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How to Dress Your Entire Squad as Different "Hotline Bling" Characters for Halloween

The "Hotline Bling" video has destroyed a center part of the internet since it was released two days ago -- the bizarre visual of Drake dancing, often alone, for long periods of time in lots of different weird outfits (along with the phone sex call center at the beginning and James Turrell-esque visuals) have all conspired to create a perfect storm of online insanity.

All this makes for a unique addition to our Drake Halloween costume guide -- there's enough in the "Hotline Bling" video for a full 'nother squad to dress up. (For a full roundup of the maybe too-expensive-for-Halloween clothing involved, hit up Details.) Here, for your squadly enjoyment, is everything you'll need to get your crew together as the entire "Hotline Bling" video all at once, except for fire-ridiculous dad-dancing skills.

drake_boogie_crop.0.gifFall Jumpman Drake
The red Moncler jacket (which has apparently sold out in the small and extra-small sizes), the Nike Air Jordan shirt, and, of course, the sweatpants.

7 - xtEtgcc_nwhx2f.gifOVO Hypebeast Drake
Get an OVO sweatshirt (except it's sold out, so maybe just draw an owl on your normal hoodie). Throw on some striped black jogging pants (blue and red stripes preferable, but it's all negotiable in love and Drake). Add white Nikes.

DRAKE222_ia8wly.gifTurtleneck and Chain Drake
Grey turtleneck (this is apparently the actual sweater, but it costs $400, so you make the call), grey sweatpants, Timbs. Dance. It's lit.

drake speed.gifLeather Jacket/James Meme Drake
Find a leather jacket, preferably with a logo and stripes on it (here's the Pro Speed jacket he's wearing). Layer over a white or grey hoodie, throw on some black jeans and black combat boots, and you've got the final form Drake takes in the video.

78707420-5975-0133-ec51-0aa00699013d.pngCall Center Girl
And for the women in your squad (who should totally feel free to dress up like Drake if they want to) or dudes interested in doing some drag for the holiday... get a pink shirt tied in the back. Dem light-washed jeans. And a headset. You're good to go. Just make sure you remember how to do stuff with feet. (Hoop earrings a plus.)

0iNAHNO.gifOVO Dancer
Black sneakers, black crop top (or other OVO wear), etc. Most importantly, get ahold of the "Woes" hat from OVO. (Drake is really, really good at making you want to purchase items of clothing.) Go forth and bling.

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