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Frances Bean Cobain Apparently Has A Doll Made With Kurt Cobain's Hair

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Yesterday, Julien's Auctions put two Kurt Cobain memorabilia items for sale including a 10-inch lock of his hair. However, as originally noted by Jezebeltucked away in the informational blurb is extremely important information regarding the fact that Frances Bean Cobain apparently has a doll made with other pieces of Kurt's hair -- which is equal parts heart-warming and slightly off-putting.

The backstory is that doll maker/comic artist Dame Darcy acquired the hair when Courtney Love commissioned a doll for Frances Bean, using said locks. And this piece that's currently for sale just happened to be what was a leftover. And to certify the veracity of said origin story, the hair even comes with a (comic book-style) letter of authenticity by Darcy that talks about visualizing herself as a mermaid. K.

And while Jezebel could not find other sources confirming a "Kurt-haired doll online," Love and Darcy have a well-documented relationship, as evidenced by videos of them making (more) dolls together. 

[h/t Jezebel

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