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Allan Kingdom Builds His Throne with "Future Memoirs"

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 3.26.26 PM.png
(Photo courtesy Jason Swenson)

St. Paul, Minnesota is asserting its place in the hip-hop scene with the help of up-and-coming rapper/producer Allan Kingdom, whose eclectic 12-track EP Future Memoirs is reflective of the state's lush landscapes with a twist of the otherworldly. Standout track "Wavey," featuring St. Paul singer Spooky Black, glides smoothly beneath Kingdom's wobbly falsetto vocals like one of Minnesota's 10,000 serene lakes, while "Evergreens" rustles wildly like the sound of wind dancing through leaves; he's just as down to earth, as he is up in the stars.

Kingdom's style has been compared to rapper Kid Cudi, which is fitting, considering Plain Pat, who helped manage the early careers of Cudi and Kanye West, also produced Future Memoirs. Alongside Pat, Kingdom recruited DJ Kasloco to polish the project for a musical voyage that delivers an array of sounds unlike anything happening in modern-day hip-hop. Have a listen below.

How has growing up in Minnesota affected your music?
Minnesota has inspired my music through the environment and diversity of the neighborhoods I've been exposed to by living there -- the forests and the thousands of rivers that everyone chills at -- have affected how I see the world and how I've developed my aesthetic and sound. There's a high East African immigrant population, so if I'm not at home, I can stop somewhere and get something similar to what my mom would make.

Why the title Future Memoirs?

I divide my life between projects. Since I was born, I've been working on art projects -- most albums -- but along with visuals or animation. While many people remember their lives by where they went to school, who they were with, or what their favorite hangout spots were, I can really only remember my life the sharpest through the things I create. I've been going through an intense period of transitioning from idea to manifestation, so I thought I should make something to remind me of what things were like before Nothing Was The Same -- I don't care that I quoted Drake, either.

Is there a specific environment you feel most inspired to write?

Plain Pat and DJ Kasloco rented a house in Los Angeles and we stayed there for about a week, which is where I wrote most of the songs. Being around Plain Pat and DJ Kasloco -- two dudes I really look up to -- was definitely an inspiring environment, something I plotted on doing since I was 14.

Your music videos seem to play a large role in your artistry -- How important are the visuals in your work?

I would like to say the visual component to my work is secondary, but that's not necessarily true because I see images while I'm creating music. That being said, I try to not stress on the imagery too much -- if the music is good enough, it'll tell a story and all I have to do is lay it out for people to see. My video for "Evergreens," again being a part of Future Memoirs, was just a snapshot of my life, but life changes so quickly and it's already so different.

You have several albums under your belt. How do you feel your sound has progressed over the years?

It's become bigger -- it just appeals to more people, and has grown closer and deeper to myself. A huge misconception is that if you, in any part, make music for people, you're somehow not staying true to yourself. But I learn a lot about myself making music for people , which in turn provides my own personal therapy to help me better express my ideas louder and clearer to the world. I think my sound is becoming easier to understand.

Jerry Seinfeld Is a rag & bone Model Now

LOOK 009.jpg
Jerry Seinfeld: Comedian. TV Star. Dorky Dad. Model?

Nestled in-between shots of sinewy male models showing off rag & bone's S/S '15 menswear collection are two shots of Seinfeld giving major face (and sporting white ribbed socks). The comedian appears in the brand's lookbook alongside other celebs like Knicks star Carmelo Anthony and writer Glenn O'Brien. Scope the photos above and below.

LOOK 010.jpg
LOOK 016.jpg
LOOK 017.jpg
LOOK 032.jpgPhotos by Andreas Laszlo Konrath

Watch Blood Orange's New Video, "High Street"


Last month, Dev Hynes (aka Blood Orange) delivered high-energy '80s nostalgia with his video for "You're Not Good Enough," and while nostalgia remains at the core of his latest release, the artist's discovered new-found strength in simplicity with "High Street," a track featuring UK rapper Skepta. The video follows the two in their London hometown, capturing the realest parts of the city without the gloss -- a dimly lit underpass, the back of a city bus, a neighborhood park and a bustling sidewalk late at night. It's a subtle, but fitting treatment that beautifully plays off Skepta's reflective verses about days past and fighting for success.

Because It's Almost the Weekend, Here's a Naked Photo of Richard Gere

It's been a while since we shared any celebrity peen shots with you on Papermag.com, so we're glad to be able to update our files with this photo courtesy of our friends at OMG Blog. Behold, a black and white portrait of a sultry, c '70s-'80s long-hair-don't-care Richard Gere posing nude for photographer Gail Harvey. We're not sure where this photo is currently (it better be over an electric fireplace that has a fire raging in it 24/7), but were sure there would be many interested buyers should it ever go on market. As you'll see, Gere's showing just a glimpse of his officer and his gentleman, his Runaway Bride, his pretty woman, his Dr. T and his women, his American gigolo, his Mr. Goodbar, his baby blue marine. Ok, sorry, we'll stop now.  [Via Dlisted]


The Hottest Player In the World Cup: More Eliminations


The playing field has now been whittled down to 4 babes. Scroll down to see who advances to the FINAL ROUND, Y'ALL.


Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 5.57.15 PM.png
Glen Johnson (Winner of Group Buzzed Heads and Defender for England) vs. Claudio Marchisio (Winner of Group Tattoos and Midfielder for Italy)

The Match:
They both give us hot douche vibes but Claudio's eyes make us want to write a record for him that only sells 54 copies in Australia.

Winner: Claudio.

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 5.57.55 PM.png
Robin Van Persie (Winner of Group Clean Shaven and Forward for the Netherlands) vs. Panagiotis Kone (Winner of Group Williamsburg Haircut and Midfielder for Greece)

The Match: Swipe the Dutchie to the left-hand side -- we'll right swipe the Greek.

Winner: Panagiotis.

Start Your Day With Some Drive By Compliments


This drive by compliments video is giving us a case of the Friday good vibes. [TastefullyOffensive]
 tumblr_n8i5vumtUl1qk7pano1_500.pngLarry David + Skrillex = Pretty, pretty, PRETTY good. [LaughterKey]

tumblr_n8igqxNlzf1ruw1vso1_1280.jpg If you need us, we'll be drinking whiskey in a dark room. [Digg]
Pretty much our new favorite music video ever. Also, what the F is this? [FYeahDementia]

JRKsvt4.pngDAYyyyyumdamndamndamnnnn! [Reddit]

 ZOOS.jpgDJ Got Da Morbs does have a nice ring to it... or just DJ Morbs? It's up for grabs if anyone wants it. [Mlkshk]

Sob forever! Here's a video of a puppy comforting an older dog who's having a nightmare. [TastefullyOffensive]

With a forward by Dr. I.D. Gaf, TL;DR, Ph.D. [LiarTown]

Happy Friday from baby Ellen DeGeneres. [ThisIsNotPorn]

Burning Up for Juce's New Track

One of the most promising groups to emerge this year is London trio Juce, exploding on to the scene this past March with the funky song, "Call You Out." The track's video looked as if it'd been discovered in a pile of old VHS tapes at a blowout garage sale, with early '90s references pulled straight from the Spice Girls -- a look that, in our opinion, will never grow tired. Still looking to the past for inspiration, Juce's latest release, "Burning Up," travels back a few more decades, revisiting the glimmering disco days of Donna Summer with bright, soulful vocals evocative of Gossip's Beth Ditto and, not to mention, their Madonna throw-back title. "My city is burning up, burning up -- burning like the summer sun," they sing, offering the ultimate soundtrack to a warm July afternoon. Ready your hot pants and lace up your roller skates -- boys, I'm talking to you.

Vote for the Hottest Player In the World Cup

We're not gonna lie -- this is a borderline 'Sophie's Choice' here between our final two players in our World Cup Tournament of Hotties, Italian midfielder Claudio Marchisio and Greek midfielder Panagiotis Kone. We've decided to let you, dear readers, make the final call and, to offer some extra help, we're adding a potpourri of photos that pop up when you Google Image search each stud. Take a look below and vote in our survey at the bottom. Winner will be announced Monday.


Claudio Marchisio

tumblr_m62lfeXdjf1rwcgu3o1_1280.jpgThose eyes, oh those eyes! Italians do it better, indeed, Madonna. In. Deed.

Screen shot 2014-07-11 at 1.05.01 PM.png
Panagiotis Kone

Somewhat-douchey-but-still hot Williamsburg haircut? Check. A look on his face that almost reads as "Hey you -- what's up?" Check.

Screen shot 2014-07-11 at 1.05.28 PM.png

Hardcore Honey: bell hooks Goes on the Down Low with Lil Kim

Cover-PAPER-April.jpgIn honor of Lil Kim's birthday today, we're saluting the Queen Bee by re-posting our May 1997 cover story on the rapper by bell hooks. The interview, which happened seven months after the release of Kim's breakout LP Hard Core, focuses mostly on the double standards that  female celebrities embracing their sexuality endure. Even in a post-Miley-VMAs world, many of the questions in this nearly 20-year-old q&a could still be posed to most overtly sexual female performers today. Still, the answers that Kim gives are refreshing and real -- show us a platinum-selling rap star today who would go on the record about enjoying anal sex in a national publication -- making Kim's voice here all the more important. Check out the interview below.

In pictures, Lil' Kim looks like the images that used to appear in the sleazy black-porn magazine Players. As teenagers, we used to laugh at those pictures. Women in them were always "overdone." Sometimes they looked like raggedy drag queens -- a bit rough around the edges. As representations of the hyperfemme, they called out the lack of imagination in sexist, straight male fantasies. Naturally, it's been a bit puzzling to me to see "old" stuff revamped as new and daring. The only new thing happening here is that it took so long for a hip-hop girl to make the down-and-dirty talk pay her bills big-time. Mark my words. Long before Lil' Kim could speak, smart sluts of all ages were talking trash. To talk trash and get paid has always been harder for women than for men. This 21-year-old has gone where others have not been able to go, 'cause she's got the right dudes behind her.

And if you have a chance to see girlfriend up close and personal, you'll know why. Young, pretty and sweet--just plain old-fashioned feminine--Lil' Kim has the kind of innocence it's possible to work with and work over. It's always folks who've never been on the streets, who have never known down-and-out-nowhere-to-go, who believe innocence can't be found there. But it can, and Lil' Kim embodies it, having done her time on the streets. Her "real life" sex thing is just about pure and simple delight in the body. But when it comes to how the boys in charge package her, it's the same old shit--boring straight male porn fantasy.

More dangerous than any words that come out of Lil' Kim's mouth are the forces of repressive puritanical morality that seek to silence her. Before talking to Kim, I spoke with lots of so-called cool folks who were putting her down, calling her a "ho...nothing but a prostitute." Even the dudes who are into her gig--fans of her debut album, Hardcore (Undeas/Big Beat/Atlantic), and her work with Junior M.A.F.I.A.--still see her as another version of "pussy galore": a freak for their pleasure. And then there are the boys who pump her up as "sexy feminism." Gimme a break! Ain't nothing wrong with sex work, 'cause a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. And every girl I know who is working a sex tip has her reasons, but it ain't about sexual freedom. It's about getting paid. Lil' Kim knows that. She's seen and done it all. She knows when it's fantasy and when it's real, when it's about getting paid or getting free.

bell hooks: We have a lot of things in common. We're both into being bad girls, into fashion, into talking on the down low. So I've been really pissed off: I've been talking to folks about you and they keep saying, "Oh, she's a ho." And I keep thinking, Well, all these dudes, when they're talking shit, they're not ho's. Nobody talks about John F. Kennedy being a ho 'cause he fucked around. But the moment a woman talks about sex or is known to be having too much sex, people talk about her as a ho. So I wanted you to talk about that a little bit.

Lil' Kim: Well for one, I can say that I do not have too much sex. I hardly have any sex, O.K.? A lot of people get the wrong perception of me. I talk about all that sex I was doing as something I went through in the past. I did all kinds of freaky things after every show.

bh: When did you start thinking of yourself as a sexual being who had a right to her sexual desire?

LK: I guess as soon as I started, really, which was in my late teens. But even before I was rappin', it was like whatever I wanted to do, I just did it. I became free with it, like, "Whatever, yo. I don't care if he tell his friends." 'Cause you know, when you're younger, it's like, "I don't want you to tell your family. No, don't tell your friends if we have sex." But now it's like, "We havin' sex. Tell whoever -- make sure you tell 'em how good I did it!"

Lil'Kim.jpgbh: So I look at you and you look like you're about 12, and you are cute--clearly a really naturally beautiful woman, Kim. But now, to what extent have you decided this is the image that you wanna project? Or is it the men behind you who are deciding this image?

O.K., we all had a lot to do with my career; we all have our input. I would say that it was me who just started it, because I would have to do it and feel comfortable, you know what I mean? You can't really just make someone into something and it works all the time; that person has to be a natural.

bh: But I mean, you are just so fine in your natural self, but your image is all about excessive glamour.

LK: Well, you know what, when you're dealing with people in an indus- try that's all about making money, they push you farther than you really wanna go.

bh: Girlfriend, tell me about it. Don't I know it.

LK: And then when you're desperate and you really wanna make money, it might seem like this is gonna work. Whatever it is, you go with it.

bh: What was your line on Hardcore, "Take it up the butt"? Don't be funnin'. What do you think about that?

LK: I think it's real.

bh: Tell me what you mean when you say it's real -- that a lot of people are getting fucked in the butt?

LK: Exactly. I mean, there are a lot of women out there who are doing crazy things behind closed doors sexual-wise and are afraid to admit it. And I'm like, "Yeah, I take it in the butt. That's right. Whatever."

bh: A lot of people are talking about you as an example of sexy feminism, as a liberated woman. What do you think? Do you think you represent the liberated woman or the sexy girl of men's fantasies?

LK: Both. The reason why I say both is that we have been set back years-- everybody says that. Sometimes they say I set back women's liberation.

bh: I don't think that, but go ahead.

LK: I don't think that either. You wanna know why? Because we have people like Too Short, Luke Skyywalker [of 2 Live Crew], Biggie [Smalls], Elvis Presley, Prince, who are very, very, very sexual, and they don't get trashed because they like to do it. But all of a sudden, we have a female who happens to be a rapper, like me, and my doin' it is wrong. And 'cause I like doin' it, it's even more wrong because we've fought for years as women to do the same things that men are doing.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 3.27.43 PM.png

bh: My mother and other older generations felt that in exchange for the pussy, you should get marriage, you should get something. I'm not that kind of girl, though. I think real sexual liberation means that you're in charge of your pussy; you don't have to exchange it for anything.

LK: And sometimes it's not just exchanging; sometimes it's just having a sexual orgasm 'cause you love it and you need it.

bh: But those are two different things, don't you think?

LK: Yeah, I think they're two different things.

bh: See to me, one empowers a woman when she can say, "I want it and I'm having it for my pleasure."The other one, when you're having it for something else, that's not about power to me. But tell me why you might think it is.

LK: I feel money is power in certain senses. A lot of women out there are just givin' it away. And then there are the women that're selling their bodies. But they chose to do that. But this is how they make their money. And I don't see anything wrong with that.

bh: But now Lil' Kim, you talk about being real, but let's get real: Most women that are selling their pussies are not getting a lot of money.

LK: Then they shouldn't be doing it.

bh: So do you feel like getting a lot of money fast makes you hungry for more money?

LK: Yes it does, of course.

bh: That's why I say, Greed is a motherfucker.

LK: It's a motherfucker. Especially when you're used to having shit. And let me tell you something: It's always nice to want money and keep doin' what you gotta do to get it, but do not be greedy. That's one thing about me: I'm not greedy. I buy things for my friends if I buy them for myself. I make sure my friend's rent is paid.

bh: How do you feel about porn?

LK: I really wanna address that. Like I said, I'm a sexual woman. When they turn on the spot- light, it just makes me wanna get down.

bh: Were you into porn yourself?

LK: Of course. I'm still into porn. I love to watch 'em, because for one, that's the safest type of sex you can have. And not only that, it introduces you to many sexual positions that you can
do with your partner.

bh: What do you say to those feminists who would say, "But look at how porn encourages men to hate women, etc., etc."?

LK: I don't think it encourages men to hate women. And you're seeing some women like it. You can't treat every woman like that; some women don't like that type of sex. If somebody's trying to force me to be in a porno, I would never do it. For one, I'm an artist that's making money from my music, and people know my music is tight. If I would do that, there would be no other place for me to go, 'cause people wouldn't wanna hear that I'm just doin' porn. They're really into what I'm saying. But a lot of people just wanna see me naked, see me having sex with different men and bababa. And that's not me.

bh: One thing, Miss Kim, that I don't see much talk about in your interviews is love. What's love got to do with it?

LK: I don't have that.

bh: But what do you think about it? I know you think about it.

LK: I was in love with somebody recently and he hurt me bad. Three, four years we been together and it's not working. It seems like everywhere I go I can't get real love.

bh: Do you think that people are replacing part of the greed for the fast money and the clothes and the fame because they don't have no love?

LK: I do. When I went out on the street, I was having problems with my boyfriend. I mean, guys used to tell me I wasn't shit, I always gotta rely on them, like, "You ain't shit without me. You always goin' to need me." Till this day I need that person, so they say, "You need me. You can't fucking make it without me. You're ugly." You know what I'm saying? "You ain't all that," bababa.

bh: You are so beautiful, I can't even imagine telling yourself that you're ugly. But how about you now? How do you really feel about Lil' Kim when you look in the mirror?

LK: I'm rebuilding my self-esteem as we speak. I still don't think I'm really a beautiful person, but I know that I can be beautiful inside.

bh: So you are into having a spiritual life.

LK: Yeah, very. That helps me.

bh: And so how do you think spirituality and sexuality come together?

LK: In the bible, it's supposed to happen. If you read the bible, Adam and Eve, they just fucked up, like a lot of stupid motherfuckers in life do today. But Got wanted them to have sex, he just did not want them to eat that nasty apple that they fucking ate, and they did it anyway. They have to be punished for it. A lot of the stuff that my father told me not to do, I did it anyway and I ended up learning the hard way.

bh: So tell me about sex, what you see as the best conditions for great sex for a woman.

LK: I think that a woman should be in love. I think that love makes the sex greater. Or even if you just really, really like that person.

bh: Let's get to the "Lil'" thing, because a lot of men are just gonna groove on you be-cause they're not gonna see that you're a mature woman; they're gonna think of you as this little girl. But what about when you want the world to see the mature woman that you are?

LK: Time will tell that, because if a man wants to come in here right now, he wouldn't know that he can't just walk up to me and say, "Let's leave." He can't do that. I mean, I'm too large for that, O.K.? I've got morals.

bh: I think you gotta take the real image of the sexually liberated you that's behind this image-- this male fantasy shit-- and bring that out more.

LK: That's what I'm gonna have to do. See, it's all about topping your best. I'm not gonna totally change my next album. You gradually change. I'm gonna still be talking about sexual things, but it'll be deeper. It won't be as much negativity, meaning older woman who are not thinking like you, who are not being as real as you, will understand me better and say, "Well, I have to get with her now."

bh: That's cool, because I did talk to a whole bunch of people around the States about you, and I did find that the harshest critics were older women, and older black women specifically.

LK: Right. Now that I think about those older women, I think they did the same thing that I did when they were younger, and now that they're older they probably wish that they didn't do it. But I'm older, and I wish that a lot of things that I did in my life, I didn't do, but I'm able to talk about it.

bh: I'm older, and I'm here to say that sex gets better. And I think we should talk about it more and do it more.

LK: Not only that, those older women should take what I'm sayin' to heart. "Let me listen to Lil' Kim. Maybe I could spark up something in my relationship..."

Trip the Light Fantastic With Kenzo's New David Lynch-Inspired Campaign


Kenzo's Fall/Winter 2014 campaign is all sorts of WTF awesomeness. Creative Directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon joined forces with frequent campaign collaborators Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari -- the duo behind the photo mag Toilet Paper -- to create tripped-out imagery and an ever weirder video. The campaign perfectly captures the David Lynch-inspired collection and the Kenzo's kaleidoscopic spirit while being super tasty eye candy.


Friday Superlatives: The Best, Worst and Weirdest of the Week

FFN_CHP_Valentino_Celebs_070914_51473508-419x587.jpgBest Facial Expression, Like, Ever:
Valentino's as he sat next to Kim Kardashian at this week's Valentino Couture Show. Go Fug Yourself's imagined conversation between the two is A+++. Oh. Brother. -- Elizabeth Thompson 

prince1.jpgBest Sports Magazine Cover of the Week:
Prince Fielder's cover on ESPN Magazine's Body Issue. The baseball player, who isn't known for having sculpted abs and spray-tan muscles, is posing in all his glory and we couldn't be happier. Maybe body positivity is something real and not fabled about in self-help books. Just maybe. via Complex. -- Mally Espaillat

Most Important YouTube series: Fashion Week Vs. Fashion Life

YouTube star Jake Thompson recruits Alaska Thunderfuck for the Season 2 premiere of  "Fashion Week Vs. Fashion Life," where he offers tips on how to be like the Rupaul's Drag Race queen. Dressing like Shania Twain is "fash-in," but dressing like Shailene Woodley is "fash-out." Take notes, kids. -- Justin Moran 


Most Disappointing Comeback: Paris HiltonParis Hilton's 2006 pop debut Paris was packed with infectious tracks like "Stars Are Blind," and "Nothing in This World," and while we didn't expect anything groundbreaking from the heiress' return to music, we did anticipate another guilty pleasure. "Come Alive" is spiritless and comes a few years too late--it would've sounded great filling a nightclub in 2010. --J.M.

article-2565049-1BB6B19F00000578-257_634x923.jpgThe Worst News We've Had All Week (Or Maybe Ever):
Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are expecting. Yeah, a baby. No, we don't want to talk about it anymore. Read this hilarious open letter via Uproxx in an attempt to get over the heartbreak. (Hint: you'll probably still be sad.) -- M.E.

The Most Arty Video You've Seen in the Last Five Daays:
SSENSE's "The Beckoning" fashion short, starring Chloe Sevigney, directed by System magazine's Maryam L'Ange, and music by the English band Eaux. The online boutique is currently embarking on a video series which brings together fashion and life, and you get to see Chloe slowly inhale cigarette smoke. It's a win-win. [via TheWildMagazine] -- M.E.

The worst PR campaign involving flowers:
Robin Thicke's team-up with 1-800 Flowers. Everyone knows just how disastrous VH1's #AskThicke Twitter interrogation went, and the masterminds behind Thicke's reputation are at it again, creating two special bouquets named after two tracks off of the Paula album, "Get Her Back," and "Forever Love." With the purchase of each bouquet, you'll also get a free digital download of the album. Totally free; no hidden fees or blurred lines about it-at least, we think.  [Via Uproxx] -- M.E.

Best Food Fetish Video: Jewelry designer Lucy Folk's known for her food-inspired jewerly -- think pizza slice earrings and oyster shell necklaces -- but her A/W campaign takes the hook to new levels -- Maggie Dolan

Most Life-changing Couture: Viktor & Rolf's Winter '14-15' Haute Couture Collection

Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren seemed to have pulled inspiration from the red carpet for their latest Couture Collection, crafting an array of oversized scarlet dresses from thick, carpet-like fabric and knotting it into bulky bows. The models were kept clean and boyish with loosely disheveled hair, a naked face and plain oxfords, providing an unexpected contrast to the voluminous couture. -- J.M. 


The best way to show everyone you like wearing cool shit:
This Lionel Richie top by Barcelona-based designers and artists Hungry Castle. Because one of his faces just isn't enough.


10 Underdog Summer Jams You Should Have on Repeat

tumblr_mic718Pmes1rheqhwo1_400.gifAround this time of year, it's easy to grow tired of the summer anthems that have monopolized radio for the past months. Although it may seem unfathomable now, there will come a time when you can no longer scream the chorus of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" with the same vim, nor pop it to Ariana Grande's "Problem" with as much vigor. Your ears are likely craving some fresh, warm-weather jams, so we've compiled a list of our favorite uncharted pop gems, each built for an afternoon of drinking and sunbathing by the beach.


1. "Too Cool To Dance" - Eden XO

You may recognize Eden XO as the Los Angeles pop star Jessie and the Toy Boys, who opened for Britney Spears' Femme Fatale tour, but after some soul searching, she's back with a new name and completely revamped sound. "Too Cool To Dance" begins with a rough guitar-driven edge and spills into a shamelessly '80s dance chorus. The music video is cute, too, featuring clips from Nagi Noda's weird-ass Panasonic poodle fitness commercial.


2. "Every Little Word" - MNEK

"Do you fuck to this shit," asks 19-year-old British singer-songwriter MNEK above a pounding house beat, before unleashing his smooth, soulful vocals on "Every Little Word." Maybe it's his Kid N Play fade that leaves us wanting more, or the track's effortless inclusion of gospel, electronic and hip-hop elements, but either way, MNEK's infectious sound is begging to be blasted during a hot July weekend away.


3. "Heartbreak Dream" - Betty Who

Betty Who's been an artist on the rise for a while now now, having garnered lots of attention after providing the soundtrack to that viral Home Depot flash mob proposal last September. "Heartbreak Dream" is the lead single off Who's Slow Dancing EP -- her first release since signing with RCA Records -- and it's a powerfully optimistic break-up anthem, exploding with drums and glistening synthesizers.

4. "All Of The People" - Panama Wedding

Though Panama Wedding was formed in New York, their airy sounds like it was born out of a faraway island, where skyscrapers and subways are replaced with endless sand and sunshine. "All Of The People" soars with fluttering vocals and a bright piano melody, while frontman Peter Kirk sings about escaping the concrete. We can relate.

5. "California" - Amelia Lily

There's something so genius about English X-Factor contestant Amelia Lily's solution to rhyming "California" with "London City" in her first official release since signing with East West Records. "California" has a tinge of Alanis Morissette alterna-pop (we're getting some Shania vibes too) and refreshingly abandons all EDM trends dominating Top 40, today. This is could be a big song for Lily if the world catches on.


6. "Prime" - Allie X

Although we first introduced you to Canadian rebel Allie X with her glitchy music video for "Bitch" earlier this week, her strongest release came a few months earlier. "Forget what I need, give me what I want, and I should be fine," she proclaims on the synth-heavy, staccato track "Prime." Everything about this girl is alluring , down to the video treatment, which features X spinning repeatedly before a vanity for four-minutes straight.


7. "Fiona Coyne" - Saint Pepsi

Saint Pepsi's latest single "Fiona Coyne" emits such good vibes, it sounds like the sonic embodiment of skipping down a neighborhood sidewalk on a 90-degree summer day with a dripping ice cream cone in-hand -- maybe two. "Darling, please believe me -- I'll love you 'til the record stops," he lightly coos above sunny guitars and vivid, feel-good horns.


8. "Young Love" - Semi Precious Weapons

Semi Precious Weapons has been coming back full-force with the release of their third album Aviation, going a bit more pop than their signature hard-edged, glam-rock sound. While they've been heavily promoting lead single "Aviation High," the real gem off this album is "Young Love," a nostalgic track flooded with sharp guitars and wobbling synthesizers. "Fake ID's in downtown bars, going home singing songs in our best friend's car," sings lead singer Justin Tranter, taking us through his early memories without becoming sodden with any musical clichés.


9. "Lemonade" - Danity Kane ft. Tyga

MTV's Making the Band made Danity Kane a chart-topping success, but after a messy breakup and rocky solo careers, the group's reunion has been far from on-fire. "Lemonade," however, isn't deserving of such a blasé response, featuring a spot from Tyga and a clever sample of Clipse's 2002 hit "Grindin.'"


10. "If I Go" - Ella Eyre

Definitely this summer's unsung break-up anthem for fleeting flings, British singer Ella Eyre's debut single "If I Go" begs the question of what happens once the summer ends and two lovers part ways. Eyre's raw, smoky voice is paired with intense, aggressive production, resulting in what sounds like a club-ready Adele anthem.

This Boy Was the Real Star of the World Cup


This poor kid. He just wants his team to win and his dad to STAY OUT OF HIS LIFE, GOD. [ImWithKanye[


Even the ref during yesterday's WorldCupFinal was hot. Here he is seeing himself on the jumbotron and fixing his hair. [IanHyland]

tumblr_n8o562bYlB1qanm80o1_500.jpgOur favorite moment of the world cup...Just gonna add this Kathy Geiss GIF to make it complete...


BsdDFwCIAAAUbb_.jpgArgentina may have lost, but their players won the internet: Specifically, forward Rodrigo Palacio, whose hot/gross rat tail now has Miley Cyrus swinging from it. [@RelatableQuote]

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 10.13.46 AM.pngOh, and this happened. [Bryanboy's Instagram]

4qPkVTu.pngThe sad blondes of the World Cup. [Reddit]

HOW are we just now finding out about the bird-written pro-bird-rights Twitter account BrirdsRightsActivist? Fight the bird fight. [LaughterKey]

Papermag book club's next read! [Mlkshk]

Silicon Valley;s TJ Miller was on an Omaha morning show promoting his standup tour and shit got real weird. [LaughterKey]

ZPRU.jpgJust thinkin' about hating Mondays. [Mlkshk]

Finally, happy Bastille day from two hot french people being hot.

And the Hottest Player In the World Cup Is...

Happy National Nude Day! Let's Get Naked!

1. 'Let's Get Naked' Tote Bag via CafePress

There is no better time than 'National Nude Day' to rip off that banana peel and get nekked!
$(KGrHqF,!lsE+F+tr)9iBQDb(U2Nbg~~60_57.JPG2. 'Zero to Naked' Apron via eBay

Let's all laugh about how real this is so we don't cry about how real this is.

Screen shot 2014-07-14 at 4.53.55 PM.png
3. 'Keep Calm and Party Naked' T-Shirt via California Republic Clothes

Party in style.
lets_get_naked_throw_pillow.jpg4. 'Let's Get Naked' Pillowcase via Cafe Press

We imagine having this pillow on your bed will either entice or repel lovers...

il_fullxfull.603623404_b2b1.jpg5. 'Get Naked' Coffee Mug via Bonanza

It's like 'Got Milk' but way way better.

il_570xN.625329508_326z.jpg6. 'Naked' Dish Towel via Etsy

Now you can both cook and clean with all things naked!
nudes_splashing_shower_curtain.jpg7. 'Nude' Shower Curtain via Cafe Press

What better way to shower than alongside these naked babes!

il_570xN.543460002_bvj6.jpg8. 'Let's Get Naked' Card via Etsy

Let's just hope that you get this from someone you actually like...

9. 'Romance! Is Overrated... Let's Get Naked' Poster via eBay

Amen to that.
10. 'I Want You To Get Naked!' Decal via Cafe Press

So you get the point. Go celebrate Monday being over by getting naked and letting your freak flag fly!

Watch Duke Dumont's New Video, "Won't Look Back"


We won't mince words: British producer Duke Dumont's single "Won't Look Back" blew our minds. And its accompanying video is pretty damn great, too. Shot in sunny Los Angeles, the clip follows a group of criminals robbing a jewelry store on pogo sticks, resulting in ... drum roll please ... a Segway police chase.

It's hard to decide which mode of transportation in the music video is more hilarious but let's all agree that seeing a cop on a Segway is the least intimidating thing ever.
Keep your eye out for Dumont's forthcoming debut album, out sometime this year.

10 Facts About the German Player Who Scored the Winning Goal

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 3.47.48 PM.png(Photo via Instagram)

1. He has perfectly-sculpted eyebrows.
2. There's an intense photo of him with a boner on a boat in Ibiza.
3. He celebrated his winning goal by doing shots with Bad Gal RiRi.
4. He's only 22, hence this photo.
5. He could easily double as a home healthcare aid by day, go-go dancer at Curfew at Splash by night.
6. He enjoys massages with Helmut.
7. His girlfriend is a lingerie model. We're sure their conversations are lots of fun.
8. He loved Wolf of Wall Street.
9. He looks like a cross between SNL's Taran Killam and Nick Carter -- with a dash of Beckham.
10. He appreciates fan art.

Confessions of a Beyoncé Dissident

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 4.31.39 PM.png(Photo via Instagram)

I write this with careful and calculated determination, knowing that at any moment a swarm of killer Beys could descend on my desk, stinging me senseless, some openly buzzing about the PAPER offices...

I'm a Beyoncé dissenter.

I see and feel her oppressive pop culture reign all around us and I'm just not convinced that she deserves the crown.

Don't get me wrong. I don't necessarily hate Beyoncé. I just don't think she's all that. Her music is great for a party, great for stomping down the street with my headphones on, great for some YouTube pomp and circumstance.

I've been there since the beginning, too. I had "No, No, No" as a CD single. I stayed with her as her career skyrocketed, complete with multiple world tours, Super Bowl performances, surprise albums and HBO produced propaganda films. And last Friday, I, along with hordes of pubescent girls, their moms, and a good portion of the tri-state area's gay men, made the trek to MetLife Stadium in New Jersey for Beyoncé and Jay Z's "On the Run" tour.

Overall, the concert was a great time. Though Jay's projects peaked in 1999, the rapper was still spectacular, running through a slew of throwbacks with both lyrical precision and fiery energy. He was certainly not the main attraction for the majority of concert-goers, though. His songs were sprinkled throughout a Beyoncé concert with a capital BEY.

The thing about a Beyoncé concert is that it isn't that much different from watching a Beyoncé music video. The woman is a robot. Her perfection borders on soullessness. The calculation of every single moment precludes the creation of any actual moments. My friends and I left the stadium knowing that we had fun, but not able to actually recall specific impressions.

Beyoncé's perfected choreography, manipulated facial tics and exacting vocals leave a huge part of pop culture spectacle to the wayside: the shining glimmer of persona. There are dozens of divas, past and present, that share the vocal chops or dancing abilities of Bey but also give their audience a little something more. Of Mrs. Carter's peers, Rihanna pops to mind as a performer who, though certainly lacking Beyoncé's voice, suddenly becomes likeable for her DGAF attitude. Even Britney is more likeable, if only for her occasional sloppiness -- and humanness.

Even legendary ladies like Mariah or Madonna, both of whom often suffer in our age-ist society when compared to Bey, offer a bit more of a connection with their audiences because they add a little bit of humor and subversion to their shows. Take Madonna's Super Bowl performance and compare it with Beyoncé's: Madge made hers memorable and spontaneous. She tripped while dancing and jumped on the shoulders of the weird guy from LMFAO -- two things that would never happen in a Beyoncé concert.

Anyway, I understand the inherent brattiness of complaining about a "perfect" concert. I paid money and she delivered a service exceptionally. I'm happy about that.

What bothers me more is that she inserts her robotic, hollow shell into the pop culture canon under the guise of soulful and meaningful music. When, towards the end of Friday night's show, Beyoncé covered "Ex-Factor" by Lauryn Hill (to a crowd of 14 year olds that mostly didn't get it), I was almost offended. The implicit message here is that Beyoncé can cover Lauryn because she fits in the same echelon as an artist. I take issue with this for the simple fact that, no matter how many albums Beyoncé puts out and how many songs she sings to how many millions of people, she can't match an artist like Lauryn Hill. Lauryn is pure emotion in a way that Beyoncé isn't. Lauryn is a narrative of humor and tragedy and subversion and strength because she can speak to the absence of perfection in a way that Beyoncé will never approach.

"Sasha Fierce" can never be "The Miseducation".

Watch Kanye On His Travel Agent's Failed Reality Show


Though Kayne West's cameos on Keeping Up With the Kardashians have been kept to a minimum since the birth of Kimye, there was a time, it seems, with Yeezy was a bit more lax about being on reality TV. TMZ has drudged up this cameo Kanye made on the pilot of a would-be series about "the ultimate travel agent to the stars." (because WHAT?) The show follows Kanye's spectacularly coiffed travel agent, Brett Grolsch, who we see totally cruisin' in his truck, totally bookin' flights, and totally talkin' hotels. A-list travel agent-type stuff. An this clip, an amiable Kanye talks about his preference to drive short distances instead of fly-- lest he deal with annoying fans in airports -- and his trick for pretending he's on the phone when he's in public to keep people at bay. We see what you did there, Kanye. [Via Stereogum]

Weird Al Made a Parody of Pharrell's "Happy" Starring Jack Black, Margaret Cho + More


Here's "Tacky," Weird Al's parody of "Happy" by Pharrell starring Jack Black, Aisha Tyler, Kristen Schaal, Margaret Cho and Eric Stonestreet. [via HuffPo Comedy]

tumblr_n8i0kww6RM1qe0wclo1_500.jpg"How are they vegetarian? We don't know...they just are!" Hmm...sounds good. [via The Clearly Dope]

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 6.38.25 PM.png
Best celebrity selfie ever? [via HuffPo Comedy]

tumblr_n6vlvc8Rpm1rm3e7oo1_400.gif"Alcohol vs. Marijuana." [via 100 Years of Lolitude]

Dinky's that pup on the block/police pull up, he tries to stash the glock. [via Vine]

tumblr_n0eufdBpA81rxkuo3o1_500.jpgHow do you like your sandwich? [via Coin Farts]

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 6.48.08 PM.png
Whattup Tuesday! [via Afternoon Snooze Button]