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The Morning Funnies: Ryan Lochte Pees in the Pool + NASA's "Mohawk Guy"

I'm looking at the man in the mirror... on two Olympic Russian synchronized swimmers' bathing suits! [via BuzzFeed]

us-swimmer-ryan-lochte-smiles-20110729-034018-273.jpgYou've all been wondering... yes, Ryan Lochte peed in the pool during the Olympics. "[I didn't] during the races, but I sure did in warm-up." [via Us]

257453.jpg"Mohawk Guy," a guy with a red and black mohawk working in the NASA control room during the Curiosity landing, is now a thing. [via Wtop]

tumblr_m8bcgy3jRT1qzk2apo1_500-1.jpgMarilyn Monroe and a monkey. [via Tsutpen]

tumblr_m89vpzoqgh1qba8gyo1_500.jpgEr. Mer. Gerd. [via It's Denise Yall]

AzYkdblCUAAeIEB.pngKanye West Tweeted this photo of Kim Kardashian's backside alongside the word: "MERCY." [via Twitter]

ostrichphotobomb.jpgHere's an ostrich photo-bombing some giraffes and another ostrich at the African Plains exhibit at the Bronx Zoo. [via Facebook]

Johnny Cash Money Machines were a short-lived venture that happened in 1985. [via Dangerous Minds]

Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly's pathetic attempts at doing the wave at a recent Yankee's game. [via Only LOL Gifs]

partygirl.jpgParker Posey will appear as a "shot girl" on the season premiere of New Girl. [via Vulture]

tumblr_lihc8mGHW21qfaod7o1_400.jpgBill Cosby with one scoop of Bill Cosby. [via Hell Bent for Leather]

tumblr_lrasph4R1B1qgbvzco1_r1_500.gifI'm so... scared. [via Bbrainz]

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