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This New Short Film Starring Debbie Harry Looks...Weird


Debbie Harry
, rock icon, is headed back to the big screen. She'll play herself in a new short film called "Believe the Magic" which looks, in a word, bananas. Directed by Jimi Cauty, the film centers around a guy who thinks he won a part in a big film with Debbie and has 24-hours to make it to the airport. Of course, something goes wrong and suspenseful action ensues. Making matters weirder, the "contest" looks to be a ruse for something shady and Debbie seems like she's in on it.  We're very interested to see how this one ends.

10 Picks for the Tribeca Film Festival


Well, the little festival that could is here in New York again (from April 17-28) and here are my 10 picks of movies that intrigue and beckon me. Although some no longer have advance tickets available, you can still show up 45 minutes before any screening for a chance at a rush ticket.

Before Midnight


I eagerly await the third installment from director Richard Linklater of the star-crossed romance between Jesse and Celine (played beautifully by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy). Greece is now the setting for their ongoing relationship, which began two decades earlier on a train bound for Vienna. (Screens Monday, 4/22 and Wednesday, 4/24. Locations and times listed here.)

Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me


The Broadway legend at 87 in a revealing documentary by Chiemi Karasawa with friendly comments by Alec Baldwin, Nathan Lane, Cherry Jones and others. Trust me, anyone who has ever seen her live cannot get enough of her. (Screens Friday, 4/19; Monday, 4/22; and Tuesday, 4/23. Locations and times here.)

Greetings From Tim Buckley


I hear Penn Badgley is amazing as the singer Jeff Buckley in Daniel Algrand's film about the events leading up to the tribute concert to his father at St. Ann's Church in 1991. (Screens Tuesday, 4/23 and Thursday, 4/25. Locations and times here.)

The English Teacher


The sublime Julianne Moore stars as a passionate teacher whose life is disrupted by a former pupil and his father. Directed by Craig Zisk (Weeds, The Larry Sanders Show) with a great supporting cast -- including Michael Angarano, Greg Kinnear and Nathan Lane -- this sounds like a winner. (Screens Friday, 4/26; Saturday, 4/27; and Sunday, 4/28. Locations and times here.)

I Got Somethin' To Tell You


Unfortunately, not many people remember the hilarious Moms Mabley. Whoopi Goldberg is about to set things right with this portrait of a wildly funny true original. (Screens Saturday, 4/20; Monday, 4/22; and Tuesday, 4/23. Locations and times here.)

Frankenstein's Army


Near the end of World War II, Russian soldiers stumble on a secret lab where mad scientists are creating an army of unstoppable stitched-together living dead in this film by Richard Raaphorst which I have to see right this minute!!! (Screens Thursday, 4/18; Friday, 4/19; and Saturday, 4/20. Locations and times here.)

Gore Vidal: The United States Of Amnesia


Documentary by Nicholas Wrathall about the late, great author and bracing wit Gore Vidal. With rare footage and stunning interviews, this is another one to check on your list. (Screens Thursday, 4/18; Saturday, 4/20; and Friday, 4/26. Locations and times here.)

Some Velvet Morning


Stanley Tucci stars as a man who encounters surprising consequences after leaving his wife for his mistress (Alice Eve) in this lacerating film by the always controversial Neil LaBute. (Screens Sunday, 4/21; Monday, 4/22; and Thursday, 4/25. Locations and times here.)

Running From Crazy


Actress Mariel Hemingway confronts a family name cursed with suicide and mental illness in this intriguing new film by the brilliant Barbara Kopple. (Screens Monday, 4/22. Location and time here.)



Searching for missing children, investigators break into a house and discover mysterious video tapes in this exciting follow up to V/H/S, where many young directors elevate the found-footage horror movie to new levels of fright. From all festival accounts this is even better than the first and really kicks ass so see you there! (Screens Sunday, 4/21; Wednesday, 4/24; and Friday, 4/26. Locations and times here.)

Coachella Chatz: Moby

moby_coachella.jpgWe're out here covering Coachella with our new pals Fruttare, a popsicle brand from Brazil that's newly launching in the U.S. When not OD'ing on the coconut popsicles in their air-conditioned hangout tent, we've been orchestrating some Coachella Chatz, in which we ask musicians at the fest to answer our version of the Proust questionnaire. (That is, if Proust had fallen asleep in the sun for five hours outside the Gobi tent, wearing a tie-dyed onesie and holding a beer.) Below, we chat with Moby.

What song reminds you of high school?

So many of the bands playing at Coachella. It's a little weird -- it's sort of like the Coachella line-up is like my high school mixtape. There's a New Order song, "Temptation," [that reminds me of high school].

What was the first concert you ever attended?

My mom dated a lot of musicians so when I was 8, 9 and 10, she'd take me to bars where her boyfriends were playing but the first concert I went to of my own volition was Yes at Madison Square Garden in 1979 and it was so cool to be out on a school night. I was with my friend Mike and we had the worst seats but I was couldn't believe it. I was 13 years old in Madison Square Garden in New York City and it was a Thursday night and a school night. It didn't even matter if the music was good or bad -- it was just being in New York on a school night. And to get a contact high from all the people smoking pot around us.

What song makes you want to go cruising in a car, sunroof down, windows open?

It's a cliche to say this but almost anything by Led Zeppelin -- I like "Ramble On." New York has such good music and there's all this music that feels like New York and there's so much music that in a weird way feels like Los Angeles. Like pretty much anything The Doors ever recorded so you listen to The Doors or Fleetwood Mac or even The Germs or X or Mötley Crüe. For some reason, Led Zeppelin, being from Birmingham, England, for me are the quintessential L.A. band. I always think of them staying at the Hyatt House on Sunset and throwing TVs around and I think Robert Plant was L.A.-obsessed. It seems like he wrote three songs -- there's 'California' songs, 'hobbit' songs and 'anal sex' songs. And when you have a song like "Ramble On," it covers all three.

Who is the best-dressed musician of all time?

I think the obvious answer is Bryan Ferry but that's too obvious. David Bowie but that's also kind of obvious...David Sylvian from the band Japan 'cause he also inspired Duran Duran who are also well-dressed.

What are your go-to karaoke songs?

When I sing karaoke, I try to never sing the same song twice so each time I do karaoke, I try a new song. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Once I tried to sing "My Way" and I realized that I'm really not a good singer. I sing on my records but I understand my vocal limitations and I can sing within a very limited range but there are some songs [I can't] and for some reason with "My Way," I couldn't find the note and so it was humiliating.

Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift?

I don't know enough about either one of them. What little I know of them, Taylor Swift seems marginally more interesting. I just read something about Justin Bieber punching one of his neighbors and I was like, "Maybe he's evolving into a douchey frat boy" whereas what little I know of [Taylor Swift], she seems to be kind of an oddball. Didn't she date John Mayer? Isn't he like 50 years old? That's a little weird. Far be it for me to judge but it seems vaguely inappropriate.

Have you ever dedicated a song to someone on the radio?

Yes. I was dating a woman and playing a big outdoor show in Boston for 20,000 people and it was a radio show so it was being broadcast and [the woman I was dating] was going into the hospital the next day so we called her up and I had 20,000 people wish her well but other than that, I've never dedicated a song to anyone on the radio.

Who would you rather tour with: all denim-suit Justin Timberlake or Suit and Tie Justin Timberlake?

The obvious answer is the right answer, which is all-denim 'cause the suit and tie makes sense -- he looks very nice. But the denim baffles me. It's just terrible but it's so amazing. He kind of looks like a Times Square hooker c. 1980 but also like an Eastern European cocaine dealer. None of it makes sense but in the best possible way. And the fact that he has the Levi's pocket and it's probably the strangest hat a man has ever worn -- that denim cowboy hat. Ideally someone would tailor the denim suit to make it a little tighter.

The Designers of Public School Make A Coachella Photo Diary

Most of the Coachella stories you'll read come from one of two camps: musicians or journalists. We thought it would be fun to mix things up and see what in-demand designers do during the fashion-conscious festival. So we tracked down designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne of street-style inspired menswear line Public School and asked them to keep a visual log of their Coachella exploits. The results are equal parts funny, cuckoo and hunger-inducing. Scroll down to check it out.


50_50_1.jpg50/50 chance Maxwell makes the flight...

mickeyd's.jpgNot only did Maxwell make it, he brought some breakfast!

welcome.jpgPalm trees and mountains, getting close.

soundcheck.jpgFirst stop at the festival: meeting up with our boys Twin Shadow, soundchecking for their performance. Dropped off some clothes for the evening's performance.

weoutchea.jpgFinally at the campgrounds, running to catch the TNGHT show!


gmornin.jpgBright and early, this our view for the next 3 days!

bfast in bed.jpgBreakfast of champions poolside at the Ace. Its going to be a lonnnngg day today!

gifts.jpgBy far the coolest gifting suite of the weekend, Converse Desert Lab let us press our own dubplates in collaboration with the Young Turks record label. Our buddy Jamal always takes care of us with the freshest new Converse releases...

adonis.jpgLook who's rocking our "WNL" hat...it's Adonis -- one of the boys from our FW13 presentation -- grooving to Grizzly Bear.

2 Chainz.jpgMaxwell and Dao-Yi getting ratchet at the 2 Chainz show!

illesteva.jpgRan into our NYC peeps CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalists Illesteva.

tommy fazio and jen yu.jpgLook who's got on their WNL hats! Our buddy Tom Florio from Advanstar Fashion Group and our girl Jen Yu from Hennessey.

jus.jpgBy far the best party every Coachella is the Neon Carnival. Our boy DJ JusSke rocking the crowd and rocking our WNL hat!

bumpercar.jpgCouldn't leave without a murderous game of bumper cars at the neon carnival.


lilysbfast.jpgNYC's Miss Lilly's held down the Ace this weekend with their pop up Jerk Chicken stand and DJ's from their Radio Lily live broadcast. They hosted a brunch Sunday morning and it was by far was the best food we had all weekend!

mglazer.jpgOur buddy and world famous selector Max Glazer playing good vibes at the Ace.

djbarbarashorts.jpgBy far the best outfit of the weekend. DJ ANNALOG in Barbar the Elephant shorts rocking the crowd at the Do-Over pool party...

psiluvu.jpgPalm Springs and Public School Loves you!

sunset.jpgThe sun going down on Coachella...we had beautiful weather the whole weekend. Well, except for the sandstorm that blew in the last night...

bands.jpgAnd that's a wrap for Coachella 2013!

Basement Jaxx's Delirious "Back 2 the Wild"


The new video from British house vets Basement Jaxx is a riot of psychedelic stimuli, starring two actresses in shaggy suits and feathers cavorting with animals before a series of kaleidoscopically shifting digital landscapes. Worthy of credit are directors Mat Maitland and Natalia Stuyk. The song, somewhat reminiscent of early Tom Tom Club or ESG, is an irresistible mélange of percussion and youthful shouting. "Let's smell some flowers!" "Let's get naked!"

Jon Hamm Being As Dreamy As Usual on Sesame Street


1.  Oh no, bearded Jon Hamm explaining "sculpture" on Sesame Street! We're swooning.

2.  Azealia Banks' new video for 'Yung Rapunxel' is finally here and let's just say it doesn't visually disappoint. We're shockingly okay with the "mouths as eyes" visual.

dgr_01-2002-4-4a-b.jpg3.  The Queens Museum just announced that in April of 2014, they'll be hosting an exhibit in their new expansion called  "Andy Warhol's 13 Most Wanted Men and the 1964 World's Fair." The exhibit will feature Warhol's scandalous exhibit from the World's Fair, a 20-foot mural of mug shots taken from a police booklet which the Fair leaders quickly had removed. [via GalleristNY]

161678513_custom-9bfdfec21ad918c935d5a54bb4d2e528db602f17-s40.jpg4.  Yoko Ono is making a book of "instructional poetry." She describes it thusly: "It's something I originally created for the internet. For 100 days, every day, a different instruction was communicated. Now it's being published in book form. I'm riding a time machine that's going back to the old ways! Great! I added my dot drawings to give you further brainwork." Huh? [via NPR]

5.  Here's PSY's new video for "Gentleman." We definitely don't think the dance is as viral as "Gangnam Style."

std-clinic.jpg6.  STD clinics across Chelsea, Harlem, Fort Greene and Jamaica are now going to be closed on Mondays and stay open three hours longer on Saturdays to cut down on costs. [via DNA Info]

ar125587501508066.jpg7.  The Brooklyn Flea is coming to Philadelphia! It'll be called Brooklyn Flea Philly and starts on June 2nd at the Piazza in Northern Liberties. [via Philly Mag]

Russell Brand Failed to Get A Scientology Invite from Tom Cruise


Russell Brand told Conan that he tried to get Tom Cruise to bring him into Scientology and failed. We have to admit that if a cult didn't want us, we'd be wondering why too. [via Huffington Post]

Here's an A Capella review of music from the 11th century through the present day, in four minutes. We're amazed and a little exhausted. [via Mashable]

katvondunderwaterwedding.jpgKat Von D and Deadmau5's wedding will be -- wait for it....underwater themed. There will performers dressed as mermaids, green and blue food, and Kat will wear a mermaid-like wedding dress. [via Dlisted]

tumblr_mlauo12YpP1rn7bzro1_1280.jpgOne bling to bring them all and in the dopeness bind them. [via knusprig.titten.hitler]

tumblr_ml93j1BfBI1rn7bzro1_500.gifChristopher Meloni, anyone?

The new Ghostface Killah video for "Rise of the Ghostface Killah" is an homage to old horror movies. We like, we like. [via Pitchfork]

tumblr_mldrqcsspN1rm7lnyo1_1280.jpgGucci Mane -- is you rollin'? [via The Clearly Dope]

Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 8.55.13 AM.png
We feel the same way. [via Afternoon Snooze Button]

tumblr_mjwzqjxlGN1qhcd6po1_500.gifFuck. [via Mr. Gif]

The Brooklyn Vintage Crawl Is Back on April 27th

The Brooklyn Vintage Crawl is back on April 27th, with great news: not only is it becoming biannual, it also has an official after party. The Crawl is all about having a gay old time while getting your vintage shopping done around Williamsburg and Greenpoint -- you get drink specials at bars, and up to 40% off at vintage stores like Fox and Fawn and About Glamour (the full list of participants and deals is here.) Those of you who are unfamiliar with the North Brooklyn terrain -- or too hungover to find your away around -- can use this interactive map highlighting all participating stores to find your way around.

Now onto the after party: Vintage Crawl and Neon Gold Records are throwing a party/show at Brooklyn Bowl with performances by Javelin, Jamaican Queens and Tiny Victories. Doors open at 6pm, the show is at 8pm and tickets are available here. When you buy tickets to the party you get better deals, so we suggest you do that sooner rather than later. We'll be there with Pendleton jackets and denim shirts in tow.

Coachella Chatz: Theophilus London

theophiluslondon_coachella.jpgWe're out here covering Coachella with our new pals Fruttare, a yummy fruit popsicle brand from Brazil that's newly launching in the U.S. and was one of the festival sponsors. When not OD'ing on the creamy coconut popsicles at their air-conditioned hangout tent, we've been orchestrating some Coachella Chatz, in which we ask musicians at the fest to answer our version of the Proust questionnaire. (That is, if Proust had fallen asleep in the sun for five hours outside the Gobi tent, wearing a tie-dyed onesie and holding a beer.) Below, we chat with Theophilus London.

What song reminds you of high school?

"Ruff Ryder's Anthem" by DMX.

What was the first concert you ever attended?

I think it was Prince. I was 15.

What song makes you want to go cruising in a car, sunroof down, windows open?

That song ["Signs"] with Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, Snoop Dogg and Charlie Wilson.

What's the best song to make out to?

MGMT's "Brian Eno."

What was the first CD/cassette/vinyl you bought?

I think it Eminem or Big Punisher or Busta Rhymes.

What's your favorite one-hit wonder song?

[Starts singing] What was it? "My neck, my back, lick my pussy and my crack..."

What are your go-to karaoke songs?

It'd probably be "This Charming Man" by Morrissey.

Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift?

In what way?

Gut reaction -- who has better vibes?

I would hang out with Bieber over Taylor.

Here's something we asked bands in our April issue: If Weird Al covered one of your songs, what would he cover and what would he change the title to?

I have a song called "Girls Girls $" and he'd probably change it to "Girls Girls Lotion."

Who would you rather tour with: all denim-suit Justin Timberlake or Suit and Tie Justin Timberlake?

Definitely "Suit and Tie" -- the denim suit is not a good look, man, especially with the hat.

Duke Dumont & A*M*E Put the Music in You


We've got mad love for UK singer A*M*E and of course we were happy to see that she scored the #1 single in England with "Need U (100%)." The song is a collab with DJ/producer Adam Dyment (aka Duke Dumont) and MNEK. Not sure if it's coming out over here, but, in the meantime, enjoy the crazy video featuring a poor fellow who swallowed a boombox and has to endure some wild-and-crazy dancing wherever he goes -- at least until he makes it to the operating room.

Also, here's a live acoustic version of the song starring A*M*E:

AndrewAndrew Insta-Review Matilda, Motown + More


The Big Knife at the American Airlines Theater
Clifford Odets' plays are enjoying a nice posthumous run on Broadway with the revival of the epic Golden Boy and now the more intimate The Big Knife. Does this golden-era Hollywood-thriller deserve an award or should it have been left on the cutting room floor?

The Call at the Peter Jay Sharp Theater
When an infertile white couple goes to Africa to adopt a child, racially-charged humor ensues. Find out whether we're ready to adopt this new play in our review!

Motown at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater

Back when we still had juke boxes, 45s released by Motown would have most likely dominated the selection in any given juke-joint. Founder Barry Gordy's stable of artists collectively produced more number-one hits than any single artist could dream of, so giving the label its own musical treatment seems like a no-brainer. But does Mr. Gordy have the brains to pen the book himself? Can a mega-mix of short pop songs ranging from "Reet Petite" to "Super Freak" create a cohesive musical theater experience?

MATILDA at the Shubert Theater
Based on the much-beloved children's book by notorious weirdo Roald Dahl -- who also wrote the The Witches, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc. -- Matilda is the biggest thing to hit musical theater in recent memory. It's finally made it to the American theater, but is this kid over-hyped or truly gifted? Find out in our review!

A DJ and Music Blogger Tells Us About Mumbai's Music and Nightlife

varun_park.jpgEach week in our new column, "No Sleep Til...," we'll be talking to cool kids around the globe, asking them to fill us in about the bands, DJs, music venues and night spots they and their friends are obsessing over. Next time you visit their home city, leave your Fodor's and Lonely Planet guides behind and go party like a local instead.


Varun Patra



Where do you live?


What do you do?

I work for a Digital Agency, where we run campaigns for various brands over the online & offline space. A part time DJ, music blogger and party organizer.

What Indian bands or DJs are you and your friends obsessed with?

Sandunes, which is future garage. Their tunes bounce between 2 step, future garage, post-dubstep and experimental electronica. They're similar to Disclosure and Mount Kimbie. [I also like] Mode 7, which is ambient/experimental. Mode 7 trades triumphant bass drops for brooding beatscapes and strives to land in pensive, pro-ambient terrain. Similar to SBTRKT, Jamie XX and the like. Ox7gen, who makes liquid drum & bass and is one of the only DnB producers who is making waves across the nation. There's also Sound Avtar, which is Dubstep/Glitch Hop. He's the biggest dubstep producer from India and is a regular on the Beatport Top 100 charts. I also like Reggae Rajahs, India's first reggae sound system, who have helped push the genre in the country for the last four years along with an all-India artist management and booking agency specializing in the finest local and international talent within the music industry, called KRUNK. Reggae Rajahs toured across Europe last year, performing at the biggest reggae and bass festivals. Finally, [I like] Goddess Gagged, a progressive post-hardcore band and India's most promising band. Breathing in influences from all cross-sections of nineties rock/metal to present day prog, the band finds cohesion within layers of intricate guitar work, crushing rhythms, solid bass lines and moody atmospherics worthy of the darkest nights of solitude.

Where are the cool places to see live music in Mumbai?

Blue Frog, Bonobo, [places along the] Carter Road Promenade. Blue Frog is the best club our city has to offer in terms of ambience, music and food. Some of the world's best artists perform there as well. Bonobo is a club in the heart of the city: Bandra. More underground artists perform at this venue. And, being in the center of the city, it's a great venue for most people to come to at night after a long day of work to unwind. The music varies from an acoustic set by Bombay Bicycle Club to bass heavy tunes by Jazzsteppa. Most of their events are curated by these cool promoters KRUNK. Carter Road Promenade if one of the best live/outdoor venues in our city. It's a small amphitheater, which is used for gigs, small conceptual stuff and rallies. It's right by the sea and also in Bandra. Bandra, Colaba and Yari Road are the coolest neighborhoods in Mumbai.

Describe your perfect night out in Mumbai.

Recently there have been a lot of mid-week gigs happening of all kinds -- DJs, bands and a lot more. As most of us are working, it's hard to go out mid-week so we try to make up for the whole weekend on a Friday or Saturday. Here's a typical weekend night:

9:00 pm: Start with a pre-drinking session/dinner, at a friend's house or a small bar (Janata or Ambience are two very famous pre-drinking places in Bombay).

10:30 pm: We go to the club or a venue for a gig til 1am. Sadly clubs in our city are only open til that time.

1:00 am: Afterparty at the closest/biggest possible house we can find. Calls are made to get our hands on alcohol and more in the wee hours of the night and most of the times we end up home at day break.

What are your favorite bars and nightclubs in Mumbai?

Blue Frog, Bonobo and Cafe Zoe.

What's a bar or nightclub you would NEVER go to in Mumbai?

Rude Lounge -- the ventilation is as bad as a Bombay local train. You end up smelling like Novak Djokovic's towel after he won the Australian Open.

Check out Varun's band and DJ recs:

Sandunes -- "Running w: Claws"

Mode 7 -- "Fine Art Thief"

-- "Any Minute Now"

Sound Avtar
-- "Rolling Up a Monster"

Reggae Rajahs -- "Vol. 8 Rajah Army 4 Year Anniversary Mix"

Goddess Gagged
-- "Sink or Swim"

Check out Varun's nightlife listings:

Blue Frog, Zeba Center, Mathuradas Mill Compound,, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel  Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013

Bonobo, 2nd Floor, Kenilworth Mall, Phase 2, Off Linking Road,  Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Carter Road Promenade and Amphitheater, Carter Road Bandra West, 400050, Mumbai

Janata, 78 A, Dr Ambedkar Road, Pali Naka, Bandra West, Mumbai

Ambience, Shop No 162/D, Jagdamba Building, Senapati Bapat Road, Lower Parel, Mumbai

Cafe Zoe, Todi Mathuradas Mill Compound  126, N M Joshi Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013

No Sleep Til...Paris

No Sleep Til...Sydney
No Sleep Til...Brussels
No Sleep Til...Bogotá
No Sleep Til...Copenhagen
No Sleep Til...Seoul
No Sleep Til...Oslo
No Sleep Til...Johannesburg
No Sleep Til...Gothenburg
No Sleep Til...Hamburg

Macklemore & Kangaroos


When you've got a monster hit album like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, you get a really, really big budget to shoot the video for your next single. And that's definitely the case with "Can't Hold Us" from The Heist. The guys are out of the thrift shop and into the wilds of Alaska via seaplane in what can best be described as a mini-epic. It almost looks like an old Duran Duran video. Camels? No problem. Pirate ship? We'll rent one. Skydiving, kangaroos, a living room on wheels? Sure. Check out the spectacle above.

The Last Word at Whitehall



Signs of a long-awaited spring are abundant. Couples sipping rosé at sidewalk-clogging restaurant tables. Just-sprouted blooms enlivening Prospect Park runs. Ladies eagerly showing off short new floral dresses -- lily-white legs be damned.

If there is a cocktail that best captures this beloved season of rebirth it's the Last Word, the early 20th-century drink that traces its roots to the Detroit Athletic Club. Marrying gin with green Chartreuse, maraschino liqueur and a hint of lime juice, this avocado-hued tipple is, as bartender Andrew Halden of Whitehall says, "bittersweet, with a cherry and almond edge. It has perfect balance."

In his version of the classic, Halden uses No. 3 London dry gin, with delightfully bright notes of juniper. "The spice and citrus blend well and complement the herbaceous Chartreuse and citric lime," he notes.

Each tart sip of the Last Word may conjure images of sunshine-streaked grass, but serving this drink has a more profound meaning for Halden: "I want customers to taste and learn a bit of America's cocktail history--the way I am every day."

The Last Word

3/4 oz. No. 3 London Dry Gin

3/4 oz. Green Chartreuse

3/4 oz. Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur

Squeeze of lime juice

Shake ingredients together and strain into a coupe/cocktail glass.

Patton Oswalt Ad-Libbed the Plot for the Next Star Wars Movie


1.  Patton Oswalt improvised an entire, very detailed potential plot of Star Wars Episode VII in this clip of Parks and Recreation. Can someone broker a meeting between his agent and JJ Abrams?

cover-383x495.jpg2.  The New Inquiry released a free supplement entirely devoted to Spring Breakers, with contributions by Joshua Clover, Durga Chew-Bose and Cord Jefferson.

ant_a.jpg3.  HBO ordered a pilot for a series about three thirtysomething gay friends living in San Francisco, bringing on David Marshall Grant of Brothers and Sisters and Sarah Condon of Bored to Death. Is it way too soon to say we're excited about this? [via Hollywood Reporter]

627.jpg4.  The AV Club is calling this "the worst Radiohead tattoo that has ever existed." Yes, this tattoo is gross, but is it really Thom Yorke?

magnoliabakery2.jpg5.  We've thought cupcakes were over for a while, but this WSJ article on the steady decline of Crumbs proves it: "the chain is suffering from a larger problem: gourmet-cupcake burnout." [via LAist]

9780316154697_custom-9c47976cfb5d17b29023c72778d0409f83ba4601-s2.jpg6.  David Sedaris' new collection, Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls is out and according to NPR it's mostly great except for Sedaris' forays into fictional monologues. On the monologues, NPR writes: "Sedaris' targets, with their exaggerated stupidity, seem too obvious."

lazybasketball01.jpg7.  We want this basketball-hoop-meets-living-room-chair. [via Design Boom]

8.  In case you were wondering: here's what Al Pacino thinks about Julian Schnabel. Pacino will be Creative Time's gala in honor of Schnabel on April 30 at the Domino Sugar Factory in Williamsburg. [via GalleristNY]

Colbert Responds to Accidental Racist with "Oopsie Daisy Homophobe"


Stephen Colbert and Alan Cumming did their own take on Brad Paisley and LL Cool J's "Accidental Racist," called "Oopsie Daisy Homophobe" (which starts at the 4-minute mark). It's great. [via HyperVocal

whoopigoldbergonjoybehar.jpgWhoopi Goldberg seriously seems to be over the The View (and into crazy outfits?). When a reporter asked her who she thinks should replace Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, she responded "Let me tell you this about The View: I take a paycheck every other week. That's all I do. I could give a shit what comes. I do my job -- I have a contract. That's where I stand. I don't give a fuck...My job is to show up and be cute by 11 o'clock and get the fuck off that show by 12." [via DListed]

Good tip, but it's a little late. [via Afternoon Snooze Button]

tumblr_m6l6p9kDf71qbpph6o1_500.jpgOh shit, we took a wrong turn. [via Afternoon Snooze Button]

Rick Ross made a song about Panera Bread. That is all. [via Death and Taxes]

tumblr_m6wrzmzS2t1qzdz41o1_1280.jpgWhy we love St. Vincent.

tumblr_mlep1mimgh1rn7bzro1_500.jpgWhen he's old enough, he can work at Paper. [via knusprig.titten.hitler]

tumblr_mleofzj8Dr1rn7bzro1_1280.jpgWe prefer Ugh Weekly. [via knusprig.titten.hitler]

Jessie Ware Tells Us About Her Raver Days


It's been a massive few days for our cover girl, Jessie Ware, what with the U.S. release of her debut album Devotion on Tuesday, a breakout performance at Coachella this past weekend (and another one coming up this Sunday!) and her track "Wildest Moments" getting named iTune's 'Single of the Week.' But, amidst all of her success, Ware seems to have maintained her wicked sense of humor and normal-ness -- some of the things we most love about her. We got to chat with the singer during our cover shoot and ask Ware what she was like as a sixteen-year-old (since it is the "Sweet 16" anniversary of our Beautiful People issue, after all). One thing we didn't see coming? Apparently Jessie Ware was a bit of a raver. Watch the clip above.

Video shot by Jacqueline Di Milia / Edited by Isabel Alcantara

Note from David

david.jpgFor years I've been predicting the death of celebrity culture and eventually I'll be right, but for the wrong reasons. It won't be because we've come to our senses and begun to idolize the humanitarians or fighters for truth and justice -- those who have contributed to the public good in a way that Jay-Z and Beyoncé, to use a current example, only touch. America's first couple of hip-hop may hobnob with billionaires, presidents and sports stars, but outside of their fame and business smarts, what have they done, exactly? I don't want to single them out, but they've come to symbolize the American Dream in a more profound way than the Obamas. And don't think the message is lost on the White House image makers who, more recently, have had Michelle presenting at the Oscars and doing the Dougie on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Don't call me naïve. I don't expect our culture to suddenly turn into a utopia where people are respected for the right reasons, where the white male with a hedge fund and a blue-chip art collection who's made his fortune through insider trading is no longer held up as a pillar of society because he's bought his way onto the right boards. Alas, that's not happening, but, mercifully, it no longer works to fool people and call it a business plan. The collective cultural consciousness has a way of filtering and separating the noise from the music in a way that leads to change. When the banks imploded and Wall Street was caught with its hands in the till, little changed at first. But the Feds are targeting bad guys as examples who must be punished, and the media is joining the chorus. So there's hope.

Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, the masterminds behind the production company World of Wonder, have had a front-row seat to the mythmaking machine that is Hollywood for some 20 years. Their view, however, was a bit askew to start with and has become even more eccentric since, growing along with the success of World of Wonder and its impressive string of genre and gender-bending film and TV hits like Party Monster, RuPaul's Drag Race, Inside Deep Throat and The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Just to prove how offbeat they are, the pioneers of reality-based TV and creators of some of the weirdest television shows ever made have published The World According to Wonder (1991­­­-2012), a coffee ­table book full of portraits of famous people they have loved and worked with, like Pamela Anderson, John Waters, Chloë Sevigny and producer Brian Grazer, as well as fabulous nobodies who mean as much to them as the boldfaced notables.

"Why include photos of people who may be important to you but nobody else?" I asked, when they visited the Paper office. (Full disclosure: We're longtime friends and Bailey once wrote a column for Paper.) "That's just it," replies Bailey. "We thought it was important because today it is a completely level playing field. The drag queen who threw the first brick at Stonewall is as important as the president who speaks about gay marriage in his inauguration address. One is cause and one is effect and they are completely connected. Someone who is not very well-known versus the most famous person on the planet. They're actually on the same level."

"Our first receptionist is as important as Pamela Anderson," adds Barbato.

"Where are the stars of today?" I asked. (If Twitter is to be believed, many viewers of the recent Oscar telecast wondered the same thing.) "We live in the screen age," says Bailey, "a time when stars can be minted from dancers, fashion editors and real estate agents." (For the full interview with Bailey and Barbato click here.)

So if the playing field is as level as they say -- and the evidence is incontrovertible -- the concept of celebrity as we know it is obsolete. The sense of entitlement that keeps the haves from the have-nots that's embedded into celebrities is losing its shine as others come forward to share the spotlight.

And so we introduce the Beautiful People of 2013. This year's class (our Sweet 16th) includes those at the top and others up-and-coming. There are the actors Penn Badgley and Sarah Hyland, rapper Kilo Kish and basketballer Russell Westbrook, as well as drag queen Merrie Cherry, fashion activist Brandice Henderson and nightlife mover and shaker, DJ Mess Kid. You won't know them all, but you should. And in some cases you will, whether you like it or not. Such is the power of Celebrity 2.0.

Mr. Mickey Answers All Your Burning Questions

mickey1.jpgDear Mr. Mickey,
I'm a gym rat and put a lot of time and effort into the maintenance of my bod. I want to get a new swimsuit this season and I'm tempted to buy a Speedo for the first time, but don't want to look cheesy (particularly since I live in a conservative Midwestern town). What do you think?

To Speedo or not to Speedo?
- Mr. Banana Boat

Dear Mr. Boat,
As Mr. Mickey spends much of his time in Europe, he's naturally more accustomed to the continental cut of swimwear. MM also spends time in male strip clubs so he's accustomed to the leopard print lycra spandex thong as well, but that's another story! Most Americans, however, are freakishly squeamish about seeing a man in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny mankini. If you can handle the stares and giggles, you go right ahead and buy that Speedo! Mr. Micks loves to see a sexy man showing off a hot body on the hot sands. You can also try a 1950s trunk silhouette, which combines the clingy butt-hugging fit of a Speedo but gives a tiny bit more coverage. That way everyone will get a very nice view of your merchandise but you'll feel a little less like a Chippendale. Who would have ever thought Mr. Mickey, of all people, would ever advise someone to look less like a Chippendale? Wonders never cease!

Dear Mr. Mickey,
How do I become a Beautiful Person in Paper?

- Beautiful Person-in-Training

Dear BPiT,
Once when asked this question, Paper's co-founder David Hershkovits responded, "Sleep with Mr. Mickey." Or did he say, "Speak to Mr. Mickey?" Either way, you have to do something mouth-related with MM, it seems. Don't you just adore the Beautiful People issue? We love to find people who are leaders in their fields, part of a creative community and are doing something super interesting. Maybe you can design a line of eco-friendly jockstraps that have built in Wi-Fi that connects with your Grindr, Vine, Twitter and Instagram? Or maybe you can team up with the stepdaughter of the drummer from a famous punk band and open a study center in Greenpoint that teaches vegans how to communicate telepathically with their pets? Whatever the case you just have to do fabulous work!

In other news, Mr. Mickey is working on "MM's Best Butt issue" for next year and is now accepting pitches -- in case you can't figure out something to get you into the Beautiful People issue. There's more than one path to paradise!

Dear Mr. Mickey,
I'm so sick of my wardrobe and need to update my closet. What are some new looks for spring that you think I should try?

- Closet Case

Dear CC, Well, there are a few looks that have gotten Mr. Mickey's style juices flowing lately. One is pants for evening. Mr. Mickey is talking about pairing tuxedo pants with halter tops at The Academy Awards. MM was also inspired by Rodarte's tie-dyed pilgrim dresses and would give the high-fashion hippie look a try. But it has to be rich-lady hippie, like a San Francisco heiress wearing a Missoni take on tie-dye or some such. It's all about the high-low or doing the opposite of what's obvious. Rich hippie. Pants for evening. Neither makes sense but both are fabulous.So, pick any scenario or fashion look and ask yourself what the absolutely wrong thing to do with it would be and, there, you have a new look!

All-Female Punk Band Savages Tell You to "Shut Up"


UK's Savages showed they're worth all the hype surrounding their upcoming debut album and gave an outstanding live performance at Coachella last weekend. They've also just released this official video for "Shut Up," directed by Giorgio Testi. The album, Silence Yourself, will be out on Matador records on May 7, and if you're going to Coachella this weekend, you can catch them again in the Mojave tent on Saturday, April 20, around 3 p.m.