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Boy George Said He Slept With Prince, If That's At All Shocking To You


Ricky-Wilson-Paloma-Faith-Boy-George-and-William-of-The-Voice-UK-new-Judge-line-up.jpgRicky Wilson, Paloma Faith, Boy George, Will.I.Am

While filming the audition rounds for The Voice (UK), newly minted judge Boy George let it slip that he mayyyyyyyy have slept with mauve nymph, Prince.

B.G. and fellow judge, Paloma Faith, tried to one-up each other in terms of musical collaborations; George listed off Luther Vandross and Smokey Robinson.

Paloma informed George that if they were "throwing big soul names out there, I've performed with Prince."

To which B.G. replied, "Forget that, darling, I've slept with Prince."

tumblr_nc1g3ltciP1r5spg1o10_500.gifThe audience (and other judges) went "wild," and the show's crew was so unprepared for this lil' bomb, that they had to halt production until they cleared it up with the glittery British icon.

Boy George immediately said he was joking, but even if this was true, would it, at all, shocking?


He is literally sex on two elegant legs.

1f739fa7955c0f4ab96c522841adc3c4.jpgI'm sure you'd feel like you boned Prince if you were simply his Starbucks barista and he asked you what the Wifi password was.

Yes, Prince has only been had public relationships with women, but does anyone actually think Prince cares what his sexuality is? OR even knows what sexuality is, in general?

His sexual orientation could very well be listed as *makes a sort of whirling sound, descending in key*

Maybe I'ml idealistic, but consider me confused as to why this would shock people: They're two iconic, ostensibly androgynous male rockstars who both came into prominence in the early 80s, and both have a seemingly infinite amount of room on their palate of perception.

Though George was probably kidding, I hope they banged hard and garishly.


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