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How Boring Were Last Night's Oscars Looks?

130224_OSCAR_nipples.jpg.CROP.original-original.jpgSimon Doonan, writing for Slate, summed up his frustration with (in my opinion) the utter snore that was last night's red carpet fashion better than I ever could: "Is it fashion? No. Is it a parade of conventional prom dresses? Yes, I am rather afraid it is."

hathaway-seyfried-oscars.jpgSpeaking of Oscars looks: rumor has it that Anne Hathaway was supposed to wear a Valentino couture dress last night, but then saw that Amanda Seyfried wearing a similar-looking Alexander McQueen gown, freaked out, and had to do a mad dash to get a new dress. [via Fashionista; Images via Go Fug Yourself

ryan-gosling-004.jpgRyan Gosling is on the cover of GQ Australia. It looks identical to his other GQ cover, but it's Ryan Gosling so we'll take it. [via The Fashionisto]

julia-frauche-greg-kadel-numero6.jpgjulia-frauche-greg-kadel-numero5.jpgTo combat everyone looking boring, here's a spread in Numéro featuring Julia Frauche wearing high fashion in an airport terminal with some beast-like thing. I just woke up a little. [via Fashion Gone Rogue]

21st-annual-elton-john-aids-foundation-academy-awards-viewing-party-red-carpet.jpeg...And here's Jim Carey wearing giant feet to Elton John's Oscars afterparty! Now we're getting there! [via Go Fug Yourself]

Kenzo's new resort video by illustrator Mat Maitland is quite a trip and the most colorful thing we've seen all weekend. [via Press Release]

dkny-humans-of-ny.jpgAnd, finally, a little bit of drama: After turning down $15,000 from DKNY to use his photos in their windows, Brandon Stanton -- the photographer of Humans of New York -- discovered that DKNY was using his photos anyway (just not in New York stores). Instead of asking DKNY to give him money, he's asking the company to donate $100,000 to the Bed-Stuy YMCA. [via Gawker]

Kendrick Lamar's New Video "Poetic Justice"


Kendrick Lamar recently released the video for "Poetic Justice," his third single off his critically-acclaimed good kid, m.A.A.d city.  With Lamar's native Compton serving as the chilling backdrop, the video presents an urban take on the star-crossed lover scenario: boy meets girl, they fall in love and their attraction turns fatal. It's almost Shakespearean (just replace the sonnets and neck ruffles with lowriders and warring West Coast gangs). Ultimately, with his heavy lyricism and originality, it proves to be another stop on Lamar's path to becoming a bona fide member of hip-hop's elite. (Oh, and Drake was good too.)

good kid, m.A.A.d city is out now

Oh My God, RiFF RaFF Gave a Tour of Art Basel


For all of you who love hearing a probably drunk, certifiably style savvy rapper's take on the art at Art Basel Miami, we present to you: RiFF RaFF's "Art Ballin."  Produced by Pharrell Williams' company, iamOTHER, the video finds RaFF going through the expositions, interrogating patrons about their net worth, and giving his readings of paintings. Highlights include: RiFF RaFF's constant drink in hand, his reminder midway through that "I didn't build the paintings" and the following statement: "This is the classic case of Romeo vs. Juliet -- but back in time." This is true comedic art.

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper Performs In Our Kitchen


Twenty three-year-old Aly Spaltro (a.k.a. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper) can wail. Like, really wail. Amidst songs full of melodic, folk-tinged pop, Spaltro's fiery growl catches you off-guard and shows the range of musicality the young performer possesses. The Brooklyn-by-way-of-Maine musician released her debut album, Ripely Pine, last week and will embark on tour next month (she'll be playing Brooklyn's Glasslands Gallery on Saturday, May 11). And, before you catch Spaltro in concert, watch the artist perform a few songs in the PAPER kitchen and read about her new album, how she got into music, and why lucid dreams ultimately led to her stage name.

Where did the name come from?
When I was 18 and started making music, I was so over-the-top inspired that I couldn't sleep and was recording all day long. But I was also drawing -- it was the most creative time in my life. I was having trouble sleeping I would write lyrics in my head and it would keep me up. I started keeping a notebook at the side of my bed, training myself to roll over in the middle of the night, write the lyrics, and fall back to sleep. At the same time, I was trying to learn how to lucid dream, which never quite worked, but the notebook was there for anything. Lady Lamb the Beekeeper was written in the notebook [one morning] when I woke up. It was in my messy cursive and it was at the exact time that I wanted to share the twelve songs I'd recorded. I wanted to put them at the counter of my local record store for free but because the town was so small, I didn't want it to get back to me -- that's why I wanted a moniker.

Tell us about your background. You grew up in Maine?
Yes. I didn't start making music until I was 18. I'm 23 now. I was going to go to art school in Chicago and after I got in, I immediately deferred. I thought I should take advantage of my year [at home] so I taught myself how to play guitar. I hadn't played or sung before.

I mostly learned by ear and taught myself different chords. I practiced for hours on rhythm and wrote little songs. I was so serious during that year playing music and so when it came time to go to school, I couldn't relate. It was so far from what I wanted to do. .

When was the first epiphany when you realized you could make a career out of it?
I think it was when I started to play proper shows and meet musicians. It just began to make sense and it wasn't a hard decision. At the moment, I thought, "I don't want to go to school -- I'm busy."

Tell us about your debut album.
It's called Ripely Pine and it's my first studio album. Everything I've ever made has been recorded by myself on my bed or in the basement. I layered everything myself [before] so this is my first proper recording with a band. I arranged [music] for strings, for bass and drums.

What inspires your songwriting? Do you usually write songs about your own life?
[Once] I tried to write fictional songs but I didn't connect to them as well. I'm the type of songwriter to write from experience and to write about what I know in my own life. A lot of the songs are full of longing and pining -- wanting something you can't have.

As a new artist, what have been some of the most memorable shows you've played?
One of the most monumental shows was when I went on a short tour with Beirut last year. I opened for them in my hometown of Portland, Maine at this placed called the State Theater, which is the venue where I saw my first show at. I had one of those moments onstage in this beautiful, giant theater and I'm looking out and it's 1800 people and I recognized a bunch of people. I remembered when I was 14 and saw shows there and never would have dreamt I'd be up there.

Where have been some of your favorite tour stops?
I loved Canada -- we went all over Canada -- but aside from that, for some reason I really loved Iowa. Maybe partly why I was drawn to it was that the theater was beautiful and had these beautiful purple seats and my last record cover featured a purple chair that I drew.

Where would you like to see your music going?
I have trouble with that question. I've thought about that before, like, "What's my five-year plan? Where do I want to be?" but I don't know. I'm trying to be present and music is my whole life so all I want to be doing is making records and playing shows and that might mean playing bigger shows or eventually I want to have my own band. I'm not quite there yet but I'm happy being solo.

There Won't Be A 5th Season of Arrested Development

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 4.32.55 PM.png1.  Take some deep breaths and reach for your stress ball: Arrested Development will officially be over after its upcoming 4th season on Netflix. CEO Reed Hastings broke the news today, explaining that the new season of Arrested is "a tactic as opposed to fundamental as a strategy." To which we say: WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? [via The Verge]

2.  Museum of Modern Art is putting out a call to artists, architects, designers, urban planners and anyone who's interested to come up with ways to rebuild Rockaway Beach. They're looking for ideas for "social spaces, new housing models, urban interventions, and ideas related to rebuilding and protecting the shoreline." Watch the video above and put those thinking caps on. [via Gallerist NY]

Solange-Knowles-Refinery.jpg3.  Tonight, songbird and PAPER fave Solange will be blessing Webster Hall with tracks from her EP True. Stubhub still has two tickets available so go, go, go!

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 3.54.47 PM.png4.  A group of Canadian authors -- including Yann Martel who wrote Life of Pi and is very cute -- are stripping down for the Bare It for Books, an annual calendar in which authors bare it all for charity. Hubba hubba. [via HuffPost Books]

24N_SODA_IPAD--525x510.jpg5.  You guys, there are more consequences to Mayor Bloomberg's ban on sugary drinks over 16 oz. than you might think: there will be no more carafes of soda or juice with bottle service (which won't affect us at all), no more pitchers of soda for kids' birthdays at restaurants (which also won't affect us at all), and no more 2-liter bottles of soda with food delivery (which will affect us way more than we care to admit.) [via The Post]

6.  Julien Nitzberg, the filmmaker behind "The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia," made a short, ten minute documentary on Patton Oswalt and it's really good. You can watch it above. [via BoingBoing]

dsc_0464x.jpg7.  A man jumped in front of an E train this morning, making him the 8th to be killed or injured by the subway since last Wednesday. We say this all the time but seriously, we are never walking anywhere near the edge of the subway track again. [via Daily Intel

vargas.jpg8.  This Tuesday, the Anthropology Film Archive, in collaboration with Dirty Looks, is showcasing "Have you ever seen a transsexual before?" and other pieces by LGBT filmmaker Chris E. Vargas. It'll be socially conscious and filled with laughs.

Megan Mullally & Nick Offerman Sang "Smell Yo D*ck"


Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman did a rendition of "Smell Yo Dick" and...well, you should just watch it for yourself. [Funny Or Die via Uproxx]

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 5.06.42 PM.png
Yep. [via GQ]

tumblr_mgpwasBuYq1qfx0b8o1_500.jpg"Bohemian Raven-sody" [via Afternoon Snooze Button]

tumblr_m7ixw2kO3r1rsoo21o1_500.jpgWe like the one in the middle on the far left-hand side column. [via Tall Whitney]

Here's Oscar winner Christoph Waltz as a 21-year-old wearing a striped onesie and singing songs on an Austrian children's show c. 1977. [via Hyper Vocal]

tumblr_mis6rgsCgl1qewacoo1_500.jpgSo they're selling these sweatshirts now at the Magic Kingdom. [via The Clearly Dope]

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 5.37.24 PM.pngYeah, yeah, we know the Oscars is old news by now but did anyone else catch this tweet by Mia Farrow? (And, for the record, Mia: we agree.) [via F Yeah Dementia]

tumblr_miqs2aU3d81qdr7w6o1_400.gifThis ostrich on skis is crushing double black diamonds while you're still stuck on the bunny hill. #NoShade [via Coin Farts]

In case you haven't watched this, Jennifer Lawrence's reaction to meeting Jack Nicholson for the first time is the best. "I'll be waiting." [via Vulture]

Screen shot 2013-02-25 at 5.50.36 PM.pngFrom "8 New Punctuation Marks We Desperately Need." We'd be all up on that Morgan Freemark shit. [via College Humor]

The Bronx Goes "Magic Mike"


Anyone miffed by Magic Mike's absence from the Oscars might appreciate the Bronx's new video, which premiered yesterday on Playgirl.com and stars three male exotic dancers alongside the five West Coast punks. The Hammer, Double Gunz and the Meat Wagon pop champagne and do push-ups in their underwear as the band makes it rain to the three-chord anthem "Youth Wasted." There's even a tiger.

She's the Child.

20130224-girls-600x-1361744410.jpgThis episode of Girls, titled "Video Games," probably should have been called "Daddy Issues." In it, we get a closer look at why Jessa is the way she is: charming, undependable, emotionally detached, yet also very fragile. The answer is logical: her parents are total kooks. "Video Games" centers around Hannah and Jessa traveling to Manitou to visit Jessa's father after she receives a garbled text message from him. Jessa interprets it as a sign that the two should reconnect. Hannah thinks that they were probably butt-texts.

Either way, when we finally meet Jessa's dad, he's a walking disaster. He's hours late, looks nearly homeless and drives a shoddy car stuffed with old computers. He's also a few screws loose and perhaps a little buzzed, but they quickly find a groove in old jokes, bizarre accents and mutual complaints about Petula, his girlfriend who is so mentally unhinged, she makes Jessa and her dad look like the Clintons.

"This is all one big simulation," she tells Hannah while feeding the pet rabbits that will later become dinner. "We all need to grow a pair and get to the next level, you know what I mean? If you're not with me you're against me, and I'm going to take you down. Bam-bam-bam!"

"Do you have any scientific evidence that life is just a video game?" Hannah asks, probably devising a character like Petula in her e-book because, well, you can't make this shit up. "Because I've never thought about it and it actually sounds kind of real and stressful."

"Of course not," Petula retorts. "Because scientists lie."

Later, over a painful dinner of rabbit and awkward silences, they're joined by Petula's son Frank who, despite his goofy turtleneck and creepy whisper, intrigues Hannah (maybe it's that mysterious Josh Hartnett vibe). When Frank's friend shows up, looking fresh off the Hollister runways, and offers to take the girls out, Hannah jumps at the chance to escape. Much to Jessa's disappointment, her dad doesn't stop them because he already made plans with Petula. He didn't cancel them, he says, because he couldn't count on Jessa to actually show up this time. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I suppose.

What follows is as terrifying as it is cliche. The kids (who are frankly all too old to be called kids) speed around town drinking and doing whip-its over mindless conversations. Jessa, blinded by her own misery, commends the idiotic friend on his driving skills and covers his eyes as he flies down the dark back-roads of upstate New York until Hannah -- ever the voice of reason -- demands they stop because she's scared. Then, in a dark cemetery, she and Frank have the shortest, grossest sex of the series (because whenever you think it can't get worse, it does!). How long before a bad romp is called a "Dunham"?

The next day, Jessa and Hannah mull over an old issue of Penthouse that they unearth in her dad's junk. "These women should be really proud," Jessa says, reasoning that helping a boy discover his manhood is "the most noble" thing a woman can do. Hannah plays along, albeit skeptically, but we get the greater message Dunham is sending: just as women must help boys become men, whether as sexual tour guides or nurturing mothers, so must men must help girls become women, as caring boyfriends or supportive fathers. Jessa, of course, has had neither.

Jessa's frustrations with her dad come to a head on the swings in the backyard. She blames him for his selfishness and for being pathologically unreliable. But what she's really driving at isn't the past -- it's her future. Thanks to his influence, she has a failed marriage, few friends and no career (not to mention a fixation with anything that distracts her from reality and numbs the pain). The only thing he taught her, she deduces, is to be like him.

"You think I can rely on you?" he deflects.

"You shouldn't have to," she cries. "I'm the child. I'm the child."

This is the part where viewers either cringed at the painful familiarity or reacted like Hannah, who calls her parents to thank them for actually parenting her. But one thing's for sure: this could not have been an easy episode for Dunham to write. Parents are a tricky subject, conjuring feelings of interminable gratitude or deep disappointment and bringing out our emotional insecurities. After all, is there any realization more tragic than the dethroning of your own parents? Through Jessa, Dunham analyzes the effects this disappointment has on twenty-somethings and begs the ultimate question: At what age does one's poor parenting go from being a point of sympathy to an excuse? Daddy issues and Mommy issues -- whatever they may be -- can only penetrate your adulthood for so long before they become, well, your issues. It's a poetic moment when we suddenly see our parents when we look at ourselves in the mirror and unfortunately, it's not always pretty.

The most telling moment of the episode was when Hannah called her parents to thank them for the "hammock" of support and protection they've given her, and her mom doesn't buy it. Because she's a parent and she knows better.

Kimye Look Like They're Having Sex on Their First Cover

4qhf2v.jpgKim and Kanye's cover of L'Officiel Hommes -- their first cover as a couple -- leaked and appropriately enough, it looks like they're having sex. You know what? We're fine with it. [via The Fashion Spot]

cara-delevingne-acting.jpegCara Delevingne wants to get into acting. She told British Vogue "I would love to do what Meryl Streep is doing. Her or Judi Dench, or maybe Charlize Theron as well." She also told Vogue,  "I want to be like, a crazy cave woman or a possessed demon child." We'd watch that. [via The Cut]

You know, I love (love love love!) Jennifer Lawrence but I'm not really feeling this behind the scenes video of her Miss Dior handbag shoot. She just seems...unsure? Not as elegant as I'd like? [via Press Release]

achung_blackjacket_v_28sep12_pr_b_426x639.jpegCarine Roitfeld wanted to dress Alexa Chung like a tomboy and give her a beard for her book The Little Black Jacket: Chanel's Classic Revisited. Chung fought hard for her not to run the beard pics, recalling "They thought I'd be down for it, they thought I'd think it was funny, but I was like 'not if Dakota Fanning is being Marilyn Monroe.'" [via Fashionista]

gruber-me-and-my-calvin.jpegNick Gruber is no longer writing his sure to be eye-roll inducing memoir What Came Between Me and My Calvin, telling TMZ "I decided I no longer want to do [the book] anymore. There was a ton of interest...but I just did not want to hurt him or others. I am a good person, not a mean person. Love is a beautiful thing. Money doesn't matter at all." Ugh, now we're rolling our eyes again. [via The Cut]

quvhezanawallisoscars.jpgThis isn't surprising but it is cute: after Quvenzhané Wallis wore her signature Poochie & Co. purse to the Oscars, Poochie & Co.'s sales increased exponentially. [via The Cut]

jenny-lyons-courtney-crangi-v.jpgJenna Lyons and Courtney Crangi posed together in V, and according to the author, "to see [them] interact is akin to watching two teenagers in love...giddy with knowing smiles and stolen kisses." The couple actually talks about one another for the first time, with Lyons saying "for me the best thing is knowing that someone really has your back ... Like no matter what happens she has my best interests at heart," and Crangi saying, "[Jenna]'s just incredibly gracious at all times." Yay!

Spider-Man Is Filming at Nom Wah Tea Parlor

nom-wah-spidey.jpg1.  The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be filming at one of our favorite Dim Sum places, Nom Wah Tea Parlor, on Friday. Oh, to be a fly on the wall -- who also eats a couple of shrimp and snap pea dumplings -- for that shoot. [via The Lo-Down]

Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 1.48.33 PM.png2.  Seth McFarlane won't be hosting the Oscars again (despite Twitter compliments from celebrities). That's probably for the best. [via Salon]

05739242-photo-nokia-105.jpg3.  This is super helpful for anyone who's prone to losing their cell phones while out and about: Nokia now offers this $15 dollar phone whose battery life lasts a month. We'll take three. [via BoingBoing]

warhol_2492858b.jpg4.  Christie's has a new online sale of photographs, prints, T-shirts and drawings by Andy Warhol. Prices start as low as $1,500 (up from $600 already) and are significantly lower than most of his works. Many of the items are unsigned, but we'd still call it somewhat of a steal. [via Telegraph UK]  

standard-highline.jpg5.  The company that owns a majority stake of Standard Hotels, Dune Capital Management, may sell the Standard High Line. No word yet on whether this will affect André Balazs's involvement with the hotel, but woah. [via Crains]

samberg-engaged-022513sp.jpg6.  Joanna Newsom and Andy Samberg are now engaged! [via Vulture]

artworks-000041346599-7of5z8-original.jpg7.  This is weird: Phil Spector's wife, Rachelle Spector, is releasing a new single, "PS I Love You," that's inspired by dramatic moments in Phil's life and will sound similar to his song "To Know Him Is To Love Him." [via Press Release] 

8.  Ever wonder what 80s teen comedy Real Genius would look like as an M. Night Shyamalan psychological thriller? Now you know.

David Bowie's New Video Featuring Tilda Swinton


Tilda Stardust has become as much of a reality as it will ever be in David Bowie's new, doppelganger-centric music video for "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)". Bowie and Swinton start the video as a fashionable, retro-looking couple dissatisfied with their traditional marriage. When we're introduced to their body doubles/seemingly younger selves -- androgynous models of the moment Andrej Pejic (mirroring Swinton) and Saskia de Brauw (mirroring Bowie) -- all hell breaks loose. It's a fun if creepy look at how strict adherence to traditional gender roles (and, you know, just being a bore) can lead to unhappiness. Especially if you're David Bowie or Tilda Swinton.

Check out Our 10 Etsy Finds of The Week

Every week we'll hand pick (from our computer screens) ten of the cutest and coolest things on Etsy from clothes, jewelry, art and more. 

1. Claudette Double Brooch by MOTHERLAND Jewels

Designed to be worn in several different ways (the collar of your shirt, the edges of your sweater, or just simply as a brooch) this sequined heart brooch from the MOTHERLAND Jewel shop is just precious. $28

Yokohama-based artist Naoshi makes adorable (and affordable!) prints using shiny colored sand, a technique called "sunae." This print of an ice-cream cone girl walking in a storm of sweet treats is just too cute to handle. $20

Mexico-city based Etsy shop Goodbye Folk makes handmade shoes including these beautiful, patent-leather floral oxfords. $225

Take your plants back to the 70's with these super bright macrame plant holders by crafty designer Kitiya Palaskas. $35

il_fullxfull.389055039_cefn.jpgArtist and designer Karen Mabon's hand-drawn intricate prints look amazing on her Red Brick North silk scarves and this Robbery in a Sweet Shop Scarf is no exception. We love the giant gummy bear guy! $95

Keep your "put a bird on it" jokes to yourself, because we love this cute set of bird plates. $112

Painter Kindah Khalidy's abstract prints look amazing on her scarves and mini clutches, like the colorful one above. Use it as a bag or as the coolest pencil case on the planet. $38

These pretty socks from Strathcona Stockings remind us of vintage wallpaper. You'll have the prettiest hoofers in town. $36

Illustrator Ginette LePalme's etsy shop is a treasure trove of fantastic zines, pendants, cootie catchers and more but this sweet little risographed zine of her work looks amazing. $5

The Aussie label APOM (A Part of Me) is a collaboration between designers Kajsa Kvernmo and Kate Brook who share a love for the natural world, as exhibited by this beautiful landscape dress. $200

Jennifer Lawrence Continues Her Reign as the Best


tumblr_miuq82DJUp1qbnazvo3_r1_250.giftumblr_miuq82DJUp1qbnazvo6_r1_250.giftumblr_miuq82DJUp1qbnazvo4_r1_250-1.giftumblr_miuq82DJUp1qbnazvo2_250.gifJennifer Lawrence continues her reign as The Best.... [Majortvjunkie]


tumblr_miskmohl6t1qzmowao1_500.jpgtumblr_miskmohl6t1qzmowao2_400.jpgtumblr_miskmohl6t1qzmowao3_400.jpgtumblr_miskmohl6t1qzmowao4_400.jpgtumblr_miskmohl6t1qzmowao5_400.jpgtumblr_miskmohl6t1qzmowao6_500.jpghave we all been living a lie???/? [FuckYeahDementia]

Why is watching dogs have sneezing fits so funny?. Get these pups some Zyrtec! [LaughingSquid]

tumblr_mit5u4WGak1r3gb3zo1_400.gifYou are correct, Grumpy Cat. [TheClearlyDope]

tumblr_lzy3xqv4ea1qiq3amo1_400.gifYes. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

 pantshome.pngNo pants. [JuliaSegel]

Goat mashup videos are the best things that have ever happened to the Internet: Behold, Bon Jovi's "Livin' On a Prayer (Goat Edition)." [ClearlyDope]
tumblr_mir1ymCTZz1qbd7a2o1_500.png Get over yourself, caterpillar! [Pizzzatime]

Rest easy tonight, kids. [Reddit]

Greys Smash It Up in "Carjack"


Greys come from the same Toronto scene as METZ and play a similar sort of brawny punk, but even more aggressive, topped off by Shehzaad Jiwani's furious ranting. "Carjack" kicks off Drift, their third EP in as many years. The new video, shot security footage-style, shows the band in translucent masks trashing a room's worth of guitars, amps and drums. That must be what happens to their rivals. (via Stereogum)

Listen to Still Corners' Dreamy New Song "Berlin Lovers"

English dream pop group Still Corners is back with their latest single "Berlin Lovers," a song that sounds like it would be right at home among the pop hits of the '80s new wave. Lead singer Tessa Murray's ethereal vocals, which call to mind Elizabeth Fraser of The Cocteau Twins, combined with punchy, structured synth beats are pure, infectious pop. The band's sophomore album, Strange Pleasures, is set to be released this May on Sub Pop and, judging by how catchy "Berlin Lovers" is, we couldn't be more excited to hear it.

Anne Hathaway Apologized For Her Oscars Dress

Anne+Hathaway+2013+Oscars+Prada+1.jpgAnne Hathaway actually wrote a full apology for not wearing the Valentino dress she was supposed to wear to the Oscars. She released the following statement:

"It came to my attention late Saturday night that there would be a dress worn to the Oscars that is remarkably similar to the Valentino I had intended to wear, and so I decided it was best for all involved to change my plans. Though I love the dress I did wear, it was a difficult last-minute decision as I had so looked forward to wearing Valentino in honor of the deep and meaningful relationship I have enjoyed with the house and with Valentino himself. I deeply regret any disappointment caused."

The current theory is that she wrote it because of some pre-show drama: Valentino's team was sure of her wardrobe choice and got so little warning about her decision to change that they sent out a press release before the ceremony announcing that Hathaway would be wearing their dress. While that sheds a lot of light on this, we still think it seems unnecessary for Hathaway to apologize publicly for her outfit. [via The Cut]

fashions-night-out copy.jpgFashion's Night Out (aka Night of A Thousand Events We Don't Really Want To Attend) won't be happening in the US this year so that brands can use the money they'd been spending on all of those parties for their own "specific needs." Boy are we happy about this. [via WWD]

ysl-grimes-collab.jpgGrimes is doing a capsule collection of t-shirts with Saint Laurent Paris, featuring her own drawings inspired by Yves Saint Laurent's "Love Poster" series from the '70s. The whole line can be found at Luisaviaroma.[via Fashionista]

Big Ang (featured in our March issue) and Lil Buck are having such a good time in this Bruce Weber-directed video for CR Fashion Book. Get us to Zanzibar, stat! [via Fashionista]

eye-tilda.jpegTilda Swinton will be the face of Chanel's Scottish Métiers d'Art couture collection, which makes sense because she's Scottish and because duh, she's Tilda Swinton. [via Fashionista]


Zoë Kravitz is making a capsule jewelry collection with Swarovski which, according to WWD,  has a "tribal, earthy feel." [via The Cut]

Can't stop watching the short fashion videos by 365Guy.net featuring scantily clad male models doing ridiculous (or suggestive) things.

Bogotá's Music and Nightlife Scenes Through the Eyes of a Local Cool Girl

Valerie_Mattos-photo_2.jpgEach week in our new column, "No Sleep Til...," we'll be talking to cool kids around the globe, asking them to fill us in about the bands, DJs, music venues and night spots they and their friends are obsessing over. Next time you visit their home city, leave your Fodor's and Lonely Planet guides behind and go party like a local instead. 


Valerie Mattos



Where do you live?

Bogotá, Colombia

What do you do there?

I'm a Colombian corespondent for Vogue .

What Colombian bands and DJs are you and your friends obsessed with these days?

Monsieur Periné, Fonseca, Chabuco, Esteman. I mostly discovered these artists at clubs, bar or listening to friends' playlists. Lots of them are also friends of friends or people that we know from around [the city].

Monsieur Periné is Latin Jazz while Fonseca is tropical pop [and makes] mostly romantic songs -- but there are a lot of songs you can dance to and sing out loud. In Colombia, couples dance to his music together. Chabuco is jazz -- mostly slow songs to hang around and Esteman is tropical rock. He has a lot of songs to dance to, uptempo mostly.

What is interesting is that all of these bands have Latin rhythms mixed with popular music. Their music puts me in a good mood and creates a positive vibe and atmosphere wherever I am. It [creates] that immediate instinct to stand up and dance or relax to slower songs.

Some of their best songs are are "La Muerte" and "Suin Romanticón" by Monsieur Periné, "Ilusion" and "Hay Amor" by Fonseca, "Cosita Tropical" by Esteman and "Te busco" and "Asi fue mi Querer" by Chabuco.

Where are the cool places to see live music in Bogotá?

There are two places to see cool bands: La Puerta Grande and Armando Records. La Puerta Grande is a bar/restaurant that's a bit alternative/underground. They host DJs and and often book alternative Colombian bands. It's grungy-looking, very laid-back and has a young, hip and attractive crowd. Armando Records is similar but doesn't serve food. The music varies there -- they play a little bit of everything but indie rock dominates, I'd say.

Both are located in the heart of the city, where most things happen; La Puerta Grande is around Park 93 and Armando Records is in the Zona Rosa. Their crowds are very similar -- young artsy/fashion people...a trendy group. They are some of the only places where you can find a nice crowd and good music in Bogotá.

And what about the best nightclubs or regular bars?

[I like] El Coq. El Coq and Armando Records are practically the same but I would say Le Coq is even more alternative and underground than Armando -- it also has a more interesting design and space.

What's a bar or club you'd NEVER go to in Bogotá?

I don't know it yet. I would try everything once.

Check out Valerie's band recs:

Monsieur Periné -- "La Muerte"

Fonseca -- "Ay Amor"

Chabuco -- "Te Busco"

Esteman -- "La Cosita Tropical"

Check out Valerie's nightlife listings:

La Puerta Grande, Calle 12, Numero 93-64, Parque de la 93, Bogotá

Armando Records, Calle 85, Numero 14-46, Bogotá

El Coq, Calle 84, Numero 12-02, Bogotá

No Sleep Til...Paris

No Sleep Til...Sydney
No Sleep Til...Brussels

Bespectacled Babes Rejoice This Season!

This season, the eyes have it...

Four-Eyes_1.jpgDress by Christopher Kane, sweater by Marc Jacobs and glasses by Linda Farrow.

FourEyes_2.jpgVest, tunic and shorts by Alexander Wang, sweater by Marc Jacobs, tights by Falke, shoes by Robert Clergerie and glasses by Cutler and Gross.

FourEyes_3.jpgCoat and skirt by Marni, shoes by Robert Clergerie and glasses by Linda Farrow for Matthew Williamson.

FourEyes_4.jpgDress by Gucci and glasses by l.a. Eyeworks.

FourEyes_5.jpgCape by Terra New York, dress by Thakoon, glasses by Hotel de Ville and headband by Louis Vuitton.

FourEyes_6.jpgDress by Chanel, tights by Music Legs, shoes by Fendi and vintage glasses by Playboy.

FourEyes_7.jpgCoat and dress by Creatures of the Wind, shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood and glasses by l.a. Eyeworks.

FourEyes_8.jpgBlazer and skirt by Lanvin and glasses from Giant Vintage.

FourEyes_9.jpgSuit and blouse by Sonia Rykiel and glasses by l.a. Eyeworks.

FourEyes_10.jpgTop and skirt by Marni, shoes and tabi socks by Prada and glasses by Mercura.

FourEyes_11.jpgBlazer and skirt by Moschino Couture, tights by Music Legs, shoes by Robert Clergerie and glasses by Michael Kors.

FourEyes_12.jpgJacket by Marc Jacobs, hot pants by Prada, tights by Falke and glasses from Giant Vintage.

FourEyes_13.jpgDresses by Dior (over) and Opening Ceremony (under) and glasses by l.a. Eyeworks.

FourEyes_14.jpgBlouse, skirt and shoes by Rodarte and glasses by Oliver Peoples.

FourEyes_15.jpgCoat and shirt by Thom Browne, tights by Music Legs, shoes by Robert Clergerie and glasses by Mercura.

FourEyes_16.jpgJacket by Stella McCartney, top and skirt by Preen, tights by Falke, shoes by Robert Clergerie and glasses by l.a. Eyeworks.

FourEyes_17.jpgTop and skirt by Fendi, shoes by Marni and glasses by Illesteva.

FourEyes_18.jpgCoat by Burberry, shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood and glasses by Linda Farrow for Matthew Williamson.

FourEyes_19.jpgTurtleneck, skirt and shoes by Louis Vuitton and glasses from Giant Vintage.

Styled by Shirley Kurata / Makeup by Sara Glick at the Magnet Agency using Dior / Hair by Terry Millet at the Magnet Agency using Leonor Greyl / Photographed at The Forge / Fashion Coordinator: Kelly Govekar / Stylist's assistants: Hillary Janvrin, Justin Guizar and Tina Poppy / Models: Amanda and Alli at PhotoGenics, Alissa and Allegra at Wilhelmina and Meredith.

Here's An Amazing Short Doc About Sissy Bounce


Heads up guys: Sundance has a new line of short documentaries about emerging local music scenes and they're all great. The six films are each made by a different director and showcase a different city (Los Angeles, New York, Portland, New Orleans, Atlanta and Detroit) as well as the artists who help define the city's sound of the moment. Our favorite is director Abteen Bagheri's short about New Orleans "ass shaking music" Sissy Bounce -- a gay hip-hop genre heavy on rap and re-worked samples that doesn't often make its way onto the radio. Featuring heavyweights Diplo and Nicky Da B and lesser known artists Sissy Nobby and Big Freedia, the film gives a beautifully shot rundown of Bounce's origins as well as ample snippets of tracks that we need to download right now. Watch above.

Celebrities Who Still Wear Tracksuits

Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 3.49.03 PM.pngWhether velour, terry cloth or sweat pant material, tracksuits usually bring to mind one of three things: elderly joggers, mafia bosses or Paris Hilton c. 2004. But, now that the aughts are over and it's 2013, most of us think we're safely past the Great Tracksuit Golden Age. But 'most of us' doesn't include J. Lo or Diddy (or, obviously, Paris Hilton -- but that's a given). Both celebs were recently photographed in those monochromatic bastions of pre-Great Reccession easy living...but then again it's easy to forget we're not still living in 2004 when the only economic cut-back you made was downsizing from magnums of champagne to just regular ole' bottles.

J. Lo + Diddy 4-eva.

Celebrities in Pink Tracksuits: A Photographic History