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Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor + Subway's Doritos Nachos = Eight Items Or Less


lindsa_560x0.jpg1) Here's Lindsay Lohan dressed as Elizabeth Taylor for that new Taylor biopic. [TMZ]

2) Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have both put their houses up for sale, which apparently means they are moving in together. There are going to be so many fights about marble conference tables and fur pillows. [Via DailySwarm]

3) Oh dear. Based on the success of Taco Bell's Doritos Locos taco, Subway is test-marketing Doritos Nachos (that is, Doritos with nacho cheese and jalapenos) in select locations in the Nashville area. [HuffPo via Gothamist]

LOCALS1.jpg4) Pool party alert! Summer pool party series Locals Only kicks off  tomorrow night on the Thompson Hotel rooftop with Chrissie Miller, Ruby Canner, and Lindsey Thornburg of 143 Ludlow and DJ Cory Kennedy.

Screen shot 2012-06-04 at 6.50.33 PM.png
5) Check out Australian artist Yiying Lu's cool watercolor series "Beautiful Traps," depicting women wearing carnivorous plant hats with working QR codes in them. [LaughingSquid]

20090314-tot-02.jpg6) Where to eat on the Coney Island boardwalk this summer. [Eater]

7) Here are some robots getting down to a little KPop. These bots are good and all, but obviously owe a lot to prima ballerinas of our childhoods,  the dancing flowers. [Jezebel]

8) The Times has an interview with Mad Men's Jared Harris, who plays Lane Pryce, about last night's ultra-depressing episode. Asked how Matthew Weiner broke the news to him about his character's plot twist, Harris said, "He said, "Listen, let's go up to my office." Now that's always bad news. And then when we got into the office he offered me some really expensive brandy -- that was really big trouble. He went, "I've got something I need to speak to you about," and I went, "Uh-oh." [NYT]

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