and for the first time I connected the music and the writing. I always saw it as separate but once I saw the connection I wanted to write lyrics."

From there, Tove Lo made the transition from a writer -- penning songs for Icona Pop and Adam Lambert -- to performer. Now that her electro-pop sound has been making waves, she's finding herself under a spotlight that she's not quite comfortable with. "In 'The Love' section [on Queen of the Clouds] there's a song called 'Moments' that I'm really proud of. For me, entering this kind of world and going from just being a songwriter to being an artist, suddenly there's all this tension. There's a lot of focus on me that's not connected to the music, like what I look like and what I'm wearing. How my hair is. How my makeup is. The focus shifted from the music to actual things about me. I never used to care so much about my appearance and now I have to. That's been hard for me to get used to. I feel more vulnerable singing about that than I feel about me singing about cheating on someone like in 'Over' on my EP. I feel more vulnerable singing about 'am I enough' than I feel about singing about my mistakes. You're still in charge of making your mistakes but you're not in charge of what people are going to say about you."

But as far as we can tell, only positive things are happening for the Scandinavian singer who's being touted as the next big thing. She can count Lorde and Charli XCX as fans and she's currently on a US tour that's been gaining buzz. Later this year she'll be in Australia with Katy Perry and she'll definitely have something to celebrate when her debut album, Queen of the Clouds comes out at the end of this month.

Watch People Lie Their Asses Off At New York Fashion Week


Jimmy Kimmel sent Lie Witness News to Fashion Week again, and it does not disappoint. We love Teddy Ruxpin's work as well. Genius. He never alienates his audience and loves a woman's shape.
958bafadc71249588b281d3ae401ace0_d3ab782fc8c04528b5b33b525aea9358_original.jpegA departing Secret Service agent and his wife met with President Obama in the oval office. Their son was not. having. it. [Digg]
Hey! Omg, did you lose your phone again? [TastefullyOffensive]

Nailed it. [FYouNoFMe]

Rigby the Bengal kitten loves sliding across the floor.

Same. [FYeahDementia]


10J9E.jpgWe want to go to this wedding. [TastefullyOffensive]

tumblr_nb3nm7T2II1qelyl4o1_500.gifChanneling this bat today/this weekend. [FYouNoFMe]

Our Favorite Looks from NYFW: Day 7

Just like clockwork, fashion week is back and each morning we'll be rounding up a selection of Spring 2015 looks that wowed us on the runway the day before. See below for today's top picks.

Navy lovers rejoice. Calvin Klein's spring collection is your spring uniform. From midi dresses to this beautifully tailored coat and bell-bottomed culottes it was the perfect equation for casual sophistication.  

Ralph!.jpegWe loved Ralph Lauren's glitzification of safari khaki this season. This diamond-dipped dress was particularly memorizing styled with chandelier earrings and a bejeweled chokers.

Elder_Statesman_03_1366.jpgThe vintage vibe of this Elder Statesman look feels so current. She looks like she's just returned to LA from a gap year in India.

Marc Jacobs.jpegMarc Jacobs' spring collection was all about uniforms. Joan Smalls set the tone in the first look -- a voluminous green sack dress promptly belted a the waist. As the collection went on it graduated in volume and embellishment. Also shout out to putting the models in absolutely no makeup!

Chloe_Sevigny_Opening_Ceremony_02_1366.jpgChloë Sevigny's collection for Opening Ceremony was a meditation on school girl cool. we were obsessed with the triple bowed platform sandals and the stripes on stripes on stripes of this ensemble.

aq_resizer.jpgPhoto courtesy of Vogue.com

The Harlem-born streetwear brand Gypsy Sport staged a guerrilla fashion show in Washington Square Park. We couldn't get over the crop tops for men. Get those six packs ready for spring boys!

All photos by Style.com unless otherwise stated.

2 Chainz Shares an Exclusive NYFW Photo Diary

2 Chainz left the ATL and came out to NYC to scope out fashion week. Here, he shares an exclusive NYFW diary with photos from Jeremy Scott's show (+ Miley's art exhibit), Fashion Rocks, and a swank party with the Maserati CEO.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.45.17 AM.png
Hanging out with the CEOs of Maserati and Ermenegildo Zegna...very rare moment.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.45.34 AM.pngChillin with Naomi Campbell...the original supermodel...during Fashion Rocks.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.45.53 AM.png
Checking out my girl Miley Cyrus' Dirty Hippie collection before the Jeremy Scott fashion show...

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.46.14 AM.png
The homie Jeremy Scott. Show was crazy! Thanks for having me.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.46.22 AM.png
Me with my new friend, model Hailey Clauson.

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.46.04 AM.png
Took a lil break from fashion week to check out the Jeff Koons exhibit at the Whitney Museum. That's a sculpture of a gold balloon dog behind me -- going to cop one for the crib!