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Kreayshawn's Trippy New Album Cover + Kiernan Shipka's Closet

1. Check out the trippy, Daniel Johnston-y cover of Kreyashawn's new album, Somethin 'Bout Kreay. When coming up with a cover idea, she wanted "Something that, when people first see it, they'll say, 'Only Kreayshawn could think of a cover like that.'" 

Jimmy-Fallon-Greens-Set.jpg2. Jimmy Fallon is maybe hosting the Oscars and Lorne Michaels is maybe producing them! [via Vulture]

tv-on-the-radioitems.jpg3. TV on the Radio will headline the eighth annual Afropunk Festival.

4. At this Sunday's "50 Shades of Grey Brunch" at Park Slope's Babeland, attendees can "try out some of the scenes from the book" and "discuss ways to make your fantasies into reality." [via Gothamist]

5. Who wants to try to sneak into the not-open-to-the-public Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Employee Art Show" with us? [via NYT]

6. Twelve-year-old Mad Men star Kiernan Shipka gives a tour of her closet. We thought we would be creeped out but instead we were charmed. [via BuzzFeed]

cn_image_5.size.MUSTAFINA-BITCH-ALERT-GIF.gif7. Love Michelle Collins' Olympics commentary over at VF Daily. First off, the photo above. Secondly, about Gabby Douglas she writes: "The camera closes in on her adorable little squirrel face, a girl, only 16, about to accomplish what so few others have. Then, the announcer, Interrupty Jenkins, chimes in with this fridge magnet: "They say sometimes a crowded room can be the most lonely place in the world." Mmm. Really makes you think. About who this guy had to blow. To get a job. At NBC."

8. Dressage horses dancing to Dupstep. [via BuzzFeed

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