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Wino Forever: Happy Birthday To Lissome Specter, Winona Ryder

winona-ryder-beetlejuice-sequel.jpgOn this date, 44 years ago, a gust wind blew open a wood garden gate, carrying with it leaves, twine, and loose buttons.

Nearby, a rope tree swing rocked slightly, disturbing a crow that had been perched on the sturdy branch above; it ruffled its feathers and cawed at the blanched sky above it.

And that's how Winona Ryder was born.

Happy birthday, Wino.

From living in a yurt with your family in an artist commune on a farm, to starring in some of the most beloved movies of the past 20 years, you've simply given us life, over and over again.

winona-ryder.jpgYou've dated studs like Matt Damon...

Screen-Shot-2013-07-12-at-15.06.03.png...and of course, Mr. Depp.


You're given back, in a major way...

...have a gloriously spooky sounding Netflix original series on the way...

...and aside from a few bumps (we don't blame you, boo)...

you've effortlessly glided through the often treacherous and eternal twilight of Hollywood.
Winona-Ryder-Marc-Jacobs-Fall-2015-Ad-Campaign.jpgIn honor of the incomparable Ms. Ryder, here are our 10 favorite Wino-roles.

10. Beth MacIntyre, Black Swan (2010): Fatal Attraction's graceful cousin.

. Rina, Lucas (1986): Your first role. The haircut. Those eyes. The unrequited pining for the movie's tragic hero, Lucas. You broke our hearts.

lucas2.0.jpg8.May Welleland, The Age of Innocence (1993): Victorian Wino with the earnestness of a wind chime.

tumblr_ml4s1tjYWS1r1a5igo1_500.jpg7. Kim Boggs, Edward Scissorhands (1990): Pom-poms with a side of heart.

3180909884_6b17b89f80.jpg6. Jo March, Little Women, (1994): Enough passion to fuel a gas lantern.

Little-Women-1994-little-women-4023357-1024-576.jpg 5. Lelaina Pierce, Reality Bites (1994): Generation Yes.

winona-ryder-sunglasses-w724.jpg 4. Charlotte Flax, Mermaids (1990): Gay icon.

MV5BMTMyOTk2NTk2M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzUxODI1NA@@._V1_SX640_SY720_.jpg3. Lydia Deetz, Beetlejuice (1988): The look.

ld-lydia-deetz-33429317-554-408.jpg2. Susanne Keysen, Girl, Interrupted (1999): Girl, yes.

Susanna-Kaysen-Girl-Interrupted-Winona-Ryder-girl-interrupted-16476411-852-480.jpg1. Veronica Sawyer,
Heathers (1988): Legend.

veronica_sawyer_croquet_heathers_winona_ryder.jpgWe owe you a lot, Winona. Thank you for existing.

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