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From Kristen Wiig to Wendy Williams to Lana Del Rey: The Best of What Was Said in PAPER + PAPERMAG This Year (Part 2)

Earlier in the week we published part one of our favorite quotes from Paper and Papermag.com stories published this year, now here's part two!
"Pedro [Almodovar] understands how to write stories about women. Normally we are just the lady in the background, or the lover of somebody, or the woman who helps in the office. Those roles are not relevant. Women's universes are amazing places that deserve to be talked about."
Elena Anaya, star of Pedro Almodovar's latest film, The Skin I Live In. From "Skin Deep," September 2011.

"Don't rush into anything. Wait till the right [girl] comes along. It's better to have no girlfriend than the wrong girlfriend."
Glenn O'Brien giving his 11-year-old son Oscar dating advice. From "Boys to Men," September, 2011.

"[My mother] was  like Ann Sheridan...She had red lips, red nails, red hair and a huge personality. Huge. She should've been me, and I should've been her. She would have relished the spotlight and that's not my thing at all. There isn't a rock I couldn't hide under. Her influence on me was incredible. I remember when I was 11 she told me, "You have to earn your own living so that you marry the man you love, not the man you need." I never forgot it."
Fashion designer Norma Kamali on her mother's influence on her career. From "Guru: Norma Kamali," September, 2011.

"I've known Daphne [Guinness] for a long time. At the beginning, she was a bit more, let's say, normal..."
Valentino on Daphne Guinness' style evolution at her Fashion Week FIT Museum Opening. September, 2011.

"Fame causes people to spend their lives circling the drain of Los Angeles. Since the logic of getting dressed is organized around the pursuit of attention, an L.A. fashion statement tends to say: Ooh look at me, I am so sexy. New York is primarily driven by Greed, so fashion statements generally reflect bank statements: I have money/I need money/Don't take my money/I am taking your money. Washington, D.C. dwellers crave Power, so clothes, in a psychological sense, resemble the defense industry that drives the D.C.economy -- it's office-wear so over-protective as to resemble body armor or camouflage."
Cintra Wilson on the clothing habits of the American female. From "Dresss Codes," September, 2011.

"We were playing stages that were the size of a postage stamp. Some nights, the four of us literally couldn't fit on the same stage."
Wild Flag's Janet Weiss on the indie all-star band starting from scratch and playing tiny clubs when they first began touring. From "The Wild Ones," September, 2011.

"Comfortable, boring, black."
Elle creative director and All on the Line host Joe Zee, describing his personal style at Lanvin's Fashion's Night Out Party. September, 2011.

"Everybody is saying to me, 'You have to be like this person, you have to be like that; you've got to be younger.' I know that doesn't work for me. I just want my fans to be happy about the direction I'm going in. I'm never going to stop doing me."
Mary J. Blige on staying true to her fans. From "Hail Mary," October, 2011.

"I do like bottle service and I do like banquettes. Those are the things for a 47-year-old woman to like at a club."
Wendy Williams on going clubbing in New York. From "Out on the Town With Talk Show Hostess With the Mostess, Wendy Williams," October, 2011.

To my Southern Baptist family back home, I tell them that God blessed me with a bountiful butt, and shaking it is my ministry."
Reality star-turned-ER-nurse-turned-part-time-dancer Will Wikle on his side-career as a go-go-boy. From "Confessions of an Accidental Go Go Boy," October, 2011.

"I'd deny that I was a promoter -- I hated the word and the connotations. I just wanted a party that I wanted to go to and for the first few years, I was the first on the dance floor."
L.A. promoter Matt Goldman on starting his first dance party at then-empty downtown bar La Cita. From "24 Hour Party Person," October, 2011.

"[The ZigZag party at Le Bain] is like Noah's Ark for New York nightlife, a place where the best of each subculture escapes to higher ground -- except in this case it's for debauchery."
ZigZag organizer Jordan Bradfield on Le Bain's popular party. From "Lives of the Party," October, 2011.

"I don't smoke weed. I'd tell you if I did. This is America."
Chef Eric Ripert on his late-night eating habits. From "Eric Ripert on Le Bernadin's Renovation," October, 2011.

'Video Games' is a song I love every part of. I wrote it when I let go of ambitions and just wrote about my life. I know there is sort of feminist thing surround that song, like, 'This is a step back for women...all she does is dress up and watch her boyfriend play video games.' But the truth is, I wrote that song when I was putting my life and the people in it first, and I was singing about the things that made me happy."
Lana Del Rey on her much-buzzed-about single "Video Games," off her upcoming album Born to Die. From "Siren Call," October, 2011.

"I feel there's this blurring, where people start to think I'm as sad as a character I play, or as incompetent, and I have fans sort of wanting to take care of me. And I want to say, 'Actually, I've got it pretty together. I made a whole movie!'"
Miranda July on the unsettled, vulnerable characters she plays on screen. From "Miranda July is Running the Show," November, 2011.

"New York was becoming too grown up, too expensive and too top heavy. Performa let a lot of air in again. I wanted to get back to ideas, back to the artists -- not just the collecting endgame of the story."
Roselee Goldberg on why she started esteemed New York performance art festival Performa. From "Bringing Life to Art," November 2011.

Humor is an important vehicle for truth and information, and there's no shame in that, even if a lot of people dismiss my art because of that. I'm not going to get serious just to have people take me more seriously."
Artist Tom Sachs on injecting humor into his work. From "You Better Work," November 2011.

"San Antonio was hot. Hot as hell. I'm from India so when I say it's hot, it's hot. If they had asked me I would have suggested Paris or Florence. I wouldn't necessarily have picked Texas in July."
Padma Lakshmi on filming the current season of Top Chef in San Antonio, Texas. From "
At the Top of her Game," November, 2011.

"I thought 'Where's a nice place where you could smash everything up,' and that would be a wedding."
Fred Armisen on the inspiration behind his "Crisis of Conformity" hardcore punk wedding band sketch on Saturday Night Live. From "Fred Armisen and Crisis of Conformity," November, 2011.

"We wouldn't want to get involved with any band we love, because they're already doing great without us."
French electronic duo Justice on why they won't produce or do remixes for bands they admire. From "...And Justice For All," November, 2011.

12Dec11-thumb-604x792-73455.jpg "It's unfortunate that this is only now being talked about, because women have been present in comedy for so long. There have been tons of movies with lots of women in them before Bridesmaids. It's just a confusing thing to me. But you know, if more movies are getting green-lit, and writers are getting a chance because of this movie, I couldn't be happier.  That's such a great thing, because the fact that they weren't is kind of awful."
Kristen Wiig on hesitating to say Bridesmaids is any step forward for comedies written by and starring women. From "She's Arrived," Winter 2011-2012.

"I'm fine with saying the normal 'F' and 'C' words, but famous and celebrity are off-limits in my book, I just think they are nasty words,"
The Descendants star Shailene Woodley on fame. From "The Secret Life of Shailene Woodley," Winter 2011-2012.

"Hanging out with a tiger is probably something I'd never do again."
Actress Sasha Grey on spending time with wild animals in Thailand. From "Sasha Grey's Adventureland," Winter 2011-2012.

I find [my character] not necessarily arrogant but rather sort of endearing because he doesn't see the wall he's about to hit."
Actor Jean DuJardin on his character, George Valentin, in the Artist. From "Face Time," Winter 2011-2012.

"I know a lot of people are like "Shut the fuck up, you're on Gossip Girl!" But..."
Penn Badgley on organizing an Occupy Wall Street seminar at the Bowery Hotel. From "Penn Badgley, Zoe Kravitz and Alexa Chung Host Occupy at Bowery Hotel," December, 2011.

"I mean, this sounds a bit wet in the vagina, but when you're there you're just like, "Fuck."
Mugler creative director and Lady Gaga's stylist Nicola Formichetti on Ibiza. From "Get out of Town with Nicola Formichetti," Winter 2011-2012.

"I'm usually walking around in all-black, but I really like getting to wear those girly colors when I film the commercials because, really, isn't it always nice to put on a pretty dress?"
"T-Mobile Girl" Carly Foulkes on the trademark pink dresses she wears in the phone company's popular commercials. From "Pretty in Pink," Winter 2011-2012.

"The Kardashians are the bane of my existence. I watched their show on a plane once and jumped out. Kim is feces with shoes on -- and you can put that in your headline."
Comedian and Billy on the Street host Billy Eichner. From "Taking it to the Streets," Winter 2011-12.

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