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Listen to the New Phoenix Single


1) Listen to Phoenix's new single, "Entertainment." (via)


2) Has Honey Boo Boo's Uncle "Poodle" been circulating naked pictures on Grindr? (TMZ, photo by Pete Markham on Flickr)

3) 20 years ago, MTV News interviewed St. John's University students (and a librarian) for their opinions on Nirvana's to-be-released album In Utero. Choice quote: "A lot of the lyrics I thought were just thrown in. They could have deeper meaning, I tried to analyze them, but some of these lyrics...I think if I was stoned when I listened to it I might have liked it better. But I don't do that anymore." (via)


4) Mississippi has finally ratified the thirteenth amendment, thanks to one citizen's viewing of Lincoln.

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 12.43.50 PM.jpg

5) Burger King's official Twitter account was hacked today by hip-hop fans.


6) Photographer Tamara Staples's remarkable chicken portraits. (Behold)

Clearly Hipsters Are the New Beatniks

tumblr_mi46fyND9D1qzhoqfo1_1280.jpgThis spoof of beatniks from 1964 still totally holds true today -- just replace "the Village" with "Williamsburg" and "beatniks" with "hipsters." [via Babylon Falling]

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 9.15.25 AM.pngWe can't stop scrolling through You Had One Job!, a huge gallery full of proof that anyone everyone can screw up royally while at work. 

tumblr_mfi3vqAIXG1r964sho1_500.jpgWe've been there. [via F Yeah Demetia]

Screen-Shot-2013-02-18-at-2.11.44-PM.pngThom Yorke did an AMA on Reddit and it's full of crazy, cryptic responses to straightforward questions. Our favorite is when he was asked how he became comfortable singing in front of others: "my formative years involved finding no-one else to sing the songs. so doing it myself. and singing into a bucket, but thats another story. stanley donwood has a kind of vibrator on his shoulder right now." [via Death and Taxes]

Sea World did a "Harlem Shake" video and between the dancing seals and the walrus doing rhythmic situps,  there's absolutely no way it can be topped. [via Mashable]

tumblr_mic5cnsB0u1qau3abo1_r1_500.pngSeriously -- poor Michelle. [via I'm With Kanye]

This "When Animals Attack" supercut is the only supercut we'll be watching this morning. [via Pleated Jeans]

tumblr_ly0i7eEsam1qc582lo1_r1_500.giftumblr_ly0i7eEsam1qc582lo2_r1_500.gifWe couldn't agree more, Jimmy. [via Afternoon Snooze Button]
tumblr_mifa67tDEZ1qewacoo1_500.jpgWe'd watch that. [via @katwilliams]

Darwin Deez Invades Stock Footage


The latest video from Darwin Deez finds the scraggly-haired singer invading stock-footage scenes of smiling women who, as the video progresses, meet partners, copulate, marry, have children and grow old. (There's also an inexplicably violent coda.) "You Can't Be My Girl" is full of Deez's trademark off-kilter guitar riffs and angular, yet catchy melodies, of which you can find more on the recently released album Songs for Imaginative People (Lucky Number), available to stream below.

Marc Jacobs + André Leon Talley Talked Man-Pajamas


All you need to know about the man-pajamas that are so on trend this season, courtesy of Marc Jacobs and André Leon Talley: "It's all about home, and lounge, and louche." [via Fashionista]

sjpharperschina.jpegWe really don't like how much people hate on Sarah Jessica Parker (she's had our hearts since Hocus Pocus) but her new cover of Harper's Bazaar is...not great. Why did they Photoshop her that way?? [via Dlisted]

a_610x408.jpegRobin Givhan wrote a missive on the difficulty of separating the business side of fashion from the personal. The whole piece is worth a read, but we especially like this paragraph: "No other industry creates -- through its products, marketing, and business dealings -- such a misleading and malignant sense of intimacy as fashion. Clothes, after all, speak not just to who we are, but who we would like to be. When fashion designers are truly on their game, they can anticipate a shopper's unspoken desires, vulnerabilities, and secret aspirations. Fashion engages the public in such a deep relationship that observers take it personally when the models are too thin, the clothes too expensive, or the silhouettes too unforgiving." We really wish she'd go back to writing columns.

HR_64159-36-6-300x360.jpegA pregnant Kim Kardashian covers DuJour magazine. It's her first pregnant photo shoot, but probably far from her last. [via Fashionista]

Watch Alan Cumming hang out with his younger self in this fashion film for Julian Zigerli. [via Selectism]

OC-Adidas-laver-6.jpegLove the new Adidas Originals x Opening Ceremony sneakers. [via Selectism]

tomford3fer-640x420.jpegThe Tom Ford show was a crazy "Cross Cultural Multi Ethnic" show and Cathy Horyn, Sarah Mower and Tim Blanks agree that it tows the line between good and bad taste but in a good way. [via Fashionista]

LANVIN-New-York-Mens-Boutique_Facade.jpegLanvin opened its first standalone men's store in the US, and it's only a few doors down from their women's store on Madison avenue. Needless to say, I want to go to there. [via The Fashionisto]

Listen to Mocky's "Graveyard Novelas" EP


LA-via-Berlin-via-Toronto producer Mocky has collaborated extensively with Jamie Lidell and Feist, his former college roommate. (Their third roommate was Peaches.) He's also shown his sense of humor and gift for melody on four solo LPs. His new EP, Graveyard Novelas, which premieres here, shifts between sunny California pop and dark Eurodisco, with strong doses of R&B and even an interpolation from Sonic Youth. Hilary Gay and Pegasus Warning contribute guest vocals.

The Trailer for The Source Family Documentary Is Chilling

In the 1970's, a wealthy health food store owner named Father Yod formed a controversial spiritual commune known as The Source Family and promoted radical utopian ideologies centered around natural health and the benefits of communal living. Yod had 13 wives, drove a white Rolls Royce and had a psychedelic band called the Ya Ho Wa 13 that was a seminal part of the L.A. freak scene. The Source Family eventually fled abruptly to Hawaii but soon after Father Yod died in a hang-gliding accident (which is somehow not the craziest thing about this story), leaving the group to ultimately disband. Years later, members came forward to write a history of The Source and now a documentary has been made based on the book. And it's chilling. Sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, murder, possible sorcery; it's all here and it all really happened. We're so stoked to see it but also a little terrified. Check out the trailer below.

Who's Excited for the Matchbox Twenty Cruise?


1) Who's excited? The Matchbox Twenty cruise sets sail December 6.

2) Jimmy Kimmel asked male viewers to tape themselves giving their girlfriends or wives Valentine's gifts they'd hate. They were all disgusting. 


3) It turns out cats have been doing that "Oh, I'm sorry, are you trying to concentrate on something?" thing where they walk across your work for centuries! Check out these cat paw prints left inink on a 15th century manuscript. [Gawker]

4) The Brooklyn Bowl (61 Wythe Avenue) hosts a free "Trapped in the Closet" sing-along tonight at 9.


5) Here's a shot of Casey Mulligan and Justin Timberlake as '60s folk singers in the Coen Brothers' upcoming film Inside Llewyn Davis.

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 2.21.00 PM.png
6) Check out this interactive music video by the design agency OKFocus for Brooklyn band Tanlines' song "Not The Same" that takes it design cues from Photoshop. Feel free to transform, warp, invert colors, resize, and delete band members and their sound tracks against different layers for backdrops. Click the word "experiment" at the top for an extra-trippy treat!

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 4.37.33 PM.png7) Love this NPR piece on Sandy Levins, who designs fake food for museums and the kitchens of historic homes, including Mount Vernon and the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. [Photo by Hoag Levins]

8) Tilt Warning Customs, a Pittsburgh-based custom pinball arcade game company, is raising funds via Kickstarter for an art show  that would feature pinball games designed by street artists including Alex Pardee, Jeremy Fish and COOP.


Someone Else Bought Guy Fieri's Restaurant Domain Name

guysamericankitchen.pngThis is what happens when a famous TV food personality like Guy Fieri doesn't buy the domain to his hilarious joke of a Times Square restaurant: Behold, this parody menu posted on guysamericankitchenandbar.com. The description for "Guy's Big Balls" is poetry. [FastCompany]

missedconnectionsusa.jpgThe 50 states of missed connections. (Click to enlarge.) Whole lotta love at Walmart. And people in Indiana are having missed connections at home? What? (Also, as an Arizona native, I'm relieved to see my state's biggest singles hotspot isn't "Gun Convention for Racist Meth Addicts." AZ is full of surprises!)  [Psychology Today via Buzzfeed]

yTbIsnZ.jpgShout out to all the adequate moms. [Reddit]

Andy Samberg made out with a bald eagle on Conan last night.
tumblr_mihpkqa2xe1qewacoo1_500.pngJames Blunt might be responsible for the cheese-pop monstrosity "You're Beautiful" and have the Twitter handle @DirtyLilBlunt, but this is pretty awesome. [TastefullyOffensive]

OJMW.jpgPapermag book club? [Mlkshk]

tumblr_mial16bCqV1r00ytzo1_1280.jpgSlothphin knows how to party serious. [LaughterKey]

azizoparentskanye.jpgAziz Ansari, his parents and Kanye West. [Vulture]

tumblr_migkbn4HRE1qzccddo1_500.jpgSammy Davis Jr. with a Delorean. Have a great Wednesday. [Pizzzatime]

Charlotte Free's Defense of Terry Richardson Is Icky

tumblr_lrj5elcZus1qa42jro1_500.jpegWhen Charlotte Free was asked about the accusations of sexual harassment leveled at Terry Richardson, she defended him by writing "i love terry's raw sexuality, it's one of the things i really admire about him. Terry likes to do sexy stuff, that's his shit. If you don't wanna be part of it, make it clear in the beginning. Don't willingly blow the man and get all mad and ashamed later...I hate when girls say 'but he asked me to.' you should have said no then, stupid bitch!" Um, we're not sure we agree in the first place and we definitely hate the way she put that. [via Fashionista]

The Times public editor Margaret Sullivan asked Deborah Needleman to comment after receiving multiple complaints about a distinct lack of minorities in the new T magazine. Needleman responded that "it was something I noticed and regretted as we were putting the issue together. We are a global magazine and so would like the content, subjects and geography of stories to reflect that. In coming issues, we cover the people and places of Seoul, São Paulo, Kenya, Bollywood actors, Nigeria, etc. A majority of fashion models are still unfortunately mostly white, but it is our aim to celebrate quality and beauty in all its diverse forms." [via The Cut]

stella_sheeps_wool-300x414.jpegStella McCartney is making a wool bag. Because McCartney is vegetarian and very eco-friendly, the bags are actually made from the wool of her own sheep, who we imagine are more pampered than we are and were not harmed during the shearing process. Mr Mickey will love this. [via Fashionista]

hbos-in-vogue-the-editors-eye-screening-at-the-met-55.jpegYou can maybe possibly have lunch with Jenna Lyons! Right now, charitybuzz is auctioning a chance to sit down and meet the J. Crew creative director. All proceeds will go to the IS 289 Hudson River Middle School and the current highest bid is $1,850.

_MOS0468.450x675.jpegLynn Yaeger's used the image of Moschino Cheap and Chic's question mark sweater (pictured above) as a take-down of the brand's costumers: "the symbol seems to represent the confused state of the pretty, trashy young thing for which the house's ensembles are intended. (You remember her, staggering into your algebra class clearly having been up all night, wearing a fuzzy mohair animal-print pullover and a tiny skirt, the girl who never knew the answer to anything beyond 'Where's the party?')." We kind of like the sweater but Lynn Yaeger, we really love you. [Image via Style.com]

BFA_5494_631915.jpgKarl Lagerfeld has a new photo exhibition at the Galerie Gmurzynska St. Moritz titled "Fire Etchings." The exhibition features abstracted images of some of his current muses, and the his technique is bonkers: Lagerfeld used photo etchings burnt with fire into a solid pieces of glass. Woah. [via Press Release; Image via BFA]

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 11.33.10 AM.pngPopSugar has rebranded itself, meaning that fashionologie, ShopStyle, Fabsugar and twelve other sites are now folded into one massive PopSugar.com. Au revoir, fashionologie. I'll miss you. [via Fashionista]

10 Funny Videos of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain

In honor of what would have been Kurt Cobain's birthday today, we bring your our favorite funny clips of him and Nirvana, some of which we've seen a million times and some of which we just found today. (If you've never seen the very strange footage of the band playing lathered-up Twister with Smashing Pumpkins, you're in for a treat.)

Riding on a motorcycle and breaking into "Seasons in the Sun" by Terry Jacks.

A baked goods enthusiast, Cobain is distracted by an appetizing plate of cookies during this MTV Video Music Awards interview.


Cobain wore a canary yellow ball gown during a 1991 appearance on MTV's Headbanger's Ball.

Filming a Christmas greeting for The RuPaul Show.

Impersonating Kevin Costner's super-awkward "that was really neat" scene from Madonna's Truth or Dare.

Going to town on Extreme.

With a twist of lemon!

On asking Axl Rose to be Frances Bean's godfather.

Nirvana getting their makeup done by Kim Gordon.

Playing Twister with Smashing Pumpkins.

Warm Soda's MTV Homage "Busy Lizzy"


Oakland powerpop quartet Warm Soda pay tribute to early MTV in this clip for "Busy Lizzy," which tracks a stocking-clad babe around town as she draws the eyes of a waiter, a construction worker, a bicyclist and a hobo. The band can be seen on a dock banging out a Strokesy eighth-note thrum. We wonder if they're singing about the same Lizzy who once made the Beatles so dizzy.

Anyone Who Isn't Excited Enough About Debra Messing, Beware


In his newest "Billy on the Street" vid, Billy Eichner drags Smash star, Will & Grace alum and all around gay icon Debra Messing through Madison Square Park and puts the fear of God in passersby who don't appreciate her Debra Messing-ness enough. We laughed out loud about six times.

Brussels' Music and Nightlife Scenes Through the Eyes of a Local

julien_no_sleep_till.jpgEach week in our new column, "No Sleep Til...," we'll be talking to cool kids around the globe, asking them to fill us in about the bands, DJs, music venues and night spots they and their friends are obsessing over. Next time you visit their home city, leave your Fodor's and Lonely Planet guides behind and go party like a local instead. 


Julien Van de Casteele



Where do you live?

I was born in Brussels, Belgium, but moved to India when I was 17 and lived there for 3 years. After that I came back to Belgium and finished high school at an international school and went to university in Belgium. During the past year I was in New Zealand for six months and then NYC also for six months and now I'm back in Brussels.

What do you do?

I just graduated from the Louvain School of Management and I'm now slowly getting my mind onto job hunting.

What Belgian bands or DJs are you and your friends obsessed with these days that Americans should know about? 

[I really like] Goose. The band mixes rock with electro and I discovered them at a summer music festival called Rock Werchter. I had successfully made my way to the front row to see the Klaxons and I had such a comfortable stand there that my friends and I decided to stay there for LCD Soundsystem, coming a few hours later. In between, there was Goose. During their performance, the whole marquee venue went crazy; kids were flying from all directions above your head, your face was constantly smashing against your sweaty neighbors, it would sometimes be raining and you'd hope it was beer -- all of this while the crowd was moving in waves going back-and-forth between two meters of space. Since then, listening to Goose (especially their old 2006 album) throws me back to that atmosphere. The band released two more recent albums (2010, 2012) since then but I recommend listening to 2006's Bring It On.

Belgium [has a lot of] talented electronic music acts but does not do so well with indie rock music -- probably because of a shitty English accent. If you want to seem cool, listen to Belgium's pioneers of the electronic music scene: Front 242. Great current DJs include Peter Van Hoesen (techno), and The Magician (house/disco). Another one of my favorite Belgian artists of the moment is Aeroplane, who plays chilled out house. I actually had to be in New York to start listening to the music, after someone had asked me if I was going to see my "favorite Belgian act." Ashamed of not knowing who he was, I decided to go to the concert. Check out "Big Boys Don't Cry," especially if you love that new house/disco trend.

Where are the cool places to see live music in your hometown?

My top venues are the following: Les Ateliers Claus and Botanique.

Botanique: I think this place is perfect. I'm always amazed. It's a botanical garden and greenhouse converted into a venue. It welcomes just as many small bands as super famous ones and allows for anyone to have the opportunity to experience this place. (Check out pictures.) 

Les Ateliers Claus: I think I like this venue because it forces me to go to an area in Brussels where I don't generally go to, as there isn't much else there. The place is tiny; you probably can hold 150 people max, and that's when you can lick your neighbor's armpit without him realizing it. I would compare it to Cameo Gallery in NYC. It also welcomes small bands that you don't necessarily know about, and it has a family vibe -- everyone knows each other.

And what about your favorite bars or nightclubs?

[I like] Mr. Wong, Mirano Continental and Bazaar. Mr. Wong is pretty much a Chinese-style bar/club located in the Asian neighborhood of Brussels. The one thing that I love about this place is its decoration and atmosphere; when I'm drunk enough I can easily start picturing a samurai-style movie scene where at any moment some guy dressed in a white suit is going to start fighting a black-suited guy while jumping against all the walls of the place.  Mirano Continental is an old movie theater turned into a club. The place has a '70s New York clubbing style to it. It's huge but not everybody gets in very easily (they have "physiognomists" selecting people waiting in line). People are often dressed extravagantly. And as for Bazaar, like its name says it, it's a mess. I never really understood its structure -- you enter from this normal house door, then you're suddenly in a warehouse. It's usually very dark in there and they often have projections on a screen at the same time. I would say that the crowd is more rough [than at other clubs]. Though each of these three clubs I selected are very different in style, they all attract a hipster-ish crowd.

What's a bar or nightclub you would NEVER go to in Brussels? Why?

I hate all those "luxury"-focused nightclubs -- it's not my thing, and the music is s-h-i-t. Among the "shit" ones I'd say Louise Gallery, Le You, Le Carré, Spirito Brussels. There are probably many more, but I haven't grown any interest in them so I can't really list them.

Check out Julien's band and DJ recs:

Goose -- "Synrise"

Aeroplane -- "Superstar"

Front 242 -- "Welcome to Paradise"

Peter Van Hoesen -- "Perceiver album mix"

The Magician -- Remix of Lykke Li's "I Follow Rivers"

Check out Julien's nightlife listings:

Les Ateliers Claus, Brabanstraat 23A, 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node

Botanique, Rue Royale 236,
1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node

Mr. Wong, Rue de la Vierge Noir, 10-12-14, 1000 Brussels

Mirano Continental, Chaussée de Louvain 38,
1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node

Bazaar, Rue des Capucins 63, 1000 Brussels

No Sleep Til...Paris

No Sleep Til...Sydney

Our 2013 Oscars Predictions

Emmanuelle Riva in Amour.jpgActor Most Likely to Get Caught Shooting a "Who Is This Guy; I Hate Him" Look at Seth MacFarlane During His Monologue: Emmanuelle Riva

Photo by Henny Garfunkel

Nominee Who Will Give the Most Charming Red Carpet Interview: Nine-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis. (Just watch her repartee with André Leon Talley!)

mhk.jpgWorst Consolation Prize: Michael Haneke is nominated for best director and best original screenplay; his film Amour is nominated for Best Picture. However, no foreign language picture has won any of these categories in the past ten years. (And only one in the past forty-seven years.) As the only Best Foreign Language Film nominee to also be nominated in other categories, Amour is highly likely to win that category and lose the others. In that case, Haneke would still have to leave without an award, as Best Foreign Language Film Oscars are awarded not to individuals but to the country of origin.

Number of Times the Omission of Ben Affleck for "Best Director" nominee will be mentioned: 4

anne-hathaway-self-doubt-thumb-500x281-59424.gifAcceptance Speech Most Likely to Be Cut Short: Anne Hathaway's

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 3.12.52 PM.pngMost Likely to Wear a Dress That Fashion Critics Will Praise But That We Won't Get: Jessica Chastain

mirrormirror800x600.jpgLeast Likely to Win: Mirror, Mirror for best Costume Design.

macfarlanepuppet.jpgNumber of Voice Impressions Host Seth MacFarlane Will Do: 10

Number of Times You Will Wonder How Many Pretty Popular Girls Were Mean to Seth McFarlane in High School: 13

the-impossible-poster.jpgMovie Most Likely Not to Win Any Awards Because Everyone Forgot to See It: The Impossible.

joaquin-phoenix-85th-academy-awards-nominees-luncheon-01.jpgMost Likely to Not Even Crack a Smile During the Oscars Because He Hates Us All: Joaquin Phoenix.

jackiweaver.jpgActress We Most Hope Attends With a Sandwich Baggie of Homemades and Crabby Snacks In Her Pocketbook: Jacki Weaver

2012AdeleGrammyAwards02PA130212.jpgBest New Acronym: GGOG, for Adele's Golden Globe, inevitable Oscar win , and Grammy wins for Skyfall.

ZeroDarkThirtymonkey.jpgMonkeys Most Likely Not to Attend: The monkeys from Zero Dark Thirty that eat that guy's ice cream cone, but were only in the movie for like 6 seconds so they're probably just invited to the Vanity Fair party. They were our favorite part of the movie.

leooscars.gifMost Likely to Watch Angrily From Home Because the Academy Is Like 'Leo Who?': Leo

Minutes the Oscars will run over-time: 27 minutes

esq-lincoln-lewis-1112-xlg.jpgMost Boring Movie That Will Probably Win Best Picture: Lincoln

Number of Times Someone Will Use Their Acceptance Speech as a Platform To Discuss Politics: 4 (It's a big year for politically-charged movies.)

AndrewAndrew Insta-Review The Good Person of Szechwan


Downtown stalwart Tayler Mac brings his ample talents to bear on one of Brecht's lesser known works: The Good Person of Szechwan. Written while in exile in America, the text is an indictment of capitalism and its inherent immorality. Can Mac and his merry band make this parable palatable? Find out in the full review!

The Good Person of Szechwan runs at La MaMa through February 24

Two Centaur Bros Need Wedding Dates

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 6.19.00 PM.pngTwo centaur bros (literally) went to Craigslist in search of dates to their cousin's upcoming wedding and, well, their ad is kind of awesome (and, fittingly, has gotten hundreds of responses). Highlights include descriptions of themselves as:

We're both in our 20s, single, dashingly tall, Anglo-Saxon, respectfully athletic, love to party, completely house trained, relaxed, passionate, smell great, have cool hair, clean up nice, boast great tie collections, will promise to shave, love our mother, have seen Love Actually several times, controversial, provocative, short-sighted (with a big picture mentality), raw, emotional, sensitive but still bad boys.
They seem like a real fun time, actually. [via Daily Intel/Hyper Vocal]

Girls: the 'Golden' Years starring Gérard Depardieu. We'd watch that. [Thanks Luigi!]

lostflyer.jpegNah. If you want to get sucked into TV and not leave your house -- or consist on anything beyond Ritz crackers and CostCo trail mix for days -- just watch House of Cards on Netflix. [via Tall Whitney]

taylor-swift-totally-looks-like-a-young-victor-hugo.jpeg"Taylor Swift looks exactly like a young Victor Hugo." Damn. [via Buzzfeed Celeb]

tumblr_mi3b1rOhP21r6g7k5o2_500.gifTiny kitten in a tiny hat licking a tiny ice cream cone. [via Pleated Jeans]

rosemarys-baby-1968-image-333-posted-by.jpegThis is awesome: a guy finds the spot where movie scenes were filmed and creates these mash-up photos. [via Philm Fotos]

tumblr_mijd810RYZ1r0wqrdo1_500.jpgGo away kid, he's mine! [via F Yeah Dementia]

tumblr_miidepU17G1rby04wo1_500.gifSo meta. [via Coin Farts]

tumblr_mic1f16O711qz4vjio1_500.jpgLove this New York Times-themed cheese board. [via RatsOff]

If you haven't had time to watch all of the Oscar nominees, get up to speed courtesy of an Oscars rap by Black Thought of The Roots. [via Jimmy Fallon]

Ahh here's a baby sloth slowly -- very slowly -- flirting with a woman in Costa Rica. He's so dreamy. [via Gawker]

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 8.36.04 AM.pngWoo hoo! Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen are joining the growing list of guest stars on the upcoming reboot of Arrested Development -- a list that already includes Conan O'Brien, Liza Minnelli, Ron Howard, John Slattery and more -- and reportedly Wiig will be playing a young Lucille Bluth. [via EW / Vulture]

Bill Baird Is Hopeful in a "World Gone Deaf"


Bill Baird has released countless records over the past decade under his own name, under the nom de musique Sunset and as a member of the band Sound Team. Two years in the making, Spring Break of the Soul (out March 5 on Pau Wau Records) finds the Mills College composition student applying more polish to his production, which draws more attention to his offbeat art-pop arrangements. "World Gone Deaf" juxtaposes a bass saxophone with what sounds like a mbaqanga-inspired rhythm section; Baird's multi-tracked vocals offer advice along the lines of "If you want to beat the devil, sing joyously." The lo-fi video superimposes song lyrics on grainy footage of Baird and parodies of TV news tropes. Frames float across frames, expanding and dissolving.

USPS Is Making A "High-End" Fashion Line. Wut?

usps-fahsion-line.jpegThe United States Post Office is so strapped for cash it's creating its own clothing line of "smart apparel -- also known as wearable electronics." They will also buy their own space in the Garment District to showcase their collections and hope to get the clothes into high-end department stores. To which we say: wut?

lindsay-amFAR-rip.jpegLindsay Lohan's up to her old tricks. Apparently she borrowed an expensive beaded gown for the amFAR gala and returned it cut in half. A source reported that she ripped it a little at a club the night before and completely cut out the part of the dress that had been ripped. To which we say, again: wut? [via Gawker]  

Vera-Wang-4-by-Joyce-Culverresize-e1361391056609-300x362.jpegWhen asked by Fern Mallis which new products or lines she would endorse, Vera Wang replied "I do love donuts." Girl, us too.  [via Fashionista]

While we'll agree that the new Longchamp campaign video starring Coco Rocha is super fun, we're having a hard time wrapping our heads around the idea of someone having fun at an airport. [via Fashion Gone Rogue]

georgina-chapman-jcpenney.jpegGeorgina Chapman (one of the designers of Marchesa) is designing a line for J.C. Penney which will focus on prom gowns and be priced at a very affordable $50 to $250. [via The Cut]

137779365-300x450.jpgLVMH bought a minority stake in young couturier Maxime Simoen's eponymous line, allowing him to show a women's ready-to-wear collection for the first time. It probably also means that LVMH plans to give him a Creative Director post at one of their larger houses down the line, so let's all make sure to remember his name. [via Fashionista]

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 11.41.19 AM.pngBusiness of Fashion got a new look, y'all. [via On the Runway]

laurence.jpegThings we like: these Laurence Airline shirts, available here. [via Fashion Beans]

Fashion Legends and Insiders Weigh-In On the Current State of Diversity Within the Industry

In honor of Black History Month and in light of the recent interest in African Americans in fashion -- from the Stephen Burrows retrospective in New York to the Ebony Fashion Fair exhibit in Chicago and the new documentary Versailles '73: American Runway Revolution -- we talked to industry legends and insiders about their pioneering careers and the role of race in fashion today.

bethannfashionfeature.jpgInvisible Beauty: The Legendary Fashion Industry Guru Bethann Hardison Explains Why Models All Look the Same These Days.

StephenBurrows_fashionfeature.jpgKeep On Dancing: The Magical Designs of Stephen Burrows.

bevyfashionfeature.jpgSay It Loud: Fashion's Relationship With African Americans Continues to Be Complicated.

battleofversaillesfeature.jpgThe Battle of Versailles.

ebonyfashionfairfeature.pngEbony Fashion Fair. 

One Direction Covered Blondie and the Undertones


Yesterday, super-cute British boy brigade One Direction released a single in support of the charity Comic Relief. The song is a mash-up of Blondie's "One Way or Another" and The Undertones' "Teenage Kicks," and we can't help but love the fact that the 1D crew took a new-wave hit about stalking in the name of love and a punk classic about needing some serious teenage lovin' and mixed it together (with a dash of trademark homoeroticism --no comment on that shower scene) to make a bright, fizzy pop concoction. Some music snobs may cringe, but, come on, this is such a fun little song. Check out the video above, featuring a cameo from British prime minister David Cameron.