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    gordonjett.jpgMost Overwhelming Documentation of Female Bad Ass-ery: The highlight of the Barclay's Center event on Thursday night was, duh, the Nirvana tribute, as reigning rock goddesses St. Vincent, Joan Jett, Kim Gordon, and Lorde performed in lieu of Kurt Cobain. If this picture alone doesn't inspire you to take guitar lessons, nothing will. --Katy Miller

    Best Response to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert News:
    Comes from the man himself. What else would you expect? -- Tucker Chet Markus

    Best Selfie-related News of the Week:
    Artists Tyler Madsen, Erik Carter, and Jilian Mayer created Selfeed, a website that provides realtime updates of the #selfie tag on Instagram. With thousands of mirror pics and peace signs flashing at a rapid pace, Selfeed is definitely the most efficient way to people watch. -- Gabby Bess

    Best Celebrity Troll of the Week:
    Fake Drake. The internet's favorite Canadian rapper dressed up in "disguise" (a fake beard and an emo wig) and took to the streets to find out what people really think about Drake. The results are hilarious. --G.B.

    Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 6.10.27 PM.pngMost Hated Person on the Internet of the Week:
    The Basic Bitch. You might not be having such a great week if you're a so-called #basic. Not sure if you're basic? Check out the The Cut's profile of the modern basic bitch. If you've got all the symptoms of being a basic bitch, don't worry. We're here to help. -- G.B.

    jaimiewarrenhole.gifArt Show Opening this Weekend That We're Most Excited About:
    Paper beautiful person Jaimie Warren's "That's What Friends Are For" at the Hole. Warren will present a a five-channel video remake of Fra Angelico's High Altarpiece of San Domenico in Fiesole, recreated panel by panel with 200 of her friends. Each panel depicts different pop culture characters selected by her mother, grandmother and herself, including Grucho Marx, Betty Boop, Liberace, Jennifer Lopez and Tina Turner. She also made a bunch of new GIF self-portraits, like the scary-ass one above. Go Jaimie! -- Elizabeth Thompson

    Best Coachella Style Advice of the Week:
    Ms.Fitz's. This is the best thing we've read all week, if we do say so ourselves: " If you haven't heard, the slutty hippie/Pocahontas look is OUT -- so take that floral headband and denim booty shorts back to the Urban Outfitters mega mall on Bedford Avenue! For style direction, take note from the line-up this year, which is much less "Indie Rockerrrr" (yewwww!) and more European electronic. Get comfy and sexy in monochrome sneakers, basketball shorts and bold, tongue-in-cheek logo tees. Think, like, "Sporty East London chav" but kinda gothy, yeah?" -- E.T.

    lenadunhammarcjacobs.jpgBest Dressed
    : Lena Dunham slam dunks. This sparkly Marc Jacobs gown is super, sexy, cool. -- Maggie Dolan

    Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd of the Week: Yes. -- T.C.M.

    Worst Reason to be Gisele:
    Getting audited. I guess being on Forbes' 'Highest Paid Model List' several years running raises a few eyebrows. See, everyone's got shit. -- M.D.

    Worst Woman-on-Woman Crime:
    The woman who chucked a shoe at Hillary Clinton as she took the stage for a speech in Vegas. Remember kids, what happens to Vegas sometimes goes viral. -- M.D.

    Breakdown of the Week:
    This poor, poor girl doesn't understand how glass works. Or how cleaning works? Does she need some sort of a receptacle? I don't even know. *voice quivers* IT'S BEEN A LONG WEEK OK. *sobs* --T.C.M.

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    What what! Alexander Wang and H&M are doing a collab y'all! The designer, who we spotted bouncing around in the VIP area at Coachella, started a stealth Instagram account on Saturday night with a video (above) announcing the design partnership. Shortly after, partygoers attending H&M's second-annual Coachella after-party were surprised to see a big old sign outside the venue's doors reading "Alexander Wang X H&M." Inside, the party featured performances by Major Lazer and former Paper cover girl Iggy Azalea and guests like Kate Bosworth and Katy Perry.

    The collection will be unveiled on November 6 -- put that shiz on your iCal.

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    In case you needed more evidence that Leonardo DiCaprio is the best dancer in the biz, here you go: A clip of Leo and his bro busting some sizzling-hot White Festival Dudes Just Goofin'-moves to MGMT at Coachella on Saturday. At first we were skeptical: The dancers' faces are covered with bandanas (there was a big-ass sandstorm on Saturday) and classic DiCaprio distinguishers -- e-cigarettes and models -- are nowhere to be found. But as TMZ points out, this person's outfit is the same outfit Leo was photographed wearing earlier in the day while hangin' with a dude dressed like the other dancer. Also, the priceless reaction of the woman filming seems evidence enough. We know there's another weekend to go, but we're going to go ahead and crown her Coachella 2014's most important attendee. Thank you, whoever you are. Now go make an alternate version of this with "Sandstorm" dubbed over.  [Uproxx]

    James Franco made a cameo in a tender SNL short about monster buddies that aired this weekend. 

    Watch the Internet's favorite adorable couple, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, play the Newlywed Game. [Buzzfeed]

    Oxeenpb.jpgJackie, you're our hero. [Reddit]

    If you want feel approximately 5.7 billion years old, this clip of perplexed children examining Walkmans will do the trick. [TastefullyOffensive]

    YFXI.jpgYou're not even part of this family, step ladder! [Mlkshk]

    YFPB.jpgAlright, alright, alright. [Mlkshk]

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    Here it is, Lana Del Rey's much-buzzed-about latest single, "West Coast," off her upcoming Ultraviolence LP. It makes us want to spin in slow motion on the beach forever.


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    GeorgieOkell2_36_web.jpgGeorgie wears a sweater, rings and hot pants from Screaming Mimi's.

    A few days before one of the biggest auditions of her career, Georgie Okell dramatically changed her look. "I was going through a phase last summer where I decided to buzz my head," explains the 27-year-old. "I looked a bit like G.I. Jane. Hardcore." That ballsy move must have impressed the execs at Fuse because they hired her to replace fellow UK native Alexa Chung as a host of the network's nightly music talk show Fuse News. "I guess they liked me," she says with a gap-toothed smile.

    When Okell took her place at the news desk earlier this year, she was already a big deal across the pond, known as the bubbly badass host of Channel 4's pop culture program T4 -- a gig that Chung also held before moving to New York. "I've sort of been following her around and taking all of her jobs," quips Okell, who moved to Williamsburg last spring. "Obviously we're different -- she's super high-fashion, she's great... she is Alexa Chung! But we also have that same sort of sarcastic, self-deprecating British thing."

    The don't-give-a-fuck-try-anything attitude that Okell applies to her hairstyle is the same one she has when interviewing celebrities and up-and-coming musicians. On T4 she arm-wrestled Kristen Stewart ("I adore her. I think we're gonna get married.") and initiated a striptease segment with Channing Tatum. "I want to get a reaction from everything I do," says Okell, who also hosts the East Village Radio show Pop Goes the Future. "You only have those 10, 15 minutes to do something interesting. So even if people are like, 'This interview is terrible, this person doesn't even like you,' it's like, 'Well, you reacted, because I didn't just sit there asking when their album comes out.'"

    Fuse News airs weeknights at 7:30 p.m. on Fuse.

    Stylist: Sanna Fried / Hair and Makeup: Ronnie Peterson for Makeup Forever at Artists at Wilhelmina.

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    Designer Pam Hogg and her fabulous free-thinking friends are looking to the future to redefine London's style scene. All hail the new generation.

    IMG_2644_web.jpgHarriet wears a mask by Philip Treacy, a jacket from the Alexander McQueen archives and tights by Wolford.

    Harriet Verney, writer/stylist

    Writer and stylist Harriet Verney is the country girl who stumbled into the fashion industry and stuck around because it was the only thing that satisfied her 'hyper-activity.' Niece of the late, great Isabella Blow, she writes for American Vogue, has done the odd bit of freelance styling and has just finished a refreshing, no-bullshit project interviewing Central Saint Martin's graduates for their student magazine.

    "I wanted honesty. That's why I asked them how much money they all had in their bank accounts," she says of this most recent assignment. "Most said less than forty quid and told me they'd been eating tins of baked beans for the past four days. That's what recent graduates want to hear about -- the reality of the industry."

    IMG_2241_web.jpgEd wears a look by Ed Marler.

    Ed Marler, designer 
    "I'm designing for someone who might not have much but believes they are a princess or prince."

    Womenswear designer Marler shot to fashion world fame with his debut collection at last year's Central St. Martin's graduate show, in which he also starred. After casting a model who failed to show up on time, Marler flung on one of his otherworldly designs and took the runway himself. "Of course everyone thought I'd done it on purpose," he says.

    Marler is ambitious as the people who wear his creations: "I'm designing for someone who might not have much but believes they are a princess, or prince."

    He often dons his own looks, which he hopes to take to London fashion week in the Fall. "If I'd gone straight into designing for the AW14 collections it would have been an extension of what I had created before," explains. Distance is key, contemplation is crucial and thankfully for Marler, he's still got plenty of time to achieve it all.

    IMG_3547_web.jpgAngel wears a dress by Ashish and tights by Wolford.

    Angel Rose, performance artist  
    "Maybe if people spent more time dressing up and making out they might not feel the urge to be so destructive on a Friday night."

    Angel Rose, the milk-skinned, flame-headed performance artist has an allure that's both immediate and intoxicating. In her American drawl she tells me about her love of London: the history, the dark streets and, unbelievably, the weather. It's a far cry from her home in California, which she loves but will probably not return to until she's exhausted the London club scene. To her, the nightlife scene is a family, comprised of beautiful kids dancing under dimmed lights. And clubbing has the power to inspire. "Maybe if people spent more time dressing up and making out, they might not feel the urge to be so destructive on a Friday night," Rose says. 

    Patrick wears a sweater by James Long.

    Patrick Wolf, singer/songwriter

    He soundtracked many a Londoner's mid-aughts adolescence and, at the mere age of thirty, is something of a living legend.

    Having taken a hiatus, Wolf has started penning his seventh album.  "I wasn't really confident when I was younger. I had the bravado, I was cocky, but that's because I was insecure. Now I feel I've found real confidence. I remembered why I wanted to create music in the first place: that first basic instinct, where I wasn't even thinking about how somebody else would react to it," Wolf says.

    IMG_1939_web.jpgJack wears a shirt by Meadham Kirchhoff and a suit and waistcoat by Casely-Hayford.

    Jack Guinness, DJ/model/presenter 
    "British style is all about having a sense of humor. British people dress to make themselves and other people laugh."

    Not many DJs/models/presenters can boast of a Cambridge literature degree and Shakespearean acting credentials. Then again, not many people of said professions embody all the sardonic humor and Fellini-esque magnetism of party king Jack Guinness.

    After installing the eponymously titled 'Jack's Bar' into his Hackney home a few years ago, Guinness has been treating the city and its leading lights to a taste of his "Jester in Gentleman's garb" act. And they're loving it. "British style is all about having a sense of humour," he says. "British people dress to make themselves, and other people laugh."

    He's similarly playful about his DJ sets. "I'm here to have a good time and I choose music that does that. I don't care about looking cool." Of course that's easily said, when you natually ooze cool the way Guinness does.  

    Tschan wears a look by Sophia Kah.

    Tschan Andrews, DJ/model

    Whether DJing at Dalston club Vogue Fabrics or starring in shoots by Matthew Stone for Dazed, trans model Tschan Andrews has a fabulously full dance card as of late. When she needs to escape, she loves retreating back to her home in South London. "I used to live in East London, but we all need a break from the party," she explains.

    Andrews, who was studying menswear design but left school after experiencing abuse by her classmates, says she wants to break down transnormative ideals in fashion. She says she plans to return to school next year. "I want to create a unisex line like J. W. Anderson, but I always felt menswear was the better place to start for learning tailoring," she says.  

    IMG_3079_web.jpg(l-r) Josh and Andy wear looks by Pam Hogg.

    Joshua Quinton, Andy Bradin, DJs

    Andy Bradin arrived in London after a stint in Berlin and before that, a lifetime in Paris. His DJ partner and roommate, Joshua Quinton, hails from Southampton in the South of the UK. As the star of one of stylist and filmmaker Katie England's films, Quinton secured the pair a coveted slot DJing at Kate Moss' birthday party earlier this year. "At her house" Quinton adds, "to all her friends."

    Booked to DJ early disco music most nights of the week, achieving that holy grail of DJ gigs has made them all the more ambitious. "We want to DJ in New York," Bradin tells me, "which we're hopefully going to do this year."

    "We also want to tour Europe," Quinton chimes in.

    "Things are changing in Paris and Berlin," Bradin explains. "But for a long time London was the only place that gave us opportunities."   

    IMG_3328_web.jpg(l-r) Ani Alitalo at Profile Models and Pam wear looks by Pam Hogg.

    Pam Hogg, designer 
    "Pussy Riot gave me the inspiration for my latest collection, which I called COURAGE. I designed pieces to reflect their cause."

    Designer Pam Hogg is the Blitz kid who went on to dress Ian Astbury, Siouxsie Sioux and Debbie Harry. Her catsuits are iconic and while the topic of her work may have changed from decade to decade, the spirit is always the same -- one of rebellion and protest.

    Pussy Riot, says Hogg, was the inspiration for her latest London Fashion Week collection:
    I had previously admired Pussy Riot for taking risks to get their message across but even more so for their attitude when they exited jail, still defiant if not more so. This gave me the inspiration for my collection, which I called COURAGE and I designed pieces to reflect their cause. It was a celebration of gay culture and the richness it's brought to society. I designed my first Tomcat suits and had two beautiful boys walk hand in hand. The collection was not intended for sale, none of the pieces with a direct reference to Pussy Riot were made for commercial purpose.

    The show was a barnstormer and the fashion industry, otherwise busy contemplating the gradual shift from color panels to print and back again, was floored. That's Hogg's style. She's tackling the big issues with an unapologetic approach.

    "Love is, for me, all-encompassing joy, where you're able to embrace all without judgement or discrimination. I would like it to mean humility, tolerance, understanding, accepting of differences and allowing those differences to enrich our lives rather than to cut them out like a sore. I'd like it to bring freedom in every respect." 

    IMG_1278_web.jpgFelicity wears a headpiece by Piers Atkinson.
    Felicity Hayward, model 

    It's obvious why Felicity Hayward was cast in the role of Anna Nicole Smith for her first modelling job two years ago: the arched brows, the mischievous smile and, sure, the massive breasts. Even the dulcet tones of her Essex voice are weirdly reminiscent of the late Hollywood starlet's own seductive notes. Yet perhaps what lends itself most to the role is Hayward's totally unapologetic way of holding herself. Scouted while dancing at the George and Dragon pub in Shoreditch, her journey into modelling was unplanned.

    "I'm really lucky," Hayward admits, her gratitude palpable in the warmth with which she treats everyone on set. Just don't call her a plus-size model. "The phase is meaningless anyway, because it refers to anything from a size ten to a size twenty."

    The reduction of the female form into just 'plus' or 'straight' sizes is something Hayward wants to see come to an end. It's what gets her out of bed on those days when standing in front of the camera might feel like the most unappealing thing in the world. That, and the prospect of one day securing a long-coveted Guess campaign.

    "It was the label Anna Nicole shot for," she says. "They've always promoted femininity without having to make a point of shooting 'plus-size' girls."

    IMG_2747_web.jpgJoshua wears a look by Joshua Kane Bespoke.

    Joshua Kane, designer 
    "I like to create bespoke designs for characters."

    The word 'dandy' gets thrown around a lot these days, but in the case of Joshua Kane at least it's appropriate. The moustache, ponytail and Victoriana tattoos all play second fiddle to the clothes that he designs out of his Islington-based studio. Where other designers are happy to ride the wave of fleeting trends, Kane wants little to do them. "I don't pay attention to the fashion seasons," he admits. "It's about evolving products that reference one another. I also like to create bespoke designs for characters."

    Kane works closely with those who commission his tailoring to create pieces that are as collaborative as they are unique. It is this close attention to the people who wear his clothes that keeps his designs fresh and. It's also allowing him to grow. Starting out designing exclusively menswear, Kane has since moved into womenswear and we couldn't be happier.

    Hair by Sami Knight using Tigi Bedhead / Makeup by Ísak Freyr using Armani / Manicure by Amy Atkins using Nars

    Stylist's Assistants: Charlie Coincoin, Renata Cândido and Carmen Procopiuc / Photographer's Assistant: Thomas Dhanens / Special thanks to Maxime Angel Starling

    All jewelry by Gillian Horsup at Grays Antiques Market

    Shot at JJ Zone

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    Here we go loop de loop.  Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) takes us around the diner a couple of times, and then it's off into a sort-of Neverland with this clip for "Sweatpants" off his latest album.  He keeps running into more and more versions of...well, they're versions of himself.  As he says: "Don't be mad cuz I'm doin' me better than you're doin' you."  Just so you're totally up-to-speed, here's Mr. Gambino "doin' himself" during Jhene Aiko's Coachella set over the weekend.

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    hme1.jpgThough it was last October, it seems like only yesterday that Banksy invaded NYC with a month-long residency that sent every art geek in town scurrying to be the first to spot his latest piece. Or at least to photograph it before somebody chopped down the surrounding wall and sold it on eBay.  Over the weekend Banksy posted this image of a new work depicting a familiar sight in our brave-new-world of asocial interaction. Referred to as "Mobile Lovers" by street art blogs, its location is still uknown.

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    Watch your favorite movie and TV characters react to Game of Thrones' totally satisfying Purple Wedding episode. Warning: Spoilers ahead. [WorldWideInterweb]

    Favorite New Tumblr Alert: "Time Is a Flat Circus," the Family Circus-meets-True detective mashup you didn't know you wanted. [AVClub]

    Don-O-Mite: If Mad Men was a Blaxploitation movie, via real-life ad agency Leroy + Clarkson. Sugar Hills Holloway 4-ever. [Slate]

    Billy Eichner dressed up as an easter bunny and quizzed New Yorkers about the 10th anniversary of Passion of the Christ. [Uproxx]


    Shit, Amelia. [Mlkshk]

    tumblr_n40pwbfSe21qz8vumo1_1280.jpgAaron Paul photobomb! [Popculturebrain]

    This dog just thinks that birthdays grow on TREES. [TastefullyOffensive]
    O, really? Jon Hamm is back on Sesame Street to teach us about the letter O.

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    mermaid.gif"I really loved the festival mermaid vibe going on this year," Laura June Kirsch tells me. The New York-based photographer and blogger has just spent the weekend at Coachella as part of Tumblr's inaugural blogger program at the music fest, which selects six Tumblr all-stars like Kirsch and supports their efforts to cover the festival by hooking them up with the kind of media passes reserved for veteran editors. Tumblr previously launched a similar project at NYFW, supporting bloggers by getting them into shows and promoting their content. (And, don't you know, Paper even helped Tumblr launch their NYFW hub back in 2011 with a big bash.)

    LauraJuneKirsch-4816.jpgLaura June Kirsch. (Photo by Michael Amodeo)

    Kirsch, who's been Tumbling for six years, has honed a style that prefers to focus on fabulous freaks and "tender moments" rather than your run-of-the-mill festival street style. "Whether it's people making out or laughing in the crowd, I prefer to get that moment of crazy energy than [shooting] style," she says.

    GildedLady.gifTo that end, Kirsch got to cover the festival the way she normally loves to cover events -- which, she says, is by making "silly GIFs" -- and was kind enough to share some of her favorite "tender moments" with us. Scope 'em out above and below and check out her blog HERE.


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    Funny Or Die premiered this new video for Real Estate's "Crime" with a Tom Scharpling-directed clip starring Andy Daly (Eastbound and Down, Review). As the long intro explains: Due to a monetary shortfall, the crowd-sourced clip features 3 concepts, 4 product placements and 1 celebrity cameo. Plus, a Thai restaurant and vampire skateboarders. What more could you want?

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    In our column United Nations of Style, we talk to the coolest, cuckoo craziest and most creative fashion designers around the world to hear what inspires them and what it's like to work in fashion where they live. This week we talked to Aurélien Arbet who along Jérémie Egry created the French brand Études.

    Études1.jpgHow would you describe your brand? How does it go beyond fashion?

    Études is a collective founded by Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry and based in Paris and NY. It's a multidisciplinary studio working in fashion, books and art direction. Each of the projects inspire the other and we like to use clothing as a medium like books or photography.

    Who/what are your fashion inspirations? Your design inspirations?

    The world and the cities we live in (Paris and New York), what surrounds us in our everyday lives, the way things change and the things to come.

    What was the vision behind your spring 2014 collection?

    Our spring/summer 2014 collection, World Talk, articulates itself around the idea of global communication. It plays on the notion of "world cities," a place where people in perpetual migration meet each other and blend together to create a new worldwide identity. This notion embodies a melting-pot where tradition meets modernity, ethnicity meets technology, and craftsmanship meets digitalism, thus creating a universal language.

    Etudes2.jpgWhat is your design process?

    We do not have a formula and like to treat each project differently. We usually like to start around a few strong directions and then do some research and experiment. We also like to collaborate with other artists on projects, to find the right person for each particular idea we've in mind.

    If you could dress anyone, past or present, who would it be?

    It's a pretty hard question, but Jean Michel Basquiat would have been great.

    If you weren't in fashion, what would you be doing?

    We define ourselves as creative directors and/or curators, not fashion designers, so we get to work in a variety of fields that allow us to do many different things everyday. We work with artists, brands, institutions, brands, galleries...our daily life is quite rich and special. We have a few ideas of projects we would like to do with objects, furniture, music, video... so maybe that's what we would be doing.

    Etudes3.jpgHow does the atmosphere of your city affect/influence your personal style?

    Of course life is quite different in Paris and NY, but the back and forth creates an interesting dialogue and a real energy to our lifestyle.

    How does the atmosphere of your city affect/influence the style of your brand?

    I would say that we like to take the positive aspect of each city/country we live in and mix it together to create unique designs -- this is what Études is all about!

    What do you think is the most exciting thing about modern menswear?

    There is a real interest for mens clothing now. Our customer lives a special lifestyle where every detail and quality is important, so they like to search for a special product that has a story.

    Etudes4.jpgWhat's next for you?

    We just launched a new book, Temps Mort by Mohamed Bourouissa, and we are opening a pop up store in NY this summer - stay tuned!

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     Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme stars in this A+ Portlandia sketch about a disappointing gay man. [RollingStone]

    "The Foodroom" is Amy Schumer's spot-on skewerijng of Aaron Sorkin's the Newsroom. [Hypervocal]

    More Jon Hamm on Sesame Street: This time around he's teaching us about emotions including guilt, frustration and amazement. Which is weird, be because those are the exact same emotions we feel when we see pictures of him in tight pants. [Vulture]

    llamaglasses.pngCoachella was amazing, you guys,. I made some great connections. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

    Yep. [FYouNoFMe]

    cattumblr_n2seysXtf71qljj91o1_500.jpgThis cat wants you to stay OUT OF ITS LIFE. YOU'RE NOT ITS REAL DAD. [AfternoonSnoozeButton]

    Love story. [The DailyDot]

    Calvin the dog hates junk mail like no other. [TastefullyOffensive]

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    It's still months away, but we're already excited about the Stargayzer Festival. From September 12th to the 14th, this "celebration of queer-based music and performance" is bringing tons of PAPER faves together in Austin, Texas, for what promises to be three mind-boggling days of fun. SSION Cazwell, JD Samson, Cakes Da Killa, Christeene and dozens of other acts are already set to appear.  Plus, since we missed last weeks show here in NYC, we'll get another chance to see Canadian band Trust.  Check out this cool sci-fi clip for "Capitol" from their latest album, Joyland,

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    Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 8.10.30 PM.png

    Sky Ferreira heads up a Los Angeles gang, gets arrested and strips for an older white man (as Flavorwire points out, obvious metaphor for being a young pop star navigating the record industry, anyone?) in a new video for "I Blame Myself." The video embedded below won't be available until 9 am tomorrow, but you can watch it at now. In an accompanying behind-the-scenes video, posted below, Ferriera more or less says the video was inspired by her arrest last year with boyfriend Zachary Cole Smith of DIIV for drug possssion. And, SSENSE, we tip our hats to you: This video is some of the most well-done branded content we have ever seen.

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    love-is-strange-alfred-molina-john-lithgow.jpgLove is Strange
    Run, don't walk, to get tickets to Ira Sachs' tender portrait of two elderly lovers, Ben (John Lithgow) and George (Alfred Molina), who marry after 39 years together and suddenly have their lives take an unexpected bad turn. Sachs' film is heartbreaking without being maudlin and exceptionally beautiful. One of the best films this year.

    Mala Mala
    A fascinating look at the transgender community in Puerto Rico. This documentary by Dan Sickles and Antonio Santinin explores the rowdy drag performers who call themselves The Doll House.

    Night Moves
    A spellbinding, unbearably tense, film about eco-terrorism. Director Kelly Reichardt artfully unfolds this tale of tightly wound Josh (Jesse Eisenberg) and idealistic rich girl Dena (Dakota Fanning) meeting up with ex-military Harmon (Peter Sarsgaard) to pack a boat with explosives and blow up a dam.


    Venus In Furs
    Roman Polanski's latest is adapted from David Ives' 2010 Tony winner about a theater director (Matthieu Almaric) staging an adaptation of a play by the notorious Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, and a mysterious actress (Emmanuelle Seigner).

    Dior and I
    A documentary by Frederic Tcheng about the legendary House Of Christian Dior. The high behind-the scene drama of Raf Simon's first Dior Haute Couture collection is irresistible.

    The latest from actor turned director Christopher Denham (who made the creepy Home Movie) is this horror thriller about of three family members who head into the woods for a hunting expedition who suddenly turn on each other when their gear is stolen.

    This steamy tale of the interaction between four turbulent New Yorkers stars America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn and Melonie Diaz is directed by Ryan Piers Williams.

    All About Ann: Governor Richards Of The Lone Star State 
    This documentary  by Keith Patterson & Phillip Schopper is about the larger-than-life, feisty, former Governor of Texas- Ann Richards. Anything about that fascinating woman sounds great.


    This film by Alastair Orr is about 5 people traveling in Panama who meet a woman who leads them on a fateful journey deep into the jungle. Chupacabra lives!

    In this film by Jordan Rubin a group of friends head to a cabin in the woods and get attacked by rabid zombie beavers. Oh please --  you know you can't miss this one!

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    Chloe Sevigny tells us how she'll celebrate E-aster.
    Kermit and Fozzie have an improvised existential debate during a 1979 Muppets screen test. [LS]


    Dream keyboard. [Mlkshk]

    Abe-chan, a mynah bird, shows off his perfect Japanese. [TO]

    tumblr_n44l9vdCTt1qewacoo1_500.pngCats DGAF. [TO]

    A-young-Ryan-Gosling.jpgHappy Thursday, girl. [ThisIsNotPorn]

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    Woo hoo! There's a new trailer for season two of Orange Is the New Black and shits gets (stays?) crazy. From what we can tell, all of our favorite characters from season one are still in the slammer and there's a few new inmates heading to Litchfield to spice things up. There are teasers in the two-minute trailer suggesting we'll get to see more of Daya and Officer Bennett's relationship play out, learn Lorna's backstory, and maybe even watch prison administrator Figueroa's embezzlement side plot come to a head. Could you imagine if Fig joined the ladies of Litchfield? Watch the trailer, above, and clear your calendars to binge watch the season season when it arrives on Netflix on June 6.

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    kim_web.jpgFor the past 10 years, I've devoted a column each spring to celebrating "reasons to be cheerful." Inspired by the crazy 1979 song by Ian Dury and the Blockheads, the title of my spring series always draws blank stares from the kids in my office. No wonder: in 1979, most of them had yet to be born!

    After a long dreary winter we all could use a shot of optimism, so this time around, I wrote my annual RTBC in a new lyric format, best read along with my rap video below. And make sure to check out Dury's original song, kids: I think you'll like it.


    One, two, three...

    Jeremy's Moschino,
    Happy Meals to go.
    Pizza pie delivery,  
    an Oscars cameo.
    Woody's denying,
    Marc Jacobs simplifying,
    Whitney's moving downtown,
    Biennial ruled hands down.
    Putin hates Pussy Riot,
    Rick Ross is on a diet.
    John Waters decides
    to hitch some crazy rides,
    as Justin Bieber hides
    and West Eighth Street revives.
    JR's ballerina,
    Mission Cantina,
    Indochine's martini,
    Carbone's fettucini,
    Lena Dunham's green bikini.
    Coachella, Cinderella,
    singing a cappella.
    Slurpy ramen's new,
    Dior sneaker-shoe.
    Lupita's Prada blue,
    Pharrell's happy too.
    Yay, Diamond Horseshoe,
    Givenchy's Erykah Badu.
    But first prize goes
    to Raf Simons' clothes.
    His Dior pink dress
    makes me obsess.
    While Karl hits his target
    with Chanel's supermarket.

    Vuitton's in the bag,
    let's wave the French flag,
    Nicola's show made us gag.
    So Ladyfag, put on your drag,  
    a new Celine bag,
    and Paper mag.

    No more gloom,
    tulips bloom, Citi bikes zoom,
    Highline and the Boom Boom Room.
    Tweet a cheer, chug a beer,
    get in gear, a selfie souvenir,
    crash the blogosphere:

    Portrait of Kim by Jacqueline di Milia. Music by Matthew Doers, video by Isabel Alcantara.

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    Actress and fashion illustrator Amy Davis dreams up her favorite mix-and-match looks this month.

    On Willa

    Lips dress by Saint Laurent
    Hot Dog Earrings  collabo by Kate Spade X Darcel
    Cheeseburger necklace by Tatty Devine
    Hot Dog clutch from Pink's hot dog stand in L.A.
    Mega pearl bracelet by Chanel
    Crushed cuff by Céline
    Crooked pumps by Roger Vivier
    Sheer heart tights by Zohara

    On Louise

    Lips top by Giles
    Veggie pants and belt by Julien David
    Lips glasses Jean-Charles de Castelbajac
    Tassle bag by Vanessa Bruno
    Fuzzy oxfords by Amélie Pichard

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