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The Morning Funnies: 30 Rock Live Show GIFs + a JTT Hypothetical

The best GIFs from last night's 30 Rock live show!


tumblr_m34gulKctA1qzdhsmo1_500.pngAnd here's an image of Fred Armisen as Frank Rositano.

 52 Star Trek episodes playing at the same time. [via Animal NY]

o-HANKSY1-570.jpgHanksy has struck again. [via HuffPo]

ViktorRolf.jpgViktor & Rolf have made some extremely high-waisted pants. [via Laughing Squid]

monstrum-1-640x480.jpgDanish firm Monstrum make amazing playgrounds. [via This Is Colossal]


This ad for the Fashion Shack is so bad it's good. [via The Daily What]

tumblr_m31het0vG91qzwt0go1_500.jpgHere is a photo of Hilary Clinton meeting Louis C.K. as Amy Poehler looks on. [via Rats Off]

tumblr_lxv4emk0Ic1qz8yr3o1_500.jpgAn important JTT hypothetical. [via Tofutti Break]

tumblr_m2ua12z3MS1qz7wfjo1_500.jpgHow to tell if you need a fedora. [via Rats Off]

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