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In Garbage World News, Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costumes Have Outsold Elsa From "Frozen"

caitlyn-jenner-today-tease-1-150909_dc7f96bcfa458237fdc298055a2b57d9.today-inline-large.jpgHalloween costume stores around the country have all reported that Caitlyn Jenner get-ups, based on her now legendary Vanity Fair cover photo, have beat out Elsa and the other Frozen characters as the top-selling costume of the year.

TMZ relayed the gross news, stating:

"Several costume companies tell us the replica of Caitlyn's corset, worn for her Vanity Fair cover, is hands down the the most in-demand getup this season. A rep for Wholesale Halloween Costumes says they haven't seen a craze like this since "Frozen" last year.  

The rep says they're sold out after 1,000 units of "Call Me Caitlyn" flew off shelves back in August, and they haven't been able to restock for Halloween"

The ghoulish concept was inevitable, from the moment the gorgeous cover was released this summer; despite Caitlyn's good nature about it, criticism of the costume was immediate.


A petition to prevent Spirit Halloween cashing in on Caitlyn's transition was created back in August; it's since garnered 18,000 signatures. 

Recently, an article in the San Antonio Current called out Texas for being the state with the most Google searches of the costume.

Earlier today, the Washington Post discussed the issue, chatting with Nick Adams, the director of GLAAD's director of transgender media.

On the costume, Adams said:

"If a man wears the costume with the intention of mocking Caitlyn Jenner, and by extension all transgender women, that is just mean-spirited and unacceptable. Transgender women are women, and when Caitlyn Jenner or any other trans woman steps out into the world as her authentic self, she isn't wearing a costume."

Of course, this will not stop woefully misguided and attention-thirsty folks and bros who will don the corset in hopes of becoming the darling of whatever lame party they'll be building up in their dumb heads this week.


Any men who are participating in this should simply go as the china-cup fragility of their own concept of masculinity; horrifying, indeed.

You can do your part this Hallow-week, though.

If you see a stranger wearing one of these monstrosities, photograph them, and promptly shame them on all forms of social media, like a good citizen.

Or, do what this Twitter user suggests:

Screen shot 2015-10-26 at 5.44.48 PM.png

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