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Katy Perry, Rose McGowan and Kris Jenner on Their Halloween Costume Hits and Misses

If you're reading this, it's probably too late to throw together a sartorial-slaying #BreakTheInternet costume for tonight. Sorry, but, a blue Betty Page wig and daisy dukes sans a whipped-cream-exploding-brassiere does not a Katy Perry costume make! We're just as into the cult classic Doom Generation as the next guy, but no matter how far below 14th street they live, can rock a raven bob and a red lip as well as Rose McGowan did as Amy badass Blue. Leave the homages to the "Eat My Fuck" GIFs, ok? Additionally, you're not gonna find an immaculate Kris Jenner pixie in a drugstore aisle, either. (Trust us, we tried, and ended up with a $7.99 "rock n roll mullet" wig and lace mouse ears.) Plus, Balmain is really fucking expensive, and the H&M collab launch isn't until November 5th. Shit.

It'll be okay, though. Take a breath and a break from crashing Pinterest and soak up some severely last minute costume inspiration via Halloween enthusiasts Perry, McGowan and Jenner themselves, who spilled to us regarding their Halloween hits and misses. 

katycheeto.jpgKaty Perry

Best Costume: Me as a Flamin' Hot Cheeto in 2014.

Worst Costume: When I was a ghost sometime in the early 2000's --  I just wore a sheet.

rose_mcgowan_marie_antoinette_costume.jpgRose McGowan

Best: My favorite was in 2013. I went as Marie Antoinette. I tried to drive with my hoop skirt up around my head and my wig sticking out of the sunroof. I kinda killed it that night.

Worst: Ugh. My first Halloween in America. My mom didn't know what to do so she bought me a crappy plastic Strawberry Shortcake costume from the drugstore. It was extremely undignified and I didn't know who Strawberry Shortcake even was. My plastic outfit ripped, some redneck told me I had a fucked up name, and I refused to knock on strangers' doors. It was not awesome.

Kris Jenner

Best: I absolutely LOVE Halloween!! My favorite memories through the years have been when we all dressed up in a theme.... Like one of my favorite movies is The Wizard of Oz -- Kylie and I were Dorothy, my mom and Kendall were the Wicked Witch and my dad was the Cowardly Lion!! Bruce was the Tin Man and Rob was the Scarecrow and the three older girls were Dorothy, the Wicked Witch and even the monkey!!

Another year we were the NY Yankees.... And then one year we were 101 Dalmatians. I was Cruella De Vil and all my kids, parents and Bruce were Dalmatians. LOL. The fantastic dog costumes were made by Disney and they were all faux fur and they barked!!! Ha! I got to borrow my costume from the studio and it was fabulous!!!!! Every year was so much fun and from the time Kim was born at the end of October in 1980 and Kendall in November 3rd 1995, we have always had a huge Halloween Party.... So much fun!!!

Worst: Kourtney has taken over the Halloween tradition so I guess my worst Halloween was only because I passed the tradition along, which actually turned out to be the best!!!!
I will always treasure those parties and celebrations with my family and friends forever!!!!!!!

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