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"The 13 Most Useless College Majors" List Makes Us Feel Great About Life

STL02-Sad-Man1.jpgWith debt from student loans hitting $1 trillion in the U.S., what could be more appropriate (and scary) than this list of "The 13 Most Useless Majors." Pretty much everyone who works at PAPER majored in something on this list, which is why most of us will still be sharing an "emergency" credit card with our parents when we're old enough to be eligible for AARP. (Just kidding, but not really.) Yours truly majored in #8, minored in #1 and took bowling for Phys Ed credit. Somehow, though, I was still able to make a living from #11. [via The Daily Beast]

1. Fine Arts
2. Drama and Theater Arts
3. Film, Video and Photographic Arts
4. Commercial Art and Graphic Design
5. Architecture
6. Philosophy and Religious Studies
7. English Literature and Language
8. Journalism
9. Anthropology and Archeology
10. Hospitality Management
11. Music
12. History
13. Political Science and Government

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