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Kardashians Dot Kom

With a combined Twitter following of over 21 million, few rule the social media world more completely than Kim and Khloe Kardashian. (If you count Kourtney, it's 27 million.) Of course, the reality-show sirens also rule the roost when it comes to weekly magazine covers -- but it's on the Inter-web that they let their luscious brunette locks down. While some people hound them for exclusive scandalous secrets about their lives, we just wanted to know which websites they go to, and whether they've ever deleted a tweet.

Mickey Boardman: Do you guys have Google Alerts?

Kim: I used to, and I got rid of my old e-mail address, and they were on there. It was the big question in my mind: Do I add my Google alert to my new e-mail? I haven't, and I just feel I have peace of mind now. I would look at it all day long. It doesn't consume me. I hardly look on the Internet like I used to.

Khloe: I've never ever had a Google alert; I think they are so toxic. I know what I'm doing, so why do I need to go on a website to see what I'm doing?

Kim: Preach it, sister!

MB: What types of websites do you visit?

Kim: HuffPo has a real estate section that I'm addicted to, saying this celebrity bought this house, this is what it looked like when they re-did it. It's interesting to see how other people live.

MB: Have you ever met someone in real life through Twitter?

Khloe: I've met other celebrities who have introduced themselves on Twitter. Which I always think is kind of weird but cool. And we'll have conversations like we're lifelong friends, but we've never met. Later I'll see them backstage at a talk show, and it's like, "Oh my God, it's nice to meet you, but I already know so much about you." I once tweeted that I wanted a puppy, and Miley Cyrus is so into animal rights, and adopting animals, that she said, "DM me your number immediately." We became closer.

Kim: I think I met Nicki Minaj that way. I see her all the time at these different events but on Twitter, I was like "I'm so excited about your new album," and she wrote back cute stuff. I tweeted "NeNe Leakes is so amazing." We met up in Atlanta. How do you go to Atlanta and not meet up with NeNe?


MB: Do you think you guys would have become famous without the Internet?

Kim: I don't think so. I think a lot of our fanbase, and a lot of our connection with people is Internet-based. I think that the Internet has brought on a different kind of celebrity. We are very well aware of who we are, and what our place is. We are so active on Twitter, on our Facebook pages, we are writing back, we are connecting. We enjoy it.

Khloe: It took me a long time to get on Twitter. Kim was the one who got me on it during a trip to Mexico.

Kim: Ryan Seacrest was like, "You've got to get on Twitter. Just try it. Please." So I went to Mexico, and got the craziest sunburn. I tweeted a picture of it, and within an hour it was on CNN in Mexico. I was like, "I don't understand this," but I've been addicted ever since.

MB: Have you ever deleted a tweet?

Kim: Yes! One time I wrote, "Fuck yeah!" and all my younger fans were like, "What are you turning into?" So I deleted it.

Khloe: I don't delete things. You look like such a little punk when you delete things. You should have kept that "Fuck yeah!" Our brother Rob deletes almost every tweet, and follows people and then un-follows them. If he's in the mood to just date random people, he follows them, then un-follows. He un-follows me like once a month. He's bipolar on Twitter.

MB: Were you on MySpace or Friendster?

Kim: Oh my God, I was obsessed with Friendster. Then I was obsessed with MySpace. I remember working in my Dad's office and finding people on Friendster from high school.

MB: Do you use Instagram?

Kim: Yes. I follow all of my high school friends, like my real friends who I grew up with and have known since kindergarten. And I wrote an e-mail about my profile, saying, "Be warned, I'll probably be posting some slutty pictures." But I haven't yet. I think Instagram is more artsy. Twitpics are all about glitz and glam. I've learned so much about my sisters Kendall and Kylie from following them on Instagram. They Instagram 500 times a day.

MB: Do you sleep with your phone with you, or is it in another room?

Kim: It's on my end table, next to the bed. It's my alarm.

Khloe: Yeah, mine is my alarm too, and I have a home phone. I love it, because when Lamar comes home from work he's not on his cellphone. He doesn't like if I'm on my phone too much, especially after 7. He's like, "No, it's family time." We're not allowed to have phones at meals, which I like, so at our house I try to keep it down as much as possible.


MB: Do you ignore the haters who bad-mouth you on Twitter?

Kim: I love writing them back. People will write me, "My phone battery lasts longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage," and I'll write back, "Oh, which phone is that?" When people are so stupid, you just have to have fun with it. Someone [without a profile photo] will say I'm fat, or a hairy Armenian, and I'll write back, "Oh, that egg picture of yours is so gorgeous."

MB: We here at PAPER are obsessed with a music video your mother made in the '80s, "I Love My Friends," that's gone viral.

Kim: Honey, that's been a video sensation since we've been like ten. We actually do family music videos all the time. Our mom's video is what inspired us, her running on the treadmill in her shorts that look like a diaper.

Khloe: Those shorts were cool back then.

MB: That's what the kids were wearing.

Kim: Yeah, I mean that video is iconic, and it started the family trend.

Khloe: My Dad directed it and went around to all of his friends and made them say, "I love you!" which was really cute. And do you remember, Kim, Dad had that record that he gave out as an invite to a birthday party that featured him singing? They used to do really creative invites for any party they'd have.

Kim: We just finished our own video to the Biggie song "Hypnotize" that the whole family sang in the Dominican Republic. Have you seen our Katy Perry and "Lady Marmalade" ones?

MB: No!

Kim: OK, stop the recorder and go watch them.

Khloe: And then come back and ask us more questions.

MB: [He watches videos.] OK. Wow. How did that come about?

Kim: We were shooting our Christmas card, and we have a theme every year for it. This year we wanted to do tuxedos. So we were just listening to music while we were getting ready and "Lady Marmalade" came on. We all started singing different parts, and we were like, "music video!" We ended up not finishing it. Kylie filmed it, but her computer crashed, but we had the first minute, so we put it out. The Katy Perry video we made in Bora Bora.

MB: Khloe says you always have to have a solo scene in the videos?

Kim: They're making fun of me because in our new video for "Hypnotize," I'm the only one who did solos -- but I was also the only one that was really into it! In the future, I have to make sure I'm not the only one who does solos so it doesn't look like I'm hogging the camera.

Photographed at Smashbox Studios, West Hollywood.

Khloe wears a top by Ann Demeulemeester, jeans by J Brand and earrings by Kardashian Kollection. Kim wears a dress by Lisa Marie Fernandez and  earrings by Belle Noel.

Hair: Clyde Haygood for margaretmaldonado.com using TRESemmé
Makeup: Mario Dedivanovic using M.A.C cosmetics
Manicurist: Kimmie Kyees for Color Club
Photographer's assistant: Frank Schaefer
Digital Technician: Ronn Brown
Styling Assistant: Jaz Gandhi

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