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The Flaming Lips Have Upped the Weird Ante With New (NSFW) Video Ft. Erykah Badu and Her Naked Sister


Honestly we didn't think we'd see a Flaming Lips video stranger than their recent one for "Girl, You're So Weird" but, as is bound to happen when talking about absurdities from a band like TFL, we spoke too soon.  Now out with a video for "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," featuring an appearance and vocals by Erykah Badu (who lies naked -- but concealed -- in a bathtub), Wayne Coyne & co. have upped the ante.  It's not Badu lying semi-prone in a tub, nor is it Coyne waving what looks like a big sheet of aluminum foil (or a space blanket) as if he were competing in a rhythmic gymnastics competition that makes it so crazy -- it's Badu's sister Nayrok Badu's very NSFW (and, at times, gratuitous) role.  Set against languorously slow music, the music features Nayrok in her birthday suit covered at different moments in glitter, a viscous red substance (blood?) and an equally goopy white liquid (that, as many bloggers have commented, we can only hope isn't semen).  Enjoy?

P.S. The song comes from TFL's Record Store Day album, The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends (listen to the Biz Markie - Ke$ha collab from the album here), which comes out on June 26th via Warner Bros.

[Indiewire via Pitchfork]

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