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The Game Pens More Insta-rotica Starring His Giant Dick


Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 3.15.56 PM.pngLate last Thursday, rapper The Game, offered up an Insta-feast of his massive member, thinly disguised by his skin-tight briefs.

But more than that, the MC brought the entire Internet on a guided sexual odyssey, in the form of salaciously-worded hashtags.

Fortunately, the web responded exactly how he wanted, and Jayceon Terrell Taylor gifted us with the SECOND installment of his Big Dick Saga last night.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 3.22.17 PM.pngGame begins by telling the reader "I love you and you deserve to...#GetWetOnYourWayHomeFromWork."

Thanks, G.

Some highlights:

#NowPutOnUsherConfessionsAlbumAndLetItPlayThrough (trueeeeeeeee)

#PropThemPillowsSoYoureComfortable (so chivalrous!)


#NowReverseTheMotionAndImagineMeLickingYourLegsStartingWithYourAnkle (hmmm...ok)

But nothing compares to the greatest sentence ever written:


Dear God.

He also confirms his dietary restrictions:



See you at Whole Foods!

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