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The Fugliest-Chic Looks Of Buffy The Vampire Slayer


Buffy Summers, everyone's favorite teen vampire slayer, also had a wardrobe of fugly-chic that epitomized 90s/early aughts style to a T -- so much so that girl definitely has severalTumblrsdedicatedsolely toher style. And since everything tie-dyed and frosty lips has come back twentyfold in our non-stop #Nowstalgia era of Internet-recycled fashion, we figured we'd find some of our favorite questionable-cute Buffy looks, in case you need a little more inspiration re: what to do what that pair of overalls you thought you could pull off. 

Funkadelic Mish-Mash Buffy
Or maybe it's velvet? Either way some pseudo-faux fur texture is definitely a bit of a faux-pas in our book -- especially when paired with a weird green neckscarf. Very 60s-updated-for-the-90s, which fits perfectly in our decade-biting round-up of weirdly dated yet still #relevant wardrobe choices. She pulls it off though...and perhaps it's foreshadowing of Buffy's brief moonlight in 2002 as Scooby Doo's live-action Daphne?


Poopy Pleather Buffy
So for some strange reason, Buffy also whole-heartedly embraced in a variety of lengths of this style...with green pants in one instance. And it works in a kind of "Rachel from Friends"/ early 90s sitcom city-slicker way? Even if the label probably calls it something like "Rustic Tuscan Twigs" instead of the universally-understood "Healthy Shit" hue. 

Puffy Cheeto Buffy
Okay, so quilted + puffed + American cheddar orange isn't usually a winning combo, but in this instance Buffy's looking like the cutest shiny snackfood to ever emerge from the Frito-Lay factory. Maybe it's just the popped collar, but we think she looks pretty fly.

Kindergarten QT Buffy
We're pretty cool with Osh-Kosh chic, especially when there's arts and crafts involved. After all, overalls have already had quite the comeback this year with the likes ofkidcore taking over clubs and runways across the globe. Fashion and function, amirite?

Sewn-On Flowers/Ephemera Overload Buffy
"Limited Too 4 Lyfe." 

Mall Rats Extra Buffy
Everyone knows that "suburban Seattle mall shithead" is a good lazy-chic fall back move, especially when you're just so over being the only one to ever deal with the Hellmouth. Like seriously, who doesn't love a good runway-ready ratty look when you're running super late for class?

Ren-Fair Buffy
If we're really talking #Nowstalgia, how about upping the ante to Buffy's Pirates of the Caribbean meets The Cloisters-sponsored Renaissance Fair get-up? Check out that ruffle.

Lisa Frank Buffy
Okay, who doesn't love Lisa Frank's delightful rainbow animal confections? Especially when you can turn them into some primo layering fodder? Case and point, this excellent neon cheetah-printed shirt that made far too few appearances on the show. SMH, Summers.

Wrong Season Beanie Buffy
God, there's nothing I love to hate more than an indecisive outfit in regards to weather -- aka pairing a weirdly tucked winter beanie with short sleeves and a miniskirt in a California suburb named Sunnydale, FFS. Also with that skirt that really should be a (culturally-appropriative) shirt?

"Baby One More Time" Buffy
And last but not least we have the quintessential Buffy outfit -- the miniskirt with knee-high boot combo that screams early Britney Spears/high school 90s girl vibes. Hit (or stake) me baby, one more time.

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