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Kim Jong-Il Dropping the Bass, the Same Pic of Dave Coulier Every Day + Animals Being Dicks -- Our Top 10 Tumblrs of 2011

Although Tumblr has been kicking around since 2007, 2011 was the year the microblogging site crashed into mainstream American culture (even Time magazine -- your grandfather's news magazine -- now has a "Tumblr of the Week" feature in every issue!)

Since everyone and their blogging brother has a Tumblr these days, PAPERMAG has picked the top Tumblrs from the past year. And don't forget to visit PAPERMAG's Tumblr. Enjoy and reblog away!

1. Feminist Ryan Gosling

Feminist Ryan Gosling.png 


Fake Criterions.png 

Dave Coulier.png 

Animals Being Dicks.png 

Barack GAry.png 

hungover owls.png

Better Book Titles.jpg

Note: Special thanks to Pat Baer, house manager of the UCB Theater East Village and Tumblr'er extraordinaire, for his recommendations!

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