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GIFs Find a Way


Welcome to our Friday GIF roundup, featuring a collection of this week's most important, amusing and/or newsy GIFs and GIF sets by Mike Hayes of BuzzFeed and GIF Hound.


Overdue. So long overdue. (At Midnight on Saturday)

skim1.gif skim2.gif

skim3.gif skim4.gif

Ron Swanson and I disagree about skim milk. (lea-michele)


But at least we still agree on dancing.


Pause on this GIF for like 5, 10 minutes.


Need to break out of trance? Here's Anderson wearing a weird shirt. (Anderfans)


How to murder a watermelon: rubber bands. (Reddit)


Someone check on this kid! (Reddit)


This is Jon Hamm getting tickled.


This sea lion can dance better than you.


Finally, the most under appreciated GIF of the week, featuring Mark Zuckerberg. (BuzzFeed)

Meet the Amish Sex Pistols


This is excellent: British comedian Kevin Eldon re-created the Sex Pistols' famous 1976 Bill Grundy interview, perfectly replicating the dialogue, set and sound, except everyone is dressed in Amish clothing. [Spin]

Lil Bub is great at snoring. [DailyoftheDay]

(Warning: shield your eyes if you didn't watch Mad Men last night.)

We were bored with last night's Mad Men season premiere until this happened. And then we went back to being bored. And then the last minute happened and we weren't bored anymore. Oh my god, the last minute. [Vulture]

Peter Drunklage made a cameo during Drunk Uncle's SNL Weekend Update segment! [LaughterKey]

The 60 minutes of lunch detention was worth it. [LaughterKey]

Capybaras up in this tub. [TastefullyOffensive]

awarholdicks.pngTrue. [AMajor7]

tumblr_mkx1ywqSXQ1qfvuj8o1_1280.jpgDo you like this? [AfternoonSnoozeButton]


Sunday night, 8 p.m. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

Video Premiere: James Younger's Power-Pop Jam "Monday Morning"


Vancouver's James Younger writes easygoing pub rock full of shuffling tambourines, bouncy basslines, and chiming guitarmonies. Appropriately enough, his first music video is inspired by certain power-pop elders. As Younger recalls, ""After surreptitiously trolling Youtube I found this video of XTC performing 'Making Plans for Nigel' on an old CrackerJack episode. I just got right into their performance; shamelessly miming, not an amplifier in sight, but the real kicker was that the set design was nuts." He got director Emma Higgins to replicate that video's crystal pyramids, and a friend to supply German subtitles, "for the cherry on top."

Mile End's Noah and Rae Bernamoff Burn Their Tongues Off at Spicy Bampa


noah_rae_bernamoff.jpgEach week in our new Off Duty series, we'll talk to some of our favorite chefs and industry folk around the country to find out their secret late-night spots where they like to grab a bite and a pint when their kitchens are finally closed. Next up: Noah Bernamoff and Rae Cohen Bernamoff, the husband-wife duo behind Boerum Hill's hip Montreal-style Jewish deli Mile End and its sister spot, Mile End Sandwich Shop in NoHo.

Noah Bernamoff

Where do you like to go eat when you're leaving your restaurants?

One of my favorites is Spicy Bampa in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. It's Sichuan and it's totally amazing. My friend John introduced me to it about a year and a half ago. I was completely blown away by it when he took me there and I've been obsessed ever since. It's a pretty small restaurant. There's no music -- it's just the chatter of guests. If you go late at night it's a little on the quieter side but I recently found that when I go there it's been really busy with a lot of young Chinese people. Everyone is speaking some Chinese dialect, which is a good sign.

What are some of their specialties?

We get a lot of the cumin sausages, lamb and fish. It's fried with a pretty thick batter and then the batter has all this cumin and Chinese five spice and Sichuan peppercorns, chilies. It's really fiery. There's so much flavor -- it's absolutely delicious. They also do really good king ribs that are basically little pork ribs that are deep fried -- they just have a great deep fryer. I also really like some of their cool veggie appetizers like the cucumbers in garlic, bamboo shoots in chili oil.

3403944262_72ce7dbb8f_z.jpgSpicy Bampa, back when it was known as Bamboo Pavilion

Any fun memories from nights out at Spicy Bampa?

We always have fun there. One little element [about it] is that if you can go early enough to Spicy Bampa, there's a really good Italian bakery across the street called Villabate Alba. They have these insanely delicious doughnuts -- I think they use ricotta -- so if you can get to Spicy Bampa early enough, you can catch the tail-end of when the doughnuts are made and what we do is we buy doughnuts and we bring them over for dessert after we've eaten, which they always let us do because they don't really have dessert.

Rae Cohen Bernamoff

What about you, Rae? Where do you like to eat after you leave your restaurants?

In our neighborhood, we like Nuevo Mexico, which is a mom-and-pop little Mexican spot. We've been living in Park Slope for six years now and it was suggested to us a few years back and it's been in regular rotation ever since. We definitely like to get over there particularly for the margaritas, which are like the size of your head and I know when your drink is as big as your face you're in for a good night.

What's also really nice is that it's a quintessential neighborhood spot and the service is very warm. The same woman has been there for many years and it's a really friendly place to end the night.

6a00d83451b77469e20133ecbc08d3970b-320wi.jpgBesides the gigantic margaritas what are some of their other specialties?

The carnitas burrito is definitely what I get every time. It can keep going for hours on end. It's a very flavorful and complete meal. It's super classic. We also always start with guac at the table.

Do they make their guac table-side?

They do.

Any fun anecdotes about nights out at Nuevo Mexico?

What's good about those margaritas is most often you don't remember [your night].

Spicy Bampa, 6920 18th Ave., Bensonhurst, Brooklyn; Daily, noon-10:30pm

Nuevo Mexico, 489 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn; Sun-Thu, 11am-11pm; Fri-Sat, 11am-1am

Preview Images from the Upcoming Dennis Hopper Show

The Gagosian Gallery's hosting a new exhibit of photography by Dennis Hopper, opening in early May. Most of the pieces in the exhibition are from Hopper's '60s series The Lost Album, which hasn't been shown in the United States since 1970. The collection includes portraits of Hopper friends like Jane Fonda, Jasper Johns, Paul Newman, and James Brown, as well as scenes from the civil rights movement. Check out a few preview images from the show below.

"The Lost Album" will be at the Gagosian Gallery, 980 Madison Ave, from May 7th - June 22nd

Double Standard web.jpg"Double Standard", 1961

Hopper House at 1712_Living Room_Mona Lisa_1965 web.jpg"Hopper House 1712 (Living Room, Mona Lisa)", 1965

Irving Blum and Peggy Moffitt_1964 web.jpg"Irving Blum and Peggy Moffitt", 1964

Images Courtesy of Gagosian Gallery. Artwork © Dennis Hopper. Courtesy of The Dennis Hopper Art Trust

This Tumblr Makes Grindr Profiles Into Illustrations

Here's a new time-wasting Tumblr for your Monday afternoon: Grindr Illustrated takes the endless stream of shirtless profile pics on the gay casual encounters app and makes a select few into cute illustrations. Though the idea that your Grindr profile pic could end up as a water color portrait on Tumblr is a smidge creepy, it's nice to see the shirtless guys, scruffy hipsters and couples looking for fun in a whole new light.

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 1.29.23 PM.png
Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 1.28.37 PM.png
Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 1.38.18 PM.png
Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 1.28.19 PM.png
Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 1.29.40 PM.pngScreen shot 2013-04-08 at 1.36.01 PM.png
Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 1.31.09 PM.png
Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 1.31.01 PM.png
Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 1.30.37 PM.png

Meet Some of Our Favorite New York-Based Indie Designers Whose Work You Should Know About

youngdesigners2.jpgKeep your eye on them and watch them grow!

youngdesigners_williamokpo.jpgWilliam Okpo

Designers Lizzy Okpo (second from left) and Darlene Okpo (far right) with models (l-r) Ashley Vasigek, Tori Ellis / Wilhelmina and Shei Phan and Renée Bhagwandeen / Fenton Moon.

Hair by Jorge Luis for Prive Products. / Makeup by Michelle Springer.


Designers Ryan Lobo and Ramon Martin with models from Muse (l-r) Kristina Kulyk, Akuol de Mabior, Gaye McDonald, Romina Hartwig, Bibi and Sam Taylor.

Hair by Jon Pulitano at Headcase Hair for Redken / Makeup by Flynn Marie, Lisa Hernandez and Eva Van Anglen for Aveda.


Designer Lindsay Degen (crouching at far right) with models (l-r) Alexandra Karamallis, Fallyn Valenti, Briauna Mariah /Direct Model Management, Eric Lyle Lodwick / Re:Quest, Kayla Carpitella and Tate Ashley.

Hair and makeup by Margina Dennis for Camera Ready / Cosmetics for Aveda.

youngdesigners_rachelantonoff.jpgRachel Antonoff

Designer Rachel Antonoff (above) with models (l-r) Shira Antonoff, Sarah Ramos, Sasha Sagan, Erin Reiss and Stacy Reader.

Hair by Jenny Balding for Cutler/Redken / Makeup by Keri Blair for MAC Cosmetics.

youngdesigners_publicschool.jpgPublic School

Designers Maxwell Osborne (second from left) and Dao-yi Chow (not pictured) with models (l-r) Adonis Bosso / DNA, David Hlinka / Root, Noma Han / Fusion, Logan Jackson / Major and Evan Leff / Re:Quest

Assisted by Taro Hashimura / Produced by Luigi Tadini

Hair by Robert Ham for Moroccanoil / Makeup by Dillon Peña for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

Photographed at Factory Studios and Dune Studios

Heloise & the Savoir Faire Premiere "Time Lords"


After a multiple-year hiatus, much-loved Brooklyn electro-pop band Heloise & the Savoir Faire is back with her new LP Diamond Dust, out on March 26th. We chatted with front woman Heloise Williams, who divides her time between Greenpoint and Vermont, about the new album, the plight of Williamsburg, and Beyoncé. We're pretty pumped to debut the band's video for their new single, "Time Lords," posted above. We even have some great images of Heloise's fabulous tour costumes made by Todd Thomas, who designs for Katy Perry and the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Check out Heloise's interview and costumes below.

You're known for your out-there outfits. Are the crazy clothes featured in the "Time Lords" video yours? What was the costuming concept?
Yeah, they were mine and they are mine. I've been really into body suits lately. They're just so comfortable to perform in. So second-skin bodysuits and flowing fabrics was the costuming idea. Especially because it was so windy in El Mirage, where we filmed it. Afterwards I had windburn on my face -- I felt like I had been in a tumble dryer for 45 minutes. 

What designers do you love?
I love Todd Thomas, who makes most of my clothes. My friend Rachel Comey is a great womenswear designer, and I actually met Todd through her. I like Acne -- I troll for deals [on their jeans] all the time and then buy in bulk. Vivenne Westwood is always an inspiration and Isabel Marant, I like her street style. I like the high-low. I like the really dramatic like Alexander McQueen mixed with the super casual like Acne jeans.

You used to work for a vintage clothing dealer. What were some of your biggest finds?
I was always on the lookout for old Emanuel Ungaro, Yves Saint Laurent -- all of those big designers who did those department store licensing things. Like Givenchy would make a department store sweater and I'd love finding it. I collected a ton of those things and then I had to sell them all and it was really sad for me. I was like, "Goodbye my old friends!" There was this red Yves Saint Laurent dress, silk, to the knee, and short-sleeved with giant, giant, giant, giant puffy arms. And a Bill Blass, gold lamé, empire waist, long-sleeved dress that's super tiny but it's so beautiful that I like having it just to look at. I also have a lot of clothes that don't fit me but I love to just have.

Do you pay attention to trends?
When acid wash came back around I really wanted to wear it again but I was just like, "I can't pull it off." I feel like I'm now at a point where I don't care about them at all and now have a uniform in my day to day life.

What part of Brooklyn do you live in?
I live in Greenpoint.

What are your favorite places in the neighborhood?
I love going to Anella. Deliciousness. Ana Chronos, she's got a great vintage shop. I love Ashbox Cafe, I love their rice balls and they make a really nice cappuccino. I just wish there were a really good grocery store in Greenpoint. 

How do you feel about the increasing development in North Brooklyn? Supposedly there will be a J. Crew and an Anthropologie in Williamsburg.
I think it's hilarious! I mean, it's already done. All of those business at the bottom of a giant apartment building black -- Duane Reade, HSBC. It's like being in the suburbs.

I used to live on Metropolitan and Havemeyer and no one looked twice at my outfits because I liked to clash. People would stare at me in other places but in Brooklyn no one would look at you. They'd be like "Okay, cool, whatever. Just another girl wearing crazy shit." But now when I do go town to the Williamsburg area it's a lot of business-looking folks. And now everyone's going to Bushwick and Greenpoint.

Do you watch Girls?
Recently I was at my brothers house and I watched a Girls marathon. I think an old buddy of mine, Lesley Arfin, writes for them. It's a tough one for me, because I do [like it but] I find it really depressing at the same time. It makes me remember things that I don't really want to remember. Some of the sex scenes are just like, "Oh. My. God." But I like the cinema verité of it. And I like that the fashions are super weird and seem authentic. I'm glad it's not Sex in the City and Pat Field's style, where the fashions where super fun but not necessarily realistic.

Do you get any inspiration from drag?
Oh, yes. It speaks to me as a performer. The contouring that drag queens do is so insane. My friend who's a making up artist was like, "I really wanna get into contouring for this this tour." It's a little scary. One time I did do it and this person and actually said to me, "I was wondering if you were a woman or not." And I said, "Thank you so much."

Did you hear that Cher has a new documentary out on Lifetime soon?
Oh my god. I will have to see it. Did you know Cyndi Lauper's got a TV show on WE? I saw it and I was like, "What's going on? What are you doing?" Cyndi Lauper's so fucking talented and I love her so much but it's like -- well, you know what? If she wants do this, great.

Who have you been most star struck by?
Oh, clearly Debbie Harry. So clearly.

Did you play it cool?
Oh no, I didn't. I was like throwing up. I was also very star struck by Beyoncé but got over it pretty fast once I was done going "ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod."

Any horrible tour stories?
A couple of years ago, we were invited to be on this TV show The Friday Night Project, it's kind of like the U.K.'s Saturday Night Live. Somehow, right before we're leaving New York. I caught some horrible cold. And because I was so stressed out I got a bunch of herpes all over my face. And I haven't had a breakout since I was like 14. It was the biggest, snottiest, gnarliest, most disgusting piece of shit and I couldn't believe I had to be on TV. And these four makeup artists wearing rubber gloves shellacked my face on. I really, really looked shellacked.



Bush Tetras' Cynthia Sley On the Current State of Downtown NYC


Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 4.16.29 PM.pngSley at a recent gig; Photo courtesy of Bush Tetras' Facebook

Cynthia Sley is the lead singer and a founding member (along with Pat Place, Dee Pop and the recently deceased Laura Kennedy) of the seminal female-fronted early '80s New York City rock band The Bush Tetras. Recently reformed and reconfigured, they made a visit to their old stomping grounds (Sley is now an LA resident) for two-nights at the Slipper Room on Orchard Street. Alas, one night was all we would get as noise complaints forced the cancellation of the second gig. We asked Sley to write her thoughts on New York then and now and, not surprisingly, some things have changed and others haven't: there are still, as she once so affectingly sang, "Too Many Creeps."

When I used to gig downtown, I lived on East 9th Street and First Ave. It was a different animal then. Kind of dangerous, but mostly people ripping off people copping, an occasional mugging, or the pitter patter of guys running across my roof to the next one, armed with stolen cases of beer from the local bar. We would fearlessly walk the streets down here, though, and see each other play. I had a bike back then and would usually ride empty streets to the Mudd Club, Tier 3, or CBGBs with my roommate, Barb, on my handlebars. I hated taking the train, so preferred the downtown club convenience. We bragged about never going above 14th Street. All that was ours was downtown. But it was just a motley few of us. Now there are droves upon droves of upwardly mobile individuals clogging the streets. Maybe they prefer to see a strip or comedy show or go to one of the millions of expensive restaurants in the LES than to see their friends play in a band at some dive club. We had no expensive restaurants. Rent was cheap so it gave us some poetic license not to have to work a straight job. We stayed up late, often without the help of any substances. I loved, loved, loved Tier 3. It was like our clubhouse. We used the upstairs to have wrestling matches and actually danced on the dance floor, whether it was to a live band or vinyl spinning on the turntable...

I often think about our first tour and how well we were received, by both fans and club owners. People would take us under their proverbial wings and give us a floor to sleep on. We were just three months old then and did 29 dates in 31 days, a special flight deal with Eastern Airlines. I marvel at how we were able to get the opportunity to get our music out there in such little time. I mean, we weren't the GoGos... not hardly. We ended up at the airport in Atlanta on every stop over and it served as a constant reminder that we were representing the NYC weirdos, no question. We were always billed as "NYC's Bush Tetras." I liked that and was always proud to be a New Yorker!

BushTetras80s.jpg80s-era Bush Tetras

Fast forward to last weekend at the Slipper Room on Orchard Street in the LES. The people who rent this space and run the venue are friends of mine, fighting the good fight to keep art alive in LES. They had the space when it was a small, one-story building. The owner built the space up into a now three-story building, totally pissing off the next-door neighbors, who bought their condo in hopes of a great view (a funny idea in LES) and big market value gains.... yuppies that they are. These people aren't moving to the suburbs anymore. They are moving to downtown Manhattan!? I think this is a crazy turn of events in NYC history. All the middle-class fled in the 70s and left it to us vagabonds. Now the vagabonds are moving to Brooklyn and the yuppies are moving to Manhattan. The result is nasty. These neighbors are making life and art living hell for my friends. They are on a mission to close that place down. Bush Tetras are normally loud, but we tried to accommodate and play lower. These neighbors didn't really care. It was 8pm on a Friday night, for God's sake. But this is their modus operandi. They call the cops CONSTANTLY, just to harass the Slipper Room. I left the club that night after getting shut down, not once, but twice for noise violations and it really struck me. Here is the frat boys' headquarters, these LES streets. Art no longer is wanted. Vagabonds are no longer wanted, and they couldn't afford to live or eat there anyway! That is not quite progress in my eyes, but it is the nature of the beast in NYC, and I have accepted it. Change. I'll just wait for it to swing around again in my lifetime, when the weirdos retake the island.

My son, Austin Julian, left NYC over a year ago, mostly due to these same changes in the city. He couldn't do his art and support himself. Rents were too high. Frat boys are not his thing and he realized he would have to have a straight job to earn enough money to stay in NYC. His band is the mighty Sediment Club and they spend most of their time touring the country, playing small venues and house parties, recording, and selling cool t-shirts and CDs on the road, kinda like we did. He is able to have that life-style (the one I had 30 years ago in Manhattan) in Providence, RI. He doesn't exactly take my advice but he and I do commiserate about how much NYC has changed. I tell him tales of how fun and how much the city was like the Wild West, and how the weirdos won for a minute.

Recapping the Recaps of Mad Men

madmenrecap1-blog480.jpgIn case you aren't reading our Twitter feed compulsively (and therefore aren't in the loop about our love for baby Gene), Mad Men's whopping 2-hour season premiere aired last night. To help you sort through all of your feelings about Don Draper, death, death and Don Draper, dying, anxiety, sex and sex, we grabbed some of the best quotes from Mad Men recaps and arranged them by theme, so you can compare, contrast, and think about it all while reading the Inferno on a Hawaiian beach, thinking about death. And sex.

The many meanings of the episode's title, "The Doorway."

"Just deciphering the episode's name could take up an entire recap: It could stand for the doorway to the Gates of Hell, which Don reads about on Waikiki Beach ('The Inferno' appearing as a metaphor for his increasingly tortured existence); it could mean the various doors we go through in life, suggested by Roger during his therapy sessions; or it could represent the back door Don uses at the end of the episode, in which he provides the probable answer to the 'Are you alone?' question ('Yes')." - Rolling Stone

Was this episode crazy boring?

"Things almost always get off to a slow start on this show, as if Weiner knows our brains might explode if too much happens right out of the gate, but even by those standards 'The Doorway' was, until the last few minutes, a notably and, I think, willfully uneventful episode." - LA Times

"It's a bit of a letdown considering it took almost a full seven minutes into the episode before Don even opened his mouth...but then again, we'd never expect anything less from Mad Men." - Rolling Stone

"But now I'll...marvel at how entertaining -- if dark -- this premiere was...I was riveted by the strong focus on Don and Peggy, who have always been the twin planets at the center of the Mad Men universe. Self-made, burdened with secrets, smarter than everyone around them." - Slate

"Matt Weiner has created such a rich cast of characters that it's hard not to get a little bored with Don's tortured womanizing, and wish you could just watch a spinoff about Sally, Roger, Joan, Peggy or Harry." - LA Times

"More than ever, it feels as though we're supposed to "solve" "Mad Men" episodes these days; each meaning, symbol, allegory and metaphor is as neatly arranged as a Japanese bento box, one we are supposed to unpack with proper care and reverence."  - Huffington Post

The episode is probably a metaphor for hell.

"Given Matthew Weiner's predilection for layering on the symbolism, you could guess that this sixth season might reflect the nine circles of hell." - Salon

"This opening double-episode, titled "The Doorway," has Dante-esque intimations of hell, purgatory, death, and spiritual torment galore." - Vulture

...which makes sense, since Don Draper is courting death

"I think Don wants to die." - Huffington Post

"Don Draper's gonna die."- Complex

"[Don and Roger] are suffering major midlife (or in Roger's case, slightly post-midlife) crises that are worsened by direct confrontations with death." - Vulture

But what's behind his affair?

"Whenever a wise and heroic character appears on 'Mad Men,' you know that Don will find some way to destroy him. That's how Don alleviates his anxiety, after all...[If Weiner] showed us how Don and the surgeon's wife met and began flirting, not only would that feel too familiar to offer as much dramatic impact, but it would obscure the real object of Don's strong feelings: Dr. Rosen. Ever the paragon of imperialist greed, longing and envy, Don can't handle sharing oxygen with a true hero. - Salon

"Don wants to find that one relationship, that one love affair that will sustain him, give him peace and sate the hunger that lives inside him, but he just can't find it. Probably because it can't be found." - Huffington Post

"[Don] doesn't just want to be how he seems to the women in his life. He wants to be them, to take on their personalities and vice versa. What happens to them happens to him, and he wants to experience their emotions as his own." - Vulture

Meanwhile, is Betty likeable?

"For the 800th time, I don't get impatient with Betty because she's female or because she's the wife of a rule-breaking man/anti-hero. I get impatient with the character because Weiner seems to think she's far more interesting than she is. She's just not that interesting, and that's been consistently true for a few years now. When it comes to Betty, we've seen the same character beats over and over again, and January Jones doesn't have the innate charisma to make them interesting every single time." - Huffington Post

"Even Betty surprises in this episode, first with her off-color rape jokes - hasn't she gotten the memo about those? - then by throwing a goulash party at a squat on St. Mark's Place...In the past I've complained that Betty hasn't been allowed to evolve the way other characters on "Mad Men" have, so I was delighted by her escapades in the East Village. I'm hoping next week she runs into Lou Reed and Andy Warhol." - LA Times

"So, let me get this straight. We're supposed to like Betty now, even though her sympathies are misdirected toward one of Sally's hippie wanna-be friends instead of her own daughter?" - Rolling Stone

Who knows, but Peggy sure is!

"Peggy has certainly changed for the better, and a few of my favorite segments revolved around her. Her brisk scolding of her employees was a thing of beauty, and it was vintage Draper, of course." - Huffington Post

'I loved (if you'll allow me to devalue the word) Peggy's no-nonsense workplace authority. She's the adult, surrounded by kids--be they her adenoidal underlings flailing around as they try to salvage the Koss Super Bowl spot, or her longhair boyfriend Abe rocking out in headphones as she attempts to get some work done. Peggy is at the top of her game. Lucky for her, her boss knows it." - Slate

That facial hair means something, man.

"Upon his return to SCDP, a new staircase and Harry...attest that the company has indeed expanded to a second floor. But it's more the differences in hair - styles and facial - that illustrate the times they still are a-changin', even for the old guard. Pete and Roger have sideburns, Stan has sprouted a beard, and Ginsberg, with fuller hair and a mustache, could double as the Jewish George Harrison." - Rolling Stone

"Don is still a lone wolf at heart, and ever since his 40th birthday in season five he's been feeling old in relation to Megan; the pot-smoking, increasingly hairy creative staff that he supervises; and the culture as a whole." - Vulture

With facial hair comes reefer.

"We didn't see Roger taking any more acid, but there was so much marijuana you'd think the show had relocated to Haight-Ashbury." - NY Daily News

The Roots Are Sticking with Jimmy Fallon

fb7b1e7d.png1. The Roots will be following Jimmy Fallon to "The Tonight Show." ?uestlove told Fuse, "Yeah, we're staying [with Jimmy]." Yay! [via Pitchfork]

vatican2.png2. The folks at TorrentFreak found porn that people in the Vatican are downloading. Clearly there are two lesbian movies and something involving BDSM, but we're not looking into any all of the titles on this list. [via BoingBoing]

eric_fischl--300x300.jpg3. '80s art darling Eric Fischl is writing a memoir about the "dark side" of the art world back in the day, and it sounds like quite the doozy. In one chapter, Fischl talks about going to a party with "a glamorous crowd . . . some naked" with waiters passing "glasses of Champagne [and] a choice of cocaine or heroin." [via NYPost]

pablo-neruda.jpg4. The body of famed Chilean poet Pablo Neruda is going to be exhumed Monday morning. Neruda's old driver alleges the poet was murdered by the Pinochet regime and now officials will be testing his body for signs of poisoning. [via NPR]

5. Electro-pop trio Chvrches' covered the Game of Thrones theme song. [via Pitchfork]

6. And here's a slingshot condom applicator. [via OMG Blog]

OMG The Liberace Movie Looks So Good


Here's the trailer for Behind the Candelabra, the HBO biopic about Liberace starring Michael Douglas, Matt Damon, Rob Lowe, Dan Aykroyd and...Debbie Reynolds! OMG it looks so effing good. [via I'm With Kanye]

This new Old Spice commercial is really, really weird. [via Hyper Vocal]

tumblr_mkrod1gMPk1s3ys3ao1_500.pngWaka Flocka seagulls. [via Coin Farts]

tumblr_mkh1gfYfpY1r539hzo1_500.jpgMagazine face realness. [via F Yeah Dementia]

tumblr_mkr2oru8i21r0wqrdo1_500.jpgNoooo, you demented little creature! On another note, doesn't this sloth remind you of a British rocker c. 1968? [via Humor Train]

putin-topless-protester-slide.jpgPutin pulls a Terry Richardson and gives two thumbs up for some boobs (actually, boobs belonging to a FEMEN protester). [via Hyper Vocal]

Squirrel.gifA squirrel drinking from a mini coffee cup made just for squirrels! Gah! [via Laughing Squid]

tumblr_mkrg29eRYL1qe3jqyo1_500.jpgBut where are the lyrics?? [via Rats Off]

tumblr_mkyb3iAYIV1ry0u1wo1_1280.pngRaise your hand if you remember when Jon Hamm looked like this and had a guest spot on Gilmore Girls! [via Laughter Key]

YES. [via Afternoon Snooze Button]

Jessie Ware Parties With Club Kids in "Imagine It Was Us"


Jessie Ware has been in New York for the last week doing several sold-out shows -- and playing PAPER's 16th Annual Beautiful People. Already nominated for several big awards in the UK including the Mercury Prize and the BRITS, she's now in the States to promote her debut album, Devotion, that's finally coming out here next Tuesday, April 16. The US version will include two previously unreleased tracks, including this one, "Imagine It Was Us." The video was directed by acclaimed British designer and art director, Kate Moross. One more thing: Is this a real nightclub?

Listen Up: British Songstress Jessie Ware Is Headed For Pop Stardom In the U.S.

Here's A Clip of Marc Jacobs Acting


We're already discussed the preview for Jason Bateman's upcoming movie Disconnect -- which looks to be an amazingly melodramatic take on how the Internet can be a den of sin and horror -- now we've got a clip of Marc Jacobs acting in it. The designer will play the leader of a porn ring who hires teenage boys to do sex things on camera for money. While the premise is obviously very, very icky, we giggled at Marc's serpentine dialogue and enjoy watching him play a Bad Guy. Check it out above.

The World of Wonder Guys Chat With Us About Their New Book

R_F_WOW-credit-1.jpgThe World According to Wonder, 1991-2012, is a most appropriate title for a book chronicling the 20 years of Hollywood's eccentric production company and the equally off-center duo at its helm, Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato. With a long list of iconic TV programming to their credit like Party Monster, RuPaul's Drag Race and Inside Deep Throat, the WOW-sters thought a coffee table book would be the most unlikely (yet oddly appropriate) way to celebrate their achievements. I've known them since their early forays at Limelight as the Pop Tarts in the '80s and Bailey wrote a column for Paper magazine as well. They visited recently and we chatted about their opus and stuff. And make sure to check out the cuckoo preview pictures from The World According to Wonder, 1991-2012, below.

The New Museum has an exhibition called "NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star," what they identify as a pivotal moment when everything changed. You're celebrating 20 years of World of Wonder. What was it like for you starting then?
Fenton Bailey: We started in '91. That was when we'd moved our office to Varick Street and RuPaul came into see us and was like "lets do this thing."

What was this thing that he wanted to do?
FB: Ru had been a big downtown drag queen for a while but he wanted to take it to the next level and really do music.

So he came to you for music?
FB: Not really for the music but to actually manage him.

But why would he come to you for that?
FB: That's a good question, you know, because we had our band and we hadn't been particularly too successful.

Randy Barbato: We knew him, we worked with him on his Star Booty album and we always took him seriously and when it came to all of our club friends I think one of our distinctions was that we always had day jobs. We would go out at night but we also always got up early in the morning.

Fenton, you had a day job too?
FB: I worked at Drexel Burnham Lambert in the video department. They had a film and video department making videos about junk bonds and high-yield securities and zero-backed mortgage coupon bonds and things of that nature.

RB: I think that the day time jobs saved us from...

Descending into the K hole!
RB: Yes, we never got lost at Disco 2000... And Ru, even though for a while he was partying more than we were, he also was quite happy to get up at 9 and to take a meeting. He loved talking about what was going on. He was in the nightclub scene but also loved to step back, he was also the observer of the scene.

1993 was the year that I did the cover interview in Paper with RuPaul.
RB: I remember that photo shoot so clearly too. It was fun. It felt like a big moment.

It was! Gay culture was emerging on TV and here and there, little signs of what had previously been completely ignored in media was suddenly appearing and RuPaul was the one who was going to really bring it out, which he did with his show.
FB: Right! Downtown had always been bubbling up. Madonna kind of came from downtown and Deee-Lite too.

Everyone kind of knew each other. It was like 200 people and you would bump into each other somewhere inevitably.
RB: There are so many people from that time who we are still very closely connected to, like Lady Bunny, James St. James, RuPaul and Stephen Saban. We know and see these people pretty regularly. Michael Musto. And Lisa Edelstein is out in LA.

Let's talk for a minute about reality TV because you know everyone is obsessed about it.
RB: Honey Boo Boo! Reality TV has such a bad name, its unfair.

It does, but everyone watches it.
FB: Exactly, I think it's the modern idiom. It's a hyper reality.

RB: It is true that since we moved out west and went to Hollywood there's been a continued democratization of the entertainment industry making television more accessible to people. Sure, there are some people who are on TV that people have issues with or think are just trash, but TV is much more accessible to people.

With all your success, has the process of getting a project green-lighted become any easier?
RB: It's just exhausting. You have to pitch and pitch and pitch and pitch! People think we're drag queens or something like that. People still call us "the boys." I mean come on ..."the wacky World of Wonder boys." But I do think it's easier to get a meeting and people are more curious and open to more extreme or fringy stuff. I know RuPaul had his talk show on VH1, which was successful, but really it's like RuPaul's Drag Race was truly twenty years in the making. And it is a show that finally shines the light on the artistry of drag. Yes, it has what it needs to be a successful entertaining show but at the heart of it, it is all about celebrating this art and that's great! Yes, there is a winner who gets a check -- but there are no losers on that show. They all go out and work the circuit and make money.

FB: We're living in the screen age. The place to be in the screen age is on the screen. It's true. That's what I always thought was interesting about club kids. Again, they were sort of these performance artists. Their whole thing was "fame for fame's sake."

Are there great ideas that you wish you could get done that haven't been able to sell?
FB: I still have a favorite show that we have not made. And everyone in the office laughs at me. I sometimes bring it out at pitch meeting. It's called "Past Life Makeovers." And the tag line is "How do you know where you're going, if you don't know where you've been." The show is you meet a regression therapist -- I've done this personally -- and we figure out what your past life was an we immerse you in that experience. If I was a knight I'd put on armor, learn how to joust, learn how to ride a horse, drink mead. And the payoff is how does that change your life.

RB: I have one called "Animal House." It's basically a furry dating show. Like The Bachelor but everyone is a furry. But it's for real. Singles go into this house but never see each other. The squirrel goes out with the bunny, and at the end they get the big reveal.

FB: It's priceless to see the public react to a bunny and a fox at a restaurant. People can get to know each other without judging on impressions.

In your book you include portraits of celebrities as well as lesser-knowns. Why do you think people would want to see portraits of people who are important to you but unrecognizable to them?
FB: That's just it. We really thought it was important to put them in because today it is a completely level playing field. The drag queen who threw the first brick at stone wall is as important as the president who speaks about gay marriage in his inauguration address. One is cause and one is affect and they are completely connected. Someone who is not very well known versus the most famous person on the planet, they are actually on the same level.

RB: Our first receptionist is as important as Pamela Anderson. You're right to a certain extent: it's just in our eyes. Like when we first went to the Pyramid Club and Lady Bunny and Hapi Phace walked in we were never more starstruck than then. We could sit in the first row of the Golden Globes and frankly it does not match sitting at the bar at the Pyramid. For us it's our duty to continue to keep the playing field level and have our receptionist photo right next to Pamela Anderson.

What fascinates you today?
RB: Bounce. We're doing a serious show with Big Frieda. Kind of excited it about that.

FB: I went to North Korea in November and negotiated an agreement to make a film following the first Western artist to exhibit there. James Birch, who did the Gilbert and George exhibition in Beijing and Frances Bacon in Moscow is organizing it. It took about four years to get approval. The artist's name is Keith Coventry, one of the lesser known Young British Artists. There's no advertising, no billboards, no electronic signs, no traffic, no cellphones -- they take it when you arrive. It's incredibly quiet. You're in the capital and you can hear a pin drop.


Chloe_0095.jpgChloë Sevigny

WOW_I+T_John_Waters_IMG_9085.350.jpgJohn Waters

elvira_arm (1).jpgElvira

pam_anderson.jpgPamela Anderson

WOW_I+T_Michael_Musto_MG_0540.350.jpgMichael Musto

WOW_I+T_Simon_Doonan_IMG_0117.350.jpgSimon Doonan

Latoya_2.jpgLatoya Jackson

Lady Bunny.jpgLady Bunny


WOW_I+T_Perez_Hilton_IMG_1176.350.jpgPerez Hilton

What We're Going Crazy For This Month

Jacket by Dries Van Noten. $1,080 at Bergdorf Goodman, 754 Fifth Ave., New York.

Porcelain candlesticks by Ted Muehling. $320 at Ted Muehling, 52 White St., New York.

Scarves by Retna and Os Gemeos x Louis Vuitton. $875 and $460 at louisvuitton.com

Necklace by artist Megan Whitmarsh. $400 at busy-being.com

Hot pink wrecking bar by Philip Iosca. $75 at jnrlstr.com

Suede loafer by Gucci. $495 at Gucci.com

White Oak lamp by Autoban. $2,825 at mattermatters.com

Vintage floral printed pants by Versace. $695 at versace.com

Supreme x Incase iPhone 5 case. $38 at Supreme New York, 274 Lafayette St., New York.

Spice mill by Norway Says. $86 at scandinaviangrace.com

E-bike by Jetson. $1,800 at jetsonbike.com

Style Assistant: Sebastian Perlman

India Hicks on Her HSN Line and Her Many Pets

india 2.jpgIt would be pretty tough to out-do India Hicks pedigree when it comes to old-school glamor. The home décor mogul-model-tv-personality is the granddaughter of Earl Mountbatten of Burma, the daughter of interior design legend David Hicks and the second cousin of the Prince of Wales. She was a bridesmaid of the Prince's wedding to Lady Diana Spencer and she's been a TV commentator on various royal shindigs since. In fact, she's 678th in line to the British throne.

Hicks has spent years living in the Bahamas at her home Hibiscus Hill with her baby daddy David Flint Wood and their 5 children. Her website, IndiaHicks.com, sells Hicks' collection of home décor goodies, accessories, clothing and beauty products. Now she's launching India Hicks Island Living, her line of bedding and décor, on HSN.com. We chatted with the glamorous Miss Hicks to see what's new in island world.

How did you end up in the Bahamas?
My father bought a very remarkable house, very close to where I am now so we all had to come to Harbor Island. It was very boring -- there was a little ice cream store and that's it. It's remarkable that I'm living here now and my daughter is experiencing the same type of things that I did. I had gotten kind of tired as a model so I decided that I wanted to settle. I came down here and I tracked David down and we had a brief fling. He had been in the Bahamas for about 12 years. We might not be married but we might as well be. We have five children and we have three dogs, two cats, a parrot...

I read your mother's book, Daughter of Empire, and it was genius. (India's mother, Lady Pamela Hicks, wrote the memoir about growing up in England and India.) Because your name is India, do you spend a lot of time there? Do you feel connected to it?
I find it very interesting there, spiritually. I am very close to mother. We get on very well indeed. I begged her to go back but she wouldn't. I traveled there with my aunt and my cousin and we stayed in youth hostels for six or seven nights. There was no running water; I had to use a bucket of cold water. And then we stayed in the incredibly grand palaces, so I really got a sense of both sides of India. I have a very good strong connection and I love it there.

Perhaps you will do a style collection inspired by India?
Yes, I would love to do a collection; it would be very chic I think.

Do you shop at all on HSN?
I have been tempted to, living on an island in the middle of nowhere. Though it can be very deceptive, you might order something and then it will come and be the completely the wrong size, just not what you expected it to be at all.

India Hicks Island Living is now avilabale on Home Shopping Network and HSN.com.

Astrologer Susan Miller Creates Peggy Olson's Natal Chart

AstroMadMenFINAL.jpgFor all Mad Men enthusiasts, I will be creating the "natal charts" for each of the three main characters of the show whose birthdays we were able to uncover: Don Draper, Peggy Olson and Joan Holloway Harris. The editors of Paper Magazine have done some digging to find the birth dates of these three -- the only characters to have their birth dates revealed on different occasions during the past five seasons of the show.

No times of birth were listed, of course, so I looked at the natal planets that were at play on the dates stated and also placed the birth in the city that approximated the place each character alluded to as a home birth city. In Joan's case, we don't know her home birth city so I had to make an educated guess based on the scarce details we know of her upbringing. I estimated the ascendant sign too (also called the "rising sign"), judging by the traits and talents of each person on the show. Keep in mind that my analysis relates to the character in the story, not the actor playing the part. To discuss the actor would be a whole other article!

In case you're not familiar with the term "rising sign" or "ascendant" (both terms are used interchangeably, as they have the same meaning in astrology), a rising sign is the sign found coming up over the eastern horizon at the precise minute of birth no matter what time of day that happened to be. (It does not have to be in the morning -- and rarely is for many people!). It includes a calculation of the longitude and latitude of the place of birth too. The rising sign is considered equal in importance to the Sun sign and explains why all Sun sign natives are not alike -- we are all a combination of both. Specifically, the rising sign reflects the qualities you adapted naturally to cope with life.

Now, without any more delay, let's get started with the first of our three main characters:

peggyolson_chart_susanmiller.jpgPeggy Olson
Over the course of five seasons, Olson has gone from Don Draper's young, dutiful secretary to copywriter at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and, finally, tough-as-nails copy chief at rival firm, Cutler, Gleason and Chaough 

Peggy, according to the show, is a Gemini, born May 25, 1939. As I watched many of the show's episodes I would have guessed Peggy to be born a Virgo, because she is such a hard worker, always helpful to others, and very talented with words and other communication arts. These traits are all strongly associated with Virgo. On the day the show's writers chose for her birthday, she is born with the moon in earthly Virgo, considered a perfect place for a writer, explaining why I kept seeing "Virgo" whenever I watched Peggy. With a Virgo moon, she has staying power, and she'll want to look at every word, every bit of grammar and not let go until it's "just so."

The moon is very important in a chart, for it shows inner latent talents that can be developed if desired. The moon comes out at night, and is hidden in the day. These are talents that may not be immediately obvious to the casual observer but might come out in time, as they did with Peggy. When Peggy started at the advertising agency, no one knew that she had such a talent with advertising copy. In one defining episode, an executive asks Peggy for the discarded lipstick blotted tissues that female respondents used during a focus group and Peggy handed him the trashcan of tissues, saying, "Here is your basket of kisses." That took his breath away. Next, when asked which color lipstick she preferred that day, she explained that she was very particular, and that she was more than a box of colors -- she was unique and wanted to be treated that way. With that, her career was to change forever, and promotions into advertising copy followed quickly.

Virgo and Gemini are signs most likely to produce a compelling, talented writer. Gemini alone can become a bit scattered if the person has no earth in the chart to bring feet-on-the-ground stability to the personality, but here Peggy has an earth sign moon in Virgo to keep her practical. She can succeed if she applies herself -- and as we see, she works hard and is smart and does prove herself. (Astrology is not destiny -- we have to provide the energy and intent.) Mercury is the analytical, thinking planet that, remarkably, governs both Gemini and Virgo, as well as the advertising business, so it is clear, Peggy loves her work. She is obviously willing to make sacrifices, such as long hours at the office, and perhaps not marrying and having children, just so she can get ahead. In that sense, she is willing to go against culture and take a stand on her own happiness.

Of all the characters we are studying here -- Don, Joan and Peggy -- it seems Peggy is the most flexible, for both Gemini and Virgo are classified as "mutable" signs, known for their ability to adapt to wildly changing circumstances. The season premiere episode was a good example of Peggy's ability to change; she quickly understood she needed to alter her earphone client's Super Bowl ad at the last minute, and would have to come up with a new solution that was both practical and compelling. She does not complain or stamp her feet. We see Peggy at work in her office on New Year's Eve evening. She hardly noticed the date -- she had a job to do and with her head down and concentrating hard, she creates a brilliant new campaign, all while most others had long left the office to celebrate the New Year.

I set Peggy's estimated time of birth at 11:56 PM EST on the date given by the show, May 25, 1939 in Bay Ridge, New York. That would put her birth rising sign on the cusp of Capricorn-Aquarius, with 27 degrees of Capricorn rising. (Signs go from 0 to 29' 59" before they turn into the next sign.) With 27 degrees of Capricorn rising, she has a very late degree of Capricorn rising, and would have Aquarius filling that first house of personality too.

With Capricorn rising at 27 degrees, Peggy would have Aquarius intercepted in the first house, which rules personality. This means, in laymen's terms, that Peggy has two rising signs, Capricorn and Aquarius. An interception is a mathematical term that would bring two signs into one house, as a result of the roundness of the earth, and the distance the person was from the equator on the day of their birth. (Admittedly, this is a concept hard to explain in simple terms, but come along with me anyway.) In the future, Peggy would have to read for Capricorn in all the horoscope columns she picks up, and she would also relate to the Aquarius descriptions and forecasts too, due to that quirky "interception" in her first house of personality. A rising sign never changes.

Plato wrote that Capricorn epitomized the ideal of what he called "philosopher king" -- a leader that is fair and just to those in his employ. The philosopher king can easily assume the role of wise teacher to his recruits and show them specifically how to shine. In this case, Peggy can teach her copywriters in her group how to make the campaign ideally fit the client's needs, something she demonstrates on that New Year's Eve episode. Capricorn is also a global money sign, so in the show, Peggy demonstrates that she never forgets that the real goal in designing a campaign is not only to be clever and entertaining (admittedly important) but ultimately, to make a profit for the client. Always financially savvy and realistic, Peggy knows that the campaign must fit the brand and targeted marketing approach, another secret to her success.

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 5.14.11 PM.png
Peggy Olson's natal chart

Capricorn is a big money sign, and having that sign prominent aids her when dealing with behemoth companies. Like most Capricorn, Peggy takes her responsibilities seriously. She arrives at the office in a timely manner, and in all sorts of weather, and never makes excuses. (Some of the male executives in the show seem to do nothing but go out to lunch and drink hard liquor all afternoon, winging their way through their careers, something she -- nor Joan -- would do.) Peggy stays with a project until it is done. Her natal moon in Virgo is also at play here, as Virgo cannot let go of a task until it is polished and "perfect" -- a Virgo word if there ever was one. Her ability to concentrate so deeply that an airplane could land in her office and she'd barely notice is due to her Mercury being in fixed sign Taurus. (Taurus is another sign associated with money and making a profit too.)

Capricorn is known to be the most ambitious sign of the zodiac and usually they attain very high positions of power garnering much respect, and often, awards. This is a sign that rises through the ranks quickly -- in the show, she starts in a secretarial job and makes it to chief copywriter.

The goat, which symbolizes Capricorn, is one of the only animals surefooted enough to make it to the very top of the mountain -- a metaphor for Capricorn's leadership ability. The goat is able to walk along the narrowest of paths as he makes his ascent, without any fear of falling from the mountain's great height, all the while passing all the other little animals who have given up and are on their little backs, legs and feet in the air, exhausted from their climb. The little goat just laughs as he passes them along that harrowing, narrow path up the mountain.

Capricorn loves the structure of a corporation, for these goats can readily see the clear path upwards. In other words, the person with Capricorn rising (like Peggy) looks at the firm's hierarchy to decide which job to aim for next. Internal office politics often waylay an employee for they have no stomach for it, but others, like Peggy, deal with it in a matter-of-fact way, all the while keeping her emotions in check.

Furthermore, if Peggy has Capricorn rising, her natal chart shows she has natal Saturn, Venus, Uranus and Mercury in her third house of communication, which is further evidence of just how considerable her talent is for writing. I feel she may eventually write a blockbuster book, in the way James Patterson (formerly the real-life creative director and, later, U.S. chairman of J Walter Thompson in New York) would do while employed at the agency. He would work on his novels all morning -- and his staff was told never to disturb him during those morning hours while his door was shut -- and then he was available to his staff and clients all afternoon and early evening. If Peggy wanted to write a screenplay instead, she'd have the talent to do so too -- this girl has the Midas touch when it comes to words.

Mars, the energy planet, in communicative Aquarius, on the horizon at zero degrees would give Peggy an unending supply of energy. Mars in Aquarius brings still another indicator of Peggy's talent for coming up with compelling ideas and words. (Aquarius is an air sign like Gemini and Libra, and all three signs are known to communicate exceptionally well). Aquarius is associated with newly invented digital and electronic media, giving her talent not only for print but also with television commercials, too.

If Peggy were working today, she'd be positively awesome at coming up with innovative ideas for digital and mobile advertising. Gemini is the one sign that looks and acts in a way that makes others assume they are far younger than their years. (The Gemini personality is associated with the myth of Pan -- most of us know the childhood story of Peter Pan -- a story based on the more serious mythology of Pan.) Peggy is up to date on what's hot on the changing cultural landscape. If Peggy worked at the agency in our day, she would have been a whiz at social media like Twitter and Facebook, and in developing new ways to reach the consumer in that arena, and so would Don Draper, due to his moon in Aquarius.

With the birth time I chose for Peggy, she would have natal Jupiter in the second house of earned income so she would rarely, if ever, have to worry about money. This placement indicates that Peggy will eventually become quite wealthy. Actually, Peggy has the confidence to demand her due (as she did when she decided she had to quit and move to a competing firm for better pay). Her natal Jupiter is found in Ares, so in a future episode, she may decide to become a self-employed independent creative consultant, for with Jupiter in Aries, she has ideas that could make her quite a bit of money. She'd love to open her own shop and she'd know how to keep the business coming through her doors. She might offer the idea to Don Draper, and together package themselves as a team, which would also work.

With Aquarius filling most of her first house, Peggy has an interest in all social causes of the day, including those related to women's rights, as Peggy has demonstrated in the show. This might become a bigger theme as the show moves forward.

The ruler of her house of true love and children, Mercury, is found in Peggy's natal chart to be conjunct Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, and planet of surprising, unanticipated events. This would explain why Peggy seemed rather impetuous about getting involved with another executive at the firm, Pete Campbell, a character somewhat bereft of a moral compass. (Her moon in ethical Virgo kept her from going completely off the grid.)

When Peggy gets pregnant with Pete's baby, Peggy's decision to give up the baby for adoption would also be explained by her impetuous natal Uranus conjunct Mercury. That had to be a brave decision in the 1960s but with Aquarius in her first house, she is ahead of the social curve. This sign has a set of rules all their own -- they listen to the beat of a different drummer. Aquarius really does not care what others think of them; it has a yardstick of its own making. 

The house of children is also the area of the chart that covers creativity, and with Mercury conjunct Uranus, Peggy's mind is ablaze, forever capable of coming up with ideas that would thrill us all.

If you would like Susan Miller to explain your natal chart to you in a custom 65-page book, you can go to www.SusanMillerMyPersonalHoroscope.com. Order the yellow-purple cover book, and it will be ready in approximately two weeks. Once you know your rising sign, you can find horoscopes for it, along with your Sun sign, on Miller's website, AstrologyZone.com.

Check back on papermag.com for the natal charts of Don Draper and Joan Holloway Harris

Watch Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich Give Advice To Teen Girls


Rookie Mag's regular "Ask A Grown Man" feature has had famous adult men such as Jimmy Fallon, Jon Hamm, Paul Rudd and more answering questions submitted by teen girls.The most recent Grown Men to be given the honorable privilege of answering questions such as, "How do you tell a boy you have a crush on him if you're really, really, really shy?", are Thom Yorke and producer Nigel Godrich, who are both in a new music project Atoms for Peace. This just might be our favorite installation of this series yet. First of all, it clocks in at 17 minutes -- dashed off responses these are not -- and, second, their advice takes shyness and embarrassment into careful consideration, two traits that are often brushed aside as things to just 'get over' when giving teenagers advice. Check it out in the video below.

Chloë Sevigny Is Starring In a New Crime Show

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 6.11.39 PM.png1. Chloë Sevigny and James D'Arcy are going to star in a new forensic show on A&E about a detective (Sevigny) and forensic psychiatrist (D'Arcy). [via The Hollywood Reporter]

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 6.14.41 PM.png2. Bushwick mainstay (and apparent Girls shooting location), Roberta's, got some flack after putting signs around the neighborhood advertising for unpaid interns. In other news, Roberta's is apparently hiring interns. [via DNA Info]

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 6.15.58 PM.png3. Ever want to look at art from the comfort of a plush, reclining movie theater seat? Now's your chance. A few famous art exhibitions are headed to movie theaters throughout the world where the works will be aired on the big screen along with documentary-style interviews about the exhibit, art history and the artist who created the pieces. [via Gallerist]

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 5.39.45 PM.png4. Here's an, uh, interesting image to ponder: Kim Jong Un was in a high school production of Grease. Apparently he played one of the T-Birds. [via The Sun]

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 5.32.44 PM.png5. A massive clothing swap will be held in Union Square on Earth Day -- April 21 -- from 11am-6pm. [via DNA Info]

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 5.50.08 PM.png6. James Blake, whose 2011 self-titled debut still makes us swoon when we hear it played at Gimme Coffee, has a new album out today, Overgrown. [via Pitchfork]

Screen shot 2013-04-09 at 5.58.49 PM.png7. A British theater company recently performed a stage adaptation of (500) Days of Summer. [via Pop Culture Brain]