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Chilling With Berlin Model/Partyboy, Candy Ken

Candy Ken, the muscle-bound, Hello Kitty-obsessed alt-rapper from Berlin we profiled earlier this year, was in New York recently to host some Pride-related events for Diesel (he’s been working with the brand since Nicola Formichetti discovered him on Instagram back in January). Fascinated by his look, we asked if he’d let us hang out at his hotel for an afternoon to shoot a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how Candy Ken rolls.

So you’re in NY for two weeks?

Yes, for Diesel -- events, photoshoots, meetings with amazing people. We shot with Terry [Richardson] for a magazine called Man About Town and his blog. It was really fun.

How would you describe your look?


Who are your style icons?

ATL Twins, Marilyn Manson, Die Antwoord, 2 Chainz

What was your style like before Candy Ken existed? How did you dress in high school?

Like a basic bitch.

Do you wax? Any special grooming routines or male beauty secrets?

Sugaring - I'm all bout dat - call me "sugar daddy".

What has working with Nicola been like?

The best -- he is a creative genius and became a really good friend of mine -- he truly understands Candy Ken.

What's next for Candy Ken?

Tokyo -- doing two live shows there. Asian take ova

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