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2:54: Time Sensitive

"There was never any grand master plan," 2:54's Colette Thurlow muses. Featuring Colette and her sister, Hannah, along with supporting members Alex Robins and Joel Porter, the London-based band "developed gradually," Colette says. "Hannah taught herself guitar in her teens and taught me and we made up songs together for fun until we realized that perhaps we could go a bit further." After both Thurlows moved to London from their hometown of Bristol to attend university, it was while working a series of odd jobs ("I think I've worked in every clothes shop there is in London," says Colette) that the two composed "Creeping," a dreamy rock song that, as Colette puts it, "was kind of like the ignition point" catalyzing the band's formation in 2010. 2:54 is currently getting ready to head out on its first major North American tour in support of its eponymous debut album, released in May.

Named for the sisters' favorite moment in the Melvins' "A History of Bad Men" (that would be two minutes and fifty-four seconds in, naturally), 2:54 favors a hazy, shoegaze sound with a touch of sludge -- inspired, the siblings say, by "heavier" bands like the Stooges, Iggy Pop, Queens of the Stone Age and the Deftones. But that doesn't mean they're all doom and gloom. When asked whom they'd like to collaborate with, Colette points to one Missy Elliott. "She might be up for it, man. That would be an insane collab," she says.

But before they team up on a doom-metal-meets-crunk venture, the band must prep for their aforementioned tour this summer, in which they'll crisscross the continent for the first time as headliners. With back-to-back dates, do the ladies have any rider requests that they absolutely cannot live without? Turns out, top billing hasn't changed the fact that they remain as humble and low-key as a second opener. "Just getting a rider is amazing," Colette says. "Normally it's just a few beers and anything above and beyond that is great. We haven't gotten to the stage where we really ask for much. When we do, we might become divas."

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