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Morning Funnies: Justin Bieber Thinks the Sistine Chapel Is Called "the Sixteenth Chapel" + Beeeeeeeer In Brooklyn


Justin Bieber gets lectured by David Letterman about his tattoos, refers to the Sistine Chapel as "the Sixteenth Chapel" on the Late Show last night. [Vulture]
Spotted in Carroll Gardens: Finally, one-stop shopping for all of your coffee, beeeeeeeer and  cigar needs. (Photo by Josh Stern. HT to Alexis)

An amazing, amazing parody trailer for a Woody Allen movie called "My Wife Doesn't Understand as Much About Jazz as This Beautiful Italian Prostitute."  [Funny or Die]

enhanced-buzz-22853-1340312920-17.jpgFrom Dina Goldstein's photo series "In the Dollhouse," showing Barbie and Ken living in a sham marriage in suburbia. [Buzzfeed]

Night night! [BunnyFood]

skateboard-sandwich.jpgSkateboard sandwich by artist Arthur King. [ThatsNerdalicious]

I am da best mustard in da wuhrrld! [ImWithKanye via omnomnominator]

DPA6I.jpgHomer Simpson on a snake. [Reddit]

tumblr_m3qmsiubQN1qfem4mo1_500.jpgA remembrance of things scratch and sniff. [ColoringBook]

tumblr_m5w9pr8JE01qzpsuoo1_1280.jpgLooks like @Poopman10 and @Sexhave have company. [PleatedJeans]

tumblr_m4phgp7jt81r4yddqo1_1280.jpgWes Anderson characters alphabet. [HeleveticaFace]

tumblr_m5ziivhhYR1qz4mo5o1_500.gifIn honor of Pride this weekend: Teenage Mutant Make-Out Turtles! [Laughter Key via Amandalyn Ferri]

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