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Coming Out in Hollywood Is Very In Right Now.

Entertainment Weekly recently revealed its new cover on "The New Art of Coming Out," featuring a piece penned by one of our favorite pop culture writers, Mark Harris. Celebrity-coming-out is something that's obviously swirling around in the ether right now, because the story (not yet posted online) will most likely read a bit like Patrick Healy's recent New York Times opinion piece, "How Celebrities Come Out Now."  And probably also like Daniel D'Addario's New York Observer cover story from yesterday, "Outward Bound: Celebs Struggle To Keep Sexuality Secret(ish), But Media Make Mischief." While it's great that more and more stars are coming out, and doing so without a lot of bells and whistles like it ain't no thang, there's still something kind of weirdly staged about how casually they're going about it. It's like when a Blake Lively type walks the red carpet at a movie premiere with a messy bun -- you know that bun was meticulously created by a hair-stylist, and each carefree tendril flying in her face was sprayed with 7 different kinds of hair product. Furthermore, as Healy and D'Addario both note, the celebrities who have come out of late -- many of whom are featured on the EW cover -- are really not A-list celebs, and have very little to lose by doing so. In fact, when folks like Andy Cohen, Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch come out, it can often strengthen their "core base" -- those who watch Bravo reality shows and Glee, and who are excited to see their idols embrace their sexuality. And those who would be turned off most likely wouldn't be tuning into those channels/shows anyway.  Until one of those eight people on the cover of EW is a A++ star (a Clooney, a Cruise, etc. -- just saying), we won't be convinced that very much in Hollywood has changed.

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