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The Morning Funnies: Ye Olde Brad Pitt & Jason Priestley + Hot Winston Churchill

Brad-Pitt-Superbowl-Override-600x450.jpgHere's Brad Pitt watching the Super Bowl at Jason Priestley's house in 1990. A lot of  pointing happening in this photo. [Celebuzz via Tall Whitney]

tumblr_m5erc1Wfd11qkgs51o1_400.jpgWinston Churchill looking foyn in his officer's uniform as a young man. [My Daguerreotype Boyfriend via Laughter Key]

Here's a fascinating 1984 clip of a marvelously nerdy kid named Paul reviewing his McDonald's breakfast. Where is Paul now? What else did he review? As Gizmodo wonders, who was he making this eerily Internet-y clip for two decades before YouTube's existence? (Probably for Paul.) If we can learn anything from this video, though, it's that McDonald's hash browns are wondrous, super-delicious things of beauty. Update: Paul is "Weird" Paul Petroskey of WeirdPaul.com and a prolific DIY musician in Pittsburgh. So there you have it.

dz1.jpgAre you more of a Glenn Catzig person?

Or a ....
tumblr_m5jlpeiHXP1rnaciuo4_400.pngNicolas Ca(t)-ge person? [IHaveSeenTheWholeoftheInternet; FlyingScotsman]

il_570xN.343882267.jpgSpeaking of Nicolas Cage, for a cool $12 Etsy user JazzBerryBlue will turn any photo that you send him of yourself or a loved one "into Nicolas Cage within 2 hours." Last-second Father's Day present? [PaulScheer via RatsOff]

crovcrocoriginal.jpgAlligator > Croc. [Gawker]

tumblr_m5mfueoWvG1qanm80o1_r1_500.pngColor codes on the Tom Hanks sitings map:
Red = Not verified. If your update is the only one, and we don't see or hear anything from any one else to back it up., we can't verify it.

 = Not fully verified. If you and a couple of friends say it happened but there is no third-party verification, we can't fully verify it.

Green = Fully verified. We have an official statement from a representative of Mr. Hanks, the film or someone with more access to the situation than a bystander.

(T.Hanks for posting this, I'mWithKanye!)

tumblr_m5gkhokzwB1qb9pa3o1_500.gifPoor unipug hates being a unipug! [Bunnyfood]

beef-jerky-sasquatch.jpgWe completely forgot that Tuesday was National Jerky Day. Let's celebrate belatedly with this Sasquatch jerky portrait. He's so happy! [ThatsNerdalicious]

tumblr_m540q9t9NP1qzbs6po1_r1_500.jpg Flava Flav needs this boat in his life. [TheWhatever]

A two-month trip to Asia in one minute. [TheDailyWhat]

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