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From Adele to Swizz Beatz to Ryan Trecartin, the Best of What Was Said In PAPER + PAPERMAG This Year

Tons of fun stories and interviews popped up in Paper magazine and on Papermag.com in 2011. Here's part one of our favorite quips and quotes from some of the fabulous artists, musicians, fashion designers, actors and general weirdos we featured this year. Stay tuned for part two on Friday!

2Spring11-thumb-601x793-39119.jpg"I'm expecting someone to come up to me and say, "Party's over, kid. Pack it up. It was fun while it lasted."
Greta Gerwig, on still not quite believing she's a movie star. From "Greta the Great," February/March 2011.

"Our only plan was that we were going to move home. Kate and I mostly just watched horror films. I think after you graduate college, you need some time to figure out what you want to do."
Rodarte's Laura Mulreavy on life after graduating from Berkeley with her co-designer sister, Kate. From "Guru: Rodarte," February/March 2011.

"Not to brag, but this was the second movie featuring a transsexual I did last year."
Actress Lizzy Caplan on starring in both Frankie Goes Boom, featuring Ron Perlaman as a transsexual, and Queens of Country, with Joe Lo Truglio playing Caplan's best girlfriend. From "The Group," February/March 2011.

"Walter Matthau used to share his Lakers tickets with me because he had courtside seats right in the corner. But when it came to the playoffs, he'd offer me other seats. I said, "What are you talking about? No, I want those courtside seats! Otherwise stick those other seats up your ass!"
Elliot Gould, interviewed by filmmakers Benny and Josh Safdie, February/March 2011.

"There's also this idea that Los Angeles is all sun and fun. But in many ways L.A. is
a giant slum that goes on forever and ever. Now, from the beach all the way to West
Hollywood, there are enormous pockets of wealth. But it's balanced off of abject poverty in the rest of the city."
L.A.-based artist Mike Kelley on economic disparity in Los Angeles. February/March 2011.

"You two look like the heirs to the Willy Wonka fortune."
Donald Glover to Fashion Week correspondents AndrewAndrew, who were interviewing him backstage at Band Of Outsiders' FW/12 show.

"I'm OK."
Jessica Alba's response when a Paper reporter asked if she would do an interview for Papermag.com at a FW/12 fashion week party.

"If you want to star in a movie, you shouldn't play a guy with a thick accent working at a deli. They're not making movies about that guy
Aziz Ansari on rejecting stereotypical roles. From "Stand-Up Guy," April 2011.

"I was overwhelmed. I felt embarrassed singing about how upset I was over this guy to four million people. I also envisioned him sitting at home and watching, feeling smug and amused about the fact that I'm talking about him."
Adele on why she started to cry as she sang her smash hit "Someone Like You" live during the 2011 Brit Awards. From "Beautiful People: Adele," April 2011.

"I enjoyed the ridiculousness of being able to talk about how much I love guns and cars. Usually, women like that are written to be either sexy and insensitive or sensitive and weak -- I love that I was able to make a strong character real."
Amber Heard on her Drive Crazy character. From "Beautiful People: Amber Heard," April 2011. 

"My mom's pretty wild. I have stories for days ... I don't want to talk about it, but I will say that there is one involving a dildo."
Rob Kardashian on mother Kris Jenner. From "Beautiful People: Rob Kardashian," April 2011. 

"Buy a mink made out of an ostrich's ass."
Tyler, the Creator on what to do after making it big. From "Tyler, the Creator's 10 Steps to Selling Out." April 2011.
"I don't want to imply in any way that I'd be ashamed to be a drag queen. So for the longest time I let people use that word to describe me. But I also think at a certain point I have to correct the misperception."
Singer Mx. Justin Vivian Bond, on rejecting the gender binary and asking journalists to use the pronoun "V" when writing about V. From "Justin Bond: Genre Bender." April 2011.

 "These people came in [to a pitch meeting at the Bravo offices] and said, "We're bringing this huge star with us and the star is so big we can't tell you who it is." And they brought Madame, the puppet from Hollywood Squares ... It was so hilarious. Another time when I was in a pitch meeting with Cybill Shepherd she was like, "It's really hot in here." We were in her agent's office, and she took her shirt off. She was just wearing a bra ... It was crazy."
Andy Cohen on the craziest show pitches he's gotten as a programming executive at Bravo. From "Guru: Andy Cohen," May 2011.
"It's a fictional character that I inject into myself, with which I douse my soul and set my heart ablaze on stage."
Alex Zhang Hungtai, aka pop artist Dirty Beaches, on performing his cinematic, noise-meets '50s-croon-pop live.  From "Down and Dirty," May 2011.

"You've got to prove yourself over and over again. We've been proving since 1985 that we're relevant and have something to say."
Duran Duran's John Taylor on the band's longevity. From "Pin-Up Boys," May 2011.

"I think not to be asking why this happened is as close to an abdication of responsibility as you can get."
Harry Shearer on making documentary the Big Uneasy, which blames the Army Corps of Engineers' incompetence for Hurricane Katrina's destruction of New Orleans. From "Unnatural Disaster," May 2011. 

"Now that [Will] Arnett is involved, I think there's gonna be a lot of full frontal nudity. When people think of me and [Christina Applegate] and Arnett, they're gonna think of full frontal nudity.
Maya Rudolph on her new NBC series Up All Night, co-starring Will Arnett and Christina Applegate. From "Here Comes the Bride," May 2011.

"Who knows? In a year, we might be in PAPER magazine's Where Are They Now? issue. Headline: 'What Happened to These Dumb Dumbs?' With a big picture of me and a really small picture of Jason [Bateman]. Contractually, he has to be one third the size of me."
Will Arnett on his marketing venture with Jason Bateman, DumbDumb. From "Bluth in Advertising,' May 2011.


"When I'm really stressed out, I like to watch really bad romantic comedies I will watch anything, like Life As We Know It, which I enjoyed."
Santigold on how she dealt with the stress of recording her upcoming album. From "Gold Sounds," Summer 2011.

"Man, I crossed bridges in the industry that should stop water."
Swizz Beatz on ascending from an up-and-coming producer to making his own albums, doing creative consulting for Reebok and Christian Louboutin and becoming a Producer-in-Residence at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. From "Gimme the Beatz," Summer 2011.

"I don't mean to name-drop, but about a year-and-a-half ago I met Bono, and he told me to write music that was really honest, to not be afraid to go there."
Joe Jonas on branching out from the Jonas Brothers to record a debut solo album. From "Solo Star," Summer 2011.

"I think there were moments where they were like, "Who the fuck is this guy? He is so retarded."
Artist Ryan Trecartin on working with child actors in his recent video/sound installation Any Ever. From "Controlling the Chaos," Summer 2011.

"Girls make everything better. I just love women."
Theophilus London on the inspiration behind his debut album, Timez Are Weird These Days . From "Theophilus London: Talking Girls, Skype and Soup with the Globe-Trotting Ladies Man," Summer 2011.

"I can't write about it unless I've lived it first."
Marianne Faithfull on writing lyrics. From "Marianne Faithfull Returns With a Collection of Happy Songs," Summer 2011.

"I think it's the confidence of knowing where I want to be. I'm just celebrating being a woman and my sexuality has come out... just a little bit."
Kelly Rowland on feeling more confident when she turned 30. From "Kelly Rowland Sexes Things Up On Her New Album," Summer 2011.

"I took a break from my brother, I wasn't in a relationship for the first time in like ten years and I was really on my own for the first time in a long time. It was inspiring."
Fiery Furnaces Eleanor Friedberger on her debut solo album. From "Eleanor Friedberger Goes It Alone," Summer 2011.

"I never thought it would go beyond bar talk ... Not as in Bartok the composer, but the kind of talking that takes place in a bar."
Mister Heavenly's Nick Thornburn (also of Islands), on starting a band with Man Man's Ryan Kattner and the Shins/Modest Mouse's Joe Plummer. From "Mister Heavenly Introduces Us to 'Doom Wop'," Summer 2011.

"I can pick two songs off of this record and put them next to each other, and people are going to be tripped out, like it's not from the same artist."
Foster the People's Mark Foster on the band's breakout debut, Torches. From "Foster the People: Try Not Getting the L.A. Trio's Songs Not Stuck In Your Head," Summer 2011.

"I have now become the drama. I am the art."
Classical violinst Hahn Bin on his avant performance style. From "New Classic," Summer 2011.

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