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Unmasking Beauty with FOMOFUKU

In an age where editorials often present beauty in a all too familiar way with homogeneous cast of characters, Paper is happy to challenge the norm and present a different take on the standard beauty story. One that uses a diverse cast of models and plays with the alluring possibilities of face masks, with designs from buzzy mask designers Fomofuku. (Check out our Q&A below with the Fomofuku designers Bon Duke and Hana Kim below!)

Dianara wears a Kenzo dress, Cosmetics by Make Up Forever

Mari wears a Kenzo jacket, H&M top, and Forever 21 denim, Cosmetics by M.A.C

Jason wears a Hunter jacket, PLAC shirt, Nail Polish by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics 

Bojana wears an Adidas jacket, Topshop t-shirt and overalls, Cosmetics by Marc Jacobs Beauty

Jake wears a Lucio Castro shirt, PRPS jacket

Besa wears a Topshop raincoat, and Zara pants, Cosmetics by NARS

Philip wears a Topman button-up shirt and sweater, and a Nixon watch, Cosmetics by M.A.C

James wears a Kooples t-shirt, and A PLAC jacket, Cosmetics by Urban Decay

Anna wears an Adidas jacket and Opening Ceremony shirt, Cosmetics by Kat Von D


Hair by Janelle Chaplin using Original Mineral
Makeup by Michael Anthony,
Photo Assistant: Jeff Rose

Models: Dianara at Muse, Mari at Muse, Bojana at Muse, Besa at New York Models, Anna at Soul, Jason Santore, James White, Philip K at Soul and Jake Brodsky

We chat with Fomofuku founders Bon Duke and Hana Kim, whose new collection comes out next month. You can follow them on Instagram here.

Tell us about Fomofuku. Where do you see its role in the realm fashion vs. function?

Face masks are ubiquitous in some Asian cultures and it is becoming more popular there to wear them as a fashion accessory. On a recent trip to Vietnam, we picked up a few of these "fashion" masks and my friends went crazy over them.  When you stop and think about it, we have accessories to style every other part of our body so why not masks? Like sunglasses and hats, masks can offer utility but for FOMOFUKU, a means to express personality and more importantly, have fun with it.  Personally, when we think of when and where we would wear a mask... festivals, raves, skiing... we think of having a good time. And they definitely make for a good instagram photo. In the end its all about having fun and keeping it simple. 

How do you think masks relate to self expression and identity? 

Historically, masks have been used to hide or protect a person's identity. We think it can do the opposite and can be utilized to accentuate identity, make a statement and/or redirect focus.  You see a lot of musicians wearing masks and other facewear for these reasons.  Like hair and makeup, a mask is a canvas to self express. In addition to our prints, FOMOFUKU will be offering white masks in our signature contour shape to allow people to customize their own.  

Can anonymity be beautiful? 

Yes... even more so in this digital age.   

Its great to have a tease or only partially show something and it can be a beautiful thing when done well. Everyone is about exposure and showing face but isn't there always something special when its not fully revealing in an image? Its almost like placing bait or a constant draw for someone to return and look back.

What are your opinions on diversity in fashion beauty? 

It's boring, really.There is no risk or anything that inspires people. It's more like, 'buy this or that because this person or celebrity uses it.' Fine, yes, it makes money... but who's gonna break that and make amazing beauty stories? We feel like if a person looks at a beauty story they should be able to walk away inspired and make there own path of beauty for themselves. Yes, they can also walk away with some product guidelines, but its so about product placement nowadays. Where are the Serge Lutens and inspiring, raw, real beauty that people can interpret for themselves?  

What inspires your art? 

Food, actually. It's a basic thing of sharing. As in sharing a meal with others and experience those moments. It's a core basic natural behavior where it brings people together. It also shows you different cultures and stories that you encounter through it. That's what we want to do with our work -- share it with others.Having different inputs and views always helps you grow. That's why shooting fomofuku was fun. It's an interesting way to approach beauty. 

Where do the prints come from?

The mask prints are designed in-house. We have prints in everything from marble and peeling paint to kawaii kitty faces to burgers and fries to tropical flowers.  We are attracted to the unconventional and plan to create a diverse offering to speak to different styles and occasions. 

Who would you like to see wearing one of these masks? 

K Pop star ShinEE, Sia, Miley, Biebs, Cara, Katy P, Die Antwoord, Young Thug, Fetty Wap, Drake , M.I.A.,Tokimonsta, Skrillex --  basically anyone, really.

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