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The Morning Funnies: Miley Cyrus Got a New Haircut + Victoria Beckham Didn't Dance

tumblr_m8o7moE29p1rn9sdu.jpgMiley Cyrus got a pretty dramatic, Robyn-y haircut. Did her hipster sister do this to her?!? [via HuffPo]

anigif_enhanced-buzz-20907-1344824865-6.gifYou know, if we were Victoria Beckham, we might have refused to dance, too. [via BuzzFeed

We love the look of glee on the face of this Olympics volunteer after he gets a fist-bump from Usain Bolt. [via 4GIFs]

enhanced-buzz-24662-1344622669-4.jpgSpeaking of Usain Bolt... [via BuzzFeed]

This guy is the winner of Facebook. [via knusprig-titten-hitler]

tumblr_m3gbho0s701rv57kko1_400.jpgHey girl, Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan is back with a vengeance.

tumblr_m8jom4OV6T1qab8zco1_500.png2-for-1. [via Unlikely Words]

Leonardo-DiCaprio.jpgBaby Leonardo DiCaprio!!! [via This Is Not Porn]

tumblr_m8lyf4NckA1ql2603o1_500.jpgNom nom nom. [via Nik Naks Blog]

Mark&Jesse1106.jpgErg: An NBC commentator mistook Jesse Eisenberg for Mark Zuckerberg at the Spain vs. USA soccer match. [via Business Insider]
A) This is amazing and B) This guy is so cute, and kinda looks like Elijah Wood! [via LOLRiot]tumblr_m8lte4I5hX1qa5w9eo1_500.png
tumblr_m8lte4I5hX1qa5w9eo2_500.pngMcKayla Maroney takes her meme into her own hands. [via E!]

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